Woman says she was removed from Alaska Airlines jet for wearing a ‘Trump’ mask


Sara Gamache is an avid bowhunter and archery competitor living in Seattle. She has flown Alaska Airlines all of her life. But no more.

On June 24, Gamache was removed from a flight bound from Seattle to Denver because she boarded the jet wearing a mask with the word “Trump 2020” and “F*ck your feelings” on it in smaller letters.

Flight attendants told Gamache to remove the mask and wear a plain mask, an order that she complied with since she had a black mask in her purse.

But then, without explanation, the attendants returned to her row, told her she would have to get off the plane, and so would her husband.

Sara Gamache said she was bullied by Alaska Airlines over her Trump mask.

Must Read Alaska spoke with Gamache to confirm her story and we reached out to Alaska Airlines, but have received no response.

Gamache said what she experienced that day was bullying by the flight attendants. In her post on Instagram about the event, and confirmed in an interview with her, she said she was asked to remove her Trump mask because it was against the company “policy” concerning profanity.

“To avoid any conflict or delaying the flight any further, I immediately complied and changed the Trump mask to a solid black one (which you see in the video). However, they came back to my seat 5 minutes later saying I was getting kicked off anyways because the mask I was originally wearing made people feel uncomfortable,” Gamache wrote.

She said she has worn the mask on at least six previous Alaska Airlines flights. Gamache, who was on her way to an archery competition in Colorado, asked to see the policy, but the flight attendants refused to provide it, and said the plane needed to take off, so she needed to leave.

As she exited the jet, a number of people in the back of the plane screamed profanities at her, called her names, and a flight attendant mocked her: “How does it feel to be humiliated? … the fact that the back of the plane is clapping that you’re getting kicked off.”

“The worst part is they kicked my husband off. He is active duty military so he couldn’t say anything and didn’t say one word the entire time. He had ZERO involvement, yet was unfairly removed as well,” Gamache wrote. Her husband is Army Special Forces, and cannot wear any political messages; he had not said a word during the entire episode. Gamache said no matter how the flight attendants felt about her mask, they had no call to remove her husband.

“The good news is I document everything and have photos of me wearing this EXACT same mask on other Alaska Airlines flights and there was no issue, proving that on this flight I was kicked off strictly because of the beliefs of the flight attendants,” she said on her Instagram post.

Sara Gamache’s Instagram account of the incident is at this link

Gamache is not done. Through her attorney, she has asked for an apology from Alaska Airlines, but has received no response. She is launching a website next week, saying it will be a place where other people can share their stories about Alaska Airlines’ treatment of passengers. She has also received a permit to protest outside their headquarters, and plans to do so.

As for her trip to the archery competition, Gamache decided not to board an Alaska Airlines jet. She took Southwest instead.


  1. Lawsuit! Big lawsuit! Hit them where it hurts. I am writing to let them know my disgust (as a MVP Gold with half a million miles). They need to know that we are sick of their ‘woke’ policies.

    • AK, so you are MVP Gold. They have you wrapped around their little finger. You will do nothing to hurt them.

      • I generally have little say in which airline the company chooses, but now with Ravn returning that could change.

    • Yep. Same here. A once great airline that’s gone Woke and routinely treats passengers like garbage. I wish there was a viable option. Alaska Airlines is now North Seattle Airlines. They suck.

    • I really wonder if most who are commenting actually read the story. She was not removed for wearing Trump 2020. She was removed for the profanity statement below it which is crude, uncalled for, accomplishes nothing and AK Air has had a policy regarding for a number of years. You can’t wear clothing with profanity on their planes.

      • 1. She removed the mask (reportedly).
        2. I have witnessed leftist obscenity on clothing on aircraft, including F**k Trump (t-shirt), which was not evicted nor covered. Of course that was prior to the recent election and times were different then.

    • Same here. Quarter-million miles here. I will not choose Alaska Air when other carriers are available. I’ve emailed and texted them, saying such. That they’ve lost an Alaskan family of five flying all over the country with them. Sucks for them… their blatant partisanship and rudeness is disgusting..

  2. Was planning to reserve our flights this week for our fall trip outside. And have a bunch of miles that will go unused unless Alaska Air apologizes and makes sure the flight attendants are reprimanded.
    Not that happy with Delta but how is Southwest???

    • To the airlines, miles-purchased flights are Non-Revenue. Don’t think you are hurting Alaska Airlines, or any airline for that matter, for choosing not to use your accumulated miles.

      • I wonder if being sued for BIG money is considered “non-rev” by the corporation? I hope AA loses bigly………

        • Not true. There are a LOT of ways to earn miles that don’t involve giving the airline money.

        • You can accumulate miles by the using the BOA Alaska Airlines card, I’m seriously considering cancelling mine if this garbage continues.

  3. There are individual flight attendants doing this crap out of their spiteful little hearts– I hope that Alaska responds with a decent reply and apology for what happened– They’ve been my airline of choice for years but if they are going all political on us–as a whole– we’ll have to look elsewhere too.

    • No one has a “right to freedom of speech” on private property which is controlled by the property owner (the plane). Airlines have broad discretion when it comes to kicking people off. What the lady may have a claim for fair and equal treatment without discrimination. If she can show other passengers fly Alaska with written expressions on their apparel without consequence it would support her claim.

      • Wayne, your argument is both true and irrelevant. Just because corporations (which are NOT free market entities but inherently creations of government) have the putative right to act as tyrants, that does not mean that it is in our, or even their, best interests to do so. Just because what they are doing is legal in the strictest sense of the word, does not make it right.

      • Last time I checked, the Constitution was the supreme law of the country. No business has the right to deny your freedom of expression period. Amazing how we have had to put up with the left’s expression while we sit silent, but the moment we express something counter their mindset we are violating some made up law they want us to believe exist.

        • So, you’re saying the constitution allows someone to enter your private business premises, that you personally own, wearing Nazi, communist, KKK and NAMBLA regalia… and you are prohibited from trespassing them off your property? Really?

      • Do commericial transportation “corporations/persons” routinely accept public subsidies? If yes the they return themselves to the public arena from the private status and must operate according to the US Constitution.

  4. It’s time to demand Alaska Airlines change their name, I suggest Seattle Commie Airlines.

    • I’m appalled..Alaska has been my airline of choice and loved their service. I recently took a trip to Vegas on first.class.. And I’m also an investor.. I might have to reevaluate my choice now and also think about investing with them.. Alaska forgot that 75 Million Voters can hurt their business.. Until they apologize, I will not be flying Alaska in the near future..

      • Bye Chiecia!

        Have fun walking to the Lower 48.

        PS Alaska Air knows how to do math and 81 million real people who work and pay taxes are more than 75 million on entitlements glued to Faux News.

  5. This is just plain wrong and Alaska Airlines will lose big time for this mistake unless it gets corrected very quickly…..
    Sara Gamache did everything right and Alaska Airlines employee’s did everything wrong….I am a gold 75 passenger on Alaska airlines and have been one for many years and am a founder and life member of the board room but certainly take a dim view of Alaska Airlines actions related to this report….and I sure hope will see something positive from them and soon….My wife and I are currently scheduled to travel with Alaska again next Wed morning at 8 am…

    • There’s no such thing as “life time board room membership” – sounds like an impressive thing to convince internet strangers.

      No Alaska elite has ever said the phrase “gold 75 passenger” – did you run this through a Russian to English translation service?

      Put your money where you mouth is, cancel that flight tomorrow, book something else full price… make Alaska “suffer” by paying out the ass to another airline.

      • Charlie Bussell has been in Alaska and been a big part of building infrastructure around here for a lot more years than I have (which is my whole life) – and I’ve done a lot. He’s built companies, employed Alaskans, served on state and private boards, and done a lot I probably have no idea of.

        He also uses his real name, “mr leopard”

        Some respect please for people who have actually contributed to this great state.

  6. If no apology then I am done with them. I have heard of other instances such as this but none were done against anyone promoting liberal ideology. This “woke” crap is about to backfire

    • Yes. It should be on the list of of contraband items.

      The Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation named the events at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 an “insurrection,” and “an act of domestic terrorism.” Everyone with eyes to see and ears to hear knows Trump incited our national horror by exhorting followers to, “march on the Capitol.”

      Trump is both Insurrectionist and Domestic Terrorist Number One.

      • Sophie, I wish you a speedy recovery from your Trump Derangement Syndrome. Alas, as is usually the case, I fear that it will be terminal.

        • What? No dispute of material fact? That’s because you KNOW better.

          And you conservatives can’t even come up with your own “things” — You just remove “Obama” from “Obama Derangement Syndrome” that we coined almost 14 years ago and you insert TFG’s name. How LAZY can you get!

          • OK, how about this, then, Sophie:

            1) What happened at the US Capitol on January 6th was a good and positive development, wherein the people (gently) reminded the government that it is THEY who truly hold power, not the tyrants on the Potomac;
            2) #1 being said, what happened on that day was manifestly NOT an insurrection, as no meaningful violence or force was used against authorities, nor, more pointedly, was there any attempt to seize power from existing authorities, the very definition of an insurrection;
            3) I am not a conservative, your simplistic and erroneous binary thinking to the contrary;
            4) Trump Derangement Syndrome is leaps and bounds more widespread, more pernicious, and more hysterical than Bush or Obama Derangement Syndromes ever were.

      • Calling that an insurrection is laughable, there was nothing that happened on that day that would even come close to qualifying it as an insurrection. Go back to your padded room and take your meds.

        • To Hunter: Ad hominem attacks are always the refuge of those without the favor of facts in an argument.

          To Jefferson:
          1. Domestic Violent Extremism –or as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley stated — “white rage,” is the “good and positive development” of which you speak?! News Flash for you! The vast majority of this country does not consider DVE or “white rage” good OR positive.

          2. Violently entering the seat of the United States Congress and attempting to stop the certification of each State Elector’s vote pursuant to the Constitution is — AHEM — by its very ACTION — defining the POWER of INSURRECTION. (Don’t play word games with me.)

          3. I take that back. My brother is a conservative. He’s not a threat to the Republic. You are.

          The only place that so-called syndrome exists is in your mind, along with the the fetid DVE internet/dark net ecosystem fantasy where you time-travel back to 1950 and everyone is white, blond, All-American and Masters of the Universe once more .

          • Sophie, your intellectually ignorant, vacuous, deceitful and malevolent SOPHISTRY only demonstrate that you, Sophie, were very appropriately named. You and your radical extremist, ‘woke’ leftist ilk are, quite simply, both evil and insane.

  7. The mask “…made people feel uncomfortable.” This is in contrast to people yelling at you using bad language in front of EVERYone else on the plane while the flight attendant condones it. No discomfort there. See? It wasn’t about making someone uncomfortable. It was more. And we are missing it.
    The longer we tolerate bad behavior, the sooner we’ll consider it normal to not only discriminate against people with which we disagree but to actively injure and harass the same.
    We spent an entire year tolerating politicians who “played a doctor on TV” telling us how to take care of our own health. One of the outward ways we indirectly showed our approval of these messages (this bad behavior) was by obediently wearing a mask any time we saw any paper sign or felt any urge to fit in. We may have disagreed. But our actions helped others be more convinced they were right. We continued to support those businesses that demanded we listen to the armchair doctors.
    And we should not now be surprised that the bad behavior at the back of a plane will be generally accepted as a normal response to the newly named “domestic terrorist”. And again, we do not push back. No one stands up and walks off the plane. No one stands up to challenge the bullies to behave better. And be ready, the Left has learned to call out the Right for exactly what they do, even it is untrue.
    As an example this week, who was it we were told that clamored to “defund the police” last year? Yup. The Left has sung us a new narrative. And before long, we’ll be humming along, even it is not true. It’s all the Right’s fault. The Left has succeeded in pinning the tail on the elephant by blaming the Right for much of their own behavior.
    Sara is finding out what the rest of us will be finding out if we don’t push back soon. But likely it will be too late. This is yet another canary in the coal mine.

    • Very well written response, depicting the the culture war we currently find ourselves in.
      What’s next in our society (???):
      … Facebook and other social media platforms eliciting friends and family declaring you an “extremist” because of your political beliefs?
      … Disparaging and bullying treatment because you personally decided to “not” get the vaccine?
      … Disparaging and bullying treatment because of your political affiliation – beliefs, and the political sign in your front yard?
      … Disparaging and bullying treatment because of the industry you work within (ie Oil & Gas)?
      … Disparaging and bullying treatment because of your personal Faith?
      … Disparaging and bullying treatment because God given gender?
      Oh wait, that’s already happening. It’s definitely a culture war, and we’ll have to stand up … push back, as this disparaging and bullying treatment will certainly continue to get worse.

      • Susan J. Li, Vice President Finance, Facebook, Inc. sits on Alaska Airline’s board.

    • Scott Rees, I couldn’t agree more. It is what I too have been warning against and have also actively lived out with the hope of inspiring others to stop buying into the propaganda and see see for themselves the damage they are helping to create by blindly complying with the misinformed policies that are not instituted for our safety, but rather to control us. Cattle can be pushed, but sheep must be lead; but this flock will follow anyone.

  8. No surprise here, from the airline that sells Black Lives Matter shirts through their gift department. Alaska Airlines is run by a bunch of Lefties. It’s been that way for the past 30 years, since Bruce Kennedy departed. What do you expect from an airline that is based in Seattle and paints the likeness of rocker Jerry Garcia on their tailfin?

      • Somewhat true. But AK Air is regulated by the federal govt so it is not entirely innocent of violating the First Amendment rights. Remember, the flight attendants say “It is a federal law that requires everyone to wear a mask covering their mouth and nose”. BTW, it is not a federal law. It is a federal regulation. What if the TSA (which AK Air quotes re the mask policy) says everyone must wear a Pro-Biden Mask?

  9. Alaska Airlines needs to change its name. It does not deserve to use the name of this great state.

    • The only thing “Alaskan” about Alaska Airlines is their name. The State of Alaska should have some say as to who can use the name of our State to generate revenue, when the policies of that entity are anathema to most residents of Alaska. All Alaska Airlines does is rip off Alaskans with ridiculous fares. It is cheaper to fly from Seattle to Boston than to fly Anchorage to Bethel.

  10. I think it’s time we looked to find out if the Alaska Airlines landing permit for all of Alaska could be suspended. Bullying is a two way street.

  11. Not surprising in the least that this happened. Alaska Air has become politically active over the last couple of years. Alaska Air has morphed into a Corporate Fascists entity. What is really wrong is that so many of us do not have a choice since the demise of Ravn. Chartering remains an option but it very expensive.. Hopefully this woman will get a hefty payday from the idiots that manage Alaska Airlines. It would be a teachable moment as another idiot was fond of saying.

  12. I have hated AK Air for many years, and wished that they would take the name of our state off of their planes…..

    • I have informed this airline company for years that they have ruined our good name and that they should change to something like Seattle Airlines. They don’t care. They’ll take advantage of Alaska and Alaskans at every opportunity. Like, for example, charging much more for flights between Anchorage and Juneau than they charge for flights between Anchorage and Portland. Do the math. You can see that Alaskans are being screwed.

  13. I already let Alaska Airlines know that their announcement about mask wearing and Federal Law is incorrect because Congress has passed no Law and TSA does not make Laws. They need to learn that of they continue a Lawsuit could be lodged against them.

    • Steve, Congress passes something called Authorizing Legislation.

      As with everything legislative, it can get gnarly. Let’s just say where agencies are concerned, Congress “authorizes” the Executive Branch to promulgate (issue) whatever regulations (administrative rules backed by the force of the underlying Congressional legislation) necessary to carry out the legislation’s intent.

      • Congress writes Law, a Presidential EO is not Law, as seen by Biden canceling President Trump’s EO.

        • Steven, do you even understand the legal hierarchy of:

          The Constitution, congressional legislation, Executive branch administrative/departmental regulations and presidential Executive Orders?

          No, I thought not. So, stop talking about it so people won’t know the limits of your knowledge.

          • Limits of knowledge is in your little pea brain. An EO is not enforceable and can be rescind or changed by the next person sitting in the seat.

      • Sophie when did the US Constitution cease to exist. What date exactly and who informed the sovereign people? Their elected servants; the foreign owned media? Was the loss of Constitutional rights consented by the people of the United States?

  14. BOYCOTT AK Air!!!! Fly United!! Anything other that bigoted AK AIR!!!: I want Confidence in my flight crew!!! I have booked two more flights for the summer, unfortunately with AK AIR!! I am changing my credit card after the disgusting flights this summer.


  15. You know, when a band of people wearing Trump logos and flying Trump flags violently invade the Capitol, it’s not hard to understand why airlines, flight crews, and the general public might be apprehensive to have people sporting such apparel on a flight.

    • So when a band of people wearing BLM logos and flying BLM flags violently riot across America and the Capital, looting and burning, its HARD to understand why airlines, flight crews, and the general public might be apprehensive to have people sporting such apparel on a flight.

      Your dog don’t hunt, baby.

      • Tell that to all those Proud Boys and Three Percenters in D.C. federal lockup — trying to avoid 10-year stays in ye old Crowbar Hotel — by flipping like freshwater bass trying to throw a hook

        • So Lady Justice has been corrupted, is not blind but merely serves as the puppet of her political slave master in the US at any given “democratic” time? How special.

          • If Lady Justice was corrupted it was by the likes of the families of insurrectionists like Lt. Col. Larry Brock, Guy Reffett (an especially nice specimen of Trumpian patriotism who threatened to murder his entire family if they called the police — so his son went STRAIGHT to the FBI with the threat); and Riley June Williams, the petite, little thing who stole Pelosi’s laptop and wanted to send it to TFG’s good bud, Vlad P.

            You see, those families are just a mere SAMPLING of loved ones, present and former, who made great effort to provide Lady Justice the “corrupt” tools of links to uploads their insurrectionist loved ones made to their OWN online accounts, along with the aforementioned death threats, etc.

            Yeah, yeah, SO corrupt

          • Yeah, corrupt like tossing President Trump’s loyal employee on the 4th of July weekend making that straightforward employee an actual political prisoner. That kind of corrupt stank. You know what I mean. That is the corruption which is beneath the ideals of this country Sophie.

          • Should federal agents be posting anonymously in chatrooms. How much are they paid an hour to do this undercover work or are we not allowed to know this. Like all the other stuff we don’t know because globalist masters disrespect American liberties and right to news and facts. We would like an even playing field or is that not allowed either.

    • That’s B.S. We had over a year of VIOLENT protests, assaults and looting from BLM and Antifa supporters and their logos are tolerated everywhere. You people are hypocrites.

    • As usual, Whidbey the Rabid Cur, your “logic” leaves a great deal to be desired.
      Why could not one say the same, and much more, regarding those (such as Alaska Airlines themselves) who openly sport “Black Lives Matter” shirts, hats, masks, etc., when it was BLM who violently engaged in the REAL insurrection last summer? But as is par for the course with radical extemist so-called leftists, your hypocrisy and double standards know no bounds.

      • Hmmm, Quite disappointed to hear Saras’ story!! I have been a strong Alaska Air supporter for many years.

      • Tell that to dead U.S. Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, his grieving mother, and partner (she said Brian was a Trump supporter, ironically).

        As for Ms Babbitt: Ashli Babbitt breached a barricaded door that the glass had been broken out of for that express purpose. She lost her life by her own choices. Insurrection is life or death.

        Ashli went looking for Death that day and dragged Brian down into its mouth along with her.

        • Brian Sicknick died of natural causes-sadly it was his time. A bullet to the neck of an unarmed young woman does not count as ‘natural causes.’ Believe it or not, there is a difference. And I remind you that Derek Chauvin will spend decades in jail for killing an unarmed man high on illicit drugs.

          • Brian Sicknick died of a massive stroke suffered as the proximate cause of a prolonged attack on him showed on video. Not only was he struck with body and head blows, he was subjected to prolonged inhalation exposure to bear repellent directly in his face. He died hours later in hospital from massive stroke.

            Regarding George Floyd: As the prosecution witness, Dr. Tobin said, Fentanyl did not kill Mr. Floyd, that murdering cop kneeling on his neck for 9 minutes and 29 seconds killed him. PERIOD.

            One other point of interest: From your statement, I find you a pretty cold customer. Seems you would have cops running around killing unarmed drug addicts with impunity. Perhaps particularly those similarly situated to Mr. Floyd, since you mentioned his case unprompted.

        • Sophie, your craven and kneejerk (not to mention sickening) pro-authority mentality personifies the very definitions of the words “bootlicker” and “Quisling”.

    • The Capitol riot was an abomination of stupidity, one jumped upon (as it should have been) by the media, full stop! But the fact that the leftist media IGNORE and JUSTIFY just about every LEFTIST transgression says more about them than it does about OJ style slow speed riot on Capitol hill. #portland #chicago #seattleautonomouszone #1971weatherundergroundcapitoldrenovations

    • But BLM hasn’t done anything violent or lawless, so promoting them all over the airport should make us all feel warm and cozy inside, right? Hypocrite.

  16. Just curious, I seem to recall Alaska Air had BLM Tee- shirts for sale awhile back. Am I wrong? Please straighten me out here. If I am correct isn’t that political speech too? Just wondering.

  17. I have no words to describe my disgust for AK Airlines except that I will never set foot on one of their planes again.

  18. So if someone wore a Biden mask and it made me feel uncomfortable then would they get kicked off too?

  19. I can see the flight attendants nipples through her shirt in the photo.. I am extremely offended by this.

  20. There is no mention of a Trump mask in this video nor do you see a pic of a Trump mask. The security officers in the video tell her that first she wore a mesh mask and then she wore a mask with the F word on it. The pilot is the one that wants her removed. This story is wrong and this woman is lying.

    • If the F word is involved it colors this story a little differently. It would be good to get that clarification.

  21. Trump Derangement Syndrome is very real and a mark of those who have little mental stability.

  22. Had BLM shirts for sale? AK Airlines still does have this domestic terrorist group’s logo on t-shirts for sale here:


    Black Lives Matter Chicago organizer Ariel Atkins last month equated looting with “reparations.”

    “I don’t care if someone decides to loot a Gucci or a Macy’s or a Nike store, because that makes sure that person eats,” Atkins said. “That makes sure that person has clothes. That is reparations.”

    Black Lives Matter New York leader Hawk Newsome downplayed rioting in an April interview with Fox News. “I think that it is a tool of white supremacy to say if you want freedom, then you get it by protesting peacefully,” he said. In another interview with Fox News in June, Newsome said, “I don’t condone nor do I condemn rioting.”

  23. Gal should not have worn the Trump mask while boarding. She should have put it on AFTER the flight took off. That’s what I do with my Trump t shirts, take off my over shirt.
    In 2016 the Sunday after Trump took office, I was on the flight from Philadelphia to Seattle.
    At the boarding gate G4, there were anti Trump protesters with their crude vulgar signs. All women, they were not only taking up several seats lying down. They also have their carry on luggage on the seats. Seeing several elderly people and a mother with two toddlers and a baby standing, I complained to the Alaska Airlines staff. They did nothing.
    Then I needed to go to the men’s room, and the women tried to block my way. It did not work, I shove them out of the way.
    Once we were seated on the aircraft prior to the safety speech, a 60 year old looking blond flight attendant asked the entire plane “ Who went to the anti Trump rally?” and “Did you make yourself heard?” The plane erupted in cheers and sign waving. Trust me all the other people were ill at ease. During the loooong 51/2 flight the body language and no conversation was obvious. On departing the flight in Seattle, I never experienced this ever before. No man helped any women unless he was with her. These 100 pound women with 50 pound bags in the overhead were left to figure it out.
    On the Jet way while disembarking several of the women protesters tried to jump the line. I witnessed and participated in deploying a arm bar to keep the radicle bitches in there place in line.
    Outcome after writing several letters to Alaska Airlines, Philadelphia gate staff were great and very apologetic. Flight crew people silence.
    Unfortunately Alaska Airlines is the only choice in many places in Alaska.
    So carrier choice is not an option.
    When I can, I fly with others.

  24. The attendant who mocked her and the passengers should all be included in your civil suit!! The attendant(s) should be fired!! Against “profanity” guidelines?? I call BS!!

  25. I just checked Alaska Airlines website. Item 24451-2587 is an Alaska Airlines unisex (I would thiink they would choose a different term, but anyway) BLM Tshirt. Curiously, it is only available in 2-4XL.

  26. Charlie, You and If are in a small and very unrecognized group of people. We were some of the people who kept Alaska Airlines out of bankruptcy in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Alaska Airlines does not care, they do not have to! They are used to getting things on their terms always. They have forgot where they came from, and we the people of Alaska need to remind them of this by flying other airlines.

  27. My wife experienced the same thing on an Alaska Airlines flight to Seattle. They clearly targeted her and kept hanging out in the aisle to warn her every time she took a drink. They handed her one of those “last warning” cards. On our return flight she used a different mask and wasn’t approached once even with her mask half off most of the flight. The airlines should change their name to “Seattle Airlines” (not all of WA is liberal) and stop using the name of our great State to sell their brand!

  28. The two flight attendants look big enough to be linebackers on the Seahawks football team. I would not be surprised if Ms. Gamache wasn’t fearful of serious bodily harm from them. Way to go Alaska Airlines – crew your planes with bullies!

  29. I agree with Brad about boycotting the airline.

    But I would also sue the pants off them…… ca-ching again.

  30. Next time wear a BLM shirt and a Trump hat…the little liberal flight attendants won’t know what to do. They’ll be so conflicted that it could cause a stroke…especially if they’ve gotten the experimental mRNA gene therapy shots.

  31. Am I going to get bounced off the plane because I wear a Sturm-Ruger hat?

    I too wrote Alaska Airlines. I’m shamed that Alaska is painted on there airplanes. This isn’t what Alaskan’s and Alaska is all about. I travel several times a year in-state and lower 48 for business and some pleasure. I’m going to rethink on how I get around.

    Not only should that flight attendant get canned, but so should the Captain in the wheel house. Ultimately, the Captain is in charge. I’m 100% positive that what was happening in the cabin was being communicated to the wheel house.

    The only way your going affect change with Alaska Air by massive loss revenue.
    I hope they do the right thing by the Gamache family. I’m talking a minimum of Million Mile Cards for her and her husband, an apology and proof of termination of the flight crew.

  32. We should start a mass movement of Alaska Airlines passengers wearing masks that boldly state “I will not be bullied by Alaska Airlines”. No ‘profanity’ in that statement, either. Let them chew on that!

  33. Commie Air makes most of its revenue serving Lower 48 cities. I quit flying them and now use Delta and Ravn. Can’t wait to see Trump’s 757 land up here for the Big Rally.

    • Ellen, I think they make the Lion share of their PROFIT in their Alaska Market, think Southeast.

  34. Susan J. Li, Vice President Finance, Facebook, Inc. sits on Alaska Airline’s board.

  35. Just a thought…. if a whole lot of others had chosen to walk off as well, then they would have had to empty all the baggage and spend ages sifting through it in order to remove the bags… the delay would have been a lot greater and the crews actions would have had a much greater impact on all the Liberals that chose to clap and mock her mask choice.

    • Your idea would be an excellent narrative for a Hollywood sgreenplay It just doesn’t occur in, real life. People act in self-interest.

      • But the fact is, Wayne, that it WOULD have been in the longer-term self-interest of every outraged passenger to have done exactly as Arctic Blast suggests. The fact that they did not do so is merely a reflective of the narrow, short-term, unprincipled, cowardly and self-defeating (so-called) thinking that prevails nowadays.

  36. Would a Biden/Harris mask get you removed as well? How about a BLM mask? I’m thinking they wouldn’t.

  37. Listen to all the whiners on here complaining about a private corporation exercising its unique rights (similar to ships) to control who stays on board its planes. Most complainers boast how they are MVP members, have big mileage accounts, or long-term patrons of Alaska Airlines…. all of which types of status they believe gives them more credibility to complain. However, in fact, these various status levels merely reveal the complainers wrapped around the little finger of Alaska Airlines.
    Federal law gives broad latitude to stewardesses to kick passengers off flights. Needless to say, many of these airline servants are vindictive, underachieving tyrants waiting for a moment to flex their authority on what they see as worthy targets of their leftist ideology.
    Sadly, most of us need Alaska Airlines far more than they need us. That is a tough position for us. But, we must admit we allowed it to evolve to this.

    Question: why aren’t airline mile benefits required to be declared on your IRS return?

    • They aren’t private, they are Socialists/Fascists as AK Airlines took tax payer bailout money to stay in “Business”.

  38. Alaska Air’s best run was in the 80’s an early 90’s when they flew 727s which had four creative and distinct symbols of Alaska on the tail. Now it’s just down to one.
    Bruce Kennedy steered that airline to the success that it became. The new CEOs bought into the Seattle Leftist mindset and turned Alaska Air into a symbol of totalitarian compliance and liberal speak. Not my air carrier anymore. They took the Alaska spirit out of the air.

    • They should just repaint and rename. Rainbow colors and black tail assembly. LGBTQ and BLM Air. That’ll fill up those seats.

  39. I’ll be interested to see if she’s able to prove the facts as she’s provided. If so, it’s more than just a PR problem for Alaska Airlines.

    I observe how little her complaint is being covered in traditional/legacy media outlets. Have they done more investigatory diligence than MRAK, or are they complicit because of ideological alignment or commercial relationships with Alaska Airlines?

    Either way, I’m looking forward to learning more as the story unfolds.

  40. Has Alaska Airlines made a formal statement regarding this matter? 42 year AK Air flyer and Trump supporter!

  41. Wayne Coogan, you are partly correct regarding primacy of personal property, ie, AK Air owns their planes, however no Company or Corporation is above your Constitutional rights. Don’t believe me? Go ask Rosa Parks. Your come back Appreciated.
    This is about cancel culture Mr. Coogan, I know you are bright enough to grasp that concept.

    • Federal law does not give the same broad discretion to bus drivers that it gives to the captain/crew of ships or planes. Its really that simple when comparing this matter to the Rosa Parks incident.
      The strength of this woman’s case is more political than legal. It does appear tyrannical airline servants can now mistreat customers with impunity. Cancel culture is the new rage of the communist left. We see more and more symptoms arising.
      Our judicial system has always been perverted by politics; however, we see it metastasizing into an entirely unrecognizable arm of the totalitarian-communist-leftist movement in America.
      May Yahweh extend His protective hand over our republic.

  42. The airlines has certainly gotten way too big for its britches! I hope this couple takes this flight attendant to task. I was humiliated by TSA in Atlanta! No excuses for bullying!

  43. Question: Did the passenger couple have their bags taken off the plane? If not, the AK Air violated TSA “law” since bags cannot travel without the passenger due to terrorism. Maybe folks should wear “Fly Delta” masks. I wear my “This Mask is as Useless as Joe Biden” mask and get many positive comments and thumbs up. Dissenters look away.

  44. “First they came for the Jews
    and I did not speak out
    because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for the Communists
    and I did not speak out
    because I was not a Communist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists
    and I did not speak out
    because I was not a trade unionist.

    Then they came for me
    and there was no one left
    to speak out for me.”

    Martin Niemöller

  45. Unfortunately Sara’s own video on her Facebook page suggests there’s more to this story and that she’s lying. The attendant says first she was asked to change a mesh mask, then one with the F word.

  46. I like Alaska Airlines and I will continue to fly with them. Their service is great.

    If all of you are so very angry with Alaska Airlines… don’t fly with them…simple. I appreciate their efforts to handle people who are just pushing for a problem to start and then are asked to leave the plane. Don’t waste anyone’s time with a silly confrontation. Get off the plane and find another way to get to where you are going.

    You won’t be missed, I assure you.

    • Seriously, Linda? So, if you wear a mask that says, “Clinton, Obama, or Biden,” it’s OK?

  47. As I posted earlier, Sara and her husband seems to have done everything right and Alaska Airlines employee’s everything wrong, and after reading the long list of comments from a broad base of commenters still feel that is likely the case. it also has occurred to me, the captain had an unsafe plane and crew ready to be flown….with a flight crew so confused or concerned with hate they were not qualified to do their jobs in the event of an emergency….and I can but wonder if the boarding gate crew welcomed all active Military to early board and thanked them for their service and seemed Ok with Sara and her husband to board this was not the end of the issue..!!!..I recently boarded a flight in Seattle where a woman with a face shield was held back until she agreed to wear a mask, but the issue was handled at the boarding gate by a supervisor who was summoned to address the issue not on the plane by a member of the cabin crew that should have been concerned with getting everyone seated and their safety once on board.!!!

  48. We do not care to associate with anyone who uses the F-word on their clothing, hats, on bumper stickers, etc. Not real smart. Hate to take the side of that Dirtbag Airline on this one but think about it. In the end it may have certainly been activist employees pushing the policy but people that wear that kind of dumb stuff regardless of their politics are not real smart. And for what it’s worth we feel the same way about idiots who use US flag material to make clothing and hats excetera. Not appropriate. Traveling by air nowadays is like riding the bus some years ago, absolutely no respect for others by 80% of the people flying. Even first class sucks on most US Airlines now.

    • Craig, I totally agree with you about the use of the American flag on clothing, hats, shoes, etc. It is vulgar and offensive. Which is maybe why it was never seen until relatively recently, given the ongoing decline in decency, civility, morality and every other kind of standards in this country.

  49. I would be more sympathetic if her mask hadn’t included profanity on it (the f* word).

    That being said, that she immediately complied should have been enough. The flight attendants should have told the “uncomfortable” to suck it up, or themselves leave.

  50. Since when is it OK to go out in public uttering vulgarities or wearing clothing displaying profanity? Answer: NEVER! Particularly when you are aggressively seeking confrontation over Trump issues. The inconvenience experienced by this self-righteous couple is of their own making, and it did no favors to those of us who supported, and still support, the former President. These “victims” need to be shamed, not celebrated.

  51. Not hunting season so this social media drama queen needed some content for her 24000 Twitter followers. I have been flying more than I like this past year. Amazing myself and million of other Americans have not been thrown off the plane.

  52. This premise that “businesses can do whatever they want” has gone on too long. That is false. Business is an existential, perpetual INVITATION to the WHOLE PUBLIC for a single purpose: engage in trade. Get what you want, give what they want. Business is being seen as an equal entity as the individual, corporeal living being for whom the articles of the Constitution and it’s tenets apply. Wrong, they do not get to invite you to do business, then pull the rug out at their whim, especially political whim. They do not get to selectively dissect and segregate you from your constiutional protections. That is INFLICTING INJURY, and is not without due recompense. Using ‘safety’ – a religion becoming a cult – to impose on your liberties can only be applicable if there is reasonable cause to demonstrate a threat. An imposition because they ‘dont know one way or another’ is an infraction with infinite inevitable variables. Using ‘other people’s FEAR or claims of ‘being uncomfortable, for the same reason as the, always 100% abitrarily defined parameters of safety is an outright assault. What Alaska Airlines, a company I have respected in the past, is egregious. And, if her claims are all accurate, an assault on EVERYONE, including the vapid minded that, in the midst of their offended sensibilities and POLITICALLY FEIGNED FEARS hurled their own insult when the authority APPEASED their wishes. (People fake fear for the political ground they may gain. It’s a child’s strategy). The ‘mob mentality. I wonder if there is historic evidences of business entities, encouraged and emboldened The State as with our current occupied seat of government, seizing freedoms and oppressing individual expressions of certain politically disenfranchised people in pre-war Germany? Just because it had become popular, just because they can. “Comply or else” “Comply or starve” “Comply or die” This ELECTION (yes, COVID is an integrated factor initiated, purposed and a primer for the release of the primary weapon: Propaganda) has been a carpet bombing of abuses, strategic in that legal recourse becomes so congested and impeded that ground may be gained in the hope that damage (occupied government) may be irrevocably mutated. This is the face of political despotism. Business has become an extension of the State. We are NOT a democracy. That gives impetus and legal justification for a majority (presumably) to oppress the minority. We are a REPUBLIC, with protected inalienable principles untenable to seizure by the mob of ‘popular rule. Modified with the adjective, ‘democratic’. I hope, for us all, they find (maybe by pro bono offers resulting from visibilty) means to file a full and proper legal suit against Alaska Airlines. In one event Alaska Airlines has become a tainted, infected airline that I will avoid like a virus.

  53. Off subject but just a thought: on intrastate flights do federal mandates (not legislatively passed laws) apply? The state owns the airports, so can’t the governor tell the feds to stick it? Just a thought.

  54. Sophie, you might try thinking for yourself, off the MSNBC Kool Aid. Officer Sicknick was not the officer seen in the video, and he died of a medical illness. Sorry that does not meet the progressive fantasy tale.

    And someone is in jail for the death of George Floyd,who would possibly be alive today if he had merely followed instructions and complied with officer instructions, and not been killed by excessive Fentanyl in his system.

    Life is hard, it’s harder when you’re stupid, and everyone dies at some point. Just the facts. We all can’t be eternal like Rainbow Brite.

  55. Delighted to see all of these comments – hope ALK Air is reading them also. I saw the announcement of apparel for BLM being offered on website and did a double take. Thought nothing good would come of that – it hasn’t. Now I want anyone with BLM on the clothing kicked off the plane as well – its insulting !!!! I am also a million mile flyer with AK Air and was upset enough that I just took my first flight on Delta to Seattle/Portland because I was so upset about it. My loyalty has been broken !!!

  56. I’d be willing to bet that there’s more to this than met the Authors eye!!
    Maybe a photo of the TRUMP mask in question by the flight attendants, would straighten this out.

  57. This story is absolutely factual and TRUE! I was kicked off a flight in 2001 for reporting a rattling noise above row 22, which was happening as the plane taxied for take-off! I had learned to report mechanical noises on a plane because my husband and I were on THAT MD-80, which ROARED all the way back from Cabo. We rode that plane in Dec 1999. One month later THAT PLANE CRASHED NEAR CA COAST killing 88 people!!

    Can you blame me for reporting a noise ( the attendant said the noise was luggage). IT WAS NOT LUGGAGE!!!!!. Instead of at least pretending she knew about the noise, the attendant abruptly kicked us off! It was a new plane. That rattle persisted for at least five more years!!! Do any readers here remember that rattling above the 20s rows?

    Alaska is ripe and ready for a more considerate non- bullying AIRLINE!!!!

    True story. Archived, i’m Sure. AK-AIR never apologized. Nor have they apologized about the MD-80 crash.

    Why does anyone fly with them at all?

  58. Alaska Airlines is a private company. Your right to free speech doesn’t apply. Sorry that hurts but “F*ck your feelings”.
    We’ll see if Suzanne leaves this up.

    • Just like the baker who refused to bake a gay cake, or the photographer who refused to do a gay shoot. Right. Rules for thee but not for me.

      • You mean the baker who the Supreme Court said could refuse to bake the cake for a gay couple?

  59. BofA ( look it up) is associated with a credit card called Premium Awards. Used for travel etc. and used with airline of your choice. Annual fees about the same. Zero fees if card is paid off each month. Freedom!!! Not glued to Seattle Air anymore. I’m seriously working on this. Alaska CAN make a statement. I refuse to be bullied by BLM, ANTIFA, GEORGE FLOYD SYMPATHIZERS, BULLY AIRLINE ATTENDANTS, AND PEOPLE WHO HATE OUR COUNTRY!

    700,000 + people in Alaska can make a difference.

    Little bit of work to get new Airline affiliated card. Totally worth the relief. Ever since their MD- 80 in year 2000 crashed off the CA coast, we ALL should have quit flying with them. 88 souls and their families would agree with you.

  60. Sorry, no sympathy. She was not removed for the Trump Mask – it was the crude potty mouth phrase below it. That was unnecessary and proves no point whatsoever.

  61. In order to act within authority one must actually have that authority. Congress shall make no law usurping Constitutional rights. Usurping Constitutional rights is a felony. The mere fact that it has become fashionable for some time does not mean the country will not restore such penalties.

  62. I flew Alaska through Seattle and SLC, back to Fairbanks. The stewardesses were all pretty good with not badgering not fully compliant people, such as myself. My diaper was hanging off my ear the majority of my flights. My bigger issue with them is just the lack of cleanliness on their planes. With all their talk about keeping their guests and stewardesses ‘safe’, they sure don’t spend much time cleaning their touch surfaces. All of the flights I was on, the trays had an orange hue in the crevices’, that was easily wiped off with a napkin. So, STFU AA for all your propaganda in your in flight videos and brochures.

  63. You pay more money to fly on Alaska Airlines and you do so to insulate yourself at least to some degree from low bred ingrates including those that think profanity is funny or that you need to be exposed to their own opinions.

    Xlnt job, Alaska Air. Toss that self important troll out and let her fly w/ United where she belongs. I watched one slob sneeze into a pillow on United. She’ll fit right in.

  64. This is a lot like that ungrateful black woman that throws a hammer and at the most inappropriate times; tantrums.

    Some among us are revered for an ability to run into people on a grassy field or carry a ball, or in this case fling a stick. Don’t give a moment’s thought to whatever drivel comes out of their head. Expecting more than a vapid stare from them will result in disappointment, stick flingers included.

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