Charlie Pierce: When politics gets dirty



Alaska politics, like politics around the country does indeed have its dark side. So, let me step out front and dispel the already debunked false narratives about a rumor being circulated by one of my opposing gubernatorial campaigns.

In an effort to discredit me, a false rumor about a 22-year-old issue with my former wife, Valerie, is being spread in Republican circles and within the ARP hierarchy of the Alaska Republican Party, in an attempt to stop the campaign momentum and support being garnered by Team Pierce for Governor.

In 2000, during a child custody exchange, at my home, Valerie and I had an emotional verbal exchange. Valerie was upset and later called police to file a complaint, but had no idea what the officer wrote down at the time. The next morning Valerie called to withdraw the complaint stating she was a bit emotional that evening. However, the local police, for unknown reasons, refused to withdraw the complaint, and decided to proceed on their own with a verbal harassment charge. I was threatened by authorities that they would drag our small children through the courts if I did not settle. Protecting our children was my priority, so I settled with the courts and paid a fine.

After an emotional and stressful year, the issue was closed. Valerie and I have spent the last 22 years making sure our children were raised in loving environments and are proud to say they have grown to be successful men.

Together, Valerie and I implore you to dismiss any politically charged attacks against me, which are just dirty politics by an opposing campaign.

Valerie Pierce sent the following letter:

“I wish you all the best in your campaign and hope you will be our next governor. I am sorry about the rumors of an argument 22 years ago that are being blown out of proportion. At the time we had already been divorced for over 4 years and this happened around the holidays.  Pretty emotional time for everybody. You were so gracious in keeping the boys out of the issue, when the courts threatened you. Thank you and thank you for the many holidays we spent with the boys and Vonnie over the years.

You can share this letter with people making up stories and I want you and them to know I fully endorse you for governor.”

In closing, any questions regarding this matter will be referred back to this op-ed.  Thank you and thank you, Valerie, for endorsing my Campaign for Governor of Alaska.

Charlie Pierce is a Republican candidate for governor.


  1. You are the best bet for Alaska, the current administration is to weak for this 70 year Alaskan. God bless!

    • These attacks are predictable and likely originated from special interests.

      Dunleavy and Walker are controlled politicians.

      Both signed off on the theft of constituents PFD checks by approving yearly budgets not following the PFD statutory formula. Dunleavy paid lip service to a promise of a full statutory PFD he never intended to deliver and has gone silent. There is no other way to interpret his actions. He caved to special interests and signed the budget year after year.

      This election is about money. Special interests want to maintain control of the Permanent Fund and the power to distribute those funds how they see fit.

    • He isn’t worried since he controls the dominion machines. Just add a few zeros and presto, four more RINO years

  2. Thank you for your honesty and full disclosure, Charlie. Unlike Bill Walker, who covered up the Byron Mallott pedophile episodes and paid off the ADN through Scott Kendall to keep it out of the news. Then, the coward Bill Walker fabricated a story as to why he wasn’t going to run for governor in 2018. The public knew why. The cowardly Bill Walker couldn’t accept defeat in a re-election bid, so he just quit. Now, Walker is on a full blown revenge campaign with the same hypocrites who put him into office in 2014.
    Your candidacy, Charlie, is a breath of fresh air.
    Thank you.

  3. I wish you good luck. The courts don’t always treat dads fairly. Once there is a police report made, it’s permanent and unfortunately it can be so damaging to those involved.

  4. I know Charlie Pierce; he’s a good friend and an even better Father. He’ll make a GREAT Governor

  5. Not surprised at all. Democrats have shown that they will stoop as low as possible to try and take a win.
    Am I mistaken in thinking that this was brought up during a mayor campaign? If it was, we saw through it then also.

  6. I am sorry this issue has been raised again. I remember when your opponent for Mayor raised this same issue. Obviously, it didn’t work then either. Team Pierce all the way!

  7. Thank you Mayor Pierce for being up front. Who are the dumb frightened Republicans attacking candidate pierce.

  8. Don’t really care about your private life, it is your public life that matters to voters. Something to think about next time you promote anti LBTQ legislation.

  9. Dredging up an argument from 20 years ago seems a tad desperate and scraping for anything. If you had still been married it wouldn’t even be on the radar. Still, disclosure always the best choice. Best of luck with your campaign!

  10. I worked for Mayor Pierce for 3 years as his Chief of Staff. I have seen the love he gives and receives from his family. He is a very charitable person privately to those in need. Charlie Pierce would be a great Conservative Governor for Alaska!

  11. Dont worry we see right through that small-time crap, you got this Charlie… together we will repair the damage of the weak Dunleavy administration keep going keep moving forward

  12. This is the absolute beauty of MRAK. Where else is there such a forum for folks to bear their truth?

    This is such a refreshing wind of change in the media industry.

    Kudos to Mr. Pierce and his family.

    You all are inspirational. Sincerely, Trude

    • Thanks to Suzanne Downing for telling the truth.
      Alaska is getting turned in the right direction thanks to MRAK

  13. We need a conservative like Charlie Pierce now more than ever. Time to reject the Walker/Dunleavy uniparty and elect a true conservative to lead this great state

  14. More reason ARP members needs to take their bible, open it, and read it instead ofattending only church and socials. There are several verses telling us women, and men, not be a gossip. I like seeing that guy walk away to getting busy when he sees us women start wagging our tongue. Most concerning is watching our men be
    gossip participants, they.are supposed to keep a level head when us women lose our mind resulting us doing some emotional charged action.

  15. something i have a question. all you people who comment on here are always calling Dunleavy names. i would like you to say what he has does wrong. as a commercial fisherman the gov has not hurt me at all, nor has he hurt my family, you seem like the same people who hated Trump and Palin, what did these people do that was so bad that it looks like republicans eating their own if you are a republican. Dunleavy has kept the feds at bay the best he can. but most of you didnt like trump so biden wins. thanks for that. i would say if you werent born here your not worth anything. so you should say where you are from. like i say it just looks like republicans eating republicans on here.

    • b. You want people to say where they are from, but you won’t even use your name.
      I was born here but based on the nonsensical things you wrote, I’m not in that great of company.

  16. Sometimes I think about running for some local office. Then I consider if I have any personal and/or family issues in my past that I’d like exposed to public scrutiny. Then I drop the idea.

  17. Sorry Charlie, but “Big Mike” has my vote, and here’s why.
    1. He’s never been in an argument with his wife or any woman EVER.
    2. He respects women so much in fact that he refuses to consummate his marriage to Rose.
    3. His children were all immaculately conceived.
    4. Super tough on crime, writing a bill right now making jaywalking a felony.
    5. Hyperborean pedigree, his ancestors were from outer space and destroyed Atlantis.

  18. Heres a hint at conservative hypocrisy: What would be the tenor of the MRAK comments to this story if the subject was Chris Constant rather than Charlie Pierce?

    • Lucinda, I would have considerably more respect for Mr. Constant, if he actually wrote a piece like this, admitting his shortcomings. Since that most likely will never happen, your point is moot.

  19. Charlie,

    It saddens me to see what people say and do in politics.

    Adele and I have been going through that same type of thing over the 46 years of our marriage.

    Sadly it was circulated by people within the Republican Party.

    There are people that have nothing more to do than look for some dirt to destroy good people that are willing to stand up for conservative values that we support.

    Thanks for standing firm in your convictions and be thankful that you know the rumors that are making the rounds because in our case we didn’t know. Had we known, we would have addressed those issues head on.

    Adele and I wish you success on your campaign.

    Tom and Adele Bearup

  20. Sorry to see this type of thing happening, but also sad to see anyone grouping Dunleavy with Walker. Walker has spent every minute of Dunleavy’s term trying to destroy him. Big Mike fought all of his term to erase the Walker legacy on the PFD only to have Walker’s allies in the legislature stonewall every effort. Names like Bryce Edgmon come to mind, along with Scott Kendall and so many others. Susanne has written about some of them. So please, after all of the damage that Walker has inflicted while claiming to be so caring, including his latest opinion piece in the Fairbanks News-Minor on how he wants to “save the Permanent Fund from future governor interference” after he put the PFD into a yearly legislature decision with a veto when he was governor. And don’t forget the deal he made with China that Dunleavy cancelled. Walker is poison! He doesn’t belong in the same sentence as Dunleavy unless it is losing to Dunleavy again.

  21. This is why I have donated to MRAK! I would not have read the truth any where else! I hope this spreads to everyone involved, MRAK is trusted to bring us this platform of printed Truth! Oh, and I have donated to Charlie and Edie, who I will Vote for! I also Thank you, Miss Valerie, and Son’s! I imagine those spreading their versions of the Piece family home life, 20+ years ago, and they will choke on the cash they received as they just helped endorse a New Governor and Lt. Governor for Alaska! Charlie and Edie! Alaska First!

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