Alaska Board of Education resolution: Preserve opportunity, safety, fairness for all athletes


The Alaska State Board of Education and Early Development passed a resolution unanimously on Thursday to protect girls in sports.

The resolution says the separation of males and females in sports is related to competitive fairness and promotion of broad and equal participation opportunities. The two-page resolution also says the gender policies in Alaska school athletics programs should be objective, workable, and practicable for all students who participate.

“Whereas, at puberty biological male athletes generally gain physiological advantages such as larger skeletal structure, greater muscle mass and strength, less body fat, greater bone density, larger hearts and greater oxygen-carrying capacity,” the resolution notes in its preamble. It also says “medically prescribed hormone treatment for the purpose of gender transition is not a best practice recommendation for children under the age of 16.”

“Whereas, the integrity of high school girls’ sports should be preserved,” the board said.

The resolution also says that transgenders should be able to play in school sports, but girls must be treated fairly, too.

The board was addressing the rise of male students who choose female identities and compete against biological females in sports, a rising trend around the country and Alaska. Board member Lorri Van Diest brought the resolution forward for a vote.

The board says it supports the passage of regulations that provide girls’ divisions with participation based on a student’s sex at birth, and a division for students who identify with either sex or gender, which is sometimes called a co-ed division. The regulations should provide for an appeal process for all students, the resolution says.

The resolution was to be sent to all Alaska School Athletic Association board members, as well as House and Senate legislators. It does not have the force of law but had unanimous support from the board for a policy favored by the governor and similar to the one offered as legislation in 2022 by Sen. Shelley Hughes.

In other states, bills are being passed to protect girl athletes in schools, but Hughes could not get the liberal majority in the Senate to support her bill last year. This year, the liberal majority has left her out of its roster entirely, making it unlikely that she can get another bill through to protect girl athletes.


  1. > This year, the liberal majority has left her out of its roster entirely, making it unlikely that she can get another bill through to protect girl athletes.

    Next primary season every single one of those traitorous R’s that caucused with the D’s this session needs to see their political career ended and sent home.

  2. Finally, people are standing up and doing what’s right! The trans community is free to live their lives and should accept the same for women and girls. Never thought I’d see the day when men would be awarded woman of the year or best female athlete. It’s insane and is creating animosity as trans activists become increasingly hostile towards women. Well…we’ve had enough and refuse to give up our rights, accomplishments, athletic achievements, and voices. All the liberal women out there who think this is fine, either play co-ed or give up your spot for a male. Title IX allowed women and girls to compete in fair competition, and that doesn’t mean men playing in women’s clothes.

    • All athletes should be limited to gender at birth or join the co-ed team or dont play. Your sex is determined at birth, love the skin and body you were born with. Stop trying to change your sex or gender, anyone telling you different does not have your interests first.
      You are welcome to dress as you want, within bounds when in public or in the workplace (i loath dealing with drag queens or overly made up and perfumed people in my workplace). Respect yourself more.
      Please seek counseling to appreciate YOU as you are. You may just need some self discipline (which i see missing from far too many of you). You are not a victim and the resst of the world is not out to get you. You have to control yourself and behave yourself in the community. Start there.
      Respect others. We live in this world too.

  3. Opportunity for men to flag their junk around in girl’s locker rooms, and then beat them in a sporting event. How does this crap even pass the sniff test?

  4. the unanimity of the board is heartening. You would never know that if your only info exposure was the ADN. If this is not acceptable for the powers that be and nixed in some way (I hear screaming, moaning and gnashing of teeth) the already exodus from our public school system will gain traction. This will be another bargaining chip when the money crunch comes to the end of the legislative session. The definition of insanity…you know, expecting a different result, is so true and yet so ignored when it comes to the same ole same ole, “just add money”. It seems disappointing and depressing when the Academia stalwarts’ pound away at those in charge of the purse strings. Alternatives are ignored when you have embraced a monopoly!!

  5. I watched an athletic event in Homer last week with the athletes participating in events separated by gender and age. It was an enjoyable experience to see these young athletes compete. In every event, the male athletes were able to jump higher and perform at a higher level of physicality, but by separating the athletes into boys’ and girls’ events, both events were competitive and exciting to watch. Allowing bio males to compete against the girls would have given them an unfair advantage and would be been unfair to all the girl athletes. It would have ruined an otherwise fair and exciting competition. People are free to adopt whatever sexual identity appeals to them, but a boy with gender confusion should not be competing against bio girls. That is blatantly unfair.

  6. The left’s solution is get children started on puberty blocking drugs at a younger age. This by teaching them as early as kindergarten that gender is something that they can decide according to their preference, and it’s normal to change. When these children become adults, hopefully they will be able to seek retribution on these people for child abuse, and the doctors should not be able to practice medicine. Young children are very easy to form, and I’m sure could all be convinced that they should have a pet unicorn as well.

  7. I see women competing in men’s sports all the time. If women can compete with men why can’t men compete with women? Isn’t it the same thing really?

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