Woman who wore Trump mask on jet starts website to ‘expose Alaska Airlines’


Sara Gamache, who was kicked of an Alaska Airlines jet on June 24 because of her Trump mask, has started a website to gather more stories from others who believe they have been discriminated against by the airlines.

On ExposeAlaskaAirlines.com, Gamache tells her story in full, with greater detail than the Must Read Alaska story posted last week, and her husband also tells the story from his perspective. On social media, she Sara she is hoping to start a class action lawsuit.

Read: Woman says she was removed from Alaska Airlines jet for her Trump mask

Caleb Gamache wrote: “My wife posed no risk to the passengers or crew at any time and complied quickly with every request from the flight attendants. Any delays to the flight were caused by the overzealous flight attendant who seemed to take personal offense to the political statement on Sara’s mask. I view this as an egregious affront to both my wife’s 1st Amendment Rights and corporate sponsored intolerance to people of different beliefs. I truly believe that if the political statement present on my wife’s mask matched the corporate culture of Alaska Airlines then there would have been no interference from the cabin crew. Further, it is patently irresponsible for the cabin crew to demand my removal from the flight. I was in compliance with all FAA, CDC and Alaska Airlines policies and presented no definable threat or concern to the safe operation of the aircraft. To me, my removal from the flight was simply another punishment doled out to ensure that a singular political optic was adhered to by the current passengers of the flight and as a warning to future passengers that may choose to fly with this airline. At no point should either of us been removed from the flight and I hope that Alaska will choose to educate their employees on tolerance and understanding of those who hold different beliefs than them.”

Alaska Airlines has not responded to a request from Must Read Alaska for their perspective on the incident.


  1. It may take a while for them to get their stuff together enough to reply. As for me, unless it us a dire emergency, I won’t be flying Alaska Airlines until they change their policies!

  2. At what point did becoming ‘woke’ take priority over profitability and shareholders? Even Exxon now falls over themselves to be greener than green. When does a company choose to just step up and do good business?

    • Her mask said “Trump 2020”and “F**k your feelings”. I agree with the second half half of her sentiments with great respect to all you ‘unwoke’ commenters. She was being a putz and deserved it.

      • Thanks this is wonderful news, don’t fly Alaska ! It’ll make others flight that much more pleasant. She is a total puts!

        • It’s about Freedom, Justice and Liberty, not about fitting into a chosen corporate narrative. It’s about you providing a service for a desired compensation; she met her obligation, or she would have never been allowed on the plane in the first place.

  3. I think there’s more to this story than we’re getting in this article. This is her side, backed up by her husband. It would be interesting to hear the AK Air side to the the story. I’m particularly interested in the class action suite she is threatening. Did she provoke to get a desired response by flight attendants so she could start legal proceedings? Too many things aren’t clear about this, and it doesn’t jive with my experience with Alaska Air flight crews.

    • No sir I have read the story on other platforms, and it is the same. You can stick up for woke Seattle Airlines. Do you feel it right that a airline sells Burn Loot Murder merchandise on their online store? How about they change their name as well as many others who use Alaska related name brands to peddle their wares.

    • Greg, have you been living under a rock, this isn’t the first complaint against an airline or AK Airline for this. This has been happening a lot during the pandemic. I just think the flight attendants are getting better at their reasons for kicking people off flights. This one at least said it was for the profanity and didn’t say it was for the Trump portion. Either way this is a first amendment violation which is much better for her since she complied all three times which she has proof of in the video. I hope she wins for all of the people who haven’t been able too.

    • If Alaska Airlines had a logical reason for booting her off the flight, they likely would have responded and stated it by now. The fact that it is taking a while to let their PR flacks craft the defense of their actions certainly looks like they know they were wrong.

    • The “more to the story” is that the Marxist Left has created an environment to exploit these incidents in order to continue dividing our Nation. With us continuously fighting amongst each other, we won’t pay attention to what is really happening.

    • Greg R, we agree we need to hear the other side of the story. However, if she was told to deplane only because of a mask with “Trump” printed on it, that is unacceptable. They would need to prove she was unruly regardless of the mask (which should be irrelevant). So far, all reports indicate the mask was the genesis of the entire matter.

    • Read the comments left on her page by current and former Alaska Airline employees. Quite frankly I believe she and her husband were harassed for being conservatives and pro Trump. Shame on Alaska Airlines for inciting discrimination. Disgusting of them!

  4. I have always had the highest regard for Alaska Airlines and have touted it as the best.
    Regardless of politics, I think this reflects badly on my home state as one of intolerance.

    • Alaska Airlines is not based in Alaska at all…they are based in Seattle. They need to drop the name “Alaska” from their business if they are going to act like this.

    • You have never used a cleaning wipe on the arm rests, fold down tray or seat belts. I did last year and they turned brown and black. Wuhan has at least Forced these flying incubators to actually clean, not just pick up garbage and reset the seat belts

  5. The USA has its freedoms, one of those is freedom of speech etc. “if you can afford the consequences.” it appears…and big bank accounts to pay for the attorneys and bail money.

  6. She certainly has opened a can of worms for Alaska Airlines, however, the fact that her mask had a profanity, the “f” word, puts a big dent in her case. I suspect that will give the airline the excuse they need to be justified. I see both sides in the wrong. I wouldn’t want a person with a profanity or such seated near my child, for example.

    • Where does it state in the first amendment that those with differing opinions have to be nice about it? Didn’t think so

    • She took it off when asked to and replaced it with a mask with no verbiage. But that wasn’t enough for the woke stewardess. Now that she knew the passenger’s political leaning, the stewardesses seized the moment to use an unauthorized, unconstitutional power to remove her from the aircraft for the sake of her political leaning only.

    • You may be mistaken. Believe comments were made that the “f” word was on someone else’s mask, and he was not asked to remove it. Of course if you have proof to back up alleged fact, I stand corrected. (My experience with AkAir has been good..I like this airline…including my first flight into Juneau on a smaller plane, battling the Taku Winds. They tossed us up, down, and sideways…but the pilot never lost control.)

    • No the woke take over probably has done this. Guess we want a beta male military who is willing to be worried about the oppositions feelings rather than winning the battle/ war.

      • AkSonya, it is just more of the “guilt by association” collectivist mentality that prevails among those on the authoritarian (so-called) left.

  7. I have always thought that AK Airlines has been superior to other carriers both in terms of service and scheduling to and from Alaska.
    I am now realizing that they are not so good: I will now use any other carrier that can transport me and family to my destinations with reasonable scheduling. If they issue a sincere apology and fairly compensate the Gamache family I will give them another chance. Otherwise it will be a rare thing for me to ever use Alaska Airlines again. I urge others to do the same.

  8. They screwed the wrong people.
    I flew Alaska a bit back and was shocked as to how the attendants decided to act like mask police instead of welcoming the passengers.
    I only fly reluctantly now, while in the past it was something to look forward too.
    Been great staying in the state and exploring closer to home.

  9. Boycott Alaska Airlines and do not purchase any shares of their company.
    The attitude of “Seattle Airlines” is more like their sister city Portland these days.
    ALL the male flight attendants had Rainbow Flag Pins on my flight from Seattle to Anc.
    How are these political statements OK by management but a Trump mask is not?
    What is next…no American flag pins or American flag shirts allowed?
    How about MAGA hats? Are these allowed?
    You can see where this all is headed into a dark Orwellian state where only the enforcers can flaunt their political conviction & no opposition is allowed to the dystopian socialist way.
    I will do whatever I can to avoid this airline in the future…terrible snacks (bicotti cookie) and rude flight attendants that made my son & I feel like prisoners ordered to obey the rainbow pin flight attendant who walked up and down the aisle looking for a single mask slipping off the nose.
    Complete insanity to me at this point….never in a million thoughts would have seen how the power grab was to unfold.
    Covid guise over a virus that has been on earth at least 20,000 years….think about that.

    • Steve, it had nothing to do with the Trump part of the mask-the issue was the profanity underneath in smaller print. This was nothing more than a violation of Airlines policy.

        • She started her flight with a mesh mask that was inappropriate and replaced that with the mask with the profanity. She intended to cause a scene and got what she wanted. You think that behavior should be tolerated? Alaska Airlines doesn’t, it appears.

  10. I am suspect to this story as I always wear Trump gear when flying. I have not had any negative experiences but rather the opposite with numerous flight attendants telling me they like my Trump gear.

    • How often do you fly and what airlines? Because this junk has been going on for months! My husband is a pilot for one of the big ones and he jumped at the opportunity to voluntarily take leave as soon as it was offered all due to the fact that management is fully supporting left-wing politics and encouraging crew and flight attendants to wear pins and lanyards with “Black Lives Matter.” But it is explicitly prohibited if anyone dares to support any opposing groups then you will be reported, written up and possibly suspended or terminated!!!!

      We, as a country, are blindly or willingly grasping the hands of those who are knowingly leading us down a dark and evil slippery slope, from which we can never return.

  11. Throwing someone off of a flight because they wore something with a profane word on it might at first blush seem reasonable but, in truth, is absolutely unreasonable because although profanity may offend some it does not rise to the level of even a minor crime.
    In fact the use of profanity is constitutionally protected speech.
    Don’t like what someone is wearing?
    Then stop looking at them.
    If you can’t do that then you have the problem and you are the problem.
    The reality is that liberals are authoritarian by nature and they live to impose their will on the rest of us.
    I know, I know…someone is going to respond that Alaska Airlines is a private corporation and as such can impose whatever rules it wants on customers, yada, yada and so on.
    But is that strictly true?
    Alaska Airlines flies out of publicly funded airports and uses publicly provided ATC and other federal services. The airlines have benefited from federal bailouts. They fly through public airspace.
    The federal government has a habit of forcing anyone getting federal funding to abide by federal laws, regulations, rules, etc. so it should be a small matter to mandate that the airlines abide by the same restrictions that the federal government itself must obey…like not violating our First Amendment rights.

  12. Alaska Airlines is run by a bunch of fruitcakes in Seattle. It has connections to the state of Alaska by namesake only. Gone are the days when Bruce Kennedy ran a straight-up carrier. Now, all we have is a frills airline that has bought into woke trash and marginalized patriotic, independent-thinking Alaskans. I tore up my 49Club card and quit this turd of an airline a few months ago. They are pathetic.

  13. “…requested to see the policy relied upon by the attendant banning the mask. Monique became visibly distraught and replied “REALY?! You are going to delay this flight to see a policy?!” I replied back, “Yes, I have that right.” … At this point, numerous passengers in the area began yelling at me and calling me names, angry that I asked for the policy.”

    It appears that asking for the policy … triggered some of the passengers … who didn’t want to be delayed … which triggered some of the flight crew … who then over reacted.

    In the end, it wasn’t about the mask at all. It was to appease some of the angry passengers. Therein is the civil suit.

    • Wondering who was actually ‘harmed” and by what? People can be jackasses for lots of reasons and getting booted because of it is well within the right of a private business to enforce its policy.

    • Suzanne,
      It seems we’ve found the reason, if you won’t even post the F word here why should AK Air allow someone to wear it on their mask?

  14. I’ve flown that airline several times and have gotten crap service from a few flight attendants, I’ve complained in writing but highly doubt anything was done.

  15. Looks like some Alaska Airlines employees bit off a very expensive lawsuit to chew on. All the best to the Gamaches. It looks like they’re the right folks to sling a smooth stone into the giants forehead.

  16. I am so glad I have no need for Alaska Air, and probably be grounded for many years! Maybe Decades !? If AlaskaAir depended on customers like me, they’d be Broke!

    If there is a good time for a pilot’s license and private aircraft, this is the right time, so you are not dependent upon Alaska Air. Those owning a private small aircraft are sure lucky. They have their independence to fly anywhere with a landing strip or lake.

    Poor poor Alaska Air. Ever since theu trashed their Psalm cards, they been flying through nothing but turbulence.

  17. The claim that she was removed for wearing a Trump 2020 mask appears to be false. Reportedly, the mask also included “f**k your feelings” written on it, which violated the airlines policy against displaying rude and offensive language. If that’s true, this is a fake controversy.

    • Rick – if you read the story, you’ll see that this element is in the story. Thank you for your comments. – sd

      • The woman is clearly a whiner who had a choice to comply with company policy, or not. Rude behavior isn’t tolerated – pretty simple. This is a self-serving, attention-getting nothing-burger.

  18. What a shame. I’ve thought about putting on a MAGA hat and mask after takeoff but they’d probably put me on a terrorist no-fly list that you can’t contest like the feds did to the Homer folks.

  19. This lady didn’t get kicked off the flight “because of her Trump mask” (which also had “f*ck your feelings”printed on it). She got kicked off because her antics, including demanding that the flight attendants show her written policies, made the pilot feel uncomfortable taking her 5 miles into the air. The video she posted of herself innocently clad in a plain mask was the fourth go-around per her own account. If the interaction she filmed is any indication of her prior behavior, she, not the flight attendants, was the bully. No wonder the other passengers were jeering.

    She is a hunting guide with 25,000 Instagram followers who, per her business web page, travels extensively and internationally. She was well aware of masking guidelines, well aware that a mesh mask wasn’t going to fly, and trolling for a confrontation when she donned the “f*ck your feelings” mask.

    This has the appearance of a publicity stunt, plain and simple, and not a very bright one given her apparent reliance on the airline industry for her business operations.

    Sympathies to the flight attendants and to her husband, who is walking a fine line trying to be supportive of his wife even as she puts his military career at risk.

    • Not true, she was kicked off the flight because some of the passengers didn’t feel safe and why didn’t they feel safe? Because she had a Trump mask on, it has nothing to do the words “f*** your feelings”. Alaska Airlines has gone woke and if you ain’t woke, well then you should probably fly with someone else. And how exactly is she putting her husbands military career at risk? He was silent and never said a word during this entire fiasco.

    • Not all airlines have their policies well-posted, so you can’t truly blame her.

      Specific guidelines on which mask to actually use have intentionally been left out of the discussion because, as most medical professionals know, the N-95 is really the only one that can give you any slight protection capability.

      But if that was the only one approved people would scream “That’s oppressive and divisive as well as biased and prejudiced because those masks are more expensive and not everyone can afford them!” 🤦🏽‍♀️ give me a break! So self righteous and incorrect bc the black mask was actually the third mask (not the 4th as you claimed).

      Get your facts straight before attempting to shred someone!

  20. It’s funny how the Devil strategically knows how to pick out the moments when there be no courageous passengers standing up and acting as peaceful mediators reducing the tensions.

    The flight attendants would go quietly back to their chairs if there were at least one other passenger putting their neck on the line acting as mediator between the attacked and attacker.

    The devil works best when people are isolated and placed in a hopeless or helpless position.

    Maybe the woman and her husband will had learned compassion through their experience here on Alaska Air that they will defend another person singled out taking their turn to be on the defensive side of the enemy, when the two are not the targets.

  21. Alaska Airlines highly paid public relations team will slowly try to discredit Ms Gamache and her husband (who is serving our country in the military) by seeding comments as to their veracity, character and motive. Since the airlines basically run a monopolistic stranglehold on Alaska air travel seems like they have little to lose and can jack-boot us for any reason they choose off their flights. It’s long past time to remove our State’s great name and indigenous people’s logo’s from their advertising.

  22. I, like a previous post stated, recently few AK Air. Gone were the days of friendly flight attendants. They were staring everyone up and down. Don’t let your mask slip, they were on you and even scolded young children. Of course, when the mask police weren’t in the area all masks came down. You could eat and drink with the mask down, but they would watch you. Permission to slip mask down and sip my Diet Coke? Sadly here in Juneau we only have AK Air.

  23. The woman Sarah is obviously looking for publicity by provoking a scene on an airline. She admits she had worn the mask with the words “F*ck your Feelings” on it on previous Alaska flights and not been ejected. They probably had noticed this before and had her on their “watch list”. I can see where many people would be offended to see that word on her mask and that Alaska Air would worry about losing customers if they allow that kind of foul language on the plane. It has nothing to do with Trump or politics or free speech. It has to do with the seven dirty words which the Supreme Court said can be censored. Alaska Air has the right to make rules regarding foul language expressed on clothing.

  24. It’s not just a couple of hardworking corporate officials who accidentally messed up.
    From transportationtodaynews.com/news/22469-alpa-applauds-tsa-extension-of-face-mask-requirements-at-airports/ we read:
    “…the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA) announced its support for the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) decision to extend the requirement for individuals to wear face masks across all transportation networks”.
    Erom forbes.com/sites/tedreed/2021/07/01/flight-attendants-say-not-so-fast-on-lifting-mask-requirements/?sh=397d42c07def we read:
    “… Sara Nelson, president of the Association of Flight Attendants, (said) in a letter sent Wednesday to the leaders of the Transportation Security Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
    ‘We support the federal mask mandate in transportation…It is crucial that your mask order remain in place at this time.’ AFA represents about 50,000 flight attendants at 17 airlines.”
    So the fight card looks like this:
    a gaggle of disgruntled passengers and Senator Rand Paul
    a government subsidized and protected tag team of the fifth largest airline in the United States -and- its two labor unions powerful enough to shut it down if they don’t get their way… -plus- Black Lives Matter backup just in case, or maybe to make sure, things get out of hand.
    There’s your David and Goliath… Wagers, anyone?

  25. Whatever is believable..??.It was’t so much the Trump mask as it was the curse words below. I’m am getting sick and tired, believing you have to use curse words for EVERYTHING!!..Yes, I know we all get tired/exasperated and we ALL have lost our patience on this political football field we’ve been playing since 2018 and especially since President Trump.(he is still my president, since the other guy lost and illegal votes counted)..And I agree with much of what “TURBODIGITS” statement above along with the others making the same statement .. I also have sympathy for the flight attendants during this whole 2 year “nightmare”. If anybody had done this with any other airlines, they’d get the same.. It also sounds like the flight attendant has been pushed beyond her limits and was tired to start with.

  26. Alaska Air lines has a monopoly in Fairbanks most of the smaller communities in Alaska.
    Second airlines year-round. Second airlines major airlines help break this up

    • “We do not tolerate inappropriate verbal or physical conduct of any kind, including the wearing or display of offensive, threatening, or intimidating statements or symbols.”

      If you think your MAGA hat qualifies, leave it home.

  27. Governor Dunleavy needs to immediately issue an executive order banning any official state travel, business, use of freight services, Gold Streak, etc on this airline.
    They use “Alaska” in its’ branding and they use an Inupiat Elder in their logo. Yet they do not share our values and are in fact a Washington State Airline. Their unethical, and ignorant behavior reflects that of Washington, not Alaska. We are welcoming and hospitable people, and allow for all views from our neighbors and visitors. When a stranger comes in and we offer coffee and food, we do not care what their political views are.
    This is unacceptable. Alaska Airlines, by actual management directives of avoiding heavy maintenance of its fleet, killed the CEO of Doyon, Ltd, along with 87 other people. This is what they think of Alaska. They are using our name to promote their business, but to be associated with such arrogant ignorance by petty “air” headed flight attendants fully supported by station managers and corporate management is making the name of our state as filthy as their corporate mission.
    Their job is to provide safe and reliable transportation services and good service to its customers, period. If they prefer to become a political organization, that is their prerogative, but this cannot be subsidized by State of Alaska funds.
    Along with avoiding to use that airline as individuals, we need our state government to sanction them and retain essential state travel services through companies who respect American civil rights and basic respect to the dignity of their customers.

    • Alaska Airlines’ Contract of Carriage permits passenger removal.when:

      “Passengers who wear or display, and refuse to cover or stow, clothing or other items deemed to be lewd, profane obscene, or patently offensive.”

      Are you asserting that this woman’s mask verbiage was perfectly acceptable and the airline’s policy is not applicable?

      What part of this is unclear to you?

      • Sara was not removed from the flight due to violating the contract of carriage. She complied immediately with the stewardess’s (and I use the term to underline and enhance the lack of respect we all have for this type of incompetent, vindictive and ignorant employee currently being elevated in the new “Alaska Airlines” management scheme) insolent order, and replaced with a blank “mask”.
        Sara was removed for ideological reasons by what amounts to a political commissar enforcing the suffocating and malignant social credit system of blind compliance and obedience to woke, socialist ideology. Her husband was never out of compliance, he was evicted due to the social credit systemic offense of guilt by association.
        Sara, her husband and tens of thousands of other respectful and law abiding citizens who share common political beliefs and all enjoy 1st Amendment rights, who fly on Alaska Airlines are paying customers, for whom this bigoted and insolent stewardess and flight crew owe their paychecks.
        A Contract of Carriage, and “mask” mandates, which have nothing (0) basis in medical necessity or prevention of viral contagion, are subordinate to the 1st Amendment, these petty regulations are not bedrock law as our civil rights are.
        If that were the case, the domestic terror group self identified as BLM (for which Alaska Airlines is a proud sponsor, funder and purveyor of their propaganda T shirt schwag) street thugs would have been arrested for failing to wear their “masks” while exercising their 1st Amendment rights by rioting, murdering, looting and raping in minority neighborhoods, terrorizing defenseless citizens, while federal and local law enforcement stood down.
        As Alaska Airlines has become a “woke” corporation it naturally has also become a hostile workplace, particularly for employees who are conservative White and/or of Alaska Native
        ethnicity. I am personally very aware of the shenanigans management uses and has used to terminate employees who became aware of the illegal, unethical or obscene behavior of co workers and management. And yes, the station managers are aware of and complicit in this nefarious behavior. Period.
        The public has the impression that employees are protected by their union. This is false, as the union leadership is one and in unison with management, and serves to create protective legal barriers for outrageously discriminatory behavior by station managers in the exploitation of employees and creation of the corporate woke socialist utopia.
        Travelers who choose to fly on this airline can contemplate, while being screamed at about lifting their approved only masks between bites, or calming their young children after being traumatized by airline staff, that the many ethical and hardworking employees must endure these petty tyrants irrational behavior every working hour of their lives. Any deviance or accidental revelation that said employee holds non approved woke views can lead to immediate termination.
        Although it did not comply with their “contract of carriage’ Alaska Airlines itself killed 88 passengers and crew, including the then president of Doyon, Ltd., by specific management direction to save operating costs by avoiding heavy maintenance of their aircraft fleet.
        A very real current safety concern for the public is the magnitude of effort and resources dedicated by this airline in “purifying” the ideology of its’ employees, concentrating on nonsense like face “masks” instead of actual mechanical and safety issues which can lead to real disasters, as they have previously created through incompetent management.

        • Brian, you honestly should seek professional help. Your word salad is so full of BS it’s impossible to reply cogently. Your anger toward everything seeps through to your very core. In the middle of your impressive diatribe, you never answer the question I posed, but rather offer a stream of consciousness that wanders to all corners of irrationality – the ultimate red herring in the name of egotism that derives from some external force that has gripped you.

          Get help.

          • As a higher level representative or station manager of AK Air monitoring comments here and attempting to discredit Alaskans discussing the rapid decline of your carrier, you are unable to factualy refute any point made.

            Alaska is a small state by population and as I’m from a multi generational local family, we collectively know scores of incidents of outrageously poor treatment of current and former employees. There was a time when your airline focused on customer satisfaction, but after going fully woke, the impulse to force your politics on passengers has become irresistible.

            Part of your monitoring this site is to locate employees who might vent publicly of the discrimination that goes on to terminate their employment. Personal opinions on politics that differ from corporate approved themes are cause for termination.

            For our communities that you hold in a monopoly we need alternative carriers that focus on service and not inflicting passengers to woke dogma.

        • Well said Brian!! keep it up! I love reading intelligent rebuttal that is obviously stoked with personal research before spouting off. Others seem to have nothing but raw emotion to utilize!!! 😂

          • What part of “fuck” is not profane?

            Private businesses have every right to “refuse service” to anyone who isn’t compliant with policy that’s intended to protect public health and welfare.

            Aside from common sense, society has rules. laws, and policies in place for the benefit of all of us – not just individuals who feel the need to engage in selfish behavior and who don’t give a rat’s ass about people around them.

          • Alaska Air is a corporation that relies on state public funds to in effect subsidize revenue to provide essential transport services to roadless communities that otherwise have no other realistic travel.
            AK Air knows they have a monopoly and the Juneau route is a key one. The Corp is confident that outrageous behavior inflicted on passengers will not result in a meaningful loss of revenue, as long as the state continues to subsidize a company that violates its citizens 1st Amendment rights. For this reason our Governor needs to end the use of state funds for official travel. Let future revenue go to professional and safe airlines who treat Alaskans with respect and let the state union workers burn off their accumulated air miles on their vacations on AK Air.

  28. Well, what do you expect from an airline that says it is a proud partner of the ” One World Alliance”. They have joined the global cabal! This is a clear violation of your 1st Amendment right and they can’t throw you off an airplane for having Trump on a mask. Sue and boycott!

  29. What part of “fu** your feelings” isn’t profane?

    Passengers who refuse to obey Alaska’s rules or policies are subject to removal. Purchasing a ticket means a passenger agrees to a Contract of Carriage, including this language:

    “Passengers who wear or display, and refuse to cover or stow, clothing or other items deemed to be lewd, profane, obscene, or patently offensive.”

    The woman is clearly after selfish attention, it’s time for a reality check.

    • Sara did not refuse to “cover or stow” the item. She was removed from the aircraft by a bigoted stewardess who behaves like a political commissar. Her husband was also removed for NO reason whatsoever.
      This type of unprofessional behavior exhibited has become systemic with “Alaska Airlines”, this is not a one off incident.
      Not only for fare paying passengers, but for employees. This Washington based airline does not exhibit the ethics and spirit of Alaska. We do not accept totalitarian tactics by businesses that are profiting from the use of our state and our Inupiat elders in their logo.
      An airline that has already killed 88 people through specific cost saving policy in avoiding basic maintenance is very suspect in their ability to maintain proper maintenance and safety protocols, when management is obsessed with forcing their unpopular political opinions on passengers.
      We must end the use of Alaska state funds spent on this corporation for official business now. Let the airline compete by attracting market share of private travel only.

      • I’m curious, Brian, were you present, and did you personally witness this incident? You have an ax to grind, which is certainly your prerogative. You and others are free to fly another carrier or take a boat. If you can’t live with an airline that enforces its own contract with its passengers, you should seek alternate forms of transportation. If you equate “totalitarianism” with a private enterprise exercising its right to enforce its own policies, you need to revisit what “totalitarianism” means. It’s a false equivalency. No organization is perfect – mistakes are made. However when it’s obvious to a number of people that a passenger’s behavior is rude, profane, and disrespectful to authority (in this case, flight crew members who are employed to primarily ensure flight safety and compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations) that passenger will not fly. Pretty simple.

  30. Do you believe in your God’given right to locomotion – a right that preceded your right to breathe – a right you used in the womb. From that comes your right to liberty, to travel, to life. If you believe God gave you the right to liberty, travel, and that right is unalienable in the US Constitution do you believe the Constitution that so many of its heirs and heros who died perserving it and were maimed for was for nothing?

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