Tshibaka gives message of unity, gets standing ovation


Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka had a full complement of supporters in Fairbanks. She received a standing ovation when she took to the podium on Friday to deliver a message that was unifying for the 350 people in the audience at the Westmark Conference center.

At the Republican State Convention’s opening breakfast, Tshibaka said that she has visited over 50 communities in Alaska, that she is hearing from people who are tired of feeling like their government is against them, rather than for them. Tshibaka said that Lisa Murkowski, by her votes to confirm 90 percent of President Joe Biden’s nominees, has hurt Alaska families repeatedly. She mentioned Murkowski’s vote to confirm Interior Secretary Deb Haaland was devastating to Alaska.

Tshibaka addressed the millions of dollars Murkowski has in her campaign war chest.

“She cares so much about being popular with the leftist insiders in DC that she votes a large majority of the time with Chuck Schumer and is taking substantial campaign contributions from Big Tech, radical environmentalists, and leftist organizations,” Tshibaka said. “She’s also getting millions of dollars from [Mitch] McConnell and his team of D.C. insiders. I expect Murkowski and her surrogates will use those millions to continue attacking the endorsed Republican in this race … They’ll use it to continue mocking my faith, launching personal attacks, and making up more allegations against me. But they aren’t really attacking me, they’re attacking us and our Alaska values. And fundamentally, McConnell is attacking the decisions our Republican Party has made – to formally censure Sen. Murkowski for all her votes against the interests of Alaska and to officially endorse me as the Republican candidate for Senate,” she said.

The audience at the Republican convention was in her corner. They rose and applauded enthusiastically as she approach the microphone to speak, and then rose and applauded again after she completed her remarks on Friday morning.

Tshibaka has received the endorsement of the Alaska Republican Party for Senate.

Watch Tshibaka’s remarks on the Must Read Alaska Facebook page at this link.


  1. I cannot support Kelly Tshibaka in this current race.


    She left Alaska in 1995 and lived/worked in Washington, DC for twenty years after that. Recently she moved to Alaska, but only after the state of Alaska gave her and her husband high-paying jobs (I think Dunleavy created a job for her husband) AND agreed to pay $70,000.00 in moving expenses. This whole thing is/was outrageous.


    I consider her another “carpet bagger”.

    • Therefore, we should re-elect Murkowski? Don’t forget, we are much better off since Joe Miller got a discounted hunting permit (sarcasm). Hate to break it to you, but no candidate is perfect. In the end, vote for the one who will vote your way at the national level.

    • Kelly T is not a fighter she is pure establishment.All she does is repeat the same talking point without substance.Mediocre at best.Putting all hope that she is going to save Alaska is setting everyone up for a major let down..

      • You’re projecting again, Kai. Kelly T. will end up being the best senator Alaska ever had. You and others appear very jealous of Kelly and are actually the ones with the same overused talking points…….without any substance. Like a worn record.

        • She is going to have to work at it. Ted Stevens has left a legacy that will be hard to beat but Kelly can sure make a run at it. Go Kelly, give em hell.

  2. I am so impressed with Kelly’s ability to articulate with logic and old-fashioned common sense. We just love her.💞
    It was so good to be in the fellowship of our old faithful Republican friends again, even though Frankie and I had to sneak in the backdoor of the Westmark Hotel ……wearing disguises. No one recognized us.
    Security was tipped off that we might try and get inside, but we are pretty smart to avoid detection.
    We just wore our usual tourist attire with sunglasses. We might even take a tour while visiting Alaska.

    • I’d like to tour Alaska with you. I’m sick and tired of being dragged around by Lisa to parties that include Nancy Pelosi, Crazy Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein, and the rest of the wackos. These are Lisa’s best friends.

    • Nancy’s right. Our little tour of Fairbanks on Friday reminded me of the days when we were just plain old ordinary Alaskans.

      • Unlike what they think they’ve been for 42 years……..absolute royalty? Give me a break. Frank Murkowski is as dumb as Joe Biden on a good day. He was lucky to have Nancy nearby to steer him.

  3. Citizens they has all been exposed we know our oath breakers. our only weapon is our vote we must be wise and understand. 1st we must oust Lisa. 2nd it will take every voter to slay the beast. We say Kelly we all vote we fix our situation. We get oath integrity and that is the fuel that make this country rock. Oath integrity.

    • As compared to Lisa? Who looks like she just came out of a haunted mansion full of spirits and restless departed. Lisa is looking old and haggard. Like a woman in her mid to late 70’s.

      • but….but….Ed. Sometimes God doesn’t give us. Like when he didn’t give Lisa Murkowski any brains.

  4. My gut gives me a bad feeling about Kelly Tshibaka. I am sorry to have to say that, but it does.
    I just have a very hard time believing that somebody who lived and worked for over two decades in the belly of the beast in Washington, DC, is going to move to Alaska and overnight transform into a person who will oppose and fight the political establishment that she formerly and recently worked for.

  5. 1. The world is run by type A personalities. Kelly has Alaskan roots and experience in the swamp – perfect. She is driven. The average Joe does not sign up for such a job. 2. Critics don’t DO, they express opinions just like everyone else. 3. Negative campaigning works. Don’t expect candidates to do what doesn’t. 4. Be happy a candidate embraces conservative values, then hold them to it.

  6. For the record Kelly for Senate is better qualified than Begich for the House.
    Face it folks since Trump showed the world you do not have to be a career boot licking politician to win the big one, everything is on the table.
    As far as creepy looking you must be talking about Bug Eyes Murky.

  7. As a voter, I don’t want “unity”, whatever that means. I want someone in Washington, DC who is willing to tackle the systemic corruption that is rampant in the nation’s Capitol. Anyone who was willing to do that wouldn’t have many friends in Congress! If I wanted “unity” I will vote for “Show Me the Money” Murkowski who goes along to get along.

  8. I was invited recently to be part of a small group of people Kelly met with for over an hour where she took direct questions and gave detailed answers in a frank discussion form…..I came away feeling she is the real deal and will be a good Senator for Alaska and she has my families full backing and support in her effort to replace our current failed Senior Senator….

  9. How is this a “message of unity”? I’m not criticizing Tshibaka here, but the report — she talked about the divisions in her party and political rivals she opposes. Nothing about “unity”.

    • Yeah, I didn’t see any unity in her message. Unless by “unity” the author meant purging all republicans who aren’t in the good graces of Trump’s Republican Party. I guess that’s a form of unity.

      • Were you even there? I’m talking to you Bill & Peter – Kelly is the real deal and gave a great speech, notable among many great speeches. She has my vote and support.

  10. Murky Lisa has to go. She is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and has voted and aligned with Demoncrats for so long now, she’s not even viewed as a Republican. Murky will get all the native votes and all the Demoncrat votes, so we must align behind a true conservative, one who has the best chance of prying Lisa out of that Senate seat. It seems like Kelly may be able to do it. We cannot do worse than Murkowski.

  11. I like Kelly, but 75% of you Alaskans don’t vote. The only way you can replace murky is to get off the couch and participate. I challenge you!

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