Super PAC backing Sweeney for Congress files financial report with oil, Native Corps, and LGBTQ cash throughout


The signs are everywhere — the Sweeney for Congress signs, that is. They’re coming from a Super PAC that has spent handsomely to improve the name recognition for what many view as a dark horse candidate.

In fact, most of the money in the Sweeney race is being spent not by her campaign but by the Super PAC. (Full disclosure: Must Read Alaska has an ad from the group..)

A look through the financial disclosure shows that the group has major funds from Alaska Native Corporations, a generous oil services company owner (Kari and John Ellsworth, Northern Energy Services) and $50,000 from the American Unity PAC, a political action committee that supports Republicans it views as friendly to pro-gay policies.

The LGBTQ funding answers a question some have had: During a Republican forum last week, when asked to define “What is a woman,” Sweeney stood out among the four candidates on stage by only saying “I’m a woman,” before pushing the microphone toward opposing candidate Nick Begich, who talked about genetics, genetic expression, chromosomes, and protecting women’s sports. Sweeney also answered the question about whether she has a problem with transgenders competing in women’s sports: “No,” was her answer.

The Alaskans for T.A.R.A. Super PAC reported $400,000 in receipts and has spent all but $79,000.

That is the biggest but not the only Super PAC working in this race. Nick Begich has the support of Americans for Prosperity Action, a libertarian-grounded group that reported $74,597 in receipts and has spent $55,000 on canvassing and literature supporting the campaign of Nick Begich.

A group called Late Breakers PAC has spent a fraction to oppose Sarah Palin for Congress. Just $4,500 was reported by this group that comes in late in races to support Democrat candidates and oppose Republican ones.

Political action committees were required to file reports by Friday with the Federal Elections Commission.


  1. I heard through a source barrow has got a new crisis their girls are turning lesbian because of the school pushing lgbt agenda. Its like the native leaders can’t even see the concern what a indigenous homosexual people can’t do reproduce. That’s the crisis, a family- a people- a tribe without
    babies your lineage is gone after your death. These native leaders they should see this lgbt is not only helping to decimate us, its also messing with clan and family histories.

  2. Ah, it doesn’t take too much to realize who has Sweeney’s heart! All the more reason to look at supporting Begich!

  3. Just because you self identify as a woman doesn’t really answer the question now does it?

  4. Thank you for reporting on where Sweeney’s PAC money is coming from. Now I better understand because of the LBGTQ money her flip flopping around on questions related to trans-gender athletes and her almost bizarre responses to questions related to the sexes. From what I have seen and heard, she is a horrible candidate; however, with buckets of money from Native corps and the LBGTQ community, they can virtually buy the race.

  5. I also have read(she also spoke in a Northern Alaskan campaign (Bethel?) that she DOES support abortion if it is NOT Government funded. (I do know that due to sexual predator criminal activities in Native Communities,) why she might lean that way, but it is still the killing of babies..unfortunately.

  6. Cheese. That should’a been me. I’m the only one talking 👄 about the US Constitution. Here’s a great idea for you Tara. Get out ahead defending the US Constitution. Learn about it for real first if you want votes. 💯 percent. Hint: it’s not saying what you and your democrats you genuflect to believe it is saying. You have been greatly under educated in this regard. Not your fault. But to continue with shallow and wrong information is completely your fault and your lazy backers. Only sincere defense of the US Constitution will provide authentic public service to Alaska.

  7. Do you think you are going to re – present Anchorage? 🎁 🤔. What is happening right now in Anchorage that has is out of compliance with the US Constitution? 🇺🇸 Let’s assume you don’t know and don’t care though many natives are eeking out a limited version of life as freemen in this Anchorage population. What is the latest Anchorage Assembly constant drift from the US Constitution? What can you do about it? (It has to do with 💋 s).

  8. I hate to do this prematurely, but let me help you. Do you like liberty? Yes? Or No? If yes what is it worth to you? How about your family? Nothing? The original writers of the nation’s creation documents understood the absolute inkling toward oppression and tyranny. They were consumately well educated in international law. Better educated than those who practice today. They spelled it out. Your liberty can only be taken by a gentle acutely nervous male or female with a stipend and dais and a quartered and armed army. YES? OR NO

  9. Our genders may take liberty per the US Constitution only in the case of murder, rape, placing someone in emminent fear of immediate fear of one’s life in breaking and entering to steal or destroy valuables above a certain amount or kidnapping, moving anyone against his will to a different jurisdiction. Otherwise the judges work for the US Constitution (or not, then what) and may order when requested by a trespassed person restitution. Or LIBERTY MAY BE TAKEN ONLY AFTER A FINDING OF GUILTY OF THE LISTED CRIMES BY JURY VERDICT OF ONES VISONAGE (village 🙄 or community of jurors whose life “looks like” yours – your peers). A nice form of government, a republic, if we keep it. It takes accurate not misleading shallow information.

  10. Auto correct to gendarmes aka polis aka policy enforcers or armed, guarnered armies kept in peace time $$$!!!! Against constitutionality as specified by US Constitutionality. What is liberty worth $? to you? Are you equally jealous for your neighbors actual, physical liberties? If not? Why not.

  11. Sweeney lost any chance of earning my vote when she refused to define what a woman is. She either honestly doesn’t know or is afraid of the radical left’s wrath, and both are disqualifying.

  12. Sweeney owes her candidacy, and her soul, to the Native corporations. What about the rest of Alaskans who are non-Native? They will always be in second place in Sweeney’s mind. This constitutes a form of corporate racism, something that Alaskans must oppose. Nick Begich III For Congress!!!

  13. I have already voted for the person who I think will serve Alaska and out nation well, and it is not Tara. Any organized LGTB support is a turn off for me.

  14. Ms. Sweeney may be a nice and intelligent person. Anyone that believes she would place the interests of anyone or anything ahead of Native corporations is delusional.

  15. The money trail says alot, we don’t need that kind of influence on our representation.

  16. No wonder independents and non partisans out number both parties put together as parties continue to be exclusive rather than inclusive
    Party faithful just hope they don’t vote so they can continue to slam those that don’t think like them

  17. CIRI has signs for Tara in the lobby at their Fireweed Business Center.

    I bet more than 75 percent of the buildings lessees and employees of those companies are not voting for her .

    No one grabs the signs.

  18. A well written article ! couldnt help seeing the 2 Lisa M ads… ok…there are still 700,000 people in Alaska, Let s say one out of 3 vote before June 11th ( figuring high ) HOW many of those are gonna make it to Gamble street to ensure accuracy ? most will vote for Palin because they remember their normal dividend, they like trump and they like her. The chances of the Pelosi ites cheating again are pretty high. If we vote for Nick3, chances are his family members will sway him, esp the ones invested in the Hotel groups. Tara will be ” moldable ” as they say on the left.

  19. Econ 101. Whenever the environmental lobby tries to shut down our oil production, Native Corporation leaders speak for all Alaskans interests and challenge a hostile regulatory environment. We need the Willow Project to be completed. Many Native Corporations are joint partners with our major producers. Nick would make a great Governor. Tara will stand strong for Alaskan interests in DC.

    • Mr. Lund, I hope to see Begich become Alaska’s sole representative in the U.S. House. He will better represent us all as opposed to Sweeney and her tight, select constituency.

  20. Tell you who I’m not voting for is anyone in support of the liberal views of: abortion, gender bender laws, biological men in woman’s sports, mask mandates, vaccine mandates and quite basically anyone who had shut us down, sent us home and forced us to mask up and get jabbed, also whoever voted for defeat of public PFD distributions,, voted for defeat of vaccine discrimination laws. That sort of thing, I remember those folks. I am in total favor of zero abortions, a PFD plan that is stuck too and opening of all oil and gas

  21. Interesting that in 2022 primitive comments in english regarding jailable offenses, otherwise known as “taking liberty of someone”, cannot be understood in Alaska by english-speaking people. Keep paying for public education.

    • Let’s hope our beloved Republicans aren’t one of these 🤟. We know DC has been destroyed or taken from within. I don’t want to sound hopeless but we probably will never get our republic back and will never rise up.

  22. Polis equals greek city state. Polis is root for the word policy. Police is current colloquial spelling of the word policy. Police as we know them today enforce the policies of whomever has taken the power of a jurisdiction. They wear a uniform and are clothed, armed, and quartered by nice public stipends and authorized to enforce the US Constitutuon. Police are becoming more militarized. Gendarmes are paramilitary police in other globalist countries unencumbered by an American declaration of rights. The Constitution should be defended by polis, police, policy, all oath takers in our republic. Gendarmes in other nations are violaters of Constitutional rights and are used to impose tyrannies and dreams of tyrants like Klaus Schwab of WEF infamy who has announced himself “your leader”. He should get help. He makes no sense.

  23. The US Constitution is not silent about what you can go to jail for. It says: murder, rape, kidnapping a human or trafficing him, breaking and entering to steal highly valued items and committing the other acts. Everything else is remedied by civil restitution. However Anchorage assembly persons are higher than the highest law in the land the US Constitution. They have added having a fire 🔥 to the loss of liberty list expressed in the US Constitution in this republic. They have created before your dull eyes a conflict with the US Constitution. Where EXACTLY did they get a delegation of power to rewrite the US Constitution? Are they bringing forth on this continent before our dull a new nation too? When did we, the people get our call from our quisicient media girls to notify us of the convention to rewrite the Constitution? OH? it didn’t happen? Neither did the delegated authority. IT is exactly Iike this mistaken corporate bylaw for THEM to obey they take your liberty in Alaska. I believe this is an unconstitutional act which should be punished. That would be defending the US Constitution. But people are not in the mood to obey the US Constitution they swore to do to “become” a state. This is how you erode your liberties. They render the US Constitution to just a piece of paper.

  24. This is a very useful and informative article. The Must Read Alaska article about Sarah Palin was very helpful also. I have not voted yet in the U.S. House “primary” for Don Young’s unfinished term. I think Nick Begich III would be a good choice. I also think John Coghill would do a good job.

    • Go with NB3, Randy. Coghill’s days are over. He’s too old. And selfish. Let a younger, conservative man have an opportunity.

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