Biden’s ban on pistol braces remains intact after Senate vote


File this one under: Elections have consequences. Republicans tried, but failed in the U.S. Senate to block the Biden Pistol Brace Rule by using the Congressional Review Act. The final vote along party lines, was 50-49. Even if it had passed narrowly, the president would have overridden the vote.

The rule outlawing the possession of previously lawfully equipped pistols with attached stabilizing braces took effect June 1. Anyone who has an unregistered pistol that is equipped with such a brace is now committing a felony with a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. Of the 40,000,000 braces in possession by Americans, a fraction of them have been registered with the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Agency (ATF).

The Reload, a website devoted to firearm news, says “more than 90 percent of the guns equipped with pistol braces remain unregistered despite the risk of potential federal felony charges.”

The new regulation involves devices that help stabilize guns for better accuracy. The agency has put these stabilizers into the same category as other guns, like machine guns, which it regulates and taxes under the National Firearms Act of 1934.

Gun Owners of America Senior Vice President Erich Pratt issued a statement that indicated the matter will now be challenged to the U.S. Supreme Court:

“It’s incredibly disappointing that, despite an outpouring of grassroots opposition to the rule, the Senate concurred with President Biden and voted to make their constituents felons. Gun Owners of America will continue to fight back in the Courts, where we have already seen some strong success. The fight will go on.” 

During debate, Democrat Majority Leader Chuck Schumer falsely stated that pistol stabilizing braces convert pistols into machine guns. In fact, they make pistols more accurate, but do not make them into machine guns, which are automatic weapons that keep on firing in rapid succession, as long as the trigger is pressed.


  1. Great to see gun limitation progress, no matter how small. Remember, Heller stated that the right to bear arms is not unlimited and that certain restrictions on guns and gun ownership were permissible.

    Happily, our younger citizens, having been brought up in a world of mass/school shootings and being therefore strongly conditioned against proliferation, will severely tighten gun laws when they come to power in a few years. If there’s any silver lining in the atrocities of the past, this is it.

    • The great Framers of our Constitution saw it quite differently than you. I’m going to go with them. The right to bear arms and protect yourself from enemies domestic and foreign is fundamental to a judao Christian society. It’s also fundamental to any society that practices liberty and freedom. Long live the gun. The gun keeps us free.

    • Do you even know any kids?

      You used to be able to make cogent, if ineffective arguments.

    • “Happily, our younger citizens, having been brought up in a world of mass statist propaganda and therefore being strongly conditioned against liberty and freedom, will severely tighten all conceivable laws when they come to power in a few years.”

      Corrected that for you. You are welcome.

    • Yours is a disturbing note, for the cherry-picking if nothing else. Also, I would call you myopic, but willfully blind is more accurate and how pleasant for you to ignore items in common use.

      One, you’re living in an era of hysteria and don’t see it.

      The mass shootings that generate so much concern are incredibly rare. The statistics that are publicized are misleading at best and fallicious at worst.

      Two drug gangs shooting each other up with more than two casualties? Mass shooting.

      Murder suicide involving two or more non-suspect deaths? Mass shooting.

      Defensive gun use where a home owner shoots two or more suspects? Mass shooting.

      Crime statistics reported to the DOJ are reported by thousands of different agencies thousands of different ways. There is supposed to be uniform crime reporting, however, that simply does not and cannot happen.

      If it makes you feel any better, the one set of statistics that seems correct is that over 90% of firearm homicides are done with conventional handguns. Conventional. Shotguns make up the majority of the rest, followed by rifles and then not disclosed.

      Mass shootings don’t just make great headlines, they also provide great opportunities for fear-mongering politicians.

      Firearm violence? Not the problem. It’s a symptom.

      Gun control? Akin to prescribing cough medicine for lung cancer. It may make you feel better briefly and as if “you’ve done something” but you’ve just ignored the issue that’s actually harming you.

    • Why wait? There are communist utopias of the sort you seek, all around the world. Just go and cross their open borders, and gain all the benefits of citizenship in one of THOSE special places, Whidbey, you old dog, you.

  2. Now that the IRS has 87,000 new agents. The ATF will be next in line to recruit 87,000 or more new agents to ENFORCE this regulation that is now law. 40,000,000 gun owners is a very rich target environment. Maybe the Agency will promote a Red Flag Bounty on Brace Owners. The Second Amendment is the Only Amendment that Protects all the other Amendments. 40,000,000 Second Amendment Supporters are now JAIL BAIT.

  3. Just how “happily” are you that our young citizens have been brought up in a world of mass/school shootings Whidbey? Do lefties ever listen to themselves?
    The only reason for this push from Joey is so his main hit man Garland will be able to incarcerate more conservatives to keep them from voting AND especially since sonny boy is exempt from firearm violations.

  4. The cities with the toughest gun laws has the highest gun murder rates!!! Those restrictions have failed!!!

  5. The cities with the highest rates of gun violence, also have the toughest gun regulations!!! Restrictions do not work!!! Duhhhhh!

  6. You guys do know that pistol braces were first built to allow disabled shooters to operate the equipment. The new BATFE is an attack on the handicapped shooter. Nice. Cheers –

  7. All 3 of our “DC Team” were on the right side of this one.
    Minor miracle ….imo.
    Guess MP’s lib handlers allowed her no vote since the leftists results were already in the bag

  8. Like the meme says: “Remember when colonialists had to register their guns in Jamestown? Yeah, I don’t either”. And yet “Congress shall make no law abridging…”. Is this traitorous “bridging” or unabridging…

  9. But, but…democrats aren’t coming for our guns.


    Gotta grab ‘em before they can control the masses.

  10. I’d say Good luck figuring this all out, the Cats been outs of the bag for far far to long, meanwhile these guns are still being made by thousands every week all over the country, not to mention the ones that have been sold for decades , even if they choose to enforce the law(what ever it is?) it will only encourage more and more people to want more of these weapons, the vast majority of legal law abiding people have allready demonstrated their unwillingness to play their new shell games , so basicly their making 25 to
    40’percent of the country criminals ! while the real criminals just continue to play by the same old rules they will allways play by, which is no rules. We have some very disturbed and foolish people in Control of our country, this could get very interesting to see how this all plays out!

  11. What’s going to happen is if you’re stopped for a violation, or if during a crime that you’re committing one of these is detected, it will be confiscated and you will be charged accordingly.

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