Rep. Kelly Merrick blocked from being able to vote as a Republican Party delegate at state convention


A resolution to disqualify Rep. Kelly Merrick has passed the Republican State Central Committee, which is meeting in Fairbanks today. The vote was close to unanimous to prevent the representative from Eagle River from being able to vote on the matters coming before the State Central Committee during the Republican State Convention this weekend.

Craig Campbell introduced the resolution. Kelly was censured by her district leaders and by the ARP for caucusing with the Democrats in the Alaska House, and supporting their leadership.

Merrick may attend the convention only as a guest if she pays the $275 fee. The Republican Party is meeting in Fairbanks Friday and Saturday, when it will conduct party business, prepare for elections, raise funds for candidates, vote in officers, and energize the volunteers and activists ahead of the 2022 election cycle. The political party has a convention every two years.


  1. Now do the same thing to Lisa Murkowski! Maybe the national GOP & Mitch McConnell PAC will get a clue!

  2. Seriously, cannot wait to vote her out of office. Lied about her intent, caucused with the Democrats, gave away Republican control/majority to them. She’s no Republican. She just said she was to fool the people of Eagle River. I voted for Jamie Allard and I wish she had won.

  3. Just as the Alaska Republican Party should be doing with Princess Lisa, they should be totally condemning and disowning this other wolf-in-Demonrat-sheep’s clothing.

    • To my knowledge the Kodiak district has not censured Louise Stutes. While we have seen her to be an ineffectual leader, it will be up to her district to bring such action. Our best path forward would be a constitutional convention to enshrine term limits for our legislators. Lisa Murkowski has the DC GOP backing and could probably care less.

  4. Nice to see the state gop is now tied with Lance Armstrong in the balls department. Hope you guys manage to pull ahead sometime soon.

  5. Minimally informed voters voted for the RINO democrat. Alaskans are good at this; just look at Lies A Lot (sic) Murky…..

  6. Can you imagine if the devil stayed in heaven and GOD was kicked out she can. So help her GOD she swore for the citizens, exposed oath breakers so help you GOD. Look at the evil cowards can you imagine living phony fake GODs not real lives.

  7. This old hag is a complete loon. Why would anyone who isn’t under the influence of a corrupt union boss give her a vote?

    • That would be Kelly’s husband. Good buds with Bill Walker and Scott Kendall. Just so you know your enemies.

      • Kelly Merrick’s husband is head of the Laborers in Alaska. Who do you think sent the out-of-work union members to get signatures to put Prop 2 on the ballot? Who do you think works 24/7 to get Bill Walker ready to return to the governor’s seat? Who works with Scott Kendall? Who gave Rep. Fields a union job during the summer? Kelly’s radical Lefty union thug husband, that’s who. And Kelly tries to pass herself off as a Republican. Now do you get it?

  8. It appears new republicans at the helm of alaska gop, and they are determined to clean house removing the ‘Constant democrat moles and mice.’ you know what is revealing about democrats and how little confidence in democrat policies on neighborhoods is they choosing to take up residence around republicans. Hahaha. There must still be some political calculations still playing out whether stutes and rasmussen should face censure. Which is good, don’t want to be hasty. But. Rasmussen is a female version of wellington, both have likable darling personalities and i think they’d do nothing crooked, and
    they are reliable votes for whover holds control. Stutes and rasmussen may just need to vote these two out.

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