CDC approves Covid shots for infants, toddlers, little kids


Today, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle P. Walensky approved a committee recommendation that all children 6 months through 5 years of age should receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

This expands the shot availability to nearly 20 million additional children. Parents and guardians can get their babies shot with the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines, whichever is available to them, “to better protect them from COVID-19,” the CDC said.

“All children, including children who have already had COVID-19, should get vaccinated,” the agency said, adding that the Covid-19 vaccines “have undergone—and will continue to undergo—the most intensive safety monitoring in U.S. history. Parents and caregivers can play an active role in monitoring the safety of these vaccines by signing their children up for v-safe – personalized and confidential health check-ins via text messages and web surveys where they can easily share with CDC how a child feels after getting a COVID-19 vaccine.” 

The shots for the children will be available by Tuesday, as Monday is a federal holiday. Distribution of pediatric vaccinations for these younger children has started across the country, and will be available at thousands of pediatric practices, pharmacies, federally qualified health centers, local health departments, clinics, and other locations.

“Today is a day of huge relief for parents and families across America,” said President Joe Biden.

Moderna is on the record saying its vaccine is 51% effective against infection, among babies from 6 months to under age 2, and only 37% effective for those aged 2 to 5. Moderna is a two-shot regimen given four weeks apart, while Pfizer for the youngest children needs three shots, the first two given three weeks apart and the last shot given more than two months later.

Officials believe that about three quarters of American children have already had Covid. Just 30% of children between 5 and 11 have gotten vaccinated since the Pfizer shots become available for that age group in November. Parents are hesitant because of the stories they have heard about side effects. The most common effect is headache and soreness. Learn more about side effects from the CDC website.

“Together, with science leading the charge, we have taken another important step forward in our nation’s fight against COVID-19,” Walensky said. “We know millions of parents and caregivers are eager to get their young children vaccinated, and with today’s decision, they can. I encourage parents and caregivers with questions to talk to their doctor, nurse, or local pharmacist to learn more about the benefits of vaccinations and the importance of protecting their children by getting them vaccinated.”    


  1. There is no emergency.
    There is no pandemic.
    Therefore, a vaccine with an EUA is a farce.
    Children this age have no problem with C-19 to even need immunizations.
    This is proof positive of evil intent.

  2. Yes the Science… which tells us that natural immunity is exponentially more effective then all of the jabs put together. But the political scientists running the CDC won’t ” follow the science” when it concerns Big Pharma’s profits .

  3. How stupid is this? Shots don’t prevent covid. Shots create more harm than good (heart problems, deaths, immuno disfunction)! And this isn’t population control?

  4. I know at least one gal that is 100% going to get her 4 year old the jibby jabber. I hope nothing bad happens. But part of me feels a preemptive lack of sympathy for them (or anyone) who does. I wonder how hard their self-gas lighting mechanism will be going off when something horrible happens. In a way, I kinda hope they come to reality the hard way. Because these types of people are the most vicious to us red-pilled types.

  5. Someone dear to me. Developed TWO types of breast cancer in less than a year, even under yearly screening.

    Y’all can keep the fauci ouchy I’m sticking with only old school vaccines. The problem now is I don’t trust my Dr. Or the companies nor my government agencies. They will slip this mRNA into everything.

    It’s coming.

    Please please don’t use your kids as guinea pigs. I’ll need someone to teach skills to after everyone else is gone.

  6. The powers that be JUST demonstrated they cannot dispense milk to unsupervised children. Why would you ever let them give your kids an unproven mRNA experiment vaccine? Remember all those kids in Virginia who “accidentally got an entire full adult dose with no follow up?

  7. No real testing was done on these vaccines. If we look at all the failures of this current administration, how will this be different. The sheep will line their children up for the shot with 100% trust, maybe they can get a sex change at the same time.

  8. I implore all you parents to just say no to this nonsense.
    There is no reason to let your children be part of this science experiment.
    Make good choices for you and yours.
    In hindsight, we would never have gotten the vaccine and there is no way we will ever get a “booster”.

  9. In Steve Kirsch’s substack of yesterday he posted a video he says all parents should watch regarding the “vaccine trial data” on young children.
    It’s about 4 minutes.


  10. This is total B.S. ! Anyone really interested in children’s welfare and survival will spend a little time actually fact checking these diabolical Sh_t Heads. Youy will find that shots for kids is not to save them from anything.
    Check out this short clip (one of many) that points out the scam. ‘ If this information is being censored, you have to ask yourself WHY ! The culling has begun and everything will be exposed

  11. Once the truth comes out about the dangers of these jabs, there will be kids that once they turn 18 will be suing their parents and ‘caregivers’ for the permanent harm and potentially shortened life that they caused. Make no mistake: the pharma industrial complex is pushing to get these shots on the childhood vax schedule, to further insulate themselves from liability…

  12. I wonder if the State of Alaska took millions of dollars took from Bill Gates or the other traitors to spread Covid 19 disinformation ???
    Check out Naomi Wolf’s book “The Bodies of Others” if you can get one through the wall of Censorship.

  13. We all know how completely unnecessary these vaccines are and how devastatingly harmful they are!!
    Oh God, save every child and do away with these ones who are out to harm and destroy them! In the name of Jesus Christ I pray!

  14. This is insanity & a crime against humanity! Phizer is currently in court for allegedly falsifying clinical trial data during its rollout of their Covid “vaccine”, according to a whistleblower. Incredibly, their defense is that because the federal government had contracted with them to provide the “vaccine”, they are immune to prosecution even if they falsified their clinical trial data & lied about the efficacy of their product in the prevention of Covid 19. Any parent who subjects a healthy child to this “vaccine” should be charged with child abuse.

  15. It’s population control, Bill Gates (heavily invested in the vaccination industry) and other globalists have openly and brazenly told us so. All the side affects of the vaccines would have had them banned in past years, and we are only beginning to see these side affects. Keep your blood pure, and if you got poked, start the process to restore your blood. Do the research.

  16. Child abuse! Many kids will die. That’s the agenda. Anyone out there who still is clueless about how poison the jab is well I’m sorry for you. But children are helpless. Evil beyond evil.

  17. Even the lying fascist CDC’s OWN STATISTICS clearly shows that the shots will KILL more children that it saves. And that’s not even to mention the dozens of other health issues caused by these so-called vaccines which in reality are not, they’re genetic therapy and extremely questionable at best. Some doctors who are afraid of these fascists have compiled the real numbers and their estimates range as high as 117 little children dying for every one these death shots will save. One United Kingdom government agency inadvertently let the cat out of the bag by published stats which show that 11 to 14 year old children who got triple vaxxed are dying at a rate FIVE-THOUSAND percent more than children with no vax’s. The only government agency that can’t lie about the numbers in the US is the military. Among our brave troops, miscarriages are up THREE-HUNDRED percent, neurological disorders up TWO-THOUSAND percent and there’s about a katrillion other stats like this all over the planet that are mind blowing. Moreover, even the CDC will openly admit they still have zero clue what the long term effects of an mRNA treatment are. But go ahead parents, gamble with your little children’s heath for a disease that even by the lying CDC’s numbers has killed 0.00012% of children.

  18. Complete insanity. The VAERS only have a tiny fraction of the deaths and permanent injuries reported, and with that are already through the roof. The US population at large is the testing pool, normally 10 to 15 years is needed before releasing a “vaccine”. And these are not effective, the Covid flu variant is not worth a 2nd thought as it is. The medical profession in Alaska has proven to be unreliable, they are prostituting themselves for the RX mega corporations. Injecting infants is child abuse with lifelong complications.

  19. Real news channel with real journalists is reporting the death rate of children in China is higher in those from injection than from Covid itself.

    Has the CDC been taken over from all of displaced employees from RJ Reynolds?

  20. Children are not at risk from Covid. But there is a risk from the vaccine. No benefit, only risk. So the only reason the CDC could logically be pushing this is to line the pockets of their friends. Here is zero health benefit.

  21. Any healthcare ‘provider’ who injects a child with this known poison should think about their culpability. It is no longer possible to hide behind the obfuscation of facts. Documented evidence proves this mix of toxins is dangerous to children. The pharma companies have only done this to force change to their ’emergency use authorization’ merry-go-round by approving it for children which changes the status. They must be held accountable and people must say “NO”. Anne Zink must be fired and should lawyer up because the truth is out.

  22. What the hell do we have against children?
    We pay to have them killed and sold for parts before they’re born.
    We allow our education industry to poison their minds.
    We allow Big Pharma to poison, to damage their bodies.
    We allow sexual deviants in positions of public trust to poison both.
    We allow Chinese triads and Mexican cartels to kill them with fentanyl.
    We allow Big Tech to addict them to social media, just like we allow Big Tobacco to addict them to cigarettes.
    We allow sexual deviants to use their positions of authority to brainwash our children into life-damaging self mutilation without our consent, or even knowledge.
    We allow authority figures to force child mask-wearing, knowing full well the damage which obedience masks cause to child development.
    We allow sexual deviants to distort our culture, redefine our morality, force themselves into our lives, so children have no idea what right and wrong actually mean, much less what is the difference is between the two.
    We allow our southern border to be opened to hordes of replacement children for sale into child exploitation.
    We allow children to be shot dead on streets, in schools, and do nothing about it.
    We allow public officials (including a president if a certain diary is an indication) to be absolutely okay with, to be even proud of, these evils.
    Where are we going with this? How does this end?

    • Wow.
      The truth.
      People need to be held accountable through Nuremberg like trials.
      After covid I understand how Mao, Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler did what they did.

  23. What I am seeing, and I will admit this is anecdotal evidence based on my personal experience, is:
    1. Children do not generally catch COVID
    2. When they do test positive for it, there are few to no symptoms.
    3. I have yet to hear of a single child hospitalized for COVID. Testing positive when admitted for other reasons is NOT hospitalization for COVID.
    4. I have yet to hear of a child that died from COVID. Again, testing positive after death for other reasons does not make it a COVID death.
    5. Asymptomatic people do not seem to spread the disease. If you are not feeling it, you are not spreading it.
    So, what do the five points say?
    Vaccinating your children is absolutely unnecessary as they will not catch it, and if they do test positive, they are not spreading the disease. We are rolling out this massive vaccination program for children to prevent… well… what exactly?
    By the way. Where are all the vaccination supporters? Generally MRAK gets a bunch of comments from vaxx advocates. I do not see a single one here. I can only hope they have seen the light.

  24. And some parents will run to get it for their small kids. The fear mongering is ridiculous. Just say no and question every other childhood vaccine. If they lie about covid vaccines, what else are they lying about?

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