Sen. Rand Paul vows to introduce bill to repeal airline mask mandate


On Twitter Thursday, Sen. Rand Paul of vowed to introduce legislation to remove the mask mandate now in effect for airlines.

“When the Senate returns to session, I will be introducing an immediate repeal of the mask mandate on planes,” Paul wrote. “Enough! Time to stop this farce and let people travel in peace!”

Paul,  a Republican and the junior United States Senator from Kentucky since 2011, is a physician who has been a critic of the Biden mask mandates contained in the transportation executive order signed by the president on his first day in office.

The Senate returns to session on July 12.


  1. Way past time for federal agencies to FOLLOW THEIR OWN CDC GUIDANCE that they continually pressure us to follow.

    Thank you Senator Paul.

    • …which means he went to medical school and then specialized and is an MD. Optometrists do not hold a medical degree, but are a DO….so your point???

    • Ophthalmologists complete 12 to 13 years of training and education, and are licensed to practice medicine and surgery. Definition from American Academy of Opthamologists. In short, he is an M.D. He is also a specialist, like a neurologist or dermatologist. Stop throwing shade.

    • And you, Frank Rast, are a disingenuous, diversionary and duplicitous troll.
      Just as you are in the ADN website’s comment sections, where only one side —- the radical leftist side, your side — is effectively allowed to express an opinion. I know, because I was banned by them twice, not for being uncivil in any way, but merely for expressing an opinion that was contrary to their rigid and conformist party line.

  2. This is why I’ve supported Senator Paul since the beginning. I encourage everyone to sign up for his newsletter.

  3. Which bill will sadly go nowhere in the “woke”, Democratically-led House.
    It is so ironic, and just indicative of their divorce from reality, that the radical extremist authoritarian leftists chose to call themselves “woke”, as I know of nobody in the political sphere who are more asleep (if not outright brain-dead).

  4. Good for him.
    The silence from our own three people who represent us D.C. on this issue, is still deafening.

  5. At a minimum this needs to stop. But don’t get any ideas that this Covid Fascism is over by any stretch.

  6. I understand that before this virus newer planes had very high efficiency hepa filters. Translation: cleaner air than many places. Rand Paul is 100 percent right. We do NOT need masks on planes.

    • Even the older planes exchanged the air more often than your average office building, restaurant, or shop. Often enough that if you “caught a cold” on the flight, it was likely from touching the arm rest, tray table, or seatbelt, then transferring the virus to your nose/mouth, or eyes.
      If you clean off the armrest, belt buckle, and tray table with a bleach/antiseptic wipe before you sit down, the odds of catching anything on a plane is almost zero.

  7. On my last flight a few months ago everyone would pull down their masks when the flight attendants were away and pull them up when they walked past. They still serve beverages and snacks which you have to pull your mask down to use anyway. Just ridiculous.

    • I just read a week or so ago, I read on the airlines website that even if you drink or eat,.. in-between bites/swallows of drink/food, you must wear a mask over your mouth..kinda touchy myself..(Yes, last summer, there were people starting to abused the previous statement which said “as long as you’re eating you don’t need to wear the mask” Stretching their eating/drinking throughout out the flight.. stretching the rules.)

  8. Frank, an ophthalmologist IS a medical doctor. They perform extremely delicate surgery on the eyes using laser technology. My ophthalmologist just removed cataracts from both my eyes, inserting artificial lenses, preventing me from gradually going blind. Have some respect.

    • MF, it is clear that Frank Rast has no logical or factual basis to attack Rand Paul, or his proposed bill, so he has to resort to irrelevant diversions and nonsensical ad hominem attacks.

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