Alaska Airlines issues statement on woman removed from flight over Trump mask


Alaska Airlines has issued a statement telling its side of the story, which concerns passenger Sara Gamache, who was thrown off a flight on June 24 for not wearing a proper mask:

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Statement from Alaska Airlines:

Sara Gamache threatened legal action and called for a boycott of Alaska Airlines after being removed from a flight on June 24, 2021.  Ms. Gamache falsely claims that she was removed for wearing a mask with a pro-Trump political slogan.  In fact, she was removed for refusing to follow crewmember instructions on multiple flights and because a profane statement appeared on the mask in violation of Alaska’s policy.  

After boarding her June 24 flight in a mesh mask, Ms. Gamache became confrontational when a flight attendant requested that she wear a proper mask in compliance with federal law.  Ms. Gamache reluctantly agreed to do so, but then put on a mask that said “Trump 2020; Fuck your Feelings.”  The flight attendant informed Ms. Gamache that the profanity violated Alaska policy and that she needed to change masks yet again, which escalated Ms. Gamache’s disruptive behavior.  Per Alaska’s procedure, Ms. Gamache was asked to exit the aircraft. The video Ms. Gamache posted on social media was taken after her confrontational exchange with crewmembers, once she changed her mask for a third time.

This was the second incident in which Ms. Gamache defied crewmember requests to comply with the federal mask policy. In January, Ms. Gamache received a yellow card for repeated refusals to wear an appropriate mask.  We expect our customers to comply with Alaska policies and federal law when they choose to fly with us. We must take action when they refuse to do so. We’re thankful and appreciative of the efforts of our dedicated crew members who are committed each day to keeping travel safe and respectful.

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Meanwhile, Gamache’s story has hit the social media world, and black conservative Trump supporter David Harris has championed the Washington bowhunter’s cause on Instagram. Harris has 1.2 million followers and his post about Gamache has had over 160,000 views since it was posted today.


  1. That’s what infuriates leftists the most. Is a dark-skinned beautiful strong woman being a conservative. Just look how communist douchebags hate the Cuban people and do not want to help them come to this country because they are more likely to vote conservative. Disgusting.

    • What’s most horrifying is all the employees coming out talking about the discrimination within the company for being a Republican. Go check out the comments from them:

      https:// exposealaskaairlines. com/read-comments

      • What you and your husband experienced as paying customers is the tip of the iceberg. Concerning safety, having a young, fit serviceman on board is a valuable resource to back up the air headed stewardesses in the event one of these mentally unbalanced woke libs goes off the rails in flight and needs restraining, which increasingly happens.
        The toxic environment being routinely created by company political advocacy in the cabin for customers is mirrored in the behind scenes hostile working environment.
        Not only is this company discriminatory but actively targets employees personal political beliefs expressed privately off duty.
        Alaska Native employees are often discriminated against, as this is a Washington based airline and is outside white managed. No one looks down on Natives more than white liberals. Women are sexually harassed if the perpetrator is “in” with the managers team.
        This is why it’s so offensive this company uses “Alaska” and an Inupiat elder logo image.
        In fact organized theft of passengers property has been tolerated for years, again, if the culprits are “in” the right circles.
        The woke corporate structure is all about power and control and when you fly with them you are financially supporting a business that treats its employees very badly.
        The most powerless and vulnerable are exploited, the airline will crush anyone identified.
        You will find very professional, pleasant and polite employees who deserve our deep respect and sympathy mixed with the petty, mean, ignorant, commisar enforcer types.
        Targeted employees cannot express this, as any site with critical comments is monitored by managers for details to identify dissenters.
        In fact I’ll end with a message to the AK Air enforcer(s) monitoring here in our traditional dialect:


      • I hope you got a copy of those comments. I followed your link, and it’s no longer available.

      • Sara, let’s be honest with ourselves. How many people on this discussion board do you think would walk onto an airliner with the f-word written on their clothing? I would guess not one.
        To be clear, a truly conservative woman would conduct herself with dignity and decorum. Debasing yourself with the use of profanity is antithetical to our conservative cause. Its a fail.

        • Let’s be honest, Sara did not board the aircraft wearing a mask with anything written on it. She and her husband seated themselves and she rested on her husband’s arm waiting for the boarding process. The stewardess interjected herself into their personal space to inform her the mask did not meet airline requirements. The entire mask fetish is random and difficult for cogent and rational people to understand, as the only mask commercially available that has any minimal effect at preventing viral spread or contagion is not required by airline policy. Every public space you go where a few people continue to engage in this unhygienic and neurotic habit wear a wide range of filthy, virally and germ saturated and 100% ineffective masks, including the AK Air branded version. To comply with direct orders from the stewardess, Sara immediately complied and placed a mesh size compliant mask on. The stewardess chose to make an issue of snowflake outrage, for patently political reasons. A non ideologically driven airline professional would have moved on to the aircraft boarding procedure. Even at this point Sara changed to another mask with nothing written. To underline the politically motivated and disruptive behavior exhibited by airline personnel, Sara and her husband were forced to exit the aircraft. This was a decision made from higher up the management chain, as the air headed and indoctrinated stewardess did not make the final decision. Sara’s husband did nothing controversial or interject himself in the airline caused problem. As a husband, it would be understandable if he had interjected himself on behalf of his wife being verbally abused and humiliated, in fact, verbally assaulted by staff with management approval. The level of official airline interference in customer’s private preference in attire is arbitrary, as not all AK Air employees are indoctrinated extremists creating unnecessary issues. In fact there are many employees in that airline who are disgusted with the behavior of some employees pushing their political beliefs on passengers.

          • Brian, your verbose comment failed to acknowledge she wore a mask displaying vulgar profanity to young children. Her conduct was in direct contravention to published passenger rules and totally antithetical to conservative principals. Why are you defending her low-brow behavior?

    • The passenger, sadly, is actually the ‘leftist’ here. Serious entitlement – all things should be her way and the private business should acquiesce to her desires. That is what the left does. Ak Air has disallowed profanity on clothing, and even scanty clothing, on their flights since they began. This, actually pretty crude, woman could have chosen to not fly on AK Air. There were no rights violated. As for masks, which is not why she was removed, again, they have a right to set their own policies. Don’t fly with them if you don’t like them, or write a letter to their management. AK Air’s FREEDOM as a private business is what we are trying to defend as that is the same freedom for all private businesses, including mine, and yours. You cannot have it both ways.

      • Elizabeth, your point that conservative women should properly conduct themselves with dignity and respect is well made. I commend you.

        • Sara did comport herself with dignity and respect. The air headed indoctrinated stewardess could not produce the “published” policy, and no one knows what the latest nonsense concerning how many, one, two, three or more at a time, or the type of fithy, germ and viral infested face coverings are “required”. I challenge you, assuming you use them, to have your face “covering” tested for bacteria and viruses after 1 hour of use, let alone a 3 1/2 hour flight.
          This isn’t a vacuum, AK Air is a sponsor of a domestic terror group, that loots, murders and burns minority neighborhoods. The Latinos threw this self identified marxist rabble out of their barrios, and most BLM are privileged young white women. Same average age and intellect level of the insolent stewardess. Professional and competent employees of this airline must deal with the hostility and prejudice of the woke types. What is ironic is how many AK Air employees agree with the sentiment f**k your feelings when it comes to passengers employees and management with your attitude.

      • Correct, she and her husband were not defrauded of their fares and “evicted” due to “masks”. They were both evicted due to marxist indoctrination and corporate fascism. AKAir enjoys an Alaska State subsidy of tax payer money in stations like Juneau, Nome and Bethel. They denigrate Alaska and our Iñupiat heritage with their outside prejudice against both passengers and employees. Private corporations cannot discriminate against employees, which is routine. Their rights are subordinate to the 1st Amendment.
        The utter lack of professionalism and ignorance displayed by the air headed stewardess and management that made the decision is of grave concern. This is monopoly fascist corporatism, this is not free enterprise.

        • Brian, for the sake of argument, lets agree the Ak Airlines is a government entity (vis-a-vis subsidies). As a corollary, do you believe a teacher in a public school should be allowed to wear a t-shirt with the f-word printed across the front? We should not defend crude behavior in the name of conservatism… it makes all of us conservatives look like idiots.

    • It’s tough to live in a country where a private company has the right to refuse service to anyone they choose to. Why can’t you dim wits except the freedom to do business as your please?

      • That right to refuse service is limited. For example, I can’t refuse you service because I don’t like your ethnicity. It appears that I now cannot refuse you (a man) service if you wear woman’s clothes. And now the use of written words that some people consider profane, but which is commonly used in all media, is being tested. One man’s “freedom” is another man’s oppression.

        • Don’t forget, many airline passengers are young children. On the other hand movies come with age ratings to restrict admission. Exactly how course of behavior should we expose young children to?

          • “……..Exactly how course of behavior should we expose young children to?”
            Unfortunately, that question will be ultimately answered by SCOTUS. Yes, that means that our society and culture are doomed. Sorry, but that’s just the way it is.

    • This isn’t the Alaska airlines I grew up with. I don’t even recognize what airline I’m looking at. It’s a sad day I dread traveling on any airlines.

    • Jeremy, your statement implies you think leftists are pleased with light-skinned, plain-looking, meek women being conservatives.

    • Notwithstanding the federal mask mandate with which airlines must comply, I’m not disappointed that this woman was asked to change her profanity covered mask. It’s nice to see a little public decorum socially enforced. Lower the language, lower society.

  2. Depending on who’s story is true(and they both cannot be)therein lies the question. They each need to be able to prove their story. He who cannot loses.

    • Of course both versdions can be true, as Paul Harvey said every day prior to his radio broadcast “and now here is the rest of the story”

  3. This side of this mask story is very helpful.

    Now let’s push the Biden administration to drop the federal masking requirement on planes.
    Making young children wear a mask is simply wrong based on published medical studies.

    • Absolutely, masks were mandated not based on science but rather to force the American People to comply or else! There is no clinical study that proves these ridiculous cloth masks stop a virus because they do not! Senator Rand Paul is sponsoring a bill in the Senate to force the airlines to drop the scam. Fat chance getting it passed with criminal Dems in charge. If we want to stop the insanity, place America First conservatives in office and rid our nation of communists and CCP controlled politicians on both sides of the aisle.

    • Just wait… The federal edict goes away, but the private businesses (Airlines) will keep it going. Then the feds can say that it’s not them.

    • It’s time to let business do what their customers want. Probably for you is most air travelers want a vaccine requirement and masks in use. Freedumb isn’t free.

      • “…….Freedumb isn’t free.”
        But, apparently, dumb is free. Please explain, if one is vaccinated, what business is it of yours for everyone else to be vaccinated? You are protected, and government has worked hard to provide the vaccination to you free of charge. Per Roe v Wade, aren’t our medical decisions private and ours alone?

  4. Not buying it. There are too many incidents of flight attendants flexing muscles and harassing people.

    AK Air is well known to be “woke”. The amount of times I’ve had to deal with people at all levels wearing BLM related paraphernalia is damn high.

    Was she an ass? Maybe. Trump mask in poor taste and should have been changed? Sure. But the evidence is against “woke” air out of Seattle

    • Aside from the fact that the decision to remove a passenger is ultimately not a flight attendant’s call. There are employees specifically trained and designated to deal with passengers who think they are entitled to push the envelope. Non-compliant, disruptive passengers will be removed, if not banned entirely from the airline. People need to grow up.

      • Thank you for clarifying directly as an AK Air insider the “procedure” the corporate political commisars use to identify and discriminate against paying passengers they target to make examples of.
        Any cognitive evaluation for risk assessment would never be left up to the indoctrinated air headed stewardess.
        Your corporation is using cancel culture tactics customized for the transportation industry as Facebook and Twitter use on social media.
        It isn’t just the passengers monitored and evaluated, employees are monitored by “specifically” trained commisars to insure ideologically approved attitudes and personal view points.
        Those that fail will be terminated.
        This climate of fear creates a hostile work environment, particularly when it is arbitrarily enforced.
        If this was limited to stewards and stewardesses the issue is just an unpleasant airline to fly with. But the mechanics, flight crews and management are also subject to this irrational emphasis on politics, concentrating the percentage of the functionally incompetent personnel in critical operations which compromises safety for the public.
        Achieving a fully woke airline will result in unnecessary accident disasters.

        • In America you can choose to purchase a flight with a different company. They can choose to no do business with you. Free market. Tough concept.

          • Brainless Brian, there is no freedom where corporations are involved. Corporations are NOT free-market entities, but in fact are creatures of, and an outgrowth of, government. That is why they work together so hand-in-glove, because their ultimate goals — the ever-growing reduction in freedom — are exactly the same.

      • The decision is the pilots. The pilot defers to the attendants unless overwhelming evidence not to.

        The news is full, repeat full of examples of attendants acting like a—. I’ve seen them nag at people for everything from seat positions to masks.

        When you give petulant people the power of the federal government with no discretion or repercussions, abuse is inevitable

        Sorry, try again.

        • Wrong. Designated customer service agents, in consultation with the entire flight crew, decide whether to remove a passenger.

      • AND to add… This is a FOR ALL AIRLINES, She violated her right to fly because she became so.. abusive to her privilege’s #1 no foul words (on her hat) ;#2 Confrontation threatening and abusive towards a hard working employees.. who’s only trying to keep the Airlines running on a tight schedules. One of the few benefits up here in Alaska on AK airlines is the free 2 bags(AK 49’er Club) Let’s not destroy this for everyone else. IF YOU HAVE ANY contentions, discuss this with the supervisors, “there IS a chain of command”, even any military person KNOWS this.

  5. Mandates are suggestions, they have not been passed by both houses and signed by a sitting President. Kind of odd how these corps and most legislators have not, again have not read, nor follow the constitution. Let Seattle Airlines defend themselves in court, LMAO. They will settle before going to court or have their name dragged through the news. Change their name and quit living off our name or move your Head Quarters to Anchorage or Fairbanks!

  6. They need to change their name to “Seattle Airlines”, as their political bent is more representative of the ‘woke’ left than it is of the conservative values of Alaska.

    • Yeh right. Alaska has such conservative values…. being the largest recipient of government benefits per capita of all 50 states. Give us a break, its a blue state disguised as red.

      • When we have a communist autonomous zone in Anchorage, you can thaw the ice from Hell and try your failed explanation of color again. Alaska has more third world villages than Mexico and Central America. They’re money sucking zones like none other, and the federal government bought them the day they accepted full responsibility for indigenous people, regardless of how much money they have. It’s not a “disguise”. It’s yet another federal idea of crossdressing.

        • Reggie, firstly, Anchorage did have a communist autonomous zone for the last 3-yrs; it was called the “assembly chamber.”
          Secondly, crossdressing is a form of “disguise.” See Webster’s dictionary.

          • “……..Anchorage did have a communist autonomous zone for the last 3-yrs; it was called the “assembly chamber.”…….
            Ah, the political class, not the confused bourgeoisie student class, both confused, but neither able to take and hold ground.
            “……..Secondly, crossdressing is a form of “disguise.” See Webster’s dictionary.”
            The emperors are actually wearing no clothes. They just think they’re disguised.

    • The continued reference to “Alaska’s policy” instead of “Alaska Airlines policy”, implies that they are speaking for the State of Alaska. That airlines biggest asset is their name, which the State of Alaska should prevent them from using.

  7. Almost a good lie, Alaska Airlines.

    You were doing great until the “In fact, she was removed for refusing to follow crewmember instructions on multiple flights…” they need evidence beyond word of mouth.

    That’s lie from your public relations section, listening, reading, and scrutinizing the woman’s story on internet and t.v. looking for anything that can be used against her.

    That’s why lawyers tell their client the less a client speaks the better, because words can be twisted. Probably it’s best to keep your silence.

    • With all the forensic recounts finally occurring, that “ship” is taking on huge volumes of water. Stay on it if you wish, but a wise rat would be looking for some flotsam to hang on to…………

    • Jeremy, it would require more articulation than simply walking around with the f-word written on her facemask. Acting like an idiot is not bad to the bone… its just stupid.

  8. And we are to believe that statement from the airline that openly sells Black Lives Matter t-shirts through their onboard gift catalog? I’m wearing my red MAGA mask on my next flight.

  9. “Refusing to comply with federal mask policy”….
    Y’all just admitted she changed her mask when asked.
    However THE AIRLINE didn’t like what it said. Where in the mask policy does it say that you can’t wear a mask that says “fuck”? …
    If you want a mask that says “fuck” go right ahead. That is NOT refusing the mask policy.

    • Got news for you Skippy. The Ak Airlines passenger service policies expressly prohibit apparel with profanity printed thereon. The airlines realizes people bring young children on flights; they choose to respect parents efforts in raising children. Some low-brow people have no respect for parents and children…. which results in the need for policies. Kind of sad we need regulations to assure civility.

  10. Because Alaska Airlines has been so challenged to be truthful to Alaskans and presumably to all consumers I tend to believe this woman. I’ll admit to associating Alaska Airlines with the TSA, easily the most un-American organization since the demise of the 3rd Reich, however.

  11. Thank-you for publishing the entire story. The posts supporting Ms Gamache indicate how politicized public health has become. Until a much higher percentage of people are vaccinated the mask mandates will remain. Waiting for the stories on the courts rejecting the frivolous lawsuits.

    • “…….The posts supporting Ms Gamache indicate how politicized public health has become…….”
      I hate to break this to you, but EVERYTHING (including discussion of the freaking weather) has become politicized. You can blame or indemnify who you wish for this fact, but that’s just the sad case of a fully brainwashed society.

      • Indeed, Reggie. And the fact that everything has become politicized is because, when politics intrude into every aspect of everyday life, then EVERY act becomes a political act, and EVERY statement becomes a political statement. Such is life in a totalitarian regime.

  12. “that she wear a proper mask in compliance with federal law”

    The CDC merely issues suggested guidelines, they do not make federal law.
    Laws are written, voted on by the House and Senate, and signed by the POTUS.
    AK Airlines has the right to be as woke as they want to be, and I have the right to never ever again set foot on one of their planes….

    • Laws authorize the promulgation of regulations. Basically, Congress delegates (within laws) the function of implementing said laws to bureaucracies by authorizing them to create regulations which are intended to effectuate the laws at a detailed level. As you can imagine, this leaves much room for over-reach. However, when you step into a courtroom, you will find that regulations have the same force over you as do the laws that authorize them.

  13. This mask nonsense needs to end. If you want to wear a mask, two or three masks, you can be free to do so. Otherwise, get rid of this mandate and these encounters will subside. Both sides I’m sure are to blame but get rid of the masks and we won’t have overzealous mask police escalating the issue.

  14. I’ve been following this story from the start…… gut told me there was more to her story about what happened on that flight. She provoked the situation by putting on a mask that had profanity on it, it was not about Trump. I just flew several times in the last month with Alaska Airlines, and tho I hate wearing a mask, I did, because that is the rules. If you don’t like it, don’t fly. Ms. Gamache was intentionally being an a–.

  15. We’re being played. Ms. Gamache set up and recorded this situation to gain national attention. Using right leaning suspicion to fuel her scheme, she figured gullible people would jump right on it, and she’s been right.

    • You’re on point with the “gullible people would jump right on it.” And also no question “we’re being played.”

    • I don’t believe she set this up. I think it’s just another example of people, government, and corporations complicating life beyond our ability or desire to participate.

      • Yessir Reggie, she just accidently put on that mesh mask that she kept handy for other reasons. Halloween was getting close and she wanted to be ready.

        • You must be confused, Bill. Read the airline statement again. Pay close attention to the first sentence. She was checked through the gate and boarded the plane with the mesh mask on. She probably wore mesh for the long airport/flight/airport timespan so she could breathe. But after she was seated on the plane, the attendant told her to put on a federally legal mask. She did so: the Trump mask. When told that wasn’t satisfactory because of company policy, she pulled out yet another mask, which is undescribed and perhaps the least comfortable of the three. Unfortunately, the profanity violated airline rules, and having been flagged for previous violations, she and her husband were thrown off the flight. Such a scenario is perfectly reasonable, certainly as much as the theory that she planned all this from the start, which certainly qualifies as a “conspiracy theory”.

          • You are the confused one Reggie, as even you go along with her boarding with an unacceptable mask (according to feds). Clearly she set this up and got what she asked for IMO.

  16. Gamache ultimately complied with the flight crew’s request. Taking her and her husband off the plane was unnecessary & excessive. Flight crew needs to be reprimanded at the very least. And Alaska Airlines might think of subsidizing gym fees for their stewardesses – they are getting so wide in the beam that they are constantly bumping into the shoulders of aisle passengers. Just saying…

  17. All of us need to go to and tell Alaska Airlines that this is not the way to treat people. Trampling on people’s first amendment rights on what is really a “public” airline is not acceptable. We in many parts of Alaska don’t have any other options.

      • No we are not in Russia, it abandoned socialism. Alaska Airlines is subsidized by State funds and is corporate fascist. And it uses our state name and a logo of an Inupiat elder but does not share our values.

        • Well said Brian!
          It is high time that people realize that corporations, at least as we know them today, have NOTHING to do with the free market, but are merely extensions of government. It is only governmental decrees and policies that allow them to legally exist, and to constantly grow in power at the expense of the average person.

  18. Alaska Airlines selling BLM promotional stuff puts them on my bad side anyway, So they’re wrong, no matter what the “facts” are for this story. Perceptions matter!

  19. One wonders, why it took AK Air almost 2 weeks to respond to this?
    It appears that AK Air was simply planning to ignore her or if that did not work, shut her up with the threat of a lawsuit. Yet it seems this is not going away, so now they are loathed to have to explain themselves while painting Mrs. Gamache as a lunatic, who should not be out in public anyway.
    According to their statement she boarded with a “mesh mask”. Why did the gate agent allow her to do so, if it did not meet requirements? That statement makes me question the veracity of their account and if true clearly points to a certain amount of culpability on AK Air’s part. This seems to be reinforced by the fact, they conveniently fail to mention that Mrs. Gamache complied with all of their requests.
    You can make me wear a mask, but I do not have to like it. As for profanity, from the pictures I have seen, her mask did not spell out the “F” word. Was it an advisable choice? Maybe not, but a way to protest the asinine rule. The woke crowd clearly loves protests when it is against their perceived ills of the world, but you dare not defy them.

  20. Alaska Airlines can take their self-righteous virtue signaling and tyrannical garbage and put it where the sun don’t shine.

  21. Where’s the federal law? I didn’t realize congress had passed a law mandating diapers on transportation avenues.

  22. I am confused. Couldn’t she just eat saltines for the whole flight? Everyone knows covid doesn’t spread when you are eating and drinking. It’s proven science!

  23. Not flying on Alaska anymore. Delta is a good alternative. I don’t need some idiot on a plane to give me static about a mask. I don’t intend to fly at all until the mask mandate is lifted.

  24. Alaska Airlines’ story differs significantly from Sara’s. She was not confrontational, she wore the mask discreetly while in her own seat and leaning on her husband’s shoulder. She complied and the flight attendants did not demand that taunting passengers using F-Bombs needed to exit. It also completely refuses to discuss why her husband, who remained silent, also had to leave. In addition, the unprofessional taunts from the flight attendants is also left unaddressed. This indicates that AA is what we expect from Leftist big corporations: they are chronic and habitual LIARS. Go Sara!

  25. I have other reasons to leave AK air for wokeness. AK airlines (and many other businesses) feel that joining a political conflict is without consequence. They feel that they can’t lose business. WRONG.

    They could have stayed away. Focused on good service and nothing more. They choose to make political statements on their planes. They took a side, they lost me and others. It’s that simple.

    The dumb part is the net effect of these marketing moves. You don’t advertise a contentious statement and believe it will net gain. Having an AIDS awareness/fundraiser will anger people who disagree helping people with AIDS, which is a very very small percent of the market. You will bring in more clients then you lose.

    Now making a statement like “a socialist planned economy will cure any and all problems of society”…. around half will disagree with you. Thus, you should lose more market share then gain.

    We are that market share loss. I don’t need and airline that shares my views or is fighting to save the world. I just need what I pay for delivered to me without other agenda.

    • Have you checked their stock price. They are doing great. They don’t care what your freaks think. Thank gawd.

      • Ah, a capitalist/communist/combo tyrant? Okay. Their profits justify their policies. Let’s see if THAT ideology is our future…………

        • Fly another airline. Wear a mask and don’t get sick on the plane, Covid or otherwise. You have choices.

          • I choose guerrilla flying. I like masks, especially when I like hiding sneers and disgust. Nothing says “fly your feelings” better and more legally than pure silence, staring blinkless eyes, and a hidden expression.

  26. If Congress can make no law infringing any unalienable rights that may not delegate authority they do not have to agencies to do so or to incorporate regulations which do so. The US Constitution is the Supreme law of the land, air, and water. Admiralty enlargements over the land and airspace are specifically described in founding documents as behavior of tyrants.

    • If Congress can make no law infringing our God-given rights Congress also may not deliver authority (Congress does not possess) by delegation to “agencies” to usurp our unalienable rights nor does Congress deliver tacit approval of regulations which usurp God-given rights of Americans to employees of airlines. Perhaps this will be remedied soon. Due to inadequate teaching of Constitutional rights such rights remain undefended.

  27. Funny their statement that she was not wearing a correct mask but the picture tells a different story. This tells me that Alaska Airlines is lying.

  28. I recently flew on Alaska Air (4 flights in total). On one flight my gator had slipped below my nose and the attendant asked me to pull it up, which I did. About halfway through the flight a guy 2-rows up got up to use the restroom with his mask hanging from his ear lobe. The attendants were coming up the aisle with the drink cart, so the guy went forward thru 1st class and used the restroom up there. Not allowed by AK Air policy, but nothing was said to him. After using the restroom, he returned back down the aisle, mask still off, and hung out in the aisle for at least 5-minutes waiting for them to pass his seat. Two attendants both looked at him and said nothing of the mask hanging off.

    • I flew last week and kept my diaper hanging off my ear lobe for the majority of the flight. I was not the person you wrote about, but the stewardesses didn’t say a word to me. It’s sad when we have to brag about not having the cult inflicted upon us.

      • His wasn’t about the mask as much as the ‘F**k you feelings’ printed on the mask. Sorry, I have zero sympathy. And as doe the masks, if one does not want to patronize a business because of their policies then don’t.

  29. Call me old fashioned, but…

    While I agree with virtually everything that is pro passenger and anti Airline, I can never agree with the use of that kind of profanity in so public a setting. There are plenty of words that can express that particular sentiment without resorting to such a classless statement. The passenger in question, if not her cause, dropped several notches in my sympathies. Let the left continue to demonstrate its ignorance and lack of class with the vulgarities it commonly uses. I would like to think that conservative America is better than that.

    • I agree. Alaska Airlines has also removed a passenger for being ‘scantily clad’. Their polices have been in place for years. They are a private business setting their own rules. If one does not approve of those rules then fly with someone else. Profanity on clothing has never been allowed by Ak Air.

  30. This really angers me. Believe me, I am conservative to the core, and I am also a business owner. This woman has behaved like an entitlement liberal with complete disregard for a private business. Add also her crudeness, which was why she was removed from the flight. Her ‘rights’ were not being violated and she had absolute freedom to not fly with Ak Air, whom have clearly posted their rules. Still, for those of you who blindly, yes blindly just like the liberals do, jumped on her band wagon, yet likely, cognitively inconsistently, would defend a flower shop or bakery, private businesses, to choose not to provide flowers or bake a cake for a gay wedding, shame on you. You can not have it both ways. Guess what, Alaska Airlines has a right to set their rules. They have also kicked passengers off for being scantily clad. Good grief. You will ge nowhere behaving like the left.

    • “……..You can not have it both ways……..”
      The liberal/left can, and they demand it daily and without shame. Why can’t everybody else? When society is dragged kicking and screaming into insanity, isn’t it understandable to expect bad behavior? One of the common expectations of air travel for quite some time has been aggressive, thoughtless behavior by fellow travelers. My own pet peeve is the pushing and shoving to get on the plane first so that you can fill up the overhead storage with loads of wheeled luggage because you’re just too important to check it into the hold and wait for it in baggage claim upon arrival. The airlines have profited on this behavior by selling premium “load early” statuses. There must be 10 increasingly ranked loading priorities now. Combined with TSA security insanity (which should have simply been dealt with by a swift, aggressive, and enthusiastic death penalty for airline terrorism instead of punishing everybody else in order to appease the lawyer and liberal class), airports are now more unsavory than the bus terminals of the 1960’s. Air travel, along with foreign officials (including other U.S. states) is so incredibly ugly that I refuse to do it unless somebody puts a gun muzzle in my back.

    • Elizabeth, sadly your analogies of the bakery and flower shop does not wash. These businesses are upfront and will not accept orders that are contrary to their faith.
      AK airlines stated that Mrs. Gamache already had a “yellow card warning” so they could have respectfully declined to serve her. However they took their customers money and allowed them to board. According to their own statement AK personnel let her board with a mask that did not meet requirements. Since Mrs. Gamache complied with their requests, that should have been the end of it. She clearly changed the offending mask so there was no reason to remove her….and what about her husband, who did coplied and made no comment. As a business AK air agreed to provide a service, took payment and then did not deliver. What most of us object to (other than the worthless mask mandate) is the arbitrary application of the rules. If memory serves, harassing other passengers is also against their rules, yet none of the heckling passengers in the back were removed or told to refrain from such behavior. Using the rules selectively to punish those you disagree with and make them submit to your will was the whole point of this exercise. The fact that Mrs. Gamache in good old American fashion stands up for herself is refreshing.

    • “……… if the F-word was not part of the message on the Trump mask, Ms. Gamache would have been able to fly.”
      Not that I’m all that keen on f-bombs, either spoken or displayed on ones garments, but SCOTUS has just ruled on the ugly “right”, so that which is good for the goose………..
      https://www. npr. org /2021/06/23/1001382019/supreme-court-rules-cheerleaders-f-bombs-are-protected-by-the-first-amendment

  31. Correct, she and her husband were not defrauded of their fares and “evicted” due to “masks”. They were both evicted due to marxist indoctrination and corporate fascism. AKAir enjoys an Alaska State subsidy of tax payer money in stations like Juneau, Nome and Bethel. They denigrate Alaska and our Iñupiat heritage with their outside prejudice against both passengers and employees. Private corporations cannot discriminate against employees, but has become routine. Their rights are subordinate to the 1st Amendment.
    The utter lack of professionalism and ignorance displayed by the air headed stewardess and management that made the decision is of grave concern. This is monopoly fascist corporatism, this is not free enterprise.

  32. Looks like White people are trying to sit at the forbidden lunch counter now. And the Bolsheviks and their stooges are making private property arguments that corporations should be able to refuse service while individuals may not. Civil Rights violation laws only apply to individuals targeted by the Bolsheviks, because they now control the entire edifice of the US Government from the top. That poisonous bile is dripping down to all the petty dictators across the nation, empowering them to harass and destroy. The lowliest flight attendent now outranks us all, because they have been given power to dominate us by their betters. There is no rule of law, there is only the whims of the tyrant.

  33. The toxic environment is not limited to the repressive atmosphere created for passengers. Corporate fascism creates hostile work sites, wherein solid professional flight crews, mechanics, managers, RSA and CSA employees are terminated or leave. In the government/corporate fascist business model, revenue losses are made up through subsidies, as air transport in Alasks is essential. Over time, this creates serious safety issues, increased accidents and horrific customer service experiences for passengers. Anyone who has traveled within Russia by airline will be familiar with what this looks like and how risky flying becomes. The term Russian roulette is applicable. The FAA traffic controllers are also being purged to enact “equity”. Everyone we know wishes Sara Godspeed in her lawsuit, but it will take vigorous civil rights enforcement to restore AK Air to a safe and quality airline going forward.

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