Social media crisis: Alaska Airlines takes heat for fat-shaming, bullying women; now CEO in hot water in a blistering TikTok video


Alaska Airlines has been taking a lot of heat from customers on social media lately. And it just got hotter for the “woke” company that is based in Seattle.

It all started June 23, when Alaska Airlines kicked a woman off of a jet at SeaTac International Airport for what it said was a mask violation.

Sara Gamache

Recently two more women, in two separate incidences, said they were kicked off of a jet for showing their midriffs. They were wearing tops that were like bathing tops.

In the most recent case, a Fairbanks woman says the airlines was fat-shaming her for showing too much skin. Both of them covered up when asked to do so, but they were kicked off the flights anyway, and said they were humiliated in front of other passengers.

Alaska State Sen. Lora Reinbold has been put on the Alaska Airlines no-fly list, for lack of mask compliance, although it appears her “offense” didn’t take place on board the flight, but in the waiting area.

Reinbold has now asked to be excused from the rest of the legislative special session because she can no longer fly to Juneau, since Delta Airlines has ended its summer service to the Capital City.

But now it’s really serious for the airlines. On TikTok, a social media app that displays short videos, the CEO of Alaska Airlines is being accused of having affairs with women employees, associates, or contractors.

“Meet Alaska Airlines CEO Ben Minicucci,” the video narration starts. “In 2016, Ben, who was married at the time, had a secret love affair with this woman…” This woman? She was the designer for the Alaska Airlines uniforms.

The video goes on to claim that he also had an affair with an airline flight attendant from Virgin Air, who bore his child.

Minicucci has been with the airlines for 17 years, and was with the company when it bought Virgin Air. In March, he became CEO of the Alaska Air Group. The airlines has taken a frontline position in the culture wars, supporting the terrorist group Black Lives Matter and eliminating the phrase “Ladies and Gentlemen,” since it may offend some people onboard. Alaska Airlines is also promoting special deals for black Americans.

The TikTok video embedded here has been edited at the beginning to remove the specifics of the allegations against Miniccucci, but the entire video is available on the TikTok account of pnw.huntress, the handle used by Sara Gamache.

Gamache was the woman removed from a flight in June because of her Trump mask, which also had the words, “Fuck Your Feelings” on it.

Read: Woman was tossed from Alaska Airlines flight due to her Trump mask

Within days of that incident, Gamache launched a website to begin to collect stories from others abused by the airlines. She has dozens of stories now, many of them from employees of Alaska Airlines.

One flight attendant wrote to Gamache with the following complaint about Alaska Airlines:

“I have been employed by Alaska Airlines for 30 years. I have seen the horrific changes over the decades, from being a family airline with prayer cards on the meal trays, to this liberal, CCP, bill crap that Alaska has become. I have been wanting to be a whistleblower for quite some time, and your heroics have opened the door for that opportunity.

“As employees, we have been suffering the bullying and punitive actions of Alaska for quite some time. The conservatives have had to live in fear and hide everything to avoid bullying and termination.

“Alaska changed the most when our CEO and COO were buying Virgin America and were hobnobbing with Richard Branson. Need I say more? … Time to expose Alaska. Let me know how I can help you. Thanks from thousands of us for being our angel and exposing this darkness.”

Regarding Gamache and her mask, Alaska Airlines issued a statement telling its side of the story:

Statement from Alaska Airlines:

Sara Gamache threatened legal action and called for a boycott of Alaska Airlines after being removed from a flight on June 24, 2021.  Ms. Gamache falsely claims that she was removed for wearing a mask with a pro-Trump political slogan.  In fact, she was removed for refusing to follow crewmember instructions on multiple flights and because a profane statement appeared on the mask in violation of Alaska’s policy.  

After boarding her June 24 flight in a mesh mask, Ms. Gamache became confrontational when a flight attendant requested that she wear a proper mask in compliance with federal law.  Ms. Gamache reluctantly agreed to do so, but then put on a mask that said “Trump 2020; Fuck your Feelings.”  The flight attendant informed Ms. Gamache that the profanity violated Alaska policy and that she needed to change masks yet again, which escalated Ms. Gamache’s disruptive behavior.  Per Alaska’s procedure, Ms. Gamache was asked to exit the aircraft. The video Ms. Gamache posted on social media was taken after her confrontational exchange with crewmembers, once she changed her mask for a third time.

This was the second incident in which Ms. Gamache defied crewmember requests to comply with the federal mask policy. In January, Ms. Gamache received a yellow card for repeated refusals to wear an appropriate mask.  We expect our customers to comply with Alaska policies and federal law when they choose to fly with us. We must take action when they refuse to do so. We’re thankful and appreciative of the efforts of our dedicated crew members who are committed each day to keeping travel safe and respectful.

Read: Woman who was thrown off Alaska Airlines flight starts website to expose airlines

Meanwhile, Gamache’s story and others have hit the social media world, and black conservative Trump supporter David Harris has championed the Washington bowhunter’s cause on Instagram.

And now, Gamache has gone nuclear on the CEO of Alaska Airlines, in a video that puts the company into crisis communications mode to defend its reputation as a woke airlines.


  1. Ask Mr. CEO why their aircraft are registered in Alaska if they are Seattle based. I’ll tell you why, it’s because up here they are taxed per engine. Might I add that is $75 per engine. If they were registered in Seattle they would be taxed on value. Why are we letting them get away with that when they treat us there customers like crap.

    • The simple solution is adjust one’s lifestyle and never give them one penny of your business ever again. Not going to truly hurt anyone to sacrifice a vacation, etc. If your job makes you travel find another way or quit. It’s time to step up people. On the other hand, if your vacation and such is more important than what is happening to our state and the nation then that is on you and you are part of the problem. A big part. Wake up and take action.

      • Problem is in certain parts of the state , Alaska Air has a monopoly on travel. There the only airlines that fly there and everyone else that tries to come in, they run off .The ferry system the governor want gone , Its also very expensive .The only option is to pay there prices ( which are outrageous , Its cheaper to fly from Seattle to Anchorage , over a thousand miles ,than Seattle to Ketchikan ,about 500 miles ) Ferry is even more if you take your car and sometimes you cant get back for a long time . Whole thing is just unbelievable .

    • Senator Reinbold has done a responsive job of attempting to secure her countrymen’s rights to travel (which she and every other stipend receiver of the people’s trust funds has sworn an oath to do) at a Constitutional standard and unfortunate cost to herself while the others completely acquiesced your rights to an an airline before your eyes. Please afford some dignity to the nice lady from Eagle River. Thanks.

      • She’d still be flying had she followed the rules. I mean geez – we ALL learn to follow the rules in kindergarten – Alaska is a business – they have every right to ask customers to follow the rules or they are welcome to find other means of travel. Wearing a mask is not that big a deal – but hey the ‘nice lady’ wanted to make a statement – bully for her – she’s now stating it NOT on Alaska. Smart lady (not) – even if ‘nice’ ?

    • No you’re not alone. In military circles, this would be called “Stolen Valor” when you name your woke libtard cr@p Seattle based airline “Alaska Airlines.” Maybe we need a new disclosure law.

    • Sure isn’t! They are Domestic Terrorists.. Anyone who burns cars, homes, buildings and incites fear every where they go, are terrorists…

    • What do you call a group that operates nation wide that was founded by Marxists and its’ overwhelmingly white members use propaganda, rioting, looting and physical violence against mostly minority civilians?
      How many billions of dollars in damage and catastrophic destruction in inner city neighborhoods have they wrought?
      Yes, not only a domestic terrorist organization, but because state and federal law enforcement allow the street thugs, their leadership and financial sponsors free reign, it is a state sponsored terrorist organization.

    • No, it is entirely accurate. They were actively, and loudly, encouraging all the rioting/looting of the past couple of years. They paid the bail on many of those rioters/looters. Yes, they ARE a terrorist organization, but the “woke” government is letting BLM hide behind their skirts. There will be a reckoning, and I’m sure it will be very soon.

      • You know that the same reasoning an rhetoric is being used against the January 6th unguided tourists of the capital building and even the people outside. Personally, I’m uncomfortable seeing these kinds of labels being liberally flung around on all sides. Things aren’t so simplistic and there is a lot of nuance.

        • No, there is not a lot of nuance. The Capitol rioters were looters (they stole stuff), rioters (they destroyed stuff), and terrorists (they hurt people).
          “Unguided tourists.” Really!

          • I didn’t see any fires. I did see an unarmed individual get shot with no warning. And, I still see citizens in jail with no charges being filed, for over 7 months, some in solitary confinement. Many of them have no previous problems with the law. And don’t you really think if that group of people wanted to take the Capitol they easily could have and without weapons.

  2. Sounds like powers that be w/ Alaska Airlines has reaped what they’ve sowed.

    It’s a shame that they have that handsome Inupiaq face on their tail. They do not represent Alaskans by any means!

    • They represent the “People’s Democratic Republic” of downtown Anchorage and Juneau. We’re stuck with Marxist representatives in those areas as far as the eye can see.

  3. Sad when they left Alaska to become the big Corp they left their honesty and their Alaskan spirit and became just another cutthroat business!! So very sad! Fat shaming, Trump mask and other ridiculous reasons to throw someone off a plane! Some just let a little power to their heads!!

    • Is it ok to strip to ones underwear?
      And is it ok to have a mask that says ‘Fuck your feelings’ ?

      These are the reasons the two women were removed from the plane. The outfit on the gal that was supposedly fat, which she really isn’t, just a little heavier set and the outfit was fine, it was the removal of her top that got her into trouble. Sorry, as a passenger, I would be a little bothered by someone simply wearing a sports bra. No matter their size. And I would be doubly offended, by the “fuck your feelings “mask. It is shocking to me that anyone would think that a private business wouldn’t have the right to curtail such behavior.

      • Businesses that conduct international business and interstate commerce and receive public transportation subsidies operate in the public and are required to be US Constitution compliant in accordance with their issued business license privilege to conduct business in a jurisdiction. It’s not like a private business (like an architect working alone from home with private clients). A private corporation has: no public waiting area, does no no daily cash transactions on premises, has no open/closed hours open signs, doesn’t advertise to the public to bring the public to the public counter for doing business.

      • Wow then you must be offended alot with today’s society. The lack of clothing on the majority of the entertainment world, the younger generation who chose to barely wear clothes, and the different cultures who are often barely clothed themselves must have you losing your mind. Offended by a saying on a mask but not offended by movies and music with foul language or nudity? Are you offended by the assault on our police officers, our religion, our freedom to choose? Are you offended by the actions of BLM who burn down buildings, tear down monuments, beat and ridicule individuals who disagree with them, and murder police officers? Really lady, get a grip and stop being offended over something so stupid and start getting offended by the stuff that is destroying our personal freedoms!!

        • You’re right… it’s a publically traded company with shareholders. However NOT being private does not mean it answers ‘to the public’ by any means. Nor is it a Govt company nor a ‘right’ for any person to use. It still has rules which customers must follow…
          Oh and last time I looked – there were TWO sides to every story.

  4. Alaska Airlines is learning that consumers still have a voice in America & will fight back against unjust rules & discrimination.
    My partner & I used United Airlines to book our last trip & will not support Alaskan Air after what I witnessed onboard this summer.
    This organization needs to either re-brand themselves as Seattle Air or get new management in there which actually understands what it means to be branded as Alaskan.
    The rainbow warrior staff from Seattle can definitely be a lot to handle as our human rights are shoved into the trash the minute we get onboard.
    Their announcement is filled with threats & commands…not really looking like the friendly skies anymore.

  5. I have demanded several times, in each of my official complaints, that this airline company change its name to Seattle Airlines. They are ruining our good name. And they take advantage of Alaskans flying within Alaska at every opportunity. There is no good reason that flights between Anchorage to Juneau should cost a lot more than flights between Anchorage to Portland, Oregon.

    When I have a choice, I choose travel with other airline companies.

    • There’s plenty of good reason why a flight to a tiny town with no access to a road system would cost more than a flight to a large city with access to a road system spanning an entire continent…make that ta road system spanning two entire continents.

  6. Alaska Airlines should remove the native face off the tail and replace it with a hammer and sickle. They have been sucking off the teet of the Alaska vibe long enough. LAL’s comment says a lot…. that they are getting a super tax break by registering planes here in the AK.
    Check out AK Airline’s political campaign contributions in 2020 (all democrats) as they relate to ballot measures. Hmmm… I wonder what those ballot measures were? They were all to California liberals.
    Autumn Burke Assemblymember (Dist. 62) State of California $1,000.00
    Anthony Rendon Assembly Speaker (Dist. 63) State of California $1,700.00
    Mike McGuire State Senator (Dist. 2) State of California $1,000.00
    They did, however, split things up a bit with AK Air Group donating to many Political Action Committees (PAC’s). They supported the likes of Young, Sullivan, and Murkowski in addition to Nancy Pelosi and Maria Cantwell. Fun times!
    Time to step away from the woke train and focus on flying airplanes and providing decent customer service. Benito Menicucci’s parents immigrated to Canada from Italy in the 1950’s. Does that make him an “Italian Canadian”? Do they say those kinds of things in Canada? Not sure. Ben quotes “I want our company to be a place where people feel like they belong, no matter who you are, where you’re from, your sexual orientation, gender, race, disability, background or language. We want to create a company where people know they belong and they say, “You know what? I feel good here and comfortable to be who I am and can be my best. And my company invests in people.” Well, he left off being comfortable with your political affiliation and comfortable clothing. If they don’t match “woke”, you’re off the plane.

  7. That’s what Democrats do. They tell everyone how to live whilst breaking all the rules themselves. AA has been screwing Alaskans for years, all the while virtue signaling with their fuselage paint jobs.
    Another overwhelming reason to move the capital to South Central. That way we can keep track of who they are buying, with an ancillary benefit that instead of 6 flights a day to Foggy Bottom, maybe 3 flights a week.

  8. They don’t represent Alaska they even stopped sponsoring the Iditarod last year after 40 years, throw them to the dogs! Remember, everything woke turns to crap.

    • Oh so for 40 years they DID sponsor the Iditarod? Ok so for 40 years they were good but now because (like every other company during the pandemic) last year they didn’t – would the Iditarod have even occurred last year…. During the pandemic???
      What a load of bollocks

  9. So Ms Masked Agenda I will say Lora Reinbold has biggerB- – -s than our Governor & most of the Neutered men in Juneau!!

  10. Wow. While I am a bit put off, ok, a lot put off, by the disgusting philandering behavior of the Ak Air CEO – I have been flying Alaska Air since the early 60’s when I was a toddler. It has been a great airline for most of that time and as mvp gold members for quite a few years now, both my husband and I can attest to that. While I miss the days when there were more amenities and also the scripture verses on the trays, I understand that belts need to be tightened and it is a dog eat dog world in air travel. Air fare is cheap these days compared to my childhood.

    With that said, I find the potty mouth mask worn by the gal that was kicked off the flight pretty disgusting. If you go to the Alaska Air website you can find a dress code, as well as other guidelines for ‘propriety’ (atrocious CEO behavior aside – he should be fired). There are standards already in place and Alaska Airlines is a private business – not the government – and can make their own rules with out a vote of the public. Go ahead, ban them, don’t fly with them. That is your choice. I for one have no issue with dress codes nor rules of conduct. The woman wearing the potty mouth mask should be ashamed of herself and she is no role model that I would follow.

    As for the heavy set gal that was dinged for a midriff reveal, I empathize with her frustration and anger. Her outfit was fine. Granted, if she did indeed strip to a sports bra – then sorry sweety,, a tad inappropriate. Even if you are having hot flashes, which I endured for five years, but never stripped to my underwear in public.

    Lastly, as a small business owner, I also do not allow customers to enter our offices in their underwear. Sorry, it is a dress code.

    • Im curious… ONE disgruntled woman posts allegations that the CEO of Alaska Airlines is a philanderer and having affairs here, there and everywhere – and these are allegations she ‘heard’ about from other disgruntled people… and everyone now jumps on the band wagon saying the guy should be drawn and quartered. This… without ANY proof that its true.
      Whilst the (former) PRESIDENT of the USA ‘grabs em by the pussy’ .. and instigates a treasonous coup of the US govt to overthrow the results… and everyone is up in arms saying ‘theres no proof’. ?????

  11. Never trust a man who takes as much time perfecting his metro look as this guy obviously has.
    You know that he probably gets his nails manicured and buffed at least weekly.
    These almost male types have taken over Corporate America.

  12. I am late to the game in this news story.

    Freedom of Speech cuts BOTH WAYS.

    That means “Black Lives Matter “AND “Trump: Fuck Your feelings” are both PROTECTED.

    What has gotten lost is THE PURPOSE for freedom of speech.

    Our Founding Fathers likely did not have a crystal ball to see THAT THE U.S. CONSTITUTION would now be manipulated by ALL sides. When both sides are yelling and yelling, they are also agreeing to the terms of engagement through their silence on that key issue.

    What is the silent consent?

    The silent consent by both factions is they willingly or unwiingly are redirecting attention and focus about the actual PURPOSE, VALUE, and ENTITLEMENT that Freedom of Speech affords all of us.

    Freedom of Speech is the foundation.

    We have been entrusted to build upon that foundation.

    And America is failing miserably.

    We have elitist-eoi-centric narcissistic people steering our collective ship to hell.

    Meanwhile, we everyday Americans, are dogpaddling in purgatory.

    We need a different model of discussion.

    If we do not agree, why does that me good and you evil? Or vice-versa.

    We have the FREEDOM TO DISAGREE.

    That is the beauty that is being shunned.

    Instead, we have been accosted by these fundraising, merchandise-spewing POP-UP Non-profit Organizations and/or Political Action Committees that use Robo-Calling to disrupt everyones lives.

    The silent consent of both sides of the liberals and conservatives is that they STILL believe that they both are entitled to TELL American PEOPLE what THEIR Best interest is.

    TELLING PEOPLE WHAT TO BELIEVE. That there, costs money.

    Meanwhile, the actual intent and spirit of our Constitution is being dismantled.

    For better or worse, the United States Constipation and Declaration of Independence ARE our collective words of Creationism .

    Native American people AND the New-Comers BOTH had a hand in the Creation of the United States Constitution.

    Hence the word, “UNITED”.

    (How it was executed – is a discussion for another day).I will not open that issue for purposes of this overarching topic.

    But to be AUTHENTICALLY UNITED requires a meeting of the minds, the freedom of expression – without fear of retaliation.

    Our entire nation needs a “board retreat” to remind us that we have more in common than our differences.

    The only upside of the COVID Pandemic that I think all people can agree upon is this:

    Our Great Nation stopped and cleaned out all the dust bunnies, lint, and germs from its public and private facilities and infrastructure.

    Another positive outcome is the access to sanitizer and increase in washing our hands.

    A cultural norm to wash our hands is positive.

    One thing I do not think any of us agree on is the widespread marketing to stay home if you have symptoms.

    I am not saying that it is right or wrong.

    But I am saying that marketing message is in direct conflict with our identity as Americans.

    I know I travelled down the rabbit hole on this topic.

    Bottom line: U S. Government AND Corporations need to stop overreaching with policies that violate American people’s rights – as outlined in the Declaration of Independence.

    We need leaders, government, corporate, and especially local, that create forums to interact informally and formally with our neighbors on issues that trigger our fight or flight instinct.


  13. Isn’t Alaska airlines paid by the federal government to keep providing service to Alaska? I don’t think actually want to be here. The federal government gives them money to make up for their losses from providing service here. Boycotting them isn’t hurting anyone except those darn lower 48 people that continuously fund us.

  14. For sure there is no standard for masks, or training on how to properly use them, or ensuring that they are sterile They can be anything, even manufactured in CHINA. The enforcers at their discretion decide how to enforce. It’s unfortunate that Alaskans only have one choice when they need to travel. You might think that a woke company would think that it’s a human right to freely travel among the states, OH wait, that’s right it’s a constitutional right.

    • ????? I assure you that there is nothing in the constitution about freely traveling (by aircraft) among the states.
      As for Alaska airlines – I guarantee if they were to pull out of Alaska there would be screaming about how they are required to stay to allow supplies to get to the far reaches – which hey! They currently do …. Bring supplies to those communities that otherwise have no access.
      But ok – let’s ask them to leave Alaska and see how Alaska fares 🙂

  15. The ONLY way to get the attention of the Board of Directors of Alaska Airlines is to boycott the airline. There are other carriers that operate from Anchorage and Fairbanks year around and seasonal carriers are available in SE Alaska. Book your flights on them instead of Ak Airlines and it would not be long before the airline changed its behavior. The Alaska Air Board would be under enormous pressure from its shareholders. That is the only way to affect change. And it always works!
    But I do not expect that this will happen. People complain yet nothing is done. Talk is cheap. Action requires effort and sacrifice. Won’t happen because people do not want to travel on United, American, and Delta’s schedules. It’s not “convenient”.
    I will no longer travel on Alaska. The other carriers will get me around just fine.

  16. I’m not sure where “Trump, Fuck your feelings” came into this, but let’s be honest here. The lady is fat. Should she be banished from the airline because she is fat? No. Should she have to pay for an extra seat because she requires extra real estate? Maybe. This is a touchy area. If you are fat, or black, or “of color,” or “differently abled,” there are certain rules that apply. If the rules don’t apply, you are one of the rest of us.
    This isn’t difficult. This is people thinking because they have some anomaly that isn’t covered under the rules that they have special privileges. They don’t. Can I present myself for early boarding on an airline simply because I’m 72? No. Why not? Because I can walk by myself. Were I in need of assistance? Probably yes? Why? Well, I’ll leave that to you.
    As far as the mid-rift thing goes, apparently AK Air allows midrifts to be bared under certain circumstances. It appears the person in question met those standards. Should she have been shamed? No. But it also appears that she is particularly sensitive about the size of her body. If that’s the case, it sounds more like a personal problem than an air traffic safety problem.
    People, we have bigger (sic) problems to solve than this. Let’s get with the program and move on.

    • I love seeing Fat people walking for the excercise of it not because of they have no transportation. One neighbor began cycling commuting, now two years later this person is Thinner. Before this person had all their fat covering the bicycle seat looking cute hiding their seat while their head is wearing a helmet. This year their fat is all tucked in, and I can see their bicycle seat. Some fat people will never be modeling size cause their body size is built husky. At their husky best they can look like an athletic malemute.

    • Actually she was wearing a bra and then whilst she says she put her shirt back on, she neglected to mention it was after a lot of profanity and arguing and push back. So it was her style of attire and her ‘refusal to comply with crew member instructions’ (same as the trump mask wearer). NO airline wants a potential trouble maker in the air stuck in the aircraft with no where to go for an entire flight. And other customers don’t want it either. They want to easily and calmly get from point A to point B.
      So think about that – in the event of an emergency do you really want a person onboard who is going to argue and question the crew member instructions? ‘Why do we have to use the oxygen masks?? Why do I have to wear my seat belt? Why can’t I stow all 3 of my huge carryons in the overhead bin? What do you mean I have to be the one to open the exit door just cause I’m sitting here?’
      Yeah me neither

  17. I was happy to stop using my AK air visa card this summer. The 1% cash back I get with a different card more than makes up for the lost miles. Do the math.

  18. An update hot off the presses…
    From “Just the News” we read “Alaska Airlines fired flight attendants for saying Democrat transgender bill harms women”.
    “Alaska Airlines fired flight attendants for questioning its support of a proposed federal law that would open women’s spaces to biological males, according to complaints filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).”
    Piling on because we’re sick and bloody tired of the overpriced amateur clown show passed off as Alaska Airlines “customer service”?

  19. Alaska Air used to be a great airline, top notch customer service. Now its just another woke company with the typical CEO who acts more like a mayor of a Liberal city. He obviously has Democrat privilege with all his womanizing and extra curricular activities.

  20. Alaska airlines has been going down hill for a few years now – too bad. Being woke, whatever that means is more important than good service and common sense. I can tell you that I don’t support any company that follows this anti-American practices. I am a proud patriot and refuse to follow like a Lemming these totally stupid and outright unamerican values.

  21. I will think This is an example of Democrat in-fighting when Democratic public will not take the abuse from democratic leader. When Democrat policy reaches the front door step of another Democrat.

  22. So a lady taking off her shirt and riding in just her bra is okay? next are we going to have guys taking off their pants and riding in their tidy whities and calling that okay? This was about someone taking off their clothes and everyone is suppose to be okay with that??? Thought you were all conservatives? must be big fans of the Bush Company then if you think stripping on a plane is acceptable.

  23. So going a bit off topic here: there are regional customs. Northern hunting gathering cultures, southern hospitality football cultures, urban cultures, and yes, I’ll say it for entertainment sake, lake cultures where everyone is dripping wet all summer and how do you say it, comfortable in one’s skin. They are well loved, accepting people and expect the same in return. Having been acculturated in a region one seldom feels a need to progress beyond one’s regional culture. When you meet a new friend at church or at a public business counter we typically don’t say, “Ma’am, your bosom is annoying and I don’t wish to see it.” Polite society might say to one’s self: “It do take all kinds. Evidently”. Viva la difference.

    • I believe the original poster was forced to take it down under threat of lawsuit from Alaska Airlines, because it is… libelous and slanderous. (and hearsay at its best).

      Im just so sick to my back teeth of these entitled people coming unglued because they cant ‘do what they want’ inside an establishment (think about the woman who refused to wear a mask and then coughed all over people ‘because she can’ – and is now sitting in jail) – or who feel the world (and all the businesses in the world) ‘owe’ them. Sure I understand wanting to proclaim your political belief… but when asked not to, because its uncomfortable for others or against the rules, then you need to comply. I just wonder how people on the plane would have felt if it was a Taliban person wearing a mask that said ‘fuck americans’ on the mask. Would they have felt the same? ‘leave them alone they arent hurting anyone and its their right to their political beliefs’. (especially if they were spoken to three different times about the mask issue).
      Or the woman wearing just her bra – what if it was a man wearing just his boxers, and then argued with crew members about putting his pants on. Would everyone say the airline was ‘leg shaming’ him?
      What people forget is that its not just about the issue at hand.. its about the principle at hand.
      Soo.. I say… let them wear underwear and lets let the Taliban declare their TRUE political thoughts.. its a free world!

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