Hunter Biden cuts a deal, gets off easy


Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, struck a plea deal with federal prosecutors to resolve a five-year investigation into his massive federal tax dodge, and the purchase and possession of a firearm in 2018, while he was doing illegal drugs.

The agreement, made public on Tuesday, includes Hunter Biden pleading guilty to two misdemeanor tax charges, while the more serious charge of possessing a firearm while being a user of illegal drugs – a felony – will be dismissed if he successfully completes a two-year probation period.

Biden has a well-documented history of illegal drug use and is a key figure in a massive influence-peddling scheme that involves the president and other members of the Biden empire. But these charges are not part of that investigation, which is now being probed by the House Oversight Committee.

Hunter Biden’s attorney, Christopher Clark, announced that the plea deal would “resolve” the long-standing criminal probe by the Justice Department.

Clark acknowledged Hunter Biden’s responsibility for the misdemeanor tax charges, attributing them to a period of turmoil and addiction in his life.

The White House responded to the plea deal, asserting the unconditional love and support of President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden for their son. White House spokesman Ian Sams stated, “The President and First Lady love their son and support him as he continues to rebuild his life. We will have no further comment.”

However, former President Donald Trump wasted no time in criticizing the plea deal, taking to his social media platform, TruthSocial, to express his opinion: “Wow! The corrupt Biden DOJ just cleared up hundreds of years of criminal liability by giving Hunter Biden a mere ‘traffic ticket.’ Our system is BROKEN!”

Critics argue that the plea deal raises questions about the impartiality of the justice system and whether influential individuals are held to a different standard.


  1. Millions in unpaid taxes… the rest of us would have been destroyed by the IRS. Liens, jail time, property forfeiture…

    The Biden Crime Family will not be deterred by this slap on the wrist.

    • If you are mad that Hunter Biden isn’t going to jail for paying $100k in taxes late, but you are fine that Roger Stone and his wife settled a $2 million tax case with the DOJ last year without having any criminal charges whatsoever, then you are being a hypocrite.

      If you don’t want more IRS agents to focus on these larger tax cases and recoup more money for the rest of us, but are mad at the lack of prosecutions, then you’re ideologies are counterproductive.

      • That’s $200,000.
        Two years of unpaid taxes; $100,000 was not paid each year.
        Your right … he pleaded & will pay (w/ crooked $ his Biden name earned him?)
        And they drop the gun felony (for a person that did not use the gun illegally)
        Seems to be a standard deal.

        When will this sc*m pay the price for using the Biden name for influence peddling?
        After the 2024 election? Or never?

        • GD – Since when did the right wingers get fired up about cheering on IRS investigations? I thought they wanted to defund the IRS? On the next charge – when did the MAGA’S get enamored with gun restrictions?

          • Odds of defunding/deauthorizing the IRS: 0%
            If it will not go away, use it as a weapon against your political opponents, just like the leftists do.

      • What does Roger Stone have to do with anything other then your given talking points making some odd sort of correlation?

        Also, abolish the irs. Taxation is theft.

  2. Of course he did.

    Curious the timing and the choreography of this farce.

    One could be forgiven for thinking this whole thing has been planned out for some time.

    Tell me again about the fictional “equal justice” bit. I’d like to see Joe Average try this trick.

  3. Garland should be impeached.

    Even knowing the Senate will never convict, his corruption and naked politicalization of the DOJ need to be on record.

  4. All a pointless exercise. FJB will simply pardon those that he needs to at the end. A long list that will include all those in his favor that face potential prosecution for crimes against Americans.

    • It just proves the DOJ is crooked and is open about it but nobody is doing anything about it. We are in need of a great rest starting with the crooks liars and guilty politicians being held to the same standard as us little people.

  5. It does not make sense to put tax cheats into jail, does anyone want Donald Trump Jr. to share a cell with Hunter Biden? Trump’s overdue tax bills are huge compared to Hunter Biden’s.

    • Frank, you of course have proof that Trump has long over due tax bills, right?
      Come on Frank! I don’t even like Trump but your talking Bravo Sierra here. MAGA Bleaters and Trump Haters, both will deny reality if it helps their cause.

      What is troubling is that we have corruption within our Government at the highest levels and people instead of hanging the rascals want to sit around and debate whether their guy is any worse then your guy.

    • What overdue bills?
      Tax bills? Last time I checked, Trump taxes were clean. So, please let us all know what bills you are talking about.

  6. I guess they wanted to get a charge in so a pardon can occur before the crime family departs office.

    • I wish I could. Imagine if you or I pleaded guilty to 3 separate federal felonies, 1 including gun issues.

      Good to be the son of the Dictator.

      Calling us a banana republic is insulting to actual banana republics.

      • I saw exactly this sort of egregious political corruption and utter sham of a justice system in Zambia in the 1980s. Welcome to third world USA.

  7. If it’s good to be the king, the next best thing, apparently, is being the kings son.

  8. Another liberal criminal with political ties to the DNC and the Democratic executive office gets ZERO punishment. Every other citizen in America would be in jail for years. The DOJ is no longer just.

  9. NPR has a story on this, and that news organization makes it clear they are angry that any Biden has been brought to justice at all. They say that the firearms law is very rarely used or investigated, yet these are the same woke elite who want more firearms laws. NPR says the judge is a Trump appointee, clearly implying that this is a political hatchet job rather than taking someone to task who has violated and then flaunted the law.

    If you have omitted millions of dollars with the IRS, and for many years, don’t expect to get off with misdemeanors and probation.

    I haven’t yet looked at the 2024 state budget vetoes, but I will be very disappointed if Public Broadcasting wasn’t completely vetoed!

  10. 97% of federal criminal cases do not go to trial and haven’t since the 80’s. Of those cases where the judge rejects the plea agreement and the case goes to jury the penalty typically works out to be an average of 4x greater than what the DOJ had proposed.

    If you think the DOJ / FBI represent either you or justice, you are grossly confused. They represent expedient convictions for a sliver of the crime’s actual penalty and the closer you look the more you notice that this is a truly embarrassing deal for the public and a clear indication that justice is for sale but in a way that most of us wouldn’t anticipate. Federal prosecutors are the reason why criminal activity in the US is so high.

    • No, that is incorrect. Misdemeanor convictions do not disqualify one for running for office.

      But your question is moot, Hunter has never run for office and has not expressed any desire to do so.

  11. The US Attorney David Weiss investigated Hunter Biden. He was appointed by President Trump. President Biden could have easily fired him for no reason but didn’t. So much for DOJ/Biden corruption.

    • Sebastian – Corrupt, Biden stooge, Attorney General Merrick Garland, is David Weiss’s boss. Nice try, though.

    • Is this character’s name on all the seized properties, then? So much divulging…or just mysterious magazine subscriptions. Check it oot ladies and gennamin.

    • So what if he was appointed by Trump. So was Barr, and Sessions, and Haley, and a whole rash of other individuals who are actively trying to destroy his political career.
      The one biggest error Trump made while in Office was to use individual’s resumes as a basis for hiring them, not any kind of desire to work his agenda. Net result, he ended up with a bunch of DC swamp creatures who are now working against him.
      Do you think Weiss is any different?

  12. Seriously, there are many far more innocent people that are STILL in jail for going to Washington, DC on January 6, 2021 to stand in solidarity together and protest what was obviously an illegitimate election process that had transpired over the course of the preceding three months. Many of these people did little to nothing wrong, other than just being there and standing bravely staring stolidly into the face of a descending and enveloping tyranny.

    This is, without question, an extension of that SAME injustice system at work.

    • > there are many far more innocent people that are STILL in jail for going to Washington, DC on January 6, 2021

      American gulag. Right here. Right now.

  13. Lowest of the low. Not Hunter Biden per say, but rather Merrick Garland, who intentionally allowed Hunter off the hook. Hunter can serve probation in the White House and on Air Force One, while being served steak and lobster and calling in more hookers and giving Pappa Joe more grandkids. Joe Biden arranged all of this, and in effect, saved his kid’s ass by bribing the AG of the United States. But bribes are part of the Biden stock in trade. Merrick Garland needs to be impeached by Congress. And Joe Biden needs to be impeached following a very lengthy investigation by Congress that starts in October 2023 and gets carried out all the way to the spring of 2024, with a Senate vote on impeachment scheduled just before the primaries in the summer of 2024. Quid pro quo.
    The Republicans need to learn the process of timing.

    • David Weiss, the U.S. Attorney overseeing the criminal probe and whom negotiated the plea deal was appointed by Trump. A.G. Garland kept him in place once Biden took office in order to maintain transparency. That fact is overlooked (most likely ignored) by the majority of the commenters here.

      • Big effing deal, Erickson. Trump, a consumate outsider in politics, unwittingly hired on many swamp creatures. And many of them later turned against Trump, including his own AG, phatt*ss Billy Barr, a perennial insider and coward. Your comments above are the brain fodder of another unenlightened Left-winger. Hunter Biden is scum like his pappy and should be in jail. Democrats and RINOs have made the swamp an absolute tarpit.

      • Transparency? Is this a joke, Brian Erickson, or do you think the American public is actually fooled by this blatant show of bifurcated justice? Your Democrat party is going to get dismantled eventually because of it’s total corruption. And that, my friend, is my transparency.

      • Just because you were nominated by a President does not mean you have any loyalty to that President whatsoever.
        Your argument is laughable it is so meaningless.

          • So, now you think Trump is right about everything?
            Please explain how Trump thinking a nominee will automatically be loyal to him means in any way that nominee will be loyal?
            Oh… wait. I forgot. You are a child…errrr…. I mean a leftist. Magical thinking is how you live. If you believe hard enough that it will work out perfectly, it will.
            What makes you think adults agree with you in any way?

        • North:
          No. Keeping the investigation open is the primary stall tactic that Democrats use to save their *sses. Notice they closed the investigation on Hunter Biden as quick as they could. Time for the US House Select Committed and Oversight Committee to investigate ALL the Biden’s……..right up to election day in November 2024…….and beyond. That’s how you do it.

          • I wonder if Grandpa Joe’s newest granddaughter will grow up to be a Republican. If the investigation goes on long enough, she might get elected to sit on an Oversight Committee. Baaaaaad Grandpa!

          • Yup. Investigation is still open. Asset(s) protected.

  14. If anyone had any doubt that the Biden DOJ is corrupt as hell, this plea deal should remove all doubt! Misdemeanors? For God’s sake, his girl friend dropped Biden’s illegally obtained pistol in a trashcan next to a public schoolyard because she thought he might shoot himself while smoking crack all night! That’s a felony. He willfully & knowingly under reported income to the IRS which led to a whopping two million dollar delinquent tax bill when the IRS finally caught up to him! Another felony! This is not a two tiered justice system, it is a thoroughly corrupted and broken justice system. Attorney General Merrick Garland should be impeached, thoroughly investigated, and then put behind bars.

  15. Nobody with real ties to those in real power ever actually goes to prison. Perhaps Trump can take Hunter’s lead, take a plea deal, and at least make an attempt to take some responsibility for his wrongdoings. I won’t hold my breath.

    And by the way, I only mention Trump as a way of levelling the commentary on here because any time Trumps legal morass comes up, most of the right-wingers on here go, “but what about Hunter Biden?!” What’s good for the goose and all….

    • A legal scholar was recently quoted as saying “The law is all about whataboutism! It is all about the comparison of crimes of equal severity and circumstance to each other and the application and rule of law, seeking equal consequences regardless of who is the accused” So cman “what about…” is very applicable as similar acts were committed, yet are treated in vastly different ways. Reminds me very much of the old USSR or feudal England where it apparently was good to be the king….

    • Cman – You are delusional if you think that the corrupt Biden DOJ would ever consider a plea deal for Trump! For the past seven years they have spent tens of millions of dollars of taxpayer money to concoct one scheme after another to falsely imprison Trump. Maybe if Trump were to drop out of the Presidential race they would back off, but I doubt it.

  16. so does this mean i no longer have to pay federal income tax and i can modify my personal weapons any way i see fit with no consequences? ohh never mind i forgot my last name isnt biden, trump, pelosi, mconnel, bush, swalwell, schiff, quinndavis, dunbar etc, etc, etc…..

  17. The DOJ is nothing but a protection racket for the Biden Crime Family. So much, that it is laughing stock to the world and in your face to the American public. Re-elect Trump and disbandon the Democrat controlled DOJ.

    • Good post MADD mom. Can you imagine how many times Hunter Biden endangered families and children while high on crack, meth, and cocaine? What a trashy family the Biden’s are.

  18. I look forward to the comments from people on here about the “weaponization” of the DOJ against Hunter Biden.

    • If the DOJ had to spend years investigating and came up with a few minor process infractions, yeah… I would say they were weaponized against Hunter Biden. But, there is quite a bit of dirt that is quite damning that has been brushed under the rug.
      Or perhaps you forgot the laptop was dismissed as “misinformation” in 2020. The one with “10% for the big guy.” e-mails on it. What that represents is probable cause for investigation. Unlike the “evidence” against anyone even remotely on the right side of the political aisle. Imagine if DJT Jr. had lost a laptop with similar evidence on it.
      Then there is the prosecution of the “crime.” When Biden is discovered to have classified documents he was not legally allowed to take home as a Senator or VP stored in his garage and office space, he did not get a visit from the Feds. Nope, he was “cooperating” and got… nothing. Trump was cooperating equally, but the feds had to search his entire residence.
      Where is this weaponization of the DOJ against Hunter? Is it here in the room with us now?

      • Take a look at Roger Stone, Trumps best buddy, who was sued by the IRS for $2 million in back taxes and he was allowed to simply pay it back with zero criminal charges. Are you OK with that or would you consider that two tier justice?

    • Better yet. Look up the case of Charles Foehner.
      He is a NYC man who used a gun to defend himself against a violent mugger. Curiously, the shooting was considered justified, but… (from one article)
      “…prosecutors have not attempted to indict Foehner, 65, on any homicide-related charge. The counts he’s facing—there were reportedly more than two dozen of them at his arraignment—are related to criminal possession of various weapons, after police searched his apartment and found that only some of his firearms are licensed with the state. ”
      Now, he a looking at spending the rest of his life in prison because of paperwork. Where is the equal justice? Where is the cushy plea deal?

  19. I have some experience in matters like this. This is just about the sweetest deal in history. He should fear that the sentencing judge might impose a different and potentially harsher sentence. But then it is DELAWARE in the Northeast, and there is basically of only one flavor: Left and corrupt. Joe probably signed off on the appointment of the judge as a senator or even as Veep. The fix is in.

  20. Ahhh watching him get off easy is well worth watching you sky screaming Trumplicans get your panties in a bunch.

    • RINO, Trump supporters are not Trumplicans, that is a very demeaning term since it denotes an affiliation to the Republican party, RiNO’s like you and Lisa Murcowski. I believe Trump’s stalwarts prefer to be called either Trumptards or Trumpanzie’s. (of course we have within the Mat-Su Valley a subsect known as Palinbots) Got it? Good I hope so. Lets keep this thing clean and civil here on Must Read Alaska!

      • Trumpanzie!
        I am going to embrace that. Might even change my username on MRAK to it.
        Thanks Oosik.

    • Nothing to do with Trump. It’s about more two tiered justice. The left used to care about that.

      Just like they used to care about free speech and being anti-war.

    • Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to present to you the “tolerant” left.
      The left is, according to them, tolerant and understanding of all. Well, everyone except the people across the political aisle. Those people deserve no tolerance or understanding at all. They deserve to get their panties in a bunch, while the tolerant leftist sits back and enjoys the show.
      Still have your “In this house we believe…” sign up front? How about your pride flag? Do you still have your Ukraine flag flying as well? Which takes precedent.

        • Rino doesn’t like when good people call out an unfair justice system. Rino doesn’t like it when good people question elections. Rino doesn’t like it when good people notice the corruption of the democrats. And Rino doesn’t like sedition because Rino wants everyone to shut up about the corruption and abuse piled on the good people.
          But it’s coming Rino. Sedition is coming for you.

          • Do you have any, I mean any admissible evidence to support your accusations, yeah I didn’t think so.

        • When it talks like a leftist, walks like a leftist, and acts like a leftists, it is a leftist.
          Thanks for sharing.

        • Looks like RINO learned a new word.
          Are you sure you are using that word correctly? Somehow, I think a visit to dictionary dot com might help you a bit.

      • I get the feeling that RINO collects a FAT federal paycheck on the regular, and is probably participating in the process of identifying, cataloging, and in the end physically persecuting to the death those that don’t conform to the same worldview.

  21. Hunter pulled out a plea deal lickety-split. The only time Hunter has pulled out faster was when the hooker told him she lied about being on birth control.

  22. Well they proved he made the money, so of course he has to pay taxes on it. Or at least the portion that hasn’t expired due to statute of limitations. FBI and DOJ and IRS must be underfunded and cant get these investigations done in a timely manner (unless they purposely slow-walked them, according to whistleblowers). The question still remains (again, answered by whistleblowers) is where the income originated and why? Paintings perhaps?

  23. Pretty sure that anything short of execution would be called a traffic stop here on MRAK.

    • Not looking for an execution. Heck, I am good with a plea deal. I am even good with the deal Hunter got.
      I just want everyone to enjoy the same level of justice, regardless of political affiliation. If the son of a Democrat President can plea three Federal felony charges down to slap on the wrist misdemeanors, why can’t a grandmother who entered the US Capital but committed no actual violent actions get a similar plea deal?
      I cannot speak for you, but I want to be able to knowingly and deliberately lie on a 4473 and get nothing more than a stern talking to.

      • Yes I want the same justice. Go ahead and slap my wrist for not paying my taxes and having illegal weapons. They can give everybody the same sentence and I am ok with that.

    • Pretty sure that the gratuitously snide non-sequiturs of radical leftist extremists add nothing to the conversation on Must Read Alaska, as well.

  24. It’s telling how long the usual suspects waiting until trolling. Takes awhile to coordinate the spin.

  25. What’s really going on here is clearing the road for the DOJ to continue to go after Trump while claiming it’s not naked politics.

    There is credible evidence on that laptop directly implicating Joe Biden in taking bribes while in office.

    By making these selective prosecutions the claim is already being made there is nothing else of interest on that laptop. Ergo, Biden is out of the crosshairs.

    It also creates a paper thin fiction the law was applied equally. Ask Lil Wayne, MC Hammer, JaRule, and a host of others if they got this kind of “leniency”

    But don’t forget, they are black and not kicking up to the Big Guy. The left hates minorities and loves to toss them in jail.

    There is a chance the House will continue to push this, but the Senate won’t care.

    It’s more important than ever Garland be impeached. He’ll never be made to stand for his crimes, but get this all out into the sunshine.

    • Hey, we may not always be proud of our kids, but we will always love them. Give him a break.

      • Curiously, I believe Joe is proud of his boy. Even now.
        And, why in the world should anyone give Biden a break in any way? Has he earned one? And, if you think he did, exactly how did he earn a break?

      • Doggie,

        Hunter grew up with the proverbial sterling spoon stuffed in his mouth! Not withstanding all the damned “privilege” joe ‘n dr. jill showered on him he certainly turned out to be quite the bit of work, so to speak. I’d hang my head in utter shame if my children did even a tiny fraction of joe’s boy’s cretinous behavior.

        All of this makes Mr. Trump’s celebrated “phone call” quite mundane, don’t you think? I say “Impeach the geezer!!!”

  26. Of course He is David! He is a spittin image of his old man. Papa Joe taught him everything He knows.

  27. The Biden probe was overseen by U.S. Attorney for Delaware David Weiss, who was appointed by former President Donald Trump and was permitted to stay in his post after Joe Biden took office in order to complete the investigation of the president’s son.

    Just so that we’re all clear on that point.

    • Whidbey is lonely tonight and looking for company. The LGBTQ hook-up sites take just about anyone, Whidbey. Good luck.

    • And? President Trump appointed Weiss. So? Does that mean he is somehow incorruptible? Is Thedog actually saying that Trump appointed only the most ethical and best educated individuals to all positions while in office?
      Or, are you just spouting out some kindergarten level reasoning, as if the President appointing the official makes any difference whatsoever.

  28. I know a blue collar worker that filed his taxes and blacked out all his income and claimed zero. Did this for a few years and then the feds hauled him off to jail.
    He did almost two years in federal prison. I doubt what the feds say he owed even equaled to $100k.

  29. What is important here is the investigation of “The Big Guy” which is going nowhere.

    He is the guilty person in this entire sham that corralled all the money his son was too high to even think about paying the taxes on.
    Any other average citizen would be investigated by numerous agencies just for merely reporting this enormous amount of income let alone not paying the tax on it. They just caught an Axiom security driver for stealing cash from banks only because he was depositing large sums of money into his account.

    Most definitely illegal activity going on starting with “The Big Guy” who happens to be POTUS!
    OBAMA should be investigated as well since He was the sitting President at the time these Ukranian shenanigans were happening. He HAD to be aware of it according to Joe’s phone calls controlling the US aid money being paid to Ukraine when Joe was VP. And conveniently now the aid money is still pouring into the corrupt hands of the grifting Zelenskyy.

    These are the type of people that give politicians a bad name.

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