Palin lashes out at the Alaska Republican Party, won’t seek endorsement from ‘good ol’ boys network’


Sarah Palin is running against the Republican Party, once again. In mainstream media, she trashed the party as a good old boys network and said the fact that the party had endorsed Nick Begich for Congress was a slap in the face and a betrayal of Alaskans.

Although she appears to have wanted the endorsement of the party, Palin usually runs against the Republican Party, which is meeting in Fairbanks. Some 351 delegates are in the Golden Heart City for three days of Republican State Convention and State Central Committee meetings.

Co-chair of the convention Cheryl Markwood said one of the Palin volunteers yelled at her and called her a “Nazi” because the convention organizers were not allowing campaign material to be placed on the tables in the main banquet room, due to the need to turn over the tables quickly for the next segment of the convention. Due to the size of the convention hall, there is only one room large enough to accommodate the 351 attendees and media, and a decision was made early on to keep the tables free of clutter for the sake of the hotel workers. The campaign material is relegated to campaign tables in the hallway for all candidates.

“Most of the delegates hadn’t even arrived in Fairbanks yet before news arrived that a backroom deal had already been struck for an endorsement from state party politicos,” Palin said in her statement to the mainstream media. She did not send her statement to Must Read Alaska. Palin said it is “a slap in the face of convention delegates” and “a betrayal of all Alaskans who believe in fair play.”

In fact, most of the delegates had arrived because voting members of the State Central Committee had a scheduled meeting on Thursday. The endorsements are made by the SCC, not by the entire convention. Party endorsements are made through a process that is spelled out in party rules, and in addition to Nick Begich being endorsed for Congress, Kenai Borough Mayor Charlie Pierce was endorsed for governor during the SCC meeting, in addition to the endorsement the party had already given Gov. Mike Dunleavy. The other candidates did not go through the process to ask for an endorsement. Their campaigns could still request that endorsement before the next SCC meeting, but Palin did not seem to understand that there is a process to get an endorsement from the elected party leadership, and that the endorsement comes from an elected portion of the Republican Party that represents people from the entire state.

Palin was scheduled to arrive at the convention at 4 pm and does have a table with stickers and buttons, manned by volunteers Jerry and Margaret Ward, longtime supporters of the former governor. But it’s unclear if she will now attend. There was no sign of her this afternoon. She has agreed to be part of the convention’s candidate forum on Saturday morning, a forum that includes John Coghill, Josh Revak, Tara Sweeney, and Nick Begich, also candidates for Congress.

“This predictable action of the Party establishment proves that the old boys’ network is alive and well in Alaska,” Palin said in her statement to the Anchorage Daily News and Alaska Public Media. “I built a reputation for going rogue against the establishment, but it’s only because I have always represented the very best of Alaska — hard working people who believe in God and country and who reject backroom deals that benefit the few.”

One delegate commented, “Does this mean she is saying I am not hard working, that I don’t believe in God or Country? That’s ballsy of her. Does this means she is going to quit the Republican Party?”

One resolution at the convention condemned former Gov. Bill Walker, who was endorsed by Palin in 2014. Walker quit the Republican Party to go rogue as a no-party candidate that year. He has not returned to the Republican fold. It’s unclear if Palin intends to keep her Republican Party membership, with her angry criticism of the party and its volunteer leaders on Friday afternoon.

Palin, shortly after announcing for Congress, received an endorsement from former President Donald Trump, who is still popular among those attending the convention.


    • Any one who is knowledgeable should comment.

      What does begich stand for ? Why should he be voted in ? What are his political positions?

      We basically know what sarah will do she’s fairly proven.
      What can we truly expect of begich?
      Which other candidates have high quality ideas ?
      Why should begich be considered? Has he done anything worth while?
      Will he become part of the problem?

  1. Palin is just going to act wacko and act like a victim to get attention and make it look like she’s getting bullied, what a dumb bunny!

  2. I said before she is a spoiled brat, she showed that again, she thinks she can avoid the process, just because she is sweet little Sara daddy’s little princess , I said she would shoot off her mouth and remind everyone again who she really is, I for one am glad she did. we can get down to business. And get Don Young replaced with someone who will represent without all the drama

    • The process is stacked based on the delegates you have at the convention. A minimum recommendation threshold is used. An your paying members need to be in attendance at all times as the votes are called from attending delegates in the room. The process uses clicking devices that may or may not register at the time the vote is called. If you have a defective device then who knows. Also a percentage of recommended is shown and usually all attending candidates names are called. Endorsements ar basically paid sponsorship from attending voters. The 2018 convention I participated as a candidate was interesting candidate delegates could vote for themselves, candidate non delegates could not. Sarah needs here delegates in the room when the vote is called and hopefully she gets more than the 35 minimum needed to be recommended. There are 16 Republican Candidates and only 5 were included in the forum at the time so less than 1/3 of the candidates in a debate format. Districts are limited to number of delegates so it all starts at the local district level. 350 divided by 40 is …8.75 delegates representing Alaska’s resident population is 733,391 40 House districts will st 18,335 for the coming redistricting cycle. or about one of 1605 Alaskans per delegate vote assuming that all delegates are present during the vote. So about 1/1600th of all residents. Let that sink in…

  3. Considering it’s Alaska it is good to know there’s a few good old boys still around…’hanx for stickin around guys…

    • Johnny, I tend to agree with you here. And Sarah Palin is far from off the mark with her “Good Ol’ Boys” comment, with the Alaska Republican Party having been dominated for decades by opportunistic, unprincipled RINOs like Randy Reudrich and Tuckerman Babcock, establishment hacks who don’t give a damn about limiting government or upholding fundamental rights.

      • When Tuckerman Babcock was Dunleavy’s chief of staff Dunleavy as actually fighting hard for Alaska. When Ben Stevens came in, it was a major wet blanket to the administration. Babcock was a good guy.

  4. Nothing personal against Palin though she has some bad ideas in her bag but Begich was getting my vote before she jumped in and still will.

  5. Bye Sarah. Hope you can secure a contract with the National Enquirer, which is always looking for good wholesome “Cougar” stories.?

  6. We need a cool head for congress! Hot heads need not apply! Regardless of who endorsed you and I’m a Trump fan! I’m going to cut him some slack on this call.

  7. “She has agreed to be part of the convention’s candidate forum on Saturday morning, a forum that includes John Coghill, Josh Revak, Tara Sweeney, and Nick Begich, also candidates for Congress.”
    I hope that there will be video of that so we can watch it after the forum.
    Will Sarah once again be totally fact free like she was so many years ago at a round table forum with Frank and Andrew, where she was in possession of no facts or details about the operation of our state, but spent the entire evening saying nothing that wouldn’t fit on a bumper sticker?
    Speaks volumes that she went running to the ADN and the APF instead of MRA.
    It’s not going to be a shock to me if she ditches the AK Republican Party, because I’ve said for many years that she is no Conservative, but was our most Liberal (half term) governor.

  8. “the endorsement comes from an elected portion of the Republican Party that represents people from the entire state.”

    Really? Who elected the Central Committee, which “portion”?

    Sarah is right, this deal was done before anybody got near Fairbanks.

    Nobody cares. Two endorsements for Governor, how dumb is that?

    • The “Portion” would be that group of people sent to the convention by the many statewide district committees.

      If this is a Jungle Primary, as I believe it is, heading towards a Rank Choice Vote then it’s as dumb as that system and the party should endorse 4 gubernatorial candidates.

    • I’ve been a delegate many times to the Alaska State Republican Convention and yes, this is how it works. The Central Committee is elected and has representatives from all over the state. They ALWAYS have the State Central Committee meet to make some decisions the day before the convention. Two endorsements for Governor is not dumb because we now (unfortunately) have ranked choice voting. Under the circumstances it would be smart to endorse four candidates including my favorite, Christopher Kurka. Palin either didn’t know how the system works (or (more likely?) she was setting up her narrative to claim that it was the “good ol’ boys” who didn’t choose her.

    • Jim Wilke, the endorsement came from an elected portion of the party “that represents the ENTIRE STATE”.
      That portion Jim, the area of the 365 million acres of Alaska outside of Wasilla. Hope that clears it up for you…

      Sarah could have declared her candidacy for office last fall back when young Nick Begich III did. But that would have required a lot of work on her part and many meetings in State with folks to build a campaign team. Doubtless such dreary work didn’t appeal to someone of Sarah’s star quality. After Don died, Sarah saw an opportunity to leverage her brand on a national scale, so she jumped in on April Fools Day!

      You are right about endorsements, nobody informed really cares, whether it’s President Trump’s endorsement of Sarah or Sarah’s former Father in Law’s endorsement of Nick B III.

      Sarah may be right about the committees action being a done deal. I mean’ perhaps her endorsement of Bill Walker might have been a part of that equation? What say you?

  9. Enough of Sarah and her histrionics, lets elect Nick and get away from the controversies that Sarah will bring.

  10. That didn’t take long. Palin “quit” even before she started running for Don Young’s seat and is now throwing a temper tantrum that she didn’t get recognized. She’s been out of sight in Alaska for 10 years. What did she think we’d do? Bow? Is this how we want our lone representative to act when she doesn’t get her way in Washington? I think NOT. Go back home to Arizona Sarah!

    • Agreed! She is irritated that nobody rolled out the red carpet for her and simply granted her the seat. In her pretty typical fashion she blames all and sundry, instead of taking a hard look at herself. Alaskans have moved on.

  11. I mean, she’s not entirely wrong. I don’t trust the Republican party anymore, especially not the RNC.

    • She could have asked for an endorsement but she didn’t. She’s a spoiled little queen and doesn’t deserve crap!

    • Sayso, it is true she is not entirely wrong about the Republican party. However, she is not right about much of anything either. She is not well-read, articulate, or keenly knowledgeable about the multitude of issues like Begich is. I will be voting for him as my 1st choice.

  12. Seriously? Sarah thought she could be appointed by the governor. Now she thinks she can jump the line and get an endorsement. Definition of rogue: A deceitful and unreliable scoundrel. This is so fitting.

  13. We get it, Suzanne, Sarah rubs you the wrong way. I find it a little bit sad that those who don’t care for her have to make it all about ad hominem. “Spoiled little queen, temper tantrum, histrionics, Cougar.” Sexist a little bit? As for the queen comment, I doubt she’s ever appeared in drag.

    I have yet to find anyone to vote for that agrees with me 100%, but I’m sure going to vote for whomever has the energy to get after it and tells the truth. The rest are just a bunch of politicians.

    • Tamra, Sarah Palin rubs many of us the wrong way, it’s not just Suzanne. Perhaps it’s not just about Sarah but because we understand the gravity of what and who we are electing. Alaska can ill afford to elect a self serving political grandstander to our lone US House seat, especially at this moment in History. We need an intelligent, youthful and hard working person in this seat. I am supporting Nick Begich III, I invite you to join the rest of us in doing so.

      I wish no ill towards Sarah, I hope she continues to find work in the public arena outside of politics in Alaska. I heard that she was recently on a song and dance T.V. Program, dressed up in a Bear Costume. Good for Sarah!

    • Tamra, if you had seen her entrance into the Convention Hall, you’d call her “queen” also – her paparazzi not withstanding. Looked like a hollywood entrance… I respected her once upon a time. What happened to Sarah?

  14. Palin only wants Alaska’s congressional seat for her own benefit. She could care less about Alaska. She is an embarrassment to our state, our country and to herself.
    It’s time for Alaska to show Sarah that we’re done with her antics.

  15. Well! If you are a christian, you can’t say anything about another christ-sister in the company where unbelievers are present. Regardless- she wouldn’t be sarah and we love her when she enters a room. All things political: events, conventions, meetings, and campaigns will
    bring about a political distemper. Thats the importance having rules and as bible speaks not using unequal measures and weight scales.

  16. Sarah knows about betraying Alaskans. She wrote the book on it. ACES, quitting mid term, endorsing Bill freaking Walker…

    Yup, Sarah knows betrayal. She’s damn good at it.

    And her people calling Markwood a Nazi. Over table displays? Classy.

    She is right about one thing. The GOP is Alaska is a rudderless ship married to a clown car populated by morons.

    Freaking go away Sarah. Go back to NYC and Zamboni your boyfriend

  17. Maybe she can get the endorsement of the Arizona Republican Party. That’s where she lives until, of course, now…

  18. This will only help her campaign. I wish more voters would abandon the hopelessly rotten & corrupt two party system that is controlled by corporate America.

    • I think this is where millennials and generation x leaders of: revak, rasmussen, dunbar, constant, thompson, kawasaki sweeney, palin, ocasio cortez generations want to go whether or not their leadership intentionally moves their country to a one world order where we follow one goverance style.

  19. If I was running for office as a conservative, I would not care if the GOP endorsed me. They are nothing less than Democrats Lite. An endorsement from the eGOP means that you are going to start off as a moderate, then swing left.
    I do not need more RINOs, and I certainly do not want a “moderate” to get elected. Moderates stand for nothing and start from a position of compromise. Net result, the US swings further toward the leftists/collectivist/socialist.
    If the eGOP is not endorsing a candidate, I like them better already.

  20. Despite it all, Ms. Palin remains a far better choice for #2 preference on the crooked ballot than any of the scum floating atop the Democrat/pseudo-independent pond.

  21. Back when she was Governor, I couldn’t decide whether to call her:
    Hugo Palin or Sara Chavez. Either way I never heard one word about Liberty or Personal Responsibility come from her lips. As hard as filling a circle next to the name Begich will be, I leaning toward Nick Begich. Perhaps I’ll close my right eye and will only see NICK. That will make it easier.

  22. In today’s world a party that only is about $ won’t survive unless they kowtow to China and globalism and will lose against Democrats endlessly. I don’t think many of them realize that yet. As Mike Tyson said “every ones got a plan, until they get hit”. The main psychology of many striving republicans is to get rich, not much else, all the rest is rhetoric. Ones that go along with the lefts party line to try to appease that party will only get fooled in the end as to the left – ideology is more important than $.

  23. Sarah is a joke. Alaska needs to be represented, not made a dam mockery of, as it was when she was Governor. She quit us before. Showed the entire world how drama filled her dumb life is.. Thrives on that. Dissappears for ten years then pops up when Don Young passes. Expects everyone to coddle and woo over her and basically throws a fit.
    All day long, this is NOT what our great state needs. Go away Sarah!

  24. Let’s see:
    Entitled, Princess, Intellectual Lightweight, Marxist, Betrayal, Embarrassment to our State, Line Jumper, Rogue, Liberal, Spoiled Brat, Bullied. Article should have been titled, “Alaskans keep voting for Lisa Murkowski in spite of her proven track record”.
    The comments are so interesting. Obviously Palin will turn out that part of Alaska that embraces her Christian values and I venture to guess that is a huge portion of the electorate outside of those that consider themselves their ‘Educated Betters’.
    Will be fascinating to watch for sure:)

  25. As long as the Republican Party continues to allow Lisa to call her self a Republican i consider an endorsement from the party a significant political liability…..

    • The party has asked her to leave but she won’t do it and they cannot force her to change her registration. -sd

  26. Palin was a HORRIBLE Governor, then jumped on the RINO McCain train and ditched Alaska.

    She is NOT a good candidate, NOT good for Alaska. Remeber how much damage she did to our oil?

    She is just an opportunist, not getting my vote. FOOL ME ONCE….

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