Listen as Anchorage Assembly gets an earful of the public singing the National Anthem in protest of AO2022-60


An Anchorage Assembly ordinance to give the Assembly ill-defined and unlimited powers to remove the mayor were the topic of a special meeting for the purpose of public testimony on Wednesday night. The room was hot, and the air conditioning seemed to have failed, and the public was even hotter about the presumption of powers by the Assembly to create a path that seemed obviously targeting Mayor Dave Bronson. Their patience wore thin as Assembly Chairwoman Suzanne LaFrance ordered them to stop clapping and ordered clappers removed from the room.

The public had started their testimony last week, after having waited for five and a half hours, only to be turned away after the room got too rowdy for Vice Chairman Chris Constant.

Tonight was even more rowdy. It appeared that only one person spoke in favor of the ordinance, and it was quickly pointed out to her by the Assembly members themselves that she was misunderstanding what was in law and what was being proposed. She approached and left the podium wearing a mask.

Later, a young girl approached the microphone and read her statement opposing the ordinance, and then stood in silence. The audience behind her then rose and began singing the National Anthem. Assembly Chairwoman LaFrance tried to stop them to no avail.

“Folks, please…refrain from singing and clapping,” LaFrance said, before everyone in the audience joined in, hands over hearts. One member of the audience could be heard yelling to the liberals on the Assembly, “Keep your seat, trash!”

Only three members of the Assembly rose out of respect for the National Anthem. — Jamie Allard, Randy Sulte, and Kevin Cross. The others — LaFrance, Chris Constant, Forrest Dunbar, Meg Zaletel, Kameron Perez-Verdia, and Pete Petersen sat.

At the end of the song, there was whistling and shouting all around. LaFrance then asked for the building security to come to the front, and she had a man removed from the room, as she does nearly every meeting.

A similar protest event took place in October, 2021, when Anchorage residents also broke into song to protest the forced masking of people in Anchorage, a measure passed in an ordinance by the liberal members of the Assembly. That time, the people sang “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.”

AO 2022-60 was drafted to give the Assembly a path that will allow them to remove the mayor for almost any reason. The parameters they have given themselves are broad. If the ordinance passes, and it appears likely to, it will be most likely contested in court as a breach of the separation of powers in the city charter.

Over 100 people attended the meeting on Wednesday. At the end of the meeting, Assemblyman Chris Constant stalled so the clock would run out. Assemblywoman Jamie Allard moved to postpone the ordinance indefinitely, but the liberal majority voted to postpone until July, when they will have the 12th member, who will be a downtown liberal.

Edited: The next meeting on this ordinance, and a likely vote, is scheduled for June 7.


  1. Suzanne your awesome ma’am. Thank you for the laughs, citizens remember Jesus came to us the citizens he knew where the one’s of faith could be found. Team citizens of integrity.

  2. “Singing our national anthem?? Clearly this crowd are all white supremacists!! Arrest them!!”

    ~Assembly members……

    • The problem is conservatives won’t get off their as—- and go vote, look at the number of people that have voted these clowns into office, most of them were liberals. If Conservative Anchorage voters don’t want to get up off their duffs and vote, this liberal assembly is what we get.

    • Ballot harvester keep collecting enough ballots for these leftists to stay in power. See the movie 2000 mules.

    • The problem is mail in voting. I voted in Kevin Cross. Mail in voting was passed without acceptance of the voting public.

  3. Commies are as Commies do. This group would easily have us all thrown into “re-education” camps. Ironic part is that it is a complete lack of Education that gets these people elected in the first place.

  4. Very few of the people offering testimony actually spoke to the Ordinance being considered. Most were airing personal grievances and acting like juveniles

  5. God bless these two people in this video that testified and all the others that testified and showed up. And may the assembly somehow come to the Truth, in Jesus’ name.

  6. I found it surprising that those who sat out America’s National Anthem didn’t block their ears with sharp pencils and chant la-la-la-la. Obviously they’re losing their mojo! Next time let’s try singing The Alaska Flag Song and see if that can drive them to cower under the desks out tax dollars pay for!

  7. The assembly persons aren’t too big on the US Constitution, liberties or rights. Some lady said the assembly were smart people. I beg to differ. They are clods as far as dedication to the people’s rights to attend and fully express their views ay tbe publics’ assembly meetings. Certain assembly stipendrs are not qualified due to lack of knowledge of the US Constitution and seriously need remedial Constitution studies. I don’t believe that will happen though.

  8. Further, diagnosable personality disorders I believe are on public display. In our modern era someone may have indulged in self-medication to excess which is destructive to one’s thinking patterns. The personalities may be physically unable to develop to emotional maturity and tyanny and tantrums ensue if someone is still reactively undeveloped beyond 14 years old regardless of chronologic age. Comments regarding juvenile behavior of elected representatives may not be clinically off the mark. Very damaging to any process due or otherwise.

  9. The sheer arrogance of the left on the Anchorage Assembly is breathtaking. This new effort to nullify the election of the Mayor is another major example of the the lawlessness of this bunch. They remain apoplectic that Mayor Bronson dared to run and win election. Their whole public policy persona since then is to show utter contempt for him and the people who voted for him. The result is that the people of Anchorage suffer from a government that will not function. Yet, we had a resent election in Anchorage and the people voted to extend the terms of these leftists. Unfortunately, Anchorage is the economic power of Alaska. We all suffer with the antics of these fools on the Assembly. When will the people of Anchorage wake up and stop electing people who are so bad for their city? And Chris Constant wants to represent all of Alaska in Congress?

  10. In the Must Read video on YouTube you can clearly hear a women from the dais telling another person to “ KEEP YOUR SEAT TRASH” it’s at time stamp 3:58
    Pointed out by another viewer

  11. Since when does ANY assembly ANYWHERE in the US have the power to overturn the votes of the people?

    Seems to me these Assembly members could use a real awakening.

  12. LOL lawless and worthless assembly members are bringing in a crowd. This isn’t business as usual, and I for one am relieved to see it’s being dealt with appropriately.

  13. Forrest Dunbar, an officer in the Alaska National Guard remained seated during the singing of the national anthem. The Commander In chief of the guard should take exception to that kind of disrespect.

  14. Bronson needs to go. His term has been awful for Anchorage. He belongs in Eagle River with eagle exit.

    • What exactly has the duly elected mayor done wrong? Acting within the power which the City Charter clearly states? You might get some credit, if you can list off what our mayor has done that qualifies him for removal, yet you just keep acting as a loyal sheep of the assembly.

    • Only thing making his term awful is an assembly that constantly works to ensure his failure. Maybe you enjoyed a tax and spend mayor who couldn’t keep his pants on, many of us like keeping our hard earned dollars.

  15. Thank God for those patriots standing up for liberty! I recently sent Mayor Bronson a link to the Electronic Forensic Expert that examined the Mesa County, Colorado Dominion Machines. His research exposes how these machines are loaded with a preset algorithm that completes a desired outcome in an election. They will literally copy the original files from an election and create a new file flipping the desired votes for the final result. The original file is masked and hidden inside the drive so when an administrator looks at the results, they only see the altered numbers. I don’t believe these communists on the assembly are legitimately winning their elections. Corrupt election officials are placing them in office. The Mayor was investigating the last election I hear. I applaud his efforts because that is how they steal elections, through machines and mail-in ballots. As Biden said, it isn’t who votes that wins elections, it is who counts the votes! The American people are being taken to the cleaners by an elaborate election fraud system. We must change this!

  16. I keep wondering what the use of voting is, we will all be goose stepping to the Socialists yet, look at the rest of the Country. I have a bad feeling about this. It seems we are already in this process of living in a dystopian society. I don’t care for myself, but I wonder about my grandson’s future. I never wanted to bring life into this sorry world to begin with and now I feel really sad I did. I fear he will never know Freedom or what real Freedom is in his lifetime. I’ll die gladly, but he has years of hell before him. I’m sick at heart for him. I can only hope he survives well with some sort of happiness that a socialist society can afford him, that’s my only hope for now.

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