Fly the gay-friendly skies: Alaska Airlines goes all out


If things aboard Alaska Airlines flights seem a bit gay-obsessed this month, it’s because the company has gone to new heights to celebrate Pride Month. For some, it’s a form of mass grooming of captive passengers, while to others, it is just another day in woke corporate America.

The airlines gave passengers on a “Pride” plane flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles a free trip to anywhere the company flies. As passengers prepared to board, they were greeted by Ravi, a personality and host of a gay travel company. He was dressed in a rainbow smock, holding a microphone, while prancing and chanting “I say Gay, you say Gay!” to the passengers in the terminal as he announced the free trips for the passengers waiting for their flight.

Last year, Alaska painted one of its planes with a “Fly with Pride” theme, with the jet’s body covered with painted rainbow plane decorations. This year, passengers can watch LGBTQ-theme movies, such as, “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” “Love Simon,” “Transfinite” and “The Birdcage.” As customers board this month, the airlines is playing gay-friendly boarding music by artists such as Torii Wolf, Sarah, the Illstrumentalist, and Low Girl.

Flight attendants are also wearing pronoun pins.

Alaska Airlines pronoun pins.

Alaska Airlines is committed to pushing gay theme throughout the year by sponsoring parades in the following communities:

  • Portland, June 19 
  • San Francisco, June 26 
  • Seattle, June 26 
  • San Diego, July 16 
  • Boise, Sept. 9-11  
  • Honolulu, Oct. 15  
  • Palm Springs, Nov. 4-6 

The airlines, whose headquarters is in Seattle, celebrated the engagement of one of its pilots to a flight attendant, aboard the Pride Plane. The love story is prominently featured on its blog, which also has a photo of a young boy inside a gay-decorated airplane, as he sports a Pride Plane t-shirt.

Photo credit: Alaska Airlines


  1. Dear Alaska Airlines,

    Can we have our name back, please? You’re not even headquartered in this state and clearly hate our guts.

    Call yourself Seattle Airlines, instead, and give up the Alaska routes to some other airline.


    • I completely agree with you, Kenneth. Alaska Airlines (AS) is ruining our good name and should “transition” itself fittingly to Seattle Airlines.

      Most annoying is knowing that it often costs us more to fly between Anchorage and Juneau than it costs for us to fly between Anchorage and Portland (more than twice the distance). There is no instate competition so AS takes advantage of us to the fullest extent they can on instate travel. Have you noticed that each time a new airline tries to add Alaska routes, AS comes up with various reasons and strategies to make resulting completion go away? When Delta tried to start regular service in and out of Juneau, AS pilots were adamant that Delta pilots would never be able to negotiate the “dog leg” approach there and there would be airplane crashes there. When Ryan tried the same thing, AS temporarily lowered its fares so low Ryan could not sustain their Alaska operations.

      And don’t get me started on the five hours we wait on hold when we MUST call AS customer service for any reason that is not resolvable at their website.

      • Yeppers – on a tramp steamer with the scuppers plugged and the thru hulls unplugged – snort!

    • lol About a month ago, I had a stopover in Seattle on the way back to Anchorage. The person checking tickets was clearly a man in a dress. Everyone was polite, but I wondered “am I the only one who knows that that is a guy?”

      After reading this article, it all makes sense.

    • I actually still have one of those!
      Is it just me or are they trying too hard? Whatever happened to just getting paying customers from point A to point B and doing the very best job they can?

  2. I wrote my comments to the airline about their unnecessary politicizing-and much declining service-to which I received no response. I also dumped my stock from my 401k, taking only a 50% loss since they decided to go ‘Woke’.

    • Sexualizing children, eh, Alaska Airlines?

      I wonder if they will give equal time to heterosexuals and have the stewardesses wear mini skirts.

      • Since most of the flight attendants are either snarky gay guys or surly retired teachers, I think we can stow the return of the mini-skirt.

      • They are already wearing mini skirts. My last two flights I wondered why the flight attendants looked like hookers. They need to lengthen the skirts by a few inches and take knee high boots off the approved list…either that or stop kicking women off for dress code violations.

  3. Shame on you AAL you should be embarrassed shoving this ideology onto people who dont approve there is simply no way this will lead to more sales i promise you have lost my business the lbgtq community is less then 1% of alaska and less then 3% of the united states not sure what your goals are for your share holders clearly you have a very weak moral compass and even worse businesses sence……

  4. Well, now I know which airline to never fly with. I kinda believed they learned a maintenance lesson after the crash of flight 261. Now they’re full blown woke, and woke has it’s own agenda, far removed from passenger safety.

    • Amen. Did their bean counters do an “acceptable risk” analysis with safety in mind before taking on this abomination?

    • Ah yes – the jack screw in the tail that caused the loss of 88 lives. Now the “professionals” are “woke”. Yikes!

  5. I’m getting a little sick of Sodom Air. First they took the psalm off the food tray (when there were still food trays) and it went down from there. They don’t need to glorify this lifestyle. Just worry about the Jack screws working and the auto-trim doing what it’s supposed to.

  6. Why do they compare equality of being gay, to equality of being black/asian/brown/disabled? Is gay a race all of a sudden? Or a physical impairment? I don’t get it.

    • “……..Is gay a race all of a sudden? Or a physical impairment?……”
      It used to be on the list of mental disorders until the American Psychological Association delisted it from the DSM at the beginning of this gay revolution in the early 1970’s. Along with the avalanche of other mental illnesses now consuming this society, one might wonder if the APA are the mentally ill root of our mental problems. Maybe need to be laying on the couch instead of sitting next to it………

    • I will pay more to NOT to fly Alaska Airlines..cut my over priced crefit card too. Everything woke goes to sh@tt.

    • Good comment. The distorted sexual preference agenda tailgated (no pun intended) the racial, ethnic, and disability discrimination issues that need to be the focus of human rights in my humble opinion.

  7. I’ve always been so proud of Alaska Airlines. I was the first “Little Miss Alaska” in 1959. I have the picture of me down on the dock by the Alaska Coastal Airlines hanger before the July 4th parade. I have family and friends that have been AkAirlines employees. I loved to read the magazine on the airplane telling about all the good things that the employees did to help others on their own time but always representing Alaska Airlines in a good light! Please keep flying the best airlines with the best pilots and crew but don’t push personal lifestyles down your customers throats. It’s bad manners, makes people mad and irritated. I can’t believe that guy yelling and screaming chants at the airport. If I did that I’d get arrested for disturbing the peace! Also, there are people that have a fear of flying and some people with mental issues can get very agitated with loud unusual yelling and chanting. You should rethink this activity and maybe even run this by a medical/mental team before continuing this sort of activity! Thankyou!

  8. Since when is acknowledging LGBTQ, and making all people feel welcome considered “grooming?” Are you so insecure as to think you might get infected and change your sexuality by being around people who are Gay? Do you think a child on a plane with a openly Gay person is being groomed to be Gay? How does that work exactly?

    • Patsy, look up1 Peter 4:1-5 in your Bible. “They” – that is the woke crowd – think that straight (or what ever moniker you want to label us with…) is strange because we do not join with them in their debauchery. This is part of the devil’s work in attempting to overturn the natural order – celebrating and openly promoting gay lifestyle is evil. Being gay and behaving “normally” is easily tolerable – but lay off the in-your-face. I know I’m going to be labelled a “hater” and accused of spewing “hate speech”… Why do they get so defensive? I don’t hate people, period. But I refuse to celebrate evil, or call evil good.

    • @Patsy Rice,
      Straights don’t like your cultural norms or your political efforts to force your lifestyle on our daily affairs. Keep all of your weirdness and abnormal acts in your own bedroom. Don’t force it on my kids or on my travel plans. Don’t force it in my workplace or in my space. You and your ilk define yourselves only by your sexuality and sexual proclivities. Straights don’t do this. There will soon be a backlash against your efforts to force us to like you, and to like what you do. I strongly recommend you keep your crappy lifestyle to yourself and quit advertising to everyone what it is that you love to do. Mental illness drives your perversion.

  9. Note to Alaska Airlines – I will never board an aircraft that is painted up with the pride flag. If I am in the departure lounge and a plane pulls up to the gate painted like that, I will immediately contact the boarding agent and change flights. You will have an empty seat and lose the revenue you would have earned for that segment. Get woke, go broke.

  10. No wonder Alaska Air has become the butt of jokes. First they put Jerry Garcia’s image on the tail of all the jets. Soon they will be discounting LGBTQ freakquint fliers. When the pilots come prancing out of the cockpit in yoga pants and nipple piercings, I’ll switch to Delta.

  11. You can keep your pride and your pronouns. When I fly, it is because I want to go from one point to another, not to be indoctrinated. Stop pushing your crap on people with different values! Alaska Air can stay in Washington and change their name to something else.

  12. Simply pathetic. Catering to a sub class of the human race at the expense of the normal class? Can you say just another bankrupt, confused corporation which will result when the normies, will not fly their friendly skies, because the rainbows are now being shoved in our faces. Just because they spew it does not mean we have to accept it, condone it or support it.

  13. I’ve flown six separate flights this month and have not witnessed any “gay obsessed” activities. So, I’m assuming this isn’t as big of an “issue” as the author would have have their readers believe.

    • It is probably about as big of an issue as pride month in the Marines – that is to say, not an issue. But let’s all get wound up about it.

  14. From Ketchikan to Kotzebue passengers have few if any options regarding their air carrier. Chartering an airplane is available but in my experience Chartering costs over double an Alaska Air fare. Alaska Airlines has a defacto monopoly in our State and that probably isn’t going to change anytime soon.

    My advice to the disgruntled above is to merely wear lapel buttons that proclaim, ” Personal Pronoun Free Zone” . I cannot think of another way to resist, unless you want to charter…

  15. Sounds like a monkeypox super-spreader event… Beyond that–guess who gets to pay for those ‘free’ flights…

  16. Alaska airlines should be focused on flight operations, schedule and pilots, instead of keeping up with the woke culture. How did the the BLM promotion work out? New management is needed.

    • Brilliant… just brilliant.
      Forgive us in advance for plagiarizing the hell out of that one.
      What marvelous havoc it creates, worse even than flatulence in church.

  17. Well myself and connected family are done with the foreign airline. Bunch of woke losers who can’t even keep a flight date. Poor management from the top

  18. “Pride” is not a virtue; rather, it is a vice. It is actually the first sin in all of creation. If you recall, Lucifer, in heaven, became proud. In his pride, he sought to elevate himself equal to the creator, Yahweh Himself. Yahweh then cast Lucifer and his followers down from heaven to lurk about earth. He is now known as Satan, the deceiver of mankind. He has deceived homosexuals into believing they should be proud of their sins.

    To be clear, I do not judge homosexuals. Generally they seem to be nicer people than I am in my own broken, sinful nature. Moreover, my Savior commands me to love them. However, unlike homosexuals, I refuse to agree with Satan by referring to my sins as if they are virtues. He is called “the father of all lies” for a reason.

    Please take a moment to read 2 Chronicles 7:14.

  19. Unlikely this ill-conceived pandering will prevent the strike that will ground this former Alaskan airline shortly. Pray that it will last long enough that another company dedicated to service rather than bending to the pressure of the vocal few will move in and take over. Sadly there are many places in Alaska for which there are no alternatives. But I keep looking!

  20. Why don’t they just rename the company Seattle Airlines? The values they represent don’t represent Alaska.

  21. Been searching for a new credit card other than B of A.
    Anybody wanna buy some air miles?
    Getting rid of my Alaska Airlines card is top on my list of priorities

  22. At least in ANC and FAI you have an alternative to Woke Air at least part of the year. The rest of the State is at their mercy.

    • Do you really believe that United, American, Delta, etc. are less “woke” than Alaskan. Just google their name and “gay pride month” and you will see that they are doing the exact same thing as Alaskan.

      • Yup. United was the first openly gay airline. Alaska Airlines us just joining the gang, after management has been taken over by the woke generation.

  23. Customers with flight confirmation codes can comment at:

    Apparently the company listens because their flight attendants’ union cautions members about it on their web page:

    Company may be getting an earful already… took 25 minutes during off-hours to get through to a customer-service person whose friendly conversation indicated ours was nowhere near the first, or probably the last, complaint on the subject.

    Agent seemed to agree parents may not see this as child appropriate, not like going to another room is an option, recommended commenting at “Alaska listens”.

  24. Sad situation. Our management is run by a bunch of fruits and queens. Our airline is a shadow of its past, when we proudly flew Alaskans, tourists, and West Coast passengers to the Great State. Today, our company has adopted all of the demeaning attitudes which cater to a small minority of Americans. We the employees, in the air and on the ground, do not roll with the new cultural parameters being advanced by woke managers. Pilots especially, are sick and tired of the crap being forced on us, and company uniform no longer represents the values and traditions that we used to grow pride with our operations. The entire thingy stinks. Most of us pilots are either anxiously counting down to retirement, or looking for a new company to fly with. And that’s the truth.

    • Hoorah! You broke the ice, skipper. We’re a big group and we can make the little queens and their band of woke idiots face the shareholders, who I’m sure have far more common sense than the light-footed ones at corporate. Throttles up.

        • Swishers should pack parachutes. PICs and 1st Officers wax conservative and take no orders from little woke corporate types once the bird is pushed back.

    • How about a wildcat strike?
      Customers might even help carry picket signs, bring lunches, talk to reporters, that’ll get Somebody Corporate’s attention.
      How about a class-action civil-rights lawsuit against the company?
      In June 2020, the Supreme Court said the sex discrimination prohibition in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 includes employment discrimination against an individual on the basis of sexual orientation.
      So ALPA and AFA must already be cooking up an epic civil-rights lawsuit against the company on behalf of non-gay crew, no?
      Otherwise it’s wildcat strike time, no?
      You got one job, AK, and it’s not doing the wet chicken dance with management.
      You and -your- crew got to worry about pronoun pins to talk to ATC, or to your captive customers in back, then you’re in the wrong damned business.
      Somehow, we don’t think you are.

      • Great reply, Morrigan. I’m willing to bet that a lot of Alaska Air employees would like to do just what you recommend. Many of the pilots are sick of the way their airline is run. The past month of bumped schedules proves it.

  25. Hate to tell you, but all of the major airlines that serve Alaska celebrate price month, so if you are one of those who say they won’t fly on an airline that is woke, you have a long drive awaiting for you the next time you leave the state. Not sure why this article singles out Alaska Air.

    And for those obsessed with the idea that corporations are “grooming” children, you should keep in mind that churches have been a hotbed of pedophilia in this country. So if you are so concerned about grooming, you might want to reconsidere bringing your kids to church!

    • @Ungroomed.
      Total BS. So, you aren’t a Christian and you hate Christians. That’s why you have contrived a load of garbage here. Go back to your gay partner, or your medication, or your pornography, or your Quija Board, or your jail cell ………and try finding someone who will listen to you spout out your hatred for Christians. You know in your heart what YOU are.

      • He might hate Christians – but that doesn’t change the fact that indeed, churches across the US (not just the Catholic ones) have been rife with sexual abuse, largely of children.

        Something about stones in a glass house…

      • Morrigan- Good One! Flying is not inherently unsafe, but due to the laws of gravity it is a lot less forgiving!

        • Notice you can get a seat on a church pew for free, no reservation?
          Time comes to go Home, you’ll go when the Pilot says… no cancellations, no baggage, no upgrades, no bullsh… (whoops!).
          Airline seating’s a whole ‘nother racket.
          Got to be a lesson in there somewhere.

    • OOOKAY! Better they focus on safety and passenger confidence eh? What do “woke” politics have to do with airline safety, pilot training, etc. If the “preferred” qualifications are “woke” and “queer,” I’ll walk before I fly. What do churches have to do with airline management in this day and age?

    • ‘Not sure why this article singles out Alaska Air.’

      Because along with being bigoted Ms Downing is also a lousy wanna be journalist with no integrity nor capacity for good honest reporting

      • Rebuild, You might want to begin rebuilding your ability to think critically. Suzanne a bigot and wanna be reporter without integrity who singles out Alaska Airlines? Wow! Care to dispute the facts in the story before such accusations? Didn’t think so, its always easier to pull the bigoted card and declare a hollow victory, right?

      • @RebuildtheRight,
        Interesting how you radical leftists and commie lovers always sound so uneducated when you start spewing your hate for the Truth. You can always count on yourselves to resort to simpleton name calling because you are void of logical argumentation. What’s really funny is that Ms. Downing prints your fifth grade diatribe for everyone to see. Your offer of proof defines your intellect.

  26. This is just awful. Unfortunately any renaming would be up to their board. I wonder if this is an example of ‘virtue signaling’ and their strategy might be to be left alone by the militant wacky wokey cult by seemingly ‘taking the lead’. In other words we will be left alone if we selectively initiate the nuttiness – with then choosing particular routes and cities to institute.

    We fly a lot and have seen nothing on the routes we have flown. We also know a number of conservative Christian AK air pilots, ticket agents and flight attendants. A conservative family member just retired. Not trying to make excuses but just wondering. All of it is sickening. And sick. I do wish there were more alternatives especially in state.

  27. Alaska airlines is a Washington state liberal company, they need a new name. My uncle was with them in the beginning and is rolling over in his grave in shock.

  28. I’m a bit confused by all the pandering to homosexuals. What is it, exactly, that they want me to do? Join them? No thank you. In fact, it seems all of this is counterproductive for their supposed aim of being accepted for who they are. They seem to be in the business of making everyone uncomfortable about their own perversion and then expect people to treat them as if they are somehow better than the rest of us for flaunting said perversion. Everyone sins, but some spend more time bragging about those sins than trying to root them out. That doesn’t readily translate into being given more rights or privileges for indulging; but I suppose it is silly to expect rational thinking from people who define themselves by whom they use as objects for their own pleasure.

    • Jesus says to love all people… maybe try not to preach hate and bigotry (a sin btw) and be more welcoming

      Or at the very least shut up and let others be who they are it isn’t hurting you (except when your asinine hateful bigoted leaders tell you and the other parrots it is)

      • It’s an airline that is supposed to deliver services to a broad spectrum of people for a very expensive price. If I lit up a cigarette in the cabin, I’d probably be arrested and go to jail. That’s the law. I wouldn’t do that out of respect and safety concerns, not because of the consequences. Where is the respect of these who are pushing their agenda on the captive audience who have no alternative but to use the airline’s services? Why are the airlines catering to these who are waving this disgusting behavior in the faces of the rest of us?

    • Talk about sinning.. preaching hate and bigotry which goes directly against Jesus’ decrees

      Why don’t you try to emulate your religious symbol and be more welcoming… or just shut up and let others be themselves. Contrary to what your puppetmasters tell you it isn’t hurting you in any way

      • Love the sinners; hate the sins. And do not push the sins on public transportation. Go figure that one out RTR.

      • It is always interesting, when non-believers demand that believers treat them according to a religion they themselves do not believe in…..

        To quote your comment: Why don’t you let others be themselves?????

        You can establish your position, but all are individually assessing whether to accept or reject your premise, just as you are able to accept or reject theirs…it is how democracy works!

        Can you actually make a coherent argument?

    • “……..What is it, exactly, that they want me to do? Join them?……”
      They want your children and grandchildren more than you. They want their alliance, and they want them carnally. You are simply to go along. That’s where we’re going.

  29. If only Alaska Airlines was just as committed to honoring it’s “going the extra mile” for cleanliness. Give me a break. The last few times I’ve flown AKAir the bathrooms and seats have been utterly disgusting. Take your own wipes on board next time. Wipe off the arm rest. The proof is in the pudding.

    • No better than an MOA bus, I’m sure. Barf. Definitely take wipes and the 3 oz. of disinfectant if that is still allowed. One can only imagine the gay “mile high club” in the cockpit on autopilot with the Katy bar engaged. Snort!

    • Bigotry? It has no place on public transportation that folks have to use and costs them dearly. I don’t want the bigotry of the gay agenda in my face when I travel. I just want to get to where I’m going safely without all this political bs rammed down my throat. Have a nice day.

  30. The Long Path (Never trust a progressive)

    You think I look weird
    In my taffeta and beard
    Are you trying to shame
    And lay on the blame
    Or are you just scared

    When you say I’m XY
    You want to make me cry
    Think you know my sex?
    I’m convinced it’s XX
    Look at me now; don’t be shy

    I show off my sexuality
    Take a closer look at me
    And while you preach
    It’s your children I teach
    As we get more visibility

    While you were on autopilot
    We began to riot
    We pushed for decades
    Against your tirades
    And your uneasy disquiet

    In the courts we won our gay marriage
    That you vehemently disparaged
    Despite your protest
    We were able to wrest
    From your cries of judicial miscarriage

    Girls mightily fought for their right
    In a hard-won Title IX fight
    Now watch as the swimmers
    Futures become dimmer
    As a trans pushes them out of sight

    You try to legislate
    With Don’t Say Gay hate
    But we’ll find another way
    While your child is at play
    A preordained fate

    You’re losing control
    Of your own children’s soul
    As we pervade
    Even Disney’s Parade
    Your kid’s world is our goal

    We’re in your schools
    And your backyard pools
    Even your libraries
    Full of storyful faeries
    Playing you for fools

    There’s less and less doubt
    Since you’ve let us out
    As we gain inch by inch
    It’s becoming a cinch
    Just look at our clout

    You’d like us just gone
    From your daughter and son
    As our goals become clear
    The thing you most fear
    Is that we’ve already won

  31. It’s always a good idea to follow up your dysfunctional pilot’s union BS by advertising an aberrant interest in customer genitalia. For a long time I thought it was just BofA that sucked. Clearly I was mistaken.

  32. There is nothing Alaskan about this Alaska Airlines. Methinks it’s time to find a new airline CC that actually offers something beneficial to it’s consumers other than their woke agenda.

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