Federal violation? Anchorage school district keeps student gender pronouns a secret from parents


Parents logging into the Q/ParentConnection database in the Anchorage School District’s web pages can find up-to-date information about their students, including items such as grades, contact information, and class news. Some parents know this website as Zangle.

What they don’t see is what the school district officials can see — the student’s preferred pronoun. That information only shows up on the district’s side of the database — hidden from parents’ view.

One Anchorage parent, who is also a teacher, happened to notice the difference between the information shown to teachers and administrators, and information that she as a parent can see from the parent portal. It’s the only part of the database that is different between the two portals. Thus, if a student has decided to go by a different gender pronoun at school than is familiar to his or her family, parents won’t know.

In the school district view of the student information in the bottom screen, pronouns are listed, but not in the parent version, as seen on the top.

According to the Heritage Foundation, this is a trend across the country. In Montgomery County, Maryland, parents sued the school district for actively keeping information about a student’s gender identity preference hidden from parents — an action in direct contravention of legally guaranteed parental rights, and in violation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

FERPA gives parents certain rights with respect to their children’s education records. These rights transfer to the student when he or she reaches the age of 18 or attends a school beyond the high school level. Students to whom the rights have transferred are “eligible students.”

Under FERPA, parents have the right to inspect and review the student’s education records maintained by the school. Parents or eligible students have the right to request that a school correct records which they believe to be inaccurate or misleading. If the school decides not to amend the record, the parent or eligible student then has the right to a formal hearing. After the hearing, if the school still decides not to amend the record, the parent or eligible student has the right to place a statement with the record setting forth his or her view about the contested information.

But when parents are seeing a different school record than one the school maintains for teachers and staff, parents’ rights under FERPA are being violated. Read more about FERPA at this link.

According to some gender language leaders, there are 78 gender pronouns that may be used, including these, which are considered more common:

SubjectObjectPossessivePossessive pronounsReflexive


  1. WTF! What gives these child groomers the right to intrude into the personal lives of kids and their families, in such a despicable and covert manner. Teach the three R’ and stay out of these youths’ personal lives, you leftist frauds. Btw…two sexes and the pronouns that go with them. You have no right to pervert science!

      • Sadly incorrect, but one expects very little from someone, who calls others names. While you might think your repartee was very clever, to my knowledge the current bond is mainly a maintenance and repair bond and the classrooms will see none of that money. At a budget of over $800 million, if the ASD is incapable of teaching our children the fundamentals and does not budget properly for the upkeep of its’ infrastructure, we the taxpayers have every right to withhold our approval of more funds until such time they make changes.

  2. Anchorage parents need to grow a spine and start peotecting their children from this trash these liberals are pushing! When is this going to start happening, Anchorage?

    • No one is stopping you guys from homeschooling. It seems so popular right now, I don’t understand why people don’t just do that and stop hounding public school staff like peasants on a witch hunt.

      • ….and you believe them????
        ASD has not been a good steward of the funds we have already approved. As an aside “security upgrades, roof replacements etc” have already been the reason for the last round of bonds, and we really do not need a new elementary school. Until the ASD budgets properly for maintenance and repairs, my vote remains a resounding “NO”!

  3. The teachers are simply sorting out which of your children can can be relied upon to keep even deeper secrets from their parents … be it Marxism indoctrination, or worse.
    At the very least, keeping secrets from parents breaks the healthy family bond, leaving the child more open to peer pressure and outside influences.

    • If a child feels unsafe to tell their parents something, the bond was never healthy to begin with.

      • My classmates, my peers regularly kept secrets from our parents. It’s all part of developing our own identities. Very normal and we fessed up whenever we got caught.
        Soon as we started the first grade, being around other than family members, we had boy/girl sex now and then, usually just on a whimsy. It was the older queer boys who kept wanting us younger boys to “touch them”. They would try to keep us from telling, even beating us up to try and silence us. We would tell on them anyway.
        Someone being LGBTQ doesn’t bother me. It’s sex appearing to be on top of their priorities that seems so out of step with more important societal interests. A few years ago someone in the LGBTQ community put out flyers that said “Conqueering America”. It provoked a backlash.
        Be whatever, but do you have to flash it in our faces? You’re only 6.7% of the US population.

        • Why do you have to flash your sexuality in *our* faces? Why do we see clothing for baby boys that says things like ‘ladies man?’ Straight people are unhinged.

    • Hello, education worker here. I’m not trying to do anything nefarious, I want my kids to be safe enough to make it to adulthood. That’s it.
      Many LGBT kids don’t have that opportunity because as soon as they come out to parents they are shoved back into the closet or onto the streets. This is based on my own experiences and those of far too many of my loved ones. Please have a heart and think about someone outside of yourself and your pathological desire for control.

      • Interesting that you call them “your kids”. If you are referring to your students, they are NOT your children. Your hyperbolic insinuation that all parents wish harm on their gay children, when they come out is completely asinine.
        School’s curricula pushing young impressionable kids into emotional quagmires, by introducing concepts even adults with the experience and maturity struggle with, is unconscionable. Maybe you should consider how much you contribute to their misery. Finally parents are responsible for their children’s well-being and life-changing decisions like this need to be dealt with by the individual family, not some outsider with a pathological wish to control, who thinks they know better.

        • *Life* is an emotional quagmire. Your children will learn about themselves whether you like it or not because one day they will be out on their own. It’s up to you whether they keep talking to you once they realize what you did to them by hiding them in your own parallel world.

          • You are correct, life is fraught with emotions.
            Accepting individuals for who they are, does not mean that one has to celebrate all of their choices indiscriminately. You assert that parents are doing something nefarious to their children, yet you are unwilling to be held to the same standard, for dragging kids into your parallel world. Why not let kids be kids instead of poisoning their relationship with the people, who brought them into this world and love them?
            It appears from your posts that you have strong negative emotions against parents and this appears to color your actions. Furthermore it raises concern about your ability to be objective.
            My heart goes out to you and may you find peace.

  4. Has Akismet gone rogue, and is now censoring politically correct? Do I need to find another source of local news to donate to? I will not tolerate much more “awaiting moderation” with my comments not showing up timely, or not at all.
    Am I one of a few, or one of many? Fix this or lose us Susanne!

      • My apologies Suzanne but this is the first time you’ve used “awaiting moderation” and it caught me by surprise. In other media it usually meant that I had crossed the line with a comment. I was used to simply waiting for my comments to get posted or not.

  5. This article is inaccurate. For this to be added to the system, the parent must request it. Maybe a little fact checking before posting inaccurate information.

  6. This is a straight up lie! Shame on you for selling this propaganda.
    The real concern her e should be why these kids to not feel comfortable or safe enough with their own parents to be who themselves. And we should be grateful that our schools provide the support and acceptance they need.

  7. The writer of this article really gets their point across well. There are only two pronouns and anyone who says otherwise needs their head checked out. Oh wait, I used they/them pronouns in each of the first two sentences. Damn liberals trying to reinvent English when we all know that Shakespeare would never use BS pronouns like they/them. Oh wait, he did, many times.

  8. I am a trans person who experiences homelessness when I was young. Many of the people I met at the youth shelter where I stayed had been disowned because they were LGBTQ. This protects students. It’s incredibly unfortunate that it must be the case, but it is. As a queer person I know that it should be up to the child when they disclose things like this to their parents, and have otherwise safe outlets to exist as themselves.

    • So you are projecting….
      In my experience there are always more sides to a story. By your confirmation bias you do a disservice to your students. You are not treating them and their families with the respect they deserve to make decisions that work for their individual situation.

    • Got to respect your courage, Anony Mouse.
      Doesn’t it seem like the issue, any issue, gets worse for everyone when it’s grabbed by so-called proponents who want to make an industry out of it.
      You might recall ASD’s nationally known as one of the most expensive, worst performing school districts in America. Apparently they can’t graduate classically educated, employable, patriotic graduates on a regular basis.
      But we want to trust them with any part of a sensitive, life-changing thing like gender identity?
      Who knows what they do with such terribly private information, who knows how, when, and where this information could bubble up in later life at a bad moment… they’ve already shown they’ll lie to parents about it; who knows what they’d do to a child, or to the child’s parents to get the outcome they want?
      God help the child who wonders about his gender simply out of reaction to this week’s fad, peer pressure, social media… who changes his mind with the spontaneity typical of children too young to make independent life choices because they’ve no concept of lifelong consequences, much less what happens when “buyers’ remorse” kicks in.
      Imagine what ASD employees may be trained to do to children, or their parents, in that scenario.
      So here we are… not to disrespect souls struggling to resolve their gender identity, but to react with implacable hostility and contempt toward public-sector union employees who can’t educate children properly at reasonable cost, while seemingly gaining terrifying proficiency at what looks way too much like “grooming” children, brainwashing them.
      Where it goes, who knows… don’t see any good coming out of a growing perception that public education is being used as a blunt-force instrument to control children’s sexuality… before they’re old enough to make rational, potentially life-altering decisions about anything, much less their sexuality.
      Your journey must be a challenging one, Anony Mouse… wish you well in it.

  9. They need to pass a school bond to set up a legal fund so students can set up a legal fund to sue their parents. And hire drag queen lawyers only.

    • As long as their gonna artificially amplify gender dysphoria they might as well put tattoo parlors in middle school.

  10. I imagine there are a lot smart asses in school with this bs going on. I know that if I was in high school right now, I would have a field day with the teachers, possibly changing it daily just to mess with them.

    • Yuuup! Me too! I think you’re right because most kids I meet these days are smart asses. Mine included. But like “parent” (that’s my pronoun) like son/daughter I suppose. I don’t think that its just because this is going on. I think the school district shouldn’t waste time and effort (and money) on this. But if they continue I’m pretty sure there will be plenty of kids that are like me that would have fun with this. Change it daily. Play women’s football one day and men’s hockey the next. Should the Olympics really be split into 9 categories for each sport to support all these pronouns? Society will change enough on its own. We don’t need to pay our school system to affect the change.

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