Anchorage social media ‘Kyle’ makes terroristic threats against governor


A government worker who is protected by his union has appeared to threaten the life of the governor of Alaska by calling for his assassination.

A Twitter post in the account owned by “Kyle” says that someone should kill the governor as a service to Alaska.

“Anyone willing to go to prison for killing Dunleavy? Would assuredly be to the benefit of Alaska / The guy is running this state into the ground / We can let him or we can do one little illegal thing / The calculation seems pretty one sided / One death could solve a significant number of things / Just saying / Moral and values should be flexible when necessary / Someone needs to permanently cancel the bad TV show known as Mike Dunleavy’s term as governor of Alaska,” Kyle’s Twitter account wrote.

A search of his past, which is a mostly profane and angry social media history, links this account to an employee of the Municipality of Anchorage, where he works for Maintenance and Operations at a desk job. He is protected by the Anchorage Municipal Employees Association union.

Several readers have forwarded the Twitter message to law enforcement, including the FBI, Anchorage Police, State Troopers, and the head of the governor’s security team. Although the threats were made Monday, they are still available on Twitter under Kyle’s user name, “@50_dolla_bill.”

Kyle has also written his leftist political opinions in the Anchorage Daily News, where he penned a letter that was printed several months ago: “The Anchorage Assembly recently passed an ordinance allowing for them to remove the mayor for a breach of public trust. They should seriously consider acting on that ordinance. The current mayoral administration has demonstrated time and again that its members will lie, cheat and steal anything they can from the municipality and the taxpayers. Last fall, we had the whole fluoridation incident at the water processing facility. The administration then lied about that. Then lied about lying about it.”

A year ago, he wrote, “Is Alaska really going to elect Sarah Palin again? She quit on us as governor halfway through her term to go make money grifting the Lower 48 and selling out Alaska. She has shown herself to be the worst among us as a Donald Trump-loving, lying grifter. Any Alaskans who were around for Gov. Palin should be ashamed and embarrassed of themselves if they voted for her in this election. When a person shows you who they are, believe them. Alaska needs better representation. Vote for Mary Peltola.”


    • Generally, a union will walk away from a member if the charge is criminal and not related to their job. However, until the criminal charge is brought, and Kyle is convicted, the most unions will protect the individual from losing their job, or any other action by their supervisor.
      One more thing. If the criminal act was done as an official act, the union will not represent or protect. Violating the law as a muni employee, and the union will be hands off. (Most unions will be hands off. I am not privy to this contract.)

    • She’s not clear in her writing of this how it is so.

      It may be that it means he’s a member of a union and entitled to their protection v. personnel actions.

      It’s vague. MSM level of vague.

      It may also mean that his union has provisions where he can hire a criminal defense attorney that’s on their “list” for reduced rates.

      The lead paragraph is worse than vague.

      My union would represent members on personnel actions, but as for criminal, well, you’d be entirely on your own regarding that. I’m confident that my union was fairly typical, of course others may be different.

  1. Behold the so-called “tolerance” of the typical radical leftist extremist.

    They demand tolerance of perversion, corruption, social degradation and insanity, but are only willing to give it to those whose narrow and rigidly dogmatic political beliefs EXACTLY match with their own. Which is, of course, the very antithesis of what tolerance actually means, and is.

    • If you want to see the home filled with the most anger, hatred, and intolerance, look for the houses with the “In this house we believe…” signs, or the pride flags.
      It reminds me of the animal kingdom, where the poisonous creatures are typically the brightest and most colorful. It is nice when these people warn everyone off.

  2. The unions are like colleges and universities, they indoctrinate the apprentices and spread the democrats talking points. I’ve been in many arguments with the uninformed and leftist union members. Remember, many are not crazy leftist democrat a– kissers and patriotic Americans.

  3. The left loves violence. It’s viagra to them. Especially unions.

    How is he being protected by his union? If it’s because he’s not been fired for being a troll on our dime, welcome to blue Alaska.

    If they are running cover for him after posting threats on the Governor’s life, that is a whole different matter.

  4. If he would have made those threats against a leftist he would already be in jail and might never get out….

  5. OK, lets be fair about the phrase “protected by his union.” He is protected by the just cause provision(s) if the labor agreement that covers him and the union is obligated to a “duty of fair representation” to defend him under that agreement. The tweet calling for the Governor’s assassination violates general principles of employee behavior and probably specific provisions of the labor agreement and MOA personnel ordinances. It also violates the law and that makes the matter more complicated.

    Twenty years ago I’d have said no union would take a case on behalf of this guy all the way to arbitration or the courts. Today most would and some would make a hero or martyr of him. Part of that can be laid at the feet of the Alaska courts who have long placed a heavy duty of fair representation on unions, especially public unions here in Alaska. It was cheaper to go ahead and take the case to arbitration and lose, even under the State’s “loser pays” system than it was for the union to defend itself against a charge of failing to fairly represent the employee. It was so common that it was referred to as a “DFR,” and if the employer, the union, and the arbitrator all understood that it was a DFR, the grievant could tell his story to a third party and the right outcome would obtain cheaply and quickly. Yeah, it’s a cynical business.

    Going to the FBI with it was probably misguided. Biden’s FBI will just hide all the evidence behind the “ongoing investigation” smokescreen and make sure nothing happens to the miscreant. The MOA’s labor relations people should step in and impose discipline on the guy. I don’t know that there is anything that would get a Democrat fired and keep him fired in today’s world but I might do it just to cost the union as much money as I could. What is vital is that the MOA does an administrative investigation and takes administrative discipline before law enforcement gets involved. The minute he is facing criminal charges he has a 5th Am. right to refuse to cooperate and at least a limited right to counsel in addition to the union’s representation. That’s enough to make things very complicated.

    Anyway, if the MOA fires him, there’s some Democrat judge that will put him back to work and likewise, you aren’t likely to be able to actually convict him of a crime. So, he’s on his way to becoming a “hero of the People.”

    • Thank you Mr. Chance. I always appreciate your views and the manner in which you lay things out. In a government of the people, by the people, for the people, I find it extremely helpful and educational at this time in our history to realistically evaluate and understand our system as it currently exists. Lately I look for people I consider true and honest subject matter experts. Not just people others insist we should blindly accept as subject matter experts just because they are being presented to us as such.

      These comments are very sincere and thoroughly truthful. Have a wonderful Alaska summer!

    • All good info for contemplation and all your time in composing is appreciated. I worked for MOA 30 years ago and even then it was almost impossible to fire anyone even for documented drug use while on the clock. Likely this guy has a short verbal fuse and sounds like a history of heated comments, hence maybe at least creating some complication for him could motivate him to chasten his vitriol. Sad that he is so blind to reality as too many are.

  6. If the girls would get out of the way, we could get this War started and over with. These are skinny arm perverts.. I dream about putting a foot in their ass

  7. Although law enforcement would probably consider this horse-puckey puffery, Kyle is a slob and a sloppy Twitter user. He should be banned from Twitter and banned from the ADN for using threatening language against our state’s head official. If some crazy did the job, Kyle could be roped in as a media influencer and charged as an accomplice. Such charges have been brought out before.

  8. Seems he is a democrat, so as we all know, the law does not apply to him. I’m sure nothing will come of this. No charges, most likely just a “talking to”. If he has said this about, pick your lib/dem, I imagine the swat teams would be closing in asafp.

  9. Another angry pencil neck. Feed him to S. Lane and watch her draft an angry sentence something like ‘let this stand as an example to blah blah blah’.

    And it won’t.

  10. this person is a 1st class nut job, just like most left-wing nut dimlibbys!
    needs to be fired!

  11. “……….A government worker who is protected by his union has appeared to threaten the life of the governor of Alaska by calling for his assassination………”
    Wow! That’s a pretty powerful union! Can I join, then be protected from the law as I build a criminal cartel? Sorta’ like Kyle and Hunter Biden?

    • He probably just needs a couple righteous a** beatings to set him straight. Like the ones his mommy and daddy should have given him, but didn’t and now he’s a worthless whiny punk.

      • Agree. I was spanked as a child. Now, I suffer from a condition known as “respect for others.”

  12. Well! “Kyle” is another Sinner still living in chains. As long as he wearing his chains he going to walk around making a ruckus of noise jingling, rattling, and clanking the chain rings everywhere he goes annoying us. He don’t know by his receiving of Jesus all he has to do is let go and those chains will fall off. Many of us will walk around with heavy chains thinking it’s locked not knowing they’re unlocked by Christ’s resurrection. It’s Letting go of his old life and his old way of thinking.

    • I can describe him to you with 95% chance of success just based on his obvious political leanings:

      Long, probably balding hair, tied in a man bun.
      Scraggly beard,
      Thick glasses with heavy black rims.
      Pencil neck
      Toothpick arms
      Freakishly skinny legs, as if he lives on the low-gravity Moon
      Drives a Subaru with a “Kerry 2004” bumper sticker
      Lives in a condo in Bootlegger’s Cove
      Owns a cat named “Non-Binary”
      Never leaves the city limits of Anchorage (except for flights for pilgrimages to San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, and other radical leftist cesspools)
      Rarely seen exercising outside of yoga class
      Has the pinched, permanent scowl of every other radical leftist

  13. Kinda Sounded like the little weasel had a crush on Sarah, and when she left the state and came back he really got angry, apparently the poor little fella can’t handle rejection very welll, typical of many entrenched little parisites suckling off the tit of government. This guys obviously a harmless littlen loud mouth who’s only social outreach is hiding behind a screen and flapping his fingertips , but he still should probably be put in a strait jacket and sent to a insane asylum so we can at least get him off the government gravy train. So hey Kyle, if your feeling social, tell us all has Mary P. Worked out for ya, she’s no doubt your type of gal, you sound like the perfect Match, both Very Loony, and extremely Dumb!

  14. The worst part is that this Kyle might influence someone even nuttier than he is to take a crack at the Governor. This used to be deemed serious stuff. Now, judging by some of the comments, you can advocate assassination, violent overthrow, and whatever else you want. No matter, this should be taken seriously, and deemed a threat against the governor and his entire family. And this Kyle person should be fired. And watched. If he has guns, they should be removed. People advocating assassination should not be allowed fire arms. Period. And I am not against gun confiscation. Nuts like Kyle are the exception.

    • advocate for the government to take away his first and second amendment rights OK….hmmm just wait until the powers that be deem it “nuts”and violence to speak out against doctors mutilating children or just look at what already happened during 2020-2022 twitter files .All due It’s a slippery slope ma’am

  15. By the way, two of Kyle’s tweets had a like. That means he has already influenced someone. Just saying.

  16. this is leftist AOC everyone is out to get me style pearl clutching. this guy is just shxt posting. If it bothers you stop giving him attention.

  17. Tweets are time stamped, correct? How about his boss growing a pair of something/anything and start by writing him up for being on social media during work hours. Maybe just get the ball rolling towards firing a guy for making threats on company time?

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