Biden requests billions to advance ‘Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex community’ globally



President Joe Biden’s 2024 budget proposal requests billions of dollars to advance his gender and sexuality agenda around the world, allocating far more taxpayer dollars to that issue than dozens of other spending priorities, such as stopping fentanyl from being smuggled across the southern border.

Biden’s budget request for this issue in particular has more than doubled in the last two years. In the past, that focus would have been almost entirely on women and young girls. In recent years, though, advancing women’s rights across the globe is sharing the focus, and the funds, with the president’s gender agenda.

While Biden says he is cutting $3 trillion from the deficit over the next decade, his budget plan would increase the funding to promote “Gender Equity and Equality Around the World.”

From the budget:

The Administration remains steadfast in its commitment to invest in opportunities for women and girls and support the needs of marginalized communities, including the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex community. Reflective of that commitment, the Budget requests more than $3 billion to advance gender equity and equality across a broad range of sectors.

Last year, the U.S. Agency for International Development touted Biden’s budget request of $2.6 billion to promote “Gender Equity and Equality Around the World,” saying it was “more than doubling the amount requested for gender programs in the prior year,” calling it the “largest-ever gender budget request.”

That funding will fuel the USAID and the State Department to pay particular attention to “those who face multiple forms of discrimination, such as adolescent girls and young women, Indigenous women, women and girls in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex (LGBTQI+) community, women with disabilities, and racial, ethnic, and religious minorities.”

Biden’s request for advancing this kind of equity this year increased from the previous doubling by another $400 million, a new record.

Federal spending, in particular debt spending, is under increased scrutiny as inflation remains elevated.

“At a time of dangerous deficits and painful inflation caused by too much federal spending, the Biden administration is constantly seeking ways to waste even more taxpayer resources on ideological crusades,” David Ditch, a budget expert at the Heritage Foundation, told The Center Square. “The obsession with ‘equity’ permeates the entire Biden agenda, often at the expense of core federal duties and functions. Biden is regularly touted as a ‘moderate’ by the press, but he has been comfortable allowing radical activists in his administration to control the agenda and regularly flout the rule of law.”

Biden took fire after the budget’s release for mentioning “equity” 62 times while other major issues received less attention. “Inflation” is mentioned 56 times, though that number is far less if you omit references to the Inflation Reduction Act, which has nothing to do with higher prices. “Border” is mentioned 33 times. “Poverty” is mentioned 21 times. “Ukraine” is mentioned 13 times. “Opioid” is mentioned four times and “fentanyl” is mentioned twice.

For comparison, the budget proposal includes $25 billion for U.S. Customs and Border Patrol but specifies that only $40 million of that is to “combat fentanyl trafficking and disrupt transnational criminal organizations.” According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 100,000 Americans died of drug overdose in 2021.

Opioid spending gets a fraction of the attention that equity receives in the budget.

The proposed budget seeks to spend “$715 million toward opioid use disorder prevention and treatment programs such as VA’s Stratification Tool for Opioid Risk Mitigation, the VA Opioid Overdose Education and Naloxone Distribution program, and programs authorized in the Jason Simcakoski PROMISE Act.”

While the opioid issue may receive federal aid directly or indirectly from other established health and drug grants and programs, the gender issue would also benefit from the same kind of additional help.

A litany of domestic crime issues also receives less funding than the $3 billion overseas investment.

From the budget:

The Budget makes robust investments to bolster Federal law enforcement capacity. The Budget includes $17.8 billion, an increase of $1.2 billion above the 2023 enacted level, for DOJ law enforcement, including a total of nearly $2 billion for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to expand multijurisdictional gun trafficking strike forces with additional personnel, increase regulation of the firearms industry, and implement the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act. The Budget includes $1.9 billion for the U.S. Marshals Service to support personnel dedicated to fighting violent crime, including through fugitive apprehension and enforcement operations. The Budget also provides $51 million to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to support the continued implementation of enhanced background checks required by the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act. In addition, the Budget provides a total of $2.9 billion for the U.S. Attorneys, which includes 130 new positions to support the prosecution of violent crimes.

Certain overseas grant funding opportunities from the federal government prioritize LGBT issues. The State Department’s “Global Equality Fund” is a public-private partnership that funnels federal dollars overseas to “provides critical resources to civil society organizations (CSOs) and human rights defenders, including those working to increase the visibility and empowerment of queer women, transgender and other gender diverse people, intersex people, and members of other marginalized LGBTQI+ communities…”

Casey Harper is a Senior Reporter for the Washington, D.C. Bureau. He previously worked for The Daily Caller, The Hill, and Sinclair Broadcast Group. A graduate of Hillsdale College, Casey’s work has also appeared in Fox News, Fox Business, and USA Today.


    • Lucinda made annoying remarks exclusively but one of them was accurate. It was that sinful behavior is a religious construct; if you’re not religious you’ve never sinned.


  1. Is there any means of restricting the use of American taxpayers dollars for the sole purpose of pushing personal agendas on others? Why do we have to use our tax dollars to support the rest of the world? This foolishness has gone too far and we have no representation for taxation. The special interests and rich do gooders use us as the bank for their wants and we have no say anymore as all politicians are bought and paid for.

  2. No, no, and hell no. Outside of the decadent west, nobody cares about this fetish.

    But he’ll probably get it.

  3. I have a bumper sticker that becomes more relevant with each passing story as this. It simply states,
    “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for Trump”
    Nuff said-

    • Big Al, decadence is as American as pumpkin and apple pie! So you voted for Trump: he’s just another acceptable pervert. No doubt, you’ll be getting your directives to perform your civic duty again in 2024–ah, just another patriot doing what you’re told.

      It’s all a game! Belly up to the table, Al, and slap your money down; there is losing yet to do. So you didn’t vote for Biden, and they didn’t vote for Trump! What a joke! It’s just more of the same!

  4. I can see it now.

    Grandpa Sniffy: “I know. We need to give billions needed in America to non white people in impoverished and despotic countries abroad”

    We the people: “What the hell”?

    Mullahs everywhere, along with several various dictators like Putin:
    “It will make it easier for us to find them and throw them off roofs or put them in Gulags”.

    Any wonder why we are losing our standing in the world? We’re not a serious people.

  5. If this excerpt:

    That funding will fuel the USAID and the State Department to pay particular attention to “those who face multiple forms of discrimination, such as adolescent girls and young women, Indigenous women, women and girls in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex (LGBTQI+) community, women with disabilities, and racial, ethnic, and religious minorities.”

    Said this instead:

    That funding will fuel the USAID and the State Department to pay particular attention to “those who face multiple forms of discrimination, such as adolescent girls and young women, Indigenous women, women with disabilities.”

    Would you be less outraged?

    • I would not be less outraged. Throwing U.S. dollars at third world problems has never worked well. Occasionally it has made the situation worse. I’m all for supporting our allies abroad but this bill is most assuredly NOT in place to help our allies.

      • Would you be in favor of cutting this and other international funding and diverting those funds towards exclusively domestic US aid for “adolescent girls and young women, Indigenous women, women and girls in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex (LGBTQI+) community, women with disabilities, and racial, ethnic, and religious minorities.”?

    • If we ever get a Grand jury investigating into OCS’s possible human trafficking’s I bet dimes to dollars that Federal money that Biden is pushing is funding OCS! I also bet that a lot of the providers ( third party
      Non Profits ) & ( Foster homes ) is the biggest sadistic end line recipients, not the Alaskan Children’s in need !

  6. We are now fully engulfed in Joe Biden’s LGBTQI world. National security, national economy, public safety, family traditions and welfare, all take positions and status subordinated to the LGBTQI agenda. This is exactly what happens when you have an Alzheimer’s patient, with a criminal background and a mentally ill family running your country. Good Luck, America!

  7. Sleepy Joe needs a psychiatric ward! He is not normal, and never will be.

    We need a leader for our country!

  8. We have people becoming mentally disabled and killed every day by Fentanyl and very little gets done. Yet, billions are being spent on LBGTQ+ and the associated causes. Where are the priorities? Of course, you can follow the money and see where it ends up. The “Big Guy” probably gets his 10% also.

  9. Looks like the government is funding a religion. Something it’s not supposed to do per the constitution. Reference: ‘

  10. Biden’s LGQBT agenda is currently the biggest threat to biological women’s rights in the World today!

  11. It appears some folks directing things at the administration are convinced they are now GOD…in fairness ole Joe may or may not have a clue what they are doing or saying he is doing…!!! thing for sure is that leaders around the world are laughing at us as a once great nation for allowing this sort of crap to happen.

  12. Type 2.9 billion into a calculator. It’s a massive number. In fact you could give 30,000 Americans a life changing amount of money with that much, and they are spending that annually.

  13. > Biden requests…

    A better use would be to pile all the money up in greenbacks and light it on fire. At least someone would get warm for a few moments.

  14. Suzanne, the title photo of Biden & Harris looks a bit like Joker and Riddler on their way to lunch with Penguin to plot the continued downfall of Gotham.

  15. I don’t want to know what intersex is. The question is how many percent of the population are we swaying for???? Is it 1% what exactly are we doing ??? Non stop chaos since 2019. I’m sick of it.

  16. Oh yeah……..we are going to get judged as
    a nation by God. Bad
    enough we been paying nations to abort their babies. Now! Add Pay other nations to confuse their children into homosexual sin. We going to be SO judged.
    You know what happened to Isreal and the surrounding ancient kingdoms because of God’s judgement? Everyone lost everything- poor as a pauper.
    Now. Isreal is special, it will always exist, even after their southern and northern split kingdoms
    fallen away, which america is not isreal, we are the christian gentile nation.

    • I’d love to see your Bible. Is it self written, or did you do like the episode of Firefly and “fix it”?

      Your conversation with St Peter will be facilitating to watch. Don’t count of direct entry into Heaven.

      • The feeling of guilt must be shamefully overwhelming and all courtesy of an loving entity that is all seeing and all powerful but really bad w/ money and could use a serious tithe. A big one this time.

  17. If one were to pragmatically think about it, the various governmental agencies around the world that vehemently support this mentally ill structure is based upon one thing.

    Population control.

    Or, rather, the lessening of the population through mental illness.

    Think about it.

    When males and females, that procreate, are deemed the enemy, and the promotion of every other variation of those that do not actually exist within the real biological world are allowed, no, forced unto acceptance, where shall true procreation exist?

    Within a lab?

    Radical leftists have promoted population control for years, through one form or the other, stating that within no certain form that there are too many of us populating this planet.

    They have tried environmental reasoning, housing reasoning, and resource reasoning, and yet the worldwide population grew through natural procreation.

    This is their final goal.

    Prevent natural procreation by forcing the sexes, male and female, to transition from their natural born sex unto something perverse and unattainable, so that they can no longer procreate as one of either natural sex.

    The question should be, why is this happening now?

    Why are those within a TINY fraction of the general populace now garnering so much influence within the governmental and various agencies?

    Answer. It is being ALLOWED to happen by the populace at large.

    Solution. Just say NO!

    REFUSE to be capitulated or bullied into acquiescence of something that is simply NOT right and establish forthright and without reservation your righteous stance.

    Address a male as a male and a female as a female, no matter their mental illness preferred ‘pronouns’.

    Address them only by their name, as you know them.

    Do NOT give them power over you as how to address them, rather take that power away by addressing them as they truly are, not as they wish to be addressed, within their mental deficiency.

    That is YOUR choice, not theirs, and if they are offended by said address, it is THEIR problem, not your own.

    If all of us ‘Normals’ were to do this, every single time, the Leftists and mentally deficient would finally shut the hell up, and their supposed power would disappear, just like the snap of a finger.

  18. Let’s ban all non profits and make them be a legitimate business. Their taxes could then be spent on the rest of the world. They are already a front for government income and money laundering. We might as well take some of it back.

  19. Decades ago, Limbaugh suggested that the US export liberalism rather than freedom as a way to destroy our enemies. Biden and his daycare operators have gone one better, exporting the entirety of the LGTBQWTF hysteria to the rest of the world. Money well spent, I expect, though the end result is we will be hated for exporting it. Cheers –

  20. $6 Billion was WAY TOO much to spend to secure the southern border, but $3B to encourage people to be who they are in other countries, that’s OK?

  21. Can’t expect Joe Biden to improve. He sniffs the hair of young women, speaks inappropriately to little girls, touches them inappropriately, showered baked with his own young daughter. Hus family is sicko too. Hunter moved in with his dead brother’s wife and introduced her to drugs. Rumors of sexually molesting his own niece. Knocked-up a strip dancer and she had his baby, but doesn’t want to allow his baby to have the Biden name. The Biden’s are a really sick family. This is what the Democrats did to America.

  22. 1-2% of the population these alphabet people are, but they want 90% of the attention!
    Mental illness!

  23. This site has a major preoccupation with queers.

    There are a lot of homos out there. None of their interests or concerns are newsworthy and soft-peddling their nonsense isn’t productive. Celebrate their perversion or go all Westborough Baptist on them but all this talk of poofters and sodomy sucks.

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