Friday MRAK newsletter: How did Sen. Tom Begich pull that one off?


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Guns are the target: Recounting his recent visit to Uvalde, Texas, where 21 people were killed in a school shooting, including 19 children, and his visit to Buffalo earlier this month, where 10 people were killed in a supermarket shooting, President Biden says the nation needs to crack down on guns, enact red flag laws, and raise the age to access them.

“I want to be very clear. This is not about taking away anyone’s guns,” Biden said. “It’s not vilifying gun owners. In fact, we believe we should be treating responsible gun owners as an example of how every gun owner should behave. I respect the culture and the tradition and concerns of lawful gun owners.”

That is not exactly truthful, but it is what he read on the teleprompter.

“At the same time, the Second Amendment, like all other rights, is not absolute,” Biden said.

Biden called for a ban on “assault weapons” and high-capacity magazines through reinstating the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban. Since that is unlikely, he called for alternatively raising the legal age to purchase them from 18 to 21. That appears to be more likely, but doesn’t really solve any of the problems we’re seeing with mental health in America. It’s just a way to “do something.”

Ballots in: 97,858 voted ballots had been received at the Alaska Division of Elections by Wednesday, about 1,465 ballots per day for the past six days in the special primary election for Alaska’s one congressional seat. 
The chart below shows the number of ballots from each district (using the old district numbers). Column 1 = District, Column 2 = Number of ballots mailed, Column 3 = Number of ballots received.

Meanwhile, Alaskans have 8 days to get their ballots in the mail. You can vote in person now, too. Info here.

Alaska Democratic Party is excited it groomed new candidates, but in reality… The Dems didn’t field candidates in 42% of Senate seats and 30% of House seats. Read more here.

Forrest Wolfe files to run, Liz Snyder bows out, Tom Begich slips away, and more election filing capers Who is in and out in all the races, as of the Wednesday deadline. Read more here.

How did Sen. Tom Begich pull that one off? No one knew Sen. Tom Begich wasn’t going to run. No one, that is, except Loki Tobin, his aide. 

The state senator secretly burned two House members in his district — Rep. Zack Fields and Rep. Harriet Drummond, who are redistricted into the same House race this year. That took some doing.

Fields or Drummond would have run for Senate had they known Begich wasn’t going to run. But with just five minutes to go before the 5 pm deadline on June 1, Begich’s aide hit the “file” button and then faxed in her paperwork to the Division of Elections. Fields and Drummond were left out in the cold. It was a smooth operation that even the Alaska Democratic Party didn’t know about.

Fields is paired to run against Rep. Drummond in the new District 17. Meanwhile, with his aide as the shoo-in, Sen. Begich will be able to control that seat in the same manner he controlled redistricting of all of Alaska, by being the master puppeteer with Redistricting Board members Melanie Bahnke and Nicole Borromeo, texting in real time as political maps were drawn, telling them what to do and how to maneuver. (Refresh your memory about that with this link and exclusive Must Read Alaska story).

Alaska Native leader files for U.S. Senate Edgar Blatchford is a Democrat, and former mayor of Seward. He and Pat Chesbro are the Democrats running against Murkowski. The Alaska Democratic Party is not amused. Read more here.

Listen as Anchorage Assembly gets a real earful — of the National Anthem If ever there was a protest song….this was it. 
But wait! Four Assembly members could not bear to stand for the National Anthem, including National Guard member Forrest Dunbar. Read more and see video here.

Anchorage ballots mailed for downtown Assembly seat Several are running to fill the 12th seat that voters approved last year. The 12th seat is for downtown Anchorage, which the Clerk has renamed “North Anchorage” as it extends east. The seat is designed for a leftist to win. Read more here.

Anchorage ending Sullivan Arena shelter On June 30, all the homeless fellows will be out of the Sullivan. It’s the end of the Berkowitz era for shelters. Read more here.

Woke Marines show pride month prowess with rainbow bullets You really cannot make this stuff up. Read more here.

Listicle: 100 ways Biden Democrats made it harder to afford everything The list of actions the Dems have taken to make energy cost more. Read more here.

Fundraiser for Charlie Pierce At Evangelo’s in Wasilla tonight (Friday, June 3), a fundraising dinner and auction for Charlie Pierce for governor, taking place starting at 5:45 pm. Then on Saturday, Pierce will be at the Sterling Community Center for a meet and greet.

Check Must Read Alaska later today for a new edition of “Notes from the trail.”

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  1. I have such a visceral negative reaction when I see someone masked up now. I was thinking about that as I was reading the weekly round up. I am afraid to ask- but will- who is the masked ranger?

    • I’m taking care of my mother and I wear a mask when I go to stores. You have a problem with that?

      • I do have a problem with that. Children need to see faces to learn how to communicate. Humans need body language and facial expressions to be able to communicate effectively.

        If you think a talisman against fear and disease helps you, then I do not know what to say about your faith based belief. False idol. At best.

  2. Love it when one Democrat offs another Democrat. Thanks Tom Begich for eff’ing your old “buddy” Zack Fields. I’m going to reward your behavior by voting for another Begich.

  3. I don’t understand. You said, “Fields or Drummond would have run for Senate had they known Begich wasn’t going to run.” But Begich DID file. How does Begich filing hurt Fields or Drummond?

  4. Call it what it is. A direct attack on gun rights. They are gonna take your guns. If you let them.

    At times I really wonder if Grandpa isn’t trying to trigger a civil war.

  5. Well! Senator tom begich is an elder. He holds years of experience. what the young and lesser read are still learning discreation and patience. Reason why political parties and churches be not hasty casting old aside- @ak democrat party and church.

  6. You all think the Begich Family are Saints! All Three Tom,Mark & NB 3 are cut from the same cloth! Watch & see.

  7. Uhhhhhhh he lied. He lied about what his plans were. If we’re talking Tommy Boy Begich then the answer is lies and deceits. Lots of lies.

  8. NB3 was raised by his maternal grandparents in Florida. Strict Conservatives and Christians. I think NB3 will surprise all you naysayers. He’s a different kind of guy. His uncles all call him “Nicholas,” which should tell you something.

  9. Regardless of who is running, the republican party should have ensured no democrat was on a ballot unopposed.

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