Anchorage ballots arrive for downtown Assembly seat


The Municipal Clerk’s Office mailed approximately 37,000 ballot packages on Tuesday to qualified registered voters in District 1, North Anchorage, also referred to as Downtown Anchorage.

Downtown voters can anticipate receiving their ballot package in the mail by Tuesday, June 7, the Clerks’ Office said. The final day of the mail-in election ends June 21.

Voters in the downtown district are getting a second seat on the Assembly, almost ensuring that the Anchorage Assembly will remain controlled by liberals for years and decades ahead.

The change came about when the Assembly placed the question on the ballot, and Anchorage voters approved the measure last year. Candidates who filed to run for the seat include Cliff Baker, Rob Forbes, Tasha Hotch, Robin Phillips, Stephanie Taylor and Daniel Volland.

Additional Election Information

For additional Municipal Election information, visit, call 907-243-VOTE (8683), or email [email protected]. 


  1. As if voting matters anymore? The leftists are going to win, and if they don’t, the vote counters will make sure they do regardless of what the voters want.

  2. Assembly of Action………….what a joke. Putting the People First…………….another joke and a bad one at that. They’re behavior at these assembly meetings speak for themselves.

  3. Yes, this election absolutely matters! Please do your homework and vote. Stephanie Taylor is a great conservative choice!

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