In-person voting now available throughout state for special primary election


Beginning May 27 through June 10, Alaska voters can vote in person in the special congressional primary election. In a few places, they can even vote on the last day of the primary, June 11. In a few locations it is possible to vote in-person on June 11.

The designated voting locations are listed on the State Division of Elections website at this link.

Note, the polling places will all be closed on Memorial Day.

For those who are voting by mail, ballots must be postmarked by June 11.

All registered voters in Alaska were mailed ballots on April 27 for the special primary election to serve the remainder of the term of the late Congressman Don Young, who died March 18. There are 48 names on the ballot. The top four vote-getters will appear on the ballot on Aug. 16, when voters will rank them in the order of their preference. The winner of that election will be named the new congressional representative to serve until January.

Meanwhile, another election will take place to determine who will serve in that seat for the next two years.


  1. Is this an old photo or are there still that many paranoid poll workers? How can they still push the scamdemic? If it was the State Legislature with the masks, I could understand because they wear the mask to show how they are robbing us.
    Oh, by the way, how nice of them to allow us to vote in person and not be forced to mail in our vote. Can you say voter fraud if only by mail? If there are those who do not vote in person and fail to send in their mail in ballot, I am sure they keep tabs on who votes and who doesn’t, then a ballot with the pre-chosen winner ahead of the time will suddenly get the vote that suddenly appeared.

  2. The information inside the mail in ballot envelope only says to mail your ballot or to drop it off at one of the voting locations. There isn’t anything about in person voting and in person voting information has not seemed very forth coming and pretty vague.

    • The State of Alaska Division of Elections web site makes the in person process, locations and dates pretty clear….And Honestly, between weeks long mail in balloting and in person voting, if that’s ‘too hard’ for somebody, perhaps they should not be casting a vote.

      • The issues is they have not been advertising in person voting. Even the SOA youtube ads call it a mail in election with no mention of in person voting.

    • The spam filter here removes most comments if you include links. The information in the article is accurate. There are select designated locations in cities across the state where you can vote in person with dates, hours, and locations listed.

      go to

      elections [dot] alaska [dot] gov

      That is the web address for Alaska Division of Elections. On that page you can click on one of two links

      “June 11, 2022 Special Primary Election Information”


      “Beginning May 27th, you may also vote in person at many of the absentee voting locations throughout the state. You can find a location HERE”

  3. PLEASE BEWARE, It won’t necessarily affect this special replacement election in Aug, BUT BEWARE!! as of MAY 24, many Anchorage districts have changed borders. BETTER RE-RESEARCH your former March/April changes..Especially in the Anchorage AREAS. The NEW district changes was MAY 24th 2020.

  4. Did I miss something or didn’t the state inform us that mail in ballots were the only way we could vote in this election ? Professional bunch we are dealing with.

  5. Im done with this. Im cancelling my voters registration. Talk about a bait and switch. They are begging for democrats to vote multiple times. This is all a scam.

    • The election workers checked my ID and had a laptop open with voter details. I had to sign a document swearing that I’d only vote once. Hopefully they have a way to confirm it.

      The election workers thought the mail in ballots were annoying too. They want more people coming in, so they’ll be able to keep their jobs.

  6. I am not voting in this mail “selection.” Dominion will chose the top four candidates for me

  7. EVEN THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND says that if AMerica does not go back to ID required in person voting !Without that you have nothing ! Mail in voting is a tactic of the deep state and the whole world knows it. or at least they should ! Anchorage has 300, 000 people that better RISE UP FAST !

  8. Everyone who is annoyed by mail in ballots, should send their thoughts to the head of elections. The info is on the state of AK website.

    It is crap. BUT, the in person voting days have been listed on the state website for a while. It’s not a recent change, they’ve planned the in person days since the ballots went out. I checked before mailing my vote, because I refuse to do that.

  9. The issues is they have not been advertising in person voting. Even the SOA youtube ads call it a mail in election with no mention of in person voting.

  10. Pleasantly, in person voting in Anchorage is at 632 6th Ave. So will the city clerk be caring for these ballots for Anchoragites unattended? How trusting Anchorage is.

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