It’s a blast: Legislative Shoot is Saturday in Juneau


The annual Alaska Legislative Shoot takes place Saturday at the Juneau Gun Club at half-mile Montana Creek Road in Juneau. Each member of the three-person team will compete at shooting stations that include handguns, shotguns, .22 rifles, and archery.

Above, the 2022 team of Rep. Mike Cronk, Sen. Peter Micciche, and Rep. Josiah Patkotak made up “Team Mccronkotak.”

The event is sponsored by the Alaska Correctional Officers Association (ACOA) and starts with the “Bulls-Eye Breakfast” at 8 am, operational range instruction from 8 am to 9 am, and legislative shoot from 9 am to 3 pm. Invited participants are legislators, Governor’s Office, Lt. Governor’s Office, commissioners, and all support staff and family members. Those who are solo will be assigned a team.

Last year’s winning team did not have any legislators on it, but was made up of members of the Juneau High School Rifle Team.

Sen. Jesse Kiehl presents the winning trophy in 2022 to Luke and Beck of the Juneau High School Rifle Team.

Those who wish to take part this year should get in touch with Sen. Kiehl’s office at Pick up and turn in entry forms to Sen. Jesse Kiehl’s office (Room 514), where there are entry forms. Participants can also sign up at the Juneau Gun Club Range on the day of the Legislative Shoot. The fee to enter is $10 per person.


  1. Don’t these guys do any real work in Juneau? Is it all play until the last five days of the 120-day session? What a waste of the state’s money.

  2. Actually, this is pretty cool when one considers all the rancor and mis-information that politicians engage in regarding firearms and gun rights these days. Imagine suggesting a shoot for legislators in Sacramento or Trenton, NJ?

  3. Remember Biden is coming for your guns. You better hide and not be seen shooting. You could be arrested for damaging federal lands or making
    Threatening gestures, by holding a firearm in public let alone discharging it.

  4. Oh Blaine, fear and loathing is the currency of the Democrat Party, or haven’t you noticed?

    Perhaps you might consider a course on Critical Thinking? Cheers!


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