Alaska Airlines eliminates ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ from announcements


Because the phrase “Ladies and Gentlemen” is not perceived as inclusive by some, Alaska Airlines has advised its flight attendants to stop using it when making onboard announcements. The airline sent a reminder to its flight attendants that says:

“As Flight Attendants, we are used to certain routines and habitual behaviors when it comes to how we do our job. The processes of performing the safety demo, setting up our galleys and carts for service, and many others are second nature to us, and we don’t give them a second thought. One of those deeply ingrained habits for many is starting our cabin announcements with the phrase ‘ladies and gentlemen’.”

The advisory memo continues: “What you may not know, however, is that ‘ladies and gentlemen’ is no longer part of our announcement scripts. Section 10 of the Flight Attendant Manual (FAM) and the announcement section of Block2Block no longer include any gender-specific references. Though it may take some effort to drop the habit of using the phrase, doing so is important in creating an inclusive environment for all our fellow Flight Attendants, other co-workers, and passengers.”

“Our MEC adopted a resolution on gender equality in December, 2020. The resolution affirms the MEC’s support of the right to recognition, acceptance, and inclusion of people of all gender identities and expressions both in and out of the workplace. As not everyone identifies as male or female, preceding cabin announcements with the term ‘ladies and gentlemen’ does not support a welcoming atmosphere for everyone. Let’s work together to create an inclusive environment by using language that is welcoming to all!”

Alaska Airlines isn’t alone; Delta, Japan Airlines, Brussels Airlines, and Lufthansa are some of the other carriers that have dropped the terminology that refers to well-behaved passengers.

The phrases that they are using may be “everyone” or “passengers,” or perhaps just a term like “Good morning.”

With all the air rage these days, perhaps the dropping of the phrase is an accurate representation of the seemingly fewer ladies and gentlemen flying than in years past, when people generally behaved better onboard.


  1. If Alaska Airlines wasn’t such a monopoly in rural Alaska, I would boycott them immediately! Good grief!
    Alaska Airlines ~ take that Inupiaq Face off the tail of each fleet. You don’t represent we the people as either a woman or man. Yes I am a woman and will continue to say AMEN after a prayer as well!

  2. The woke travelers who don’t consider the salutation to be inclusive are also not worthy of receiving it.

  3. I agree. This generation of females and males were not raised to be given the honor of being called Ladies and Gentleman. Another greeting worded to reflect todays generations would be more apt. It wouldn’t be appropriate, but! It’s how males and females are behaving.

  4. If it’s not a lady or a gentleman, young or old, does it really belong in the cabin hearing flight crew announcements????? Inquiring minds want to know.

  5. Really? So what’s flying a plane or serving the drinks if it’s not a man or woman… a duck-billed platypus? I’d be afraid to fly with them with this mentality.

  6. More and more there are fewer ladies and gentlemen on flights. The cabins on many flights now resemble professional wrestling rings more than any semblance of calm rational humans in travel.

  7. The only way Babbs, Buffy or Brucie might ensure their public addresses are “welcoming” and “inclusive” would be to specify each and every one of the 57 genders in every announcement?

  8. The excuse is “inclusivity.” Right. This sometimes passenger greatly appreciates it when someone recognizes my attempt to be a gentleman. Dropping the term is an insult to me, and is not at all “inclusive.” I will try to refrain from expressing my disgust at social bolshevism. We can still be nice and respectful without destroying our culture and/or our peoples.

  9. This airline needs to get more woke!
    1. No transgendered restrooms.
    2. No transgendered pilots.
    3. Too many old, fat, White flight attendants.
    4. No homosexual porn movies on flights.
    5. No marijuana lounge.
    6. Too many White pilots.
    7. Not enough Muslim women flight attendants.
    8. No “Christians only” section at the rear of the cabin.
    9. First Class should be exclusive for Democrat passengers.
    10. Vaxx cards for proof of travel, needed immediately.
    Yep. There’s work to be done before Elastic Air is fully woke.

      • Red China has a sale on lithium batteries next week,. …. right after they get done mixing their next batch of COVID 21.

  10. The leftist agenda will go down fighting. They are grasping at straws. When I fly, they are the only choice where I reside. Thus, when a gentleman or lady helps, let it be made know, “THANK YOU SIR, what a gentleman like gesture”, “THANK YOU MA’AM! That is very lady like of you”.
    Pay it forward!

    • Running an airline business is a privilege in this state and not a right. Business PRACTICES CAN NEVER BE IN CONFLICT with the US Constitution. It is the laid down declared fundamental law of this nation.

      • Ideally? Yes. Realistically? No. Alaska has become a blue state whether we want to admit it or not. Especially now with all the ‘displaced immigrants’ they are flying in to the state.

  11. Alaska Airlines should follow this up with mandatory CRT training videos on all flights with testing prior to deboarding. High scorers could get free miles or something…it’ll be fun!
    Perfect captive audience on the flights and even the flight crew might pick up a new micro aggression or two to watch for.
    Let’s give the adults who fly the same indoctrination…uhh…training….that we’re giving our school children.
    Should spark some great dinner conversations between the parents and kids.

  12. This garbage will continue until people decide it’s more important to stand on principle then it is to take a vacation, travel for work, etc. Make any excuse you want, or don’t and just don’t give them any more of your money. If you do, you’re only feeding the enemy. Take a stand.

  13. Go woke, go broke. AK Airlines wants me to fly. They require masks. I respect their policy and will not fly on their any airlines until they get rid of the nazi tactics. If you want to be a nazi flight attendant, maybe it’s time to treat you like a nazi.

  14. This is a Seattle based airline, not Alaska. Seattle has gone stark raving mad with their alphabet people and those running from the gender they are born with. All it tells me is they need to scrub all evidence of Alaska on their planes and stop talking like they give a crap about our state, they do not. I will continue to say thank you MA’AM or SIR to the attendents. All of them. Just because a small group of gender confused cry and complain about everything, a real business does not fight that fight. They act like a business and go on their way. Alaska Airlines needs to go.

  15. AK Air Woke War:
    Alaska Airlines is getting more woke

    Won’t say woman, man or even a bloke

    While messaging fliers about to depart

    Can I self-identify as an old fart?

    Just more woke-wars fodder to stoke

    Ladies and gents is far less inclusive

    As some find it to be rather abusive

    More cancel culture to stir the pot

    It’s getting to where we’ve lost the plot

    This whole woke thing’s become quite delusive

  16. How ridiculously absurd. So someone gets offended or insulted? tough —-, get over it…..
    Oh, I’m sorry, did I offend someone? That’s exactly whats wrong with this world…..

  17. Jim Morrison said it in a song over 50 years ago…..” Well, I woke up this morning and I grabbed myself a beer” !!!

  18. “Alaska Airlines eliminates ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ from announcements”

    They replaced it with, “Lemmings and Serfs.” Sounds about right. “Do what we say, shut up and obey.”

  19. The phrase “Ladies and Gentlemen” is not perceived as inclusive by some.
    And I’m offended by the people who don’t perceive it as inclusive. I am not required to bow to their perceptions any more than the perceptions of the schizophrenic in row 21.
    So who wins the Perpetually Offended award on this one? The majority? Isn’t that how democrats think national elections are won, as the “popular vote”?
    Or is this all hypocrisy catering to the lowest common denominator?

  20. Vote with your stock, vote to change the board then change the CEO. Then you get to deal with the unions that will fight any change suggested. It’s a lot like the Swamp.

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