Lia Thomas, transgender swimmer, just captured women’s NCAA title for 500-yard, and didn’t even break a sweat


Lia Thomas, swimming as a woman for the University of Pennsylvania, won the 500-yard freestyle on Thursday at the NCAA Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships in Atlanta.

Thomas is a transgender athlete, who was for three years a member of the men’s swim team at Penn. He then took a year off, and took hormones to start living and competing as a woman, and has since joined the Penn women’s team. As a man, Thomas was in the middle of the pack for collegiate swimming, but as a woman, she entered the NCAA championships this week as the number one ranked woman swimmer.

NCAA rules allow Thomas to compete in the women’s division, even though she has all the musculature advantage of a man who has trained with men all of his life, undergoing male puberty and growing to a height of 6 foot, 3 inches. Thomas has the enormous shoulders of a man, the larger lungs of a man, and the larger hands and feet of a man.

Thomas’ swimming time was nearly two seconds faster than the next competitor, Virginia’s Emma Weyant.

Thomas’ win was met by a smattering of cheers, while when Weyant took the stand, the crowd was much more appreciative. Outside the McAuley Aquatic Center at Georgia Institute of Technology, protesters held signs imploring the NCAA to save women’s sports. A counterprotest also was present, with signs supporting transgender athletes.


      • He needs to be called by an “It”. Anyone who thinks they are different then who they were born as or identifies as, other than one of the two sexes.
        “It” thinks that one’s gender can be changed like a chameleon can change its color or how the wind can change direction.
        Why don’t they have sports categories (or society) just for the trans mutants and leave the only two gender sports categories for the real men and woman?

          • Who gives a crap how he feels about his identity? What about the feelings of the women who trained to swim competitively their whole lives who just got beat by a confused man. Are we going to give the same pass to an adult pedophile who is confused and identifies as 12 year old boy who likes little girls.

        • It’s called trans Olympics. It’s the only arena they should be competing in. Transmen competing against only trans men and trans women competing against only trans women. Why is the media catering to all biological men while spouting fake fairness???

  1. This is the death of women’s’ sports. I can remember when athletes were tested for drugs that did some of these things in older Olympics. Now, it’s all legal so transgenders can compete as women, even though they have so much more physical advantage. Who is going to watch them? Who is going to compete against them? We are descending into a pathetic society where even grade schoolers taught to be transgender are now being indoctrinated into something they might regret when they are older. Kids can no longer be kids and enjoy those years. There is no innocence left for them.

  2. Simply put, it’s not fair to let a man compete as a woman. Men are ALWAYS stronger than women. It’s no contest.

  3. Women athletes need to get with it and speak up for themselves.
    We have a bill in the Alaska Senate (sb 140) to keep this from happening in Alaska. At the public testimony last week the opposition was 3 to 1. Many People are very deceived believing the lie.

  4. Female swimmers and their parents could win this one without breaking a sweat if they boycott their sport en masse, leaving the deviant to compete with himself.

    • I totally agree if Penn girls just refused to swim with him for about a month the schoool would pay attention.

  5. These transwimmers that compete as females
    use their ventral rudder for more accurate steerage. Competitive advantage in the pool.

  6. Men are just designed differently than women. For one unless the man is overweight or sick, men do take longer strides than women; evenwhile i can keep up walking next to the fit man, but i still must walk a power walk to keep up. I think what reduces a womans stride is her hips, its built wider. so the hip difference loses time and the woman must double the foot steps to keep pace with a man, her extra effort to make up for his slightly longer stride because bone differences between men and women.

  7. This Thomas person is an abusive jackal. Destroying people smaller and weaker than himself is the true sign of an abusive coward.

  8. Dude look like a dude. Democrats are doing this to our country. Do not vote for them ever again. Please.

  9. The left hates women.

    Our society deserves to fall if a deluded .001% of the population are allowed to upend it.

    I can’t help but wonder if William Thomas has any shame. Would he enjoy beating up 3rd graders? Probably. He’d win, after all.

    Supporting him isn’t “progressive”. It’s insane.

  10. This is no woman. That is a gender confused idiot male that is being allowed to swim AS a girl when HE has a penis. This is our disgusting world folks. Until women all over stand up and do something about it, this will simply “swim” away… If this garbage is in your town or schools, this is where you fight it!

  11. Wow, remember all those East German shotputters from the 1980’s, the commies nobody liked? How times have changed, now the stiletto is on the alt-foot.

    If you have penis, you are– A MAN, no period, end of story.

      • Agreed Wayne– but job one should be an appointment with the “gentleman sausage surgeon” if the lad wants to play a mermaid for real, otherwise he’s just acting (out).

        Did you see how this brave, very articulate mother deals with this nonsense:


  12. Ok, is everyone thinking the same as me? The report states that he/she took drugs to change to a woman. Did he actually have surgery to complete the change? What’s to prevent he/she to revert back to being male after he/she has won the scholarship?

    • Oh that’s interesting; then isn’t he *by definition* taking DRUGS to enhance his chances of winning?

    • The truth is, in fact, fake women (men) are better than real women when it comes to athletics.

    • Concerned Conservative, you express an erroneous belief system by asking, “Did he actually have surgery to complete the change?” Until scientists (or mystics) figure out how to transform every chromosome in his body, he cannot “complete the change.”

  13. A shining example of Democrats in charge. Be proud democrats we all know you lack testicular fortitude!

  14. “Thomas is a transgender athlete”
    Suzanne, please don’t call him this. There is no such thing as transgender.

  15. Suzanne, please stop referring to him as a “she.” Sex is determined by biological science; not personal choice. He can no more change his sex than I can change my species. If I’m wrong, then from now on you can address me as “Jeff the Jaguar.”

  16. Sad day in women’s sports when a mentally I’ll man is allowed to steal the title.
    All women collegiate athletes from every sport should sit out in protest.
    Maybe then the NCAA will stop this insanity.

    • LMF, your point is factual and well-made. However, you leave out the fundamental problem. Who is more mentally ill? The obvious con-man or the thousands of women athletes who buy into the obvious con by competing with him? Or, how about all the college administrators and authority figures who buy the con? The con-man is definitely not the source of the problem; he is only a symptom.

    • Its a powerful fact you have propounded. Try another: the most important job ever undertaken in the history of mankind is that of motherhood. Why don’t we see men doing that? I’ll give you one guess.

    • Lia Thomas is doing nothing to women’s sports. Leftist women athletes, parents and others are doing it by choosing to follow a ridiculously stupid ideology. Just the same as the Anchorage assembly is merely a symptom of Anchorage voters’ choices. So typical of posters failing to see the real problems.

  17. As a parent of an adult transgender woman who went into university as a man and a PHD later came out identifying as a woman I can tell you it’s a very challenging position. I respect his new name and don’t refer to him as a him when I am interacting with him but he is no more a woman than I am a man! Hormones and breast augmentation does not make you a woman! If women In their sports move their egos out of the way of still wanting to compete and simply refused to compete with men things would change. It might mean you have to stop competing for a while or maybe forever but this is the only way change will happen. So quit whining about it and do something about it. I have yet to see a transgender male compete in a male sport because a women simply couldn’t measure up!

    • Thank you Sheryl, I could not agree with you more.
      I was reading an article about a women’s festival supposedly showcasing women’s experiences. One of the featured participants was a transgender. Here is a man, who is claiming to be a woman for about 5 minutes, telling real women how they should experience womanhood. Sadly the festival organizers chastised critics as “trans-phobic”. I supposed if you lose the argument your are reduced to calling people names. This is more and more reminiscent of the Handmaid’s Tale, reducing women to the margins of society.

  18. This guy/gal reminds of the Soviet women athletes in the 70’s who would compete in the Olympics. They were all steroided up monsters who took over. Then they ruled against blood doping and things changed.

  19. Lady Gaga sings that Thomas and other similarly confused men and woman must be supported because they were “Born This Way.” On the other hand Paul the apostle explained these sorts of cultural and behavioral matters by writing in his letter to the Roman believers (Romans chapter 1, verses 18-32) of godless and wicked cultures and behaviors, “Claiming to be wise, they instead became utter fools…” I do not know how one can reconcile these two positions, but no doubt there are LGBTQ clergy who are keenly prepared to do so. (Paul wrote many times about false teachers, too.) I am very sorry for young women in high school and college athletics, for not even their locker and bathrooms are off limits to male genitalia. “Wokeness” is become a nightmare.

  20. One could argue that Thomas is the worst kind of chauvinist. An opportunist, who feels that women are simply there to advance his self-aggrandizement. He clearly has no problem humiliating female swimmers not only in the pool, but also in the locker room. The vast majority of women feel intimidated having a fully equipped male, change or shower in the same locker room. He appears to have no consideration for the team members. Since he appeals to the victim industry and their agenda, the female swimmers needs for fairness, modesty and safety are being dismissed.
    The left’s new message for women’s history month:
    “Fake women are better than real women”

  21. He should be ashamed of himself. Back in the day boys who couldn’t make it with the boys and instead played with the girls were SHAMED! No matter how many hormones he takes, and even if his penis was cut off, every cell in his body says he is a boy with XY chromosome.

  22. Way to go Lia!….It’s take balls to stand on the top of that podium above those losers…they swam like girls.

  23. This guy’s choice shows you how people who choose to be transgender have a few screws loose and are nuts to think everyone has to accept them as normal. Maybe he should just identify himself a tree, because a tree can switch from male to female or vice versa. Humans can’t.

    • Kerry, as with most, you’re not seeing the problem. Transgenders have no screws loose; they are the ultimate con-men. It is those of us who choose to buy into the con who have the “screws loose.” If I sell you a bridge, which of us is the fool?

  24. Most commenters on this board miss the core problem. The female athletes and their parents are reaping the fruit of the seeds they have sown. They have typically been more concerned with appearing “woke” and politically-correct to their peers and others than with unfair competition. But now that they must compete with this guy, who they insisted upon calling a woman, they don’t like it. Even now, when asked about the problem, they refer to him as “her” or “she.” Basic logic dictates if you call guy a woman then you must let him compete as a woman. Its fundamentally illogical to believe you can have it both ways. What we are witnessing is leftists trying to have it both ways. Hypocrites. Conservatives only need to allow the nonsense to play out. To repeat, most female athletes and their parents are getting what they asked for. I only pity the few who held the line on truth.

  25. Yes libs are always promoting “the science.” But the science is that you are a still a man, no matter how many hormones you take or for how long, AND even if you have your penis amputated: BECAUSE every one of the billion cells in your body has an XY chromosome. And THAT is what makes you a man because you were born that way

  26. How could anyone be fooled into thinking that’s a woman? There’s only one way… and it’s that the makeup of the NCAA must be strikingly similar to the makeup of the Anchorage Assembly. Inject it w/ hormones, chop its Johnson off, grow its hair out and slather it w/ makeup. The fact remains that if it wasn’t born w/ a uterus it isn’t female. These things are obvious though and only make news because they get some people stirred up. There are far more important things to bother with than a fag in women’s sports.

  27. I have no issue with people being who they want but I think the only way this can be fair in competition is if they have went through surgery and had a total gender change . ( Below the belt )

  28. I believe it must be so hard being Trans.
    But When we say male, we mean people born male. When we say female, we mean people born female.

    So any person who identifies as non-binary, trans, or gender fluid or any combination for the 50 plus genders invented today, can no longer compete in sport labels as men’s or women’s events. You cannot have it both ways. You cannot say you do not identify as a male or female, as in non-binary and then play for a women’s team. You are either a woman or you are not a woman. Simple.

    A man who transitions into a woman is still a man by birth. He can live and be in life as a woman. But the second he begins transitioning, he has removed himself from being a man, and is at best a transwoman, and not a woman. As a woman is a woman at birth.

    The debate about transitioning prior to puberty, as they are closer to the real deal, but again to transition so young, do children that age really know what being a man or woman is about?

    Admittingly I do not know enough in this field, and am not Trans so I know this does not count for much. And may seem unfair to deprive people of a sport. But we are talking high-end competition, where any advantage cane make a significant difference. No one is stopping you from swimming, just competing at important levels.

    In the case or Lia. He was a competitive Male and an average one, stepped across as a number 1 female. Imagine if he has been the number 1 male, he could as a she created such a record to never be beaten.

    Maybe we need more open sports, or mixed team events, where gender is less an issue.

  29. Hello NCAA?

    Yeah, I’d like to report a suspicious package.

    Yes. It’s on the swimmer in lane 4.

  30. This whole “Trans” issue is a screwed up mess. Society should not be forced to “pretend” that Lia Thomas is a female when “he” trounces around the woman’s locker room with “male” genitalia. Since the “Woke” had no definition of woman that class should be subdivided into two (2) classes i.e. biological females and (x). The person competes with either biological males or females but gets awarded as a separate class. Enough of this non-sense.

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