Notes from the trail: Two weeks from today is the deadline for getting your ballot postmarked for special primary


Photographed above: Kelly Tshibaka and friends in Kodiak.

The special primary election for the U.S. House race deadline for getting your ballot postmarked is June 11, just two weeks from today.

How many have voted so far? 89,065 as of Friday’s report (up through Thursday).

The turnout levels within each major registration status: Republicans – 22.9%; Democrats – 19.8%; Nonpartisans – 21.9%; Undeclared – 12.6%.

Accounting for undeliverable ballots being returned, the turnout is now at about 17.5%, but in terms of what is actually expected as a turnout (in the 130,000 range of ballots), the turnout is likely over 65%.

Filing season: The Division of Elections has been a busy place over the past couple of days, as the filing deadline of June 1 approaches for the regular primary election (Aug. 16). It’s going to be very fluid until the end the filing period, as all seats in the Alaska Legislature are up for grabs except Sen. Donny Olson’s seat out in Golovin-Nome area, because his boundaries didn’t change substantially.

David Nelson files for reelection.

Spotted at the Elections counter was David Nelson (Anchorage), filing for House District 18. A Republican, he has served as representative since ousting Gabrielle LeDoux. Already in that race are Cliff Groh, Democrat, and Lynn Franks, Democrat. The district has moved slightly to the left on the political spectrum.

Rep. James Kaufman files for Senate Seat F, Anchorage.

Rep. James Kaufman was at the Division filing for South Anchorage Senate Seat F, (retiring Sen. Josh Revak), where there is already a Democrat filed, Janice Parks. Revak appears to be retiring from politics.

Jamie Allard has finished the paperwork for Alaska House.

Eagle River Assemblywoman Jamie Allard was coming out of the Division of Elections in Anchorage in the late afternoon on Friday, after officially filing for House District 23.

Maxine Dibert filed for House.

In Fairbanks at the Division of Elections, Maxine Dibert came into the building with former borough Assemblywoman Marna Sanford by her side and filled out the paperwork to run against Rep. Bart LeBon. Dibert is a Democrat, longtime teacher, and LeBon is the Republican incumbent in what is now numbered District 31.

But wait! There’s another Republican in that race — conservative activist Kelly Nash, who filed last week. She’ll be running to the right of moderate LeBon, while Dibert will peel votes from the left. This will be a spicy race!

Genevieve Mina, Democrat, filed to run for open seat for State House District 19 in Anchorage. Also in that race is Democrat Russell Wyatt.

Republican Julie Coulombe filed to run for the South Anchorage House District 11. It’s now open because Rep. James Kaufman is running for the open Senate Seat F in that neck of the woods. Also in that race for House are Ross Beiling, a Republican, and Jennifer Sonne, who is a hardline leftist running as a nonpartisan. More on her below.

Drew Cason, former legislative staff member, filed to run for the Senate seat in East Anchorage, where Democrat Rep. Geran Tarr and Democrat Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar are already candidates, but Cason’s filing was denied because he doesn’t have a required financial disclosure form on file with the Alaska Public Offices Commission. If he gets that done, there will be three Democrats in the race for the seat designed for Democrats, and no Republican candidate.

Liz Vazquez, Republican and former House member, has filed for House to run against Matt Claman for House. She recently ran for Assembly against incumbent Assemblyman Kameron Perez-Verdia.

Sonne the tire slasher: Jennifer Sonne, running for State House in Anchorage District 11, expressed her secret wish to slash the tires of a truck paving a driveway near her house. McKenna Brothers supported Dave Bronson for mayor and Sonne is as hardline leftist as they come, but this is almost Antifa-level death-wish stuff.

Kodiak crab days: Spotted in the boarding area for the plane heading to Kodiak for the crab festival was Nick Begich, Tara Sweeney, and Sen. Lisa Murkowski. Sweeney and Murkowski were huddled in conversation. Also spotted was Al Gross, running for Congress, but he doesn’t seem to be with anyone and was not wearing an Al Gross button. He was kind of incognito.

Also in Kodiak, Kelly Tshibaka for Senate and a big group of supporters in the parade, photographed above.

Nick Begich, candidate for U.S. House, is at the Kodiak Crab Festival talking to Alaskans.
Americans for Prosperity Action, an arm of AFP, has dozens of volunteers working on behalf of their “Pick Nick” campaign. They are not allowed to coordinate with the campaign itself.

Nick volunteers getting their steps in in Anchorage: Meanwhile, in Anchorage, all kinds of volunteers are combing the neighborhoods to get out the vote for Nick Begich for Congress. There are said to be over 10 canvassers going through lists and reaching out to individual voters this week in Anchorage, and next week as well on behalf of the Nick Begich for Congress effort. Anyone who wants to get involved can contact Americans for Prosperity Action: [email protected]

Spotted in Cooper Landing: Tuckerman Babcock, running for Senate for the Kenai Peninsula, was spotted at 49th Street Brewing Co. in Anchorage on Friday, and then the next day having breakfast at the Sunrise Cafe with Kristie, his wife.

Spotted in Eagle River: Jamie Allard, running for House, was seen dropping yard signs all over District 23 on Saturday. She is working hard, even though there is no one who seems to be willing to run against her. Allard will attend the Byers Lake Memorial Day remembrance on Sunday afternoon.


  1. I wish there would be a good Republican conservative running against Jamie Allard. I just CANNOT warm up to her and would be happy to financially support an alternate in that race.

    • If you can’t warm up to Jamie Allard then you’re no conservative, she has represented Eagle River well and she has earned to vote of many, many voters in Eagle River.

  2. You can also vote in person go here to see the location closest to you.


  3. Suzanne,

    You might want to highlight that in-person voting is possible in select locations beginning May 27- June 10. In a few locations it is possible to vote in-person on June 11. This is an alternative voting method for this special election.

    The designated locations are listed on the State Division of Elections website. Unfortunately it seems as if we can’t add links in comments for the entire comment is filtered and removed.

  4. I voted in person today, along with 3 family members. The ladies at the election office were excited to see us, because it was a super slow day. Hopefully more voters show up in person after the weekend.

  5. Your personal feelings about not warming up to Jamie Allard are your feelings other people in your district might not feel the same I have watched her on the assembly and she’s the only person that has any morals except one mayor Bronson is there

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