Woke Marine Corps for Pride Month: Rainbow bullets


It’s gone from “The Few. The Proud. The Marines.” to “Pride Month” rainbow celebrations. The U.S. Marine Corps celebrated the first day of June with a graphic that features a helmet adorned with rainbow bullets in honor of lesbians, gays, bixsexuals and other sex appetite preferences. More is surely to come from the other branches of military service.

“Throughout June, the USMC takes #Pride in recognizing and honoring the contributions of our LGBTQ service members,” the U.S. Marine Corps said on Facebook. “We remain committed to fostering an environment free from discrimination, and defend the values of treating all equally, with dignity and respect.”

President Joe Biden also got in on the action, proclaiming June as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, And Intersex Pride Month.

“This month, we honor the resilience of LGBTQI+ people, who are fighting to live authentically and freely,” Biden wrote.


    • How is this sick? Accepting people who are different from ourselves? There is blatant homophobia in the ARP and they need to address it.

      • Marines are getting soft. They are now more concerned about where they put their pee-pee than standing and representing the fiercest fighting force on the face of the earth. Putin is laughing in his sleep over this one. The U.S. military is becoming a farce, not a force.

      • Because their job is to kill our enemies. The military should never be involved in this LGBTQ crap. It’s focus should be on and only on killing people and maintaining a strong force. That’s it.

      • Ko Ho, this is not just sick, it is the forced celebration of perversion and degeneracy. It is a sign of a society in terminal decline.

      • There is also a difference between ‘accepting’ and demanding ‘celebration of’ difference.
        I do not care whether you agree with who I find attractive. Perhaps I find chubby women attractive, or I may find asian men attractive, and whether you agree or not is irrelevant. Nor do I care who you find attractive.
        Yet… pride month comes around, and every company, every organization, and, frankly, every individual MUST celebrate, support, and fawn over LBGTQWERTYWHATEVER+++ because if they do not, they are vilified.
        That is what is sick. Straight people do not DEMAND gays walk around talking about how wonderful straight people are, and how normal straight people are. They just get along with their lives.
        Want equality? Stop pushing all this crap and start living your lives.

    • The next war may be sooner than many think. We are greatly weakened, poor (to say the least!) leadership, horribly wrong foreign policy and thousands of Chinese agents embedded here now. Logic says, strike before there is a chance for change and rebuilding our strength. We’ve already lost the first couple of battles: They have gotten us addicted to cheap junk. And, they’ve poisoned the mind of our youth with TikTok and other brainwashing methods. We better wake up–and wake up fast…

  1. Sigh! It is time to abandon the federal forces and return to a strictly defensive stance of state militias to protect our borders. With our social engineered ‘military’ we will never win another war and just continue to dump good money after bad. As a veteran, today’s politicized ‘military’ sickens me.

  2. Why is this nation being driven by the political desires of less than 10% of the population?

    But hey! Orange man was mean.
    I could afford to gas my car, but he was mean.

    • Right?!?! I mean, what’s up with black people wanting to be treated equally–they only make up about a third of the population! How dare this 10% of the population!

      • Great strawman argument, non sequitur and false equivalency all rolled into one, Z. You really are a classic member of the insane neo-Bolshevik woke brigade.

      • Math not your strong point is it there Z?
        Blacks make up about 14% of the population. This is according to the official US Government source for this data, the US Census bureau. Last time I checked, a third is more than double 14%.
        And, what do blacks have to do with anything? In fact, only a bigot looking to divide the nation talks about what percent a certain demographic makes up. Us right wing nutjobs could not care less what percent of the overall US population a demographic makes up. All we want to do is live our lives, and let others do the same.
        So, perhaps of the LGBTQWERTYWHATEVER+++++ groups stop demanding special considerations, and start acting like adults, discrimination will stop being an issue. The religious right wing extremists are not the ones deliberately seeking out businesses and religious organizations to shame into compliance. The conservatives are not demanding others use their preferred pronouns.
        All the avenger is saying is a small minority of humans should not have the power and authority to demand the overwhelming majority of the nation bow to their demands. It is like watching a toddler throw a tantrum.

    • In fact, he was not really mean. Bombastic, sarcastic, condescending… but not outright mean. Mostly, he was very, very effective. Its what you need in a public servant.

  3. All this for a bunch of people who can’t figure out if they are a male or female, men who say they are women but are men and vice versa. They make it seem there is alot of support. However this 1% is not the majority.
    So now our marines are a bunch of fluffy weaklings that stand for lack of morals. Add to that a Chinese puppet president who is doing the bidding of the LGBTQ pushing this insanity.
    This is not the America I know.
    The America I know people keep their private lives private.
    These people are straight up evil in my opinion. They can shove their Pride where the sun don’t shine!

    • Sounds like the America you know is one where black people know there place (i.e., away from you and other white people), gay people don’t exist (or at least know better than to say anything), and a woman’s place is in the kitchen, likely barefoot and pregnant. I hate to break it to you, but your opinion hasn’t been the majority since the 1950s. If you were so into keeping your American life private, I’d think you’d do better than expressing your bigotry on the internet.

      • What bigotry?
        I do not give a toss who you are attracted to, or what your skin color is. I have no interest whatsoever in where you come from.
        How is that bigotry? Because I do not celebrate your lifestyle/ancestry/race? Do you celebrate my lifestyle? Do you support a straight and white pride month? No? Then you are the bigot because you are deciding that my heritage and lifestyle does not merit equal treatment.

      • Ignorant bigoted comment of the day. You created a position while cloth out of your own mind and imposed it on those you disagree with.

        You might want to look up bigot and then look in a mirror.

  4. Wondering how many people are holding off for a different favorite month…

    It is anticipated that this Administration will bring forth Envy, Wrath, Sloth, Avarice, Gluttony, and Lust months in the near future.

  5. So what? The Marines are still the world’s premier amphibious fighting force. Some of them are gay, big deal.

    • Bill, Gay? Tranny? Intersexual? Whatever the hell that is… yeah, so what right? I’m sure our genius President Joe Biden will find a way to achieve unit integrity in our Infantry Rifle Squads despite this type of social experiment.
      My favorite Marine Infantry Sgt with, three tours in the Afghan doodoo and 8 years of service says that this isn’t what made the ” Old Breed” such fearsome warriors. Perhaps some things are exclusive Bill.
      Social engineering and Hormone therapy may not produce the kind of warriors that landed on Makin Island, stormed Iwo-Jima, crushed Japan’s finest troops on the Long Patrol and successfully fought out from the Chosin Resivor.
      BTW, do the Chi- Coms have this sort of thing amongst their Elite fighting forces?

    • The problem is not that some of them are gay.
      The problem is that being gay (or making sure that you never say or do anything that might make the gay marines sad) has become more important than actually keeping the Marines effective in battle.
      Let me ask you this. If the Marines are tasked with a mission, and they fail it miserably, what do you think the Commanding Officer will say:
      “Dammit, we need more training!”
      “Dammit! We need more gays!”

    • Big deal indeed, we don’t need to know if they are gay or straight, their job is to kill the enemy and they should focus on that instead of a persons sexual preference.

    • Is our diversity our strength? No, absolutely not. Our strength is in our decency, our morality, our proper principals embraced by all regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, etc. As Shapiro says, a meth-selling street gang composed of blacks, latins, whites, asians, women and homosexuals is still reprehensible regardless of its diversity. On the other hand, an all-Filipino women’s church choir is likely very virtuous with no diversity. Can you see the leftists’ logical fallacy exposed?

    • You make the mistake of assuming Pride month is about equal rights. It is not.
      It is about power and control, and making the overwhelming majority of the population afraid to say/do anything that might be considered “offensive” by the minority. Sort of how everyone is afraid that the toddler might start throwing a tantrum in the airport/mall, so they buy or do whatever the child wants. Kind of like a 21st century Anthony Fremont

  6. Turn them loose on the Russians and make the Ukrainians stand aside. I’m sure they will love then to death and declare a victory for Ukraine!!!

  7. I have family in the military.
    A couple of months ago everyone had to declare their pronouns, officially – the military collected that information electronically and has cataloged it.
    All service people were instructed to use people’s preferred pronouns or face disciplinary actions.
    This is how Rome fell.
    America has “jumped the shark “…

  8. Prejudice and discrimination will go away in 2 or 3 generations if we stop teaching it to our children. Forcing it on us just perpetuates the hate. They want full acceptance from us but have to have special encouragements to accept themselves? When and how can we say “enough is enough”? “Don’t ask don’t tell” seemed to work just fine, but it wasn’t enough… Just say “no” to child abuse.

    • Correct.
      The more we point out race/religion/sex/gender the more we are teaching people to discriminate. Not less.
      I cannot count the times I was forced to realize at an actor, professional athlete, or public figure was black or gay, when in fact I just thought they were good at their job. When Tony Dungy led the Colts to a Super Bowl win, the announcers made a MASSIVE deal about him being the first black head coach to win a SB. Now, every time I see him on TV, I see a black man, not a fantastic coach, and professional knowledgeable NFL analyst.
      Had no one made a big deal about his skin color, no one would notice it.

  9. I really don’t care who prefers what, as long as they are ready and willing to do their job when the time comes. But this phony virtue signaling by the military brass is both absurd and also a bit scary. Every dollar spent on this type of PR BS is one less dollar spent on protecting this country.

  10. The U.S. military is replete with ‘wokeness’ from top to bottom. Top leadership view military readiness through the prism of ‘wokeness’. The promotion systems are stacked in favor of those who publicly embrace ‘woke’ policies. Those in the military who are not as enthusiastic about the ‘woke’ doctrine as is demanded of them find their careers marooned. The service academies are now training institutions for pushing the social justice world view. This Marine Corps example of ‘rainbow’ decorated rounds dramatizes how far all this has gone. Will America be able to prevail in the next conflict? There are many serious observers who doubt the outcome.

  11. Diversity fosters strength. United States military is one of the most progressive institutions and it can’t afford not to be. Basing its policies on the front edge of science, academic research, and a celebration of all peoples, is because it’s in the best interest of national security. A minority will always be vocal about inclusion and change. The first females to serve, first African Americans, allowing Asian Americans to serve again after world war II. Celebrating differences isn’t a weakness. It’s a testament to our diversity and our strength.

    – SSgt Pelfrey USMC

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