Dutch farmers win at ballot box against elite climate-change government mandates on nitrogen in farming


Last October, Dutch farmers protested. They used their tractors to block roads to The Hague after the Netherlands government attempted to curtail the use of nitrogen in agriculture.

The agricultural sector represents less than 5 percent of the small nation’s gross domestic product. The country, at 16,040 square miles, is roughly half the size of Indiana. Farmers represent a tiny minority of voters.

But in a national vote, the farmers have won the day, as the public rebuked Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s attempt to slash nitrogen emissions, which farmers said would make their livelihoods disappear.

Nitrogen is needed for plants to grow. Farmers get better, more predictable yields by adding nitrogen fertilizers to the soil. Too much nitrogen, however, leads to various kinds of pollution of waterways and air.

Farmers associated with the Farmer Citizen Movement party, known in the Netherlands as BoerBurgerBeweging, or BBB, characterized the win as a victory of the common person over the nation’s elite.

The populist BBB party, founded just four years ago, only has about 11,000 actual members. But it has just won a victory over the four-party coalition associated with Rutte, who has made it his mission to cut nitrogen emissions by 50 percent by 2030, in order to fight climate change and to bring the nation in line with the climate change goals of the European Union.

The Netherlands has a population of about 17.2 million and a voting base of over 13.3 million. Voter turnout is typically over 71%.

The farmer party, which focuses on agrarian and rural issues, was founded in October 2019 by Caroline van der Plas, a journalist and former member of the Christian Democratic Appeal party.


  1. By trimming food production, you can also trim human population. This is the dark side of the globalists and the climate change radicalists think we can all eat bugs and worms to survive.

  2. Glad they have a ballot box to vote in wisdom. Let’s see if that holds for the next election.
    We are trying similar mandates here in the US. Hungry people obey. That helps us understand “stupid” decisions.

    • Your public school ‘education’ is showing. “Hungry people obey”? NO, hungry people start revolutions! It is said; Marie Antoinette asked her servant why the peasants were revolting. “They’re starving” was the answer. To which Marie Antoinette supposedly responded “Let them eat cake” (signifying how out of touch with reality the elite were). Guess being out of touch with reality isn’t confined to the elite.

  3. The climate loons are trying to shut down farms now. Thank god for the based Dutch farmers fighting back. The poor Sri Lankans were totally destroyed by this insane ideology.

  4. Still a long way to go in the Netherlands, but very promising.


  5. Makes lots of sense, stop the farmers from growing plants, which absorb CO2from the atmosphere brilliant!!

  6. The US farmers need to come together and stop food going to any city that creates a threat to the farmers. The oil company’s need to say we don’t sell and fossil fuels to some locations. Let’s see how long they can go without food and fuel. I say 72 hours and they libs will be on their knees begging and now we have the power.

  7. An uplifting snippet of good news. Finally, a win for the little guys, the people who think straight. The climate alarmist agenda is a construct promoted by elitists who will not suffer in the least if the cost of living quadruples. The useful idiots who support and follow them are so sadly deceived… much like those who bought the party line during Germany’s 3rd-Reich. We are witnessing a world-wide anti-humanity movement.

  8. that is what the loons are tryimg to do over here and why we starve the elites will eat and live good

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