Charlie Pierce wins endorsement from Alaska GOP


It was a close vote, but the Alaska Republican Party’s State Central Committee has awarded a second endorsement for governor. In addition to endorsing Gov. Mike Dunleavy during its January meeting, the committee today endorsed Kenai Borough Mayor Charlie Pierce for governor. The vote was 35-31, and came after a lengthy discussion about strategy and tactics in the ranked choice voting environment.

Pierce is a Republican who is in his second term of running the Kenai Borough, a conservative stronghold in the state.

Another Republican candidate, Chris Kurka, did not ask for an endorsement from the party but Kurka is present at the Republican State Convention in Fairbanks. Kurka may ask for an endorsement but the next SCC meeting is in July.


  1. Charlie Pierce has been running the Kenai Peninsula efficiently for over five years with care, budgetary concerns, and most of all, concern for the people of Alaska. All peoples. He is more than qualified to run our state. This is fantastic news for Alaska! CHARLIE PIERCE FOR GOVERNOR!!!!

    • Great news! After he is elected he will appoint a new and better cabinet. With this in mind, Charlie Pierce would do well to replace Tamika Ledbetter as soon as possible. In order for all Alaskans to realize their highest potential and contribution in the workplace, we need a new and better commissioner of labor and workforce development. Ledbetter is completely ineffective in her current job. She has no leadership skills or abilities. Alaska and Alaskans deserve much better!

  2. Wahoo! Go Charlie Pierce for governor!
    I have voted for him twice for mayor and would be happy to vote for him a third time for governor!

  3. Endorsing two candidates? Really? And for all of those who think you can just step into the state office and start running the state like you did your local area, I have news for you. There is a considerable learning curve. That’s why so little gets done in Alaska. Alaskans throw out the guy/gal that has learned his/her job in favor of another learner. It’s like some colleges do with football coaches. Just when the coach is making some real progress, they bring in a new guy and he starts from scratch. So the result is no real progress on big issues because the new guy learns that he has taken on a considerable challenge in not only the job but the people he has to work with, friend or foe. And in the Alaska legislature there are no few number of people who all think they can be a better governor than whoever is in there. Then they find out about all of the Federal programs they have to cough up money to match and here Alaskans go again, wringing their hands and wondering what went wrong this time. Just saying…

    • Your right, as I see it the only thing bigger / better then Dunleavy Charlie has is his EGO! Ask the 70 Gravel Pit owners on the Peninsula currently about Charlie supporting Business , it’s not with creating 42 new regulations on the industry! It takes more then passing a Second Amendment sanctuary Resolution to be a good / effective Leader with land / resources development & private business liberty. Look at the dead forest around the peninsula and wonder how it got that way during his administration of ” do nothing ” until it threatens everyone lives only because of ineffective management just letting Nature take it’s course , what a wasted resource. Ask him why this administration staff has been plagued with turnover from Chief of Staff to Planning Directors. That isn’t a sign of effective leadership! Just same old same old , good ol boy failure !

  4. It makes sense to endorse two or more candidates with rank voting. Doing so before the primary makes sense as it give those who vote the party line the ability to get more than one candidate into the general.

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