Nick Begich for Congress receives endorsement of Alaska Republican Party


The Alaska Republican Party has endorsed Nick Begich for Congress. The vote at the State Central Committee was taken on Thursday, prior to the beginning of the Alaska Republican Convention on Friday.

The debate lasted less than 10 minutes before the vote was taken.

Nick Begich had asked for the endorsement according to the rules of the party: The candidate meets with the party chair and then during the meeting, the candidate goes over the party platform with the chair, and then formally request an endorsement at the next meeting of the State Central Committee. Nick was the only candidate for Congress who took the time to go through the process and seek the party’s endorsement.

Nick has received numerous endorsements from Republican opinion leaders across the state, including most recently Faye Palin and Jim Palin, who are Sarah Palin’s former in-laws and who are the grandparents to her children. Palin announced she is running for Congress on April 1, six months after Nick Begich had formally declared.

The seat came open March 18, upon the death of Congressman Don Young. There are 48 people on the special election primary ballot that will help narrow the focus for voters, who in August will choose a temporary congressman to serve until the regular elections determine who will be Alaska’s next congressional representative.


  1. This is all well and good for the congressional seat race, but the Alaska Republican Party, if it had any integrity, would also be condemning and disowning that traitorous slimeball RINO, Princess Lisa.

    • My memory might not be correct……but I thought that they have already disowned Lisa.
      When she has the time (she’s a very busy lady), maybe Suzanne can clarify that for us.

  2. This is a great start to installing new and fresh leadership. Within the US House of Representative, we only get one (out of 435), so let’’s make it count. On the Senate side of business, let’s ensure Kelly-T replaces M-Ski (aka: Daddy’s Little Princess). With those two newly minted leaders, AK-907 will have a much brighter future ahead.

  3. I can list Sara’s accomplishments as governor for the citizens she did some very good deeds for the people. The apple don’t fall far from the trees name brands Kroger shows us all bout name brands.

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