Demboski leaving Bronson administration, Kent Kohlhase named to interim role as municipal manager


Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson has announced that Municipal Manager Amy Demboski is leaving the administration and he has named Kent Kohlhase as acting municipal manager.

Demboski joined the administration shortly after Bronson was elected 2021. She is a former Anchorage Assemblywoman for Eagle River who challenged Ethan Berkowitz for mayor in 2015. Berkowitz won, and Demboski in 2018 joined the administration of Gov. Mike Dunleavy, where she worked in the Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development before leaving in 2021 to be Bronson’s city manager.

Kohlhase was recently named Public Works director, when former director Lance Wilber was promoted to executive director of Community Development. Kohlhase previously served as the director of project management and engineering for the Municipality of Anchorage. He worked for the U.S. Forest Service in Anchorage for 22 years, including seven years as engineering staff officer for the Chugach National Forest.

Kohlhase graduated from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 1993 with a degree in Civil Engineering. He has been a registered Professional Engineer since 1998.


    • KTUU rarely does a good, complete job with any story, so I don’t know if their interview with Amy Demboski this evening is the whole story. She said she was fired because she wrote and sent an email to the mayor informing him that his some of his decisions were out of compliance with the municipal charter. She said her firing was retaliation for that email. And then she cried. I expect her to file a lawsuit.

      She said nothing about the extremely unprofessional behavior and the extremely perverse insult she directed at another Muni director that was reported on another site. As usual, the guy conducting the interview did not ask any hard questions.

  1. Can’t say I blame her. How much abuse is she supposed to take?

    I just hope the next guy can throw a punch (metaphorically speaking).

  2. Amy D. is one of the true conservatives out there.
    I could never get over the fact – that Begich3 voted for Ethan “perv” Berkowitz for Anchorage mayor over Amy. Amy – good luck in your future endeavors.

    • Amy is smart. I voted for Begich after I saw Amy support him in the congressional. She knows the players and knows Begich is the real deal.

    • Fired. You won’t get the full story from Downing though, her and Demboski are tight and the real story is not a good look for Amy

  3. She did a great job as the go between of the executive and the other executive body. Her calm nature saved a lot of critical situations. She is so smart she will be great at anything she does.

  4. last week said, “she was a rock solid city manager that has done amazing in his administration.” That was on Dan Fagan in the morning. She has a good understanding of Alaska politics since she has been in the fight, especially locally.

    Considering she is dealing with a corrupt Assembly that passes ordinances under our eyes to give our grade school kid’s hormone blockers without our consent by school psychologists and ASD administration. This was brought on by SAM BRINTON, the Biden Administration‘s Department of Energy Official’s legal team, (She/he is that gender confused sicko), that’s into male “leather-fist-face” nozzles for sexual-fantasies and self-mutilations. She/IT was caught stealing suite cases at the airport recently. SICK!!! Very sick child abuser! (Can’t make this stuff up, verify yourself)!!!

    All thanks to Christopher Constant, Meg Zylotol, and Forest Dunbar for writing the ordinances for ASD child abuse! How can they even sleep at night, yet have the drive and self-consciousness to serve in the military.

    They both deserve to be let go of their roles in the assembly and military and have potential penitentiary time for aiding and abating child abuse in Anchorage!

    • OpEF, what does any of this have to do with Demboski? By the way, it’s being reported (by others) she was fired for insulting a peer with rather vulgar language. (Suzanne, is this publishable now? You seem keen to continue to censor my not insulting and genuine comments.)

  5. *OR* does she plan to apply for the soon-to-be vacant position representing Eagle River on the assembly AND THEN run as the incumbent in April?

  6. Kent is a long term MOA employee and a very competent professional. Hopefully the Bronson machine will not destroy him

  7. Alaska employers. A shortage of workers where employer downright “steal” other employers employees. I wonder how much more keni 650 am competively offered her? American parents encourage your younger kids to develop work skills and a few trades like broadcasting. I think amy won’t disappoint Dan’s audience her personality, voice, and intelligence even may increase viewers tuning into their AM station for her.

  8. Amy D, thank you for your service to the citizens of Anchorage. You have done a great job under stressful conditions. You will be sorely missed, even by the Left.

  9. Lets see how many of the 300,000 anchorage tax payers come to assembly tonight to say if they appreciate paying BERK’s BILLS of the 100 million he borrowed ? I wonder where the other 100 mil went. Hmmm. CLERK is fixin to choose Anchorage Assembly MAJORITY !!! for reading tonight. 5- 10 pm Library. If you want to help protest comm china, bring white paper to hold up in honor of their SUFFERING since they have lost almost all of their RIGHTS.

  10. Think of how much different the conversation would be today had Amy prevailed in 2015 and become our mayor instead of that far left Berkie….Amy did a great job for the Governor and the people of the State. She had stood in the breach for the people of Anchorage time and time again as she served the mayor …we all owe her a great debt of thanks for the outstanding years of public service to date and hope this is not the last of her service as we so badly need more to stand and serve as she has done. Thanks Amy ..!!

  11. LeBronson at it again!
    Another bad look as Amy speaks out regarding her firing. It really appears LeBronson is inept at managing and leading. Would gladly trade LeBron for Amy back!

    • Sure looks like it from hearing her interview on the local news source. She was doing her job – crossing the “t’s ” and dotting the “i’s”. Been there – done that in a former life. I would be interested to see how the Mayor defends this firing. Her work could have kept him out of trouble if that newscast was accurate. She’s in my district and I will support her in any office she wants to pursue. Thank you Amy. The Municipality has had a couple of incompetent mayors in my lifetime. Is Bronson over his head?

  12. Amy, you go girl! Your integrity and principles will sustain you. God Bless. No matter how difficult it seems now, you will be fine.

  13. Amy helped Mayor Bronson every day she was there. If someone got her negative concern she should have been supported organizationally. That’s the way that works. If that women in the accounting chair doesn’t deign to come to work; that can and should be arranged. The manager is doing triple duty anyway. She responds to the people too and she knows we don’t need hothouse ? s sitting as the municipality corporation accountant not wanting to be available to do we the people’s fiduciaries duty. Thanks again covid worshippers. Oh my, little Miss Precious Accounting Lady better get to work. If the context of her life is toooo tenuous for her to reliably do it like a guy then she is too fragile for the job. It’s fine to be fragile. You just must be robust enough for the job paid by public trust funds. Again, Ms. Demboski is exactly right and pulling for Alaska’s taxpayers as usual and paying a high price for it. Hire a guy who can shovel his car out to keep such a job for Anchorage’s people. It’s part of the job. Getting there.

  14. I shovelled like Hercules myself. Not everyone can handle life in AK with “ease” or grace. That’s why God created CA if you need ease and grace per se.

  15. Once again woke women have proved their fragility. Whoop de do. I say this because I lost my dad and was an undernourished straightforward little kid. Nobody cut me any slack and you aren’t going to get any slack from me. If you need slack get it someplace else. Or if you need manners fit for royalty. We don’t have those in AK.

  16. Sorry to be a hard a**. That’s what Alaska produces though. If you don’t like that don’t come here. Alaska and softies don’t go together. Compared to my mother I’m very moderate. We aren’t harsh or cruel we are just straightforward.

  17. Seems like she was fighting a ‘good old boys’ club & lost her job as assistant Mayor
    Too bad, always liked her.
    If she hadn’t lost her cool & cursed out a co-worker in front of everyone, she might have had a lawsuit.
    Mayor Bronson’s ship now has another hole in it. The keeps shooting himself in the foot.

    On another note, of course the Sully has to open for all shelter when it is 10 below zero.
    What is the Lib plan? To let a few homeless die & then blame conservatives?

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