Alaska Republicans vote to officially condemn former Gov. Bill Walker

Gov. Bill Walker is forging closer ties with China.

The Alaska Republican Party on Thursday voted to condemn former Gov. Bill Walker, who is running for governor as a non-party candidate. The vote recognized that Walker inappropriately made deals with communist China, when he signed agreements with the president of China Xi Jinping, and with Chinese government-owned companies to finance and build an Alaska gasline from the North Slope for the purpose of selling gas to China.

The condemnation of Walker was voted overwhelmingly by the party leadership, with only perhaps three people not voting for the resolution. Walker, who was once a Republican, dropped his Republican membership and formed up a hybrid government in 2014 with the late Byron Mallott, who was a Democrat.

The resolution notes that the people of Alaska would have been harmed monetarily and that the Alaska Permanent Fund would have been put at risk if Walker had remained in office. Walker spent millions of dollars chasing the financial and construction arrangement with China, traveling to China and signing agreements on behalf of Alaska.

The vote was among a number of resolutions passed by the State Central Committee. Among them were an endorsement of Nick Begich for Congress and sanctioning Rep. Kelly Merrick, disallowing her from being able to be a voting delegate because of her fraternizing with Democrats in exchange for a position leading the House Finance Committee. Merrick is part of the Democrat-controlled House caucus.

The party’s State Central Committee met in advance of the Alaska Republican Party’s biennial convention.


  1. “Bill Walker, who is running for governor as a non-party candidate.”……Yeah, right, he’s the CCP candidate.
    Besides being in bed with the CCP, never forget that it was he who began the theft of the people’s PFDs.
    Will Sarah Palin endorse him again? Hard to know given how erratic she is.

    • Why do so many of you fail to realize that Walker was not the one who ‘stole’ the people’s PFDs??

      Sean Parnell sold out to the oil industry at the cost of your PFD, Walker was the one saddled with doing the painful thing to protect Alaska’s future. Maybe one day the so called republican party of Alaska will recognize its failures and right the ship… Tshibaka, Dunleavy, Pierce, et al unfortunately show that that day has yet to arrive

      • Oh please!
        The PFD formula worked fine for years. There were good years and lean years. It was always a TRANSFER until Bill “I need money for my pipeline” decided to rob people of their rightful earnings. The state budget was unsustainable because of Palin’s ACES taxation, sticking it to the oil companies and legislators who can’t say “no” to any pet project that comes their way.
        Walker should have used his veto pen to cut all those project and the budget would have been just fine. He had the power to do that. Instead he managed to get his hands on the Permanent Fund, probably in preparation for offering it as collateral to the Chinese for his pipeline. Then he saddled the treasury with more expense by expanding Medicaid.
        So Sorry but Bill Walker stole the people’s PFD, AK supreme court let him and our greedy legislature has not been motivated to return it to the system that worked, because they get to hang on to more of the peoples’ money and living within one’s means is just no fun…..

    • Yes, and the crippling income tax bill on the producers of the State instigated by Walker and the ship captain’s hat from Homer! Fortunately it didn’t pass.

  2. Just imagine what GOD has in store for mr. Bill and instead of just going away he asked for more he evens believes himself on camera, so help you GOD you swore for the people can you remember breaking your oath mr bill. We do.

  3. To all the communists (including Bill Walker) that might come along and read these lines from the middle of the Battle Hymn of the Republic’s compostion, and find themselves distraught at the idea, I say its not to late for you to avoid the lake of fire.
    I have read a fiery gospel writ in burnished rows of steel:
    “As ye deal with my contemners, so with you my grace shall deal”;
    Let the Hero, born of woman, crush the serpent with his heel,
    Since God is marching on.
    Glory, glory, hallelujah!
    Glory, glory, hallelujah!
    Glory, glory, hallelujah!
    His truth is marching on.

  4. Do not forget Giessel and her support for Walker, keep them out, I so glad people finally remember what he did to us in the past,. We just have to keep reminding voters, about China Bill, Quitter Palin, Liar Giessel, and Obama supporter Lisa.

    • Yes and don’t forget about others like senators Von Imhof, Stedman, Stevens, Bishop, and others who supported and championed maintaining Walker’s efforts to redirect PFD dollars from individual Alaskans to bloated government program spending. They are much more concerned about pleasing union, university and social program special interest groups (aka big $ political contributions) than they are about the rights and challenges of individual Alaskans. The arrogance displayed by Walker in running for Governor in spite of everything he did during his shameful time in office is truly breathtaking.

  5. Few Alaskans probably realize just how dangerously close we came to China actually owning sovereign pieces of Alaska. China has a documented history of predatory lending contracts to help build-up critical infrastructure in other nations, the subject nation eventually defaults on the predatory loan and then as part of the defaulted contract agreement, China then steps in and takes ownership of the critical infrastructure they were “helping” to finance. I have no doubts that this was China’s objective all along and it would have happened long after Mr. Bill (Walker) had signed the contracts and left office.

  6. Walker is a radical, Left-wing kook Democrat. That’s why the Dems love him. Walker is a LIAR.
    His ONLY reason for running for governor again is to extract revenge against the Republicans who helped put him in office in 2014. Walker’s soul-mate, Lt. Governor was a child molester. Seems that the Democrats love pedophiles.

    • Exhibit B is former Oregon Governor and Transportation Secretary Neil Goldschmidt – a progressive Democrat – who serially raped a teenage girl in Portland over many years. Mr. Goldschmidt is one of the most vile and unrepentant individuals ever to walk the Earth. He has never been adequately punished for his crimes. Elizabeth Lynn Dunham, RIP.

      • Alaska doesn’t need a pedophile enabler back in the governor’s mansion. That’s why I’m supporting Mike Dunleavy and NOT Bill Walker.

    • Bill Walker is on a revenge tour during this campaign.. He doesn’t like the idea of being associated with a pedophile. But that was his choice.

  7. Better late than never, I suppose. But not by much.

    Says a lot about the dysfunction in our GOP they just now got around to this.

    He’s still got an excellent chance to win. He’s got a corrupt political machine. We’ve got the cowardly lion

  8. I commend the party for publicly establishing their position on the kinds of shenanigans that Walker and Murkowski have pursued.

    • Yes, it is nice to see the party admit to being off the cliff going against the moderate republicans who held morals and ethics above party nonsense. Guess we know we won’t be pulling out of the current downward spiral anytime soon

  9. And don’t forget that just as all the pieces of the puzzle were finally in place to build the Juneau access road he killed it. Along with other projects. He threw away millions and millions of federal funding and totally alienated us with our real friends in congress.

    • Only if by Republican you mean the RINOs who claim to want small government kept out of our lives yet insist on controlling women’s bodily rights, or the rights of transgenders. Or claiming to be fiscally conservative while handing the state’s primary revenue source away in service of the industry puppet masters

      Truth is Walker was a good example of a moderate Republican, who got dealt a bad hand (that amazingly continues to be the primary attack on his viability as governor with little regard to the true facts), and yes he made some mistakes but he did actually achieve some good things for the state, unlike Dunleavy.

  10. It was Mike Dunleavy who killed the Walker deal with China. If he had not done that, the Permanent Fund or the Natural Gas Pipeline or both, would have belonged to China if not now than at sometime in the future. It was Mike Dunleavy who inherited the mess from the earthquake, Walker Budget, and the Covid-19 to come. It was Mike Dunleavy who refused to give in to a state-wide shutdown in spite of being screamed at by every Anchorage democrat and every Fairbanks democrat. When Covid-19 first erupted on our shores, it was Mike Dunleavy and his staff who put in the 24 hour days/nights to make sense of what little information we had and to try to protect the citizens with as little invasion of privacy and freedom as was possible, when the cannery workers and commercial fisherman were coming down with it and spreading it. It was Mike Dunleavy who started a ferry-building program with a sensible maintenance program for the ferry contract to replace an aging ferry. It was Mike Dunleavy who has continued to fight for a larger PFD for Alaskans, even when Alaskans themselves preferred to let him fight that lonely battle instead of supporting him by pressuring their legislators. Achieving good things for Alaskans also calls on Alaskans to support their public officials when they are fighting for them instead of remaining on the sidelines and saying “sick ’em.” Alaskans are tough, resourceful and can do it.

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