Alaska Republicans launch ‘Peltola Files’ to track Mary’s anti-Alaska record


The Alaska Republican Party has a brand new feature on its website: The Peltola Files.

Those files are filling up with the different votes that Pelota has taken in her short time representing Alaska in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The web page “is designed to keep Alaska voters apprised of the leftist nature of Representative Mary Peltola’s votes in Congress,” says the party on its website.

“She is loyal to Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Hakeem Jeffries… not Alaska. To see how she voted against Alaskans’ interests, click on the files and check back weekly for updates and news on the race to reclaim our voice in Congress.”

The files start with her vote for Rep. Hakeem Jeffries for House Speaker — 15 times in January.

In March, she voted with Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Jeffries against the Parents Bill of Rights, which ensures parents have the spelled-out right to know what is in their children’s curricula at school.

In April, Peltola voted against strengthening the penalties for criminals in her own neighborhood of Washington, D.C., where crime is rampant. She also voted against sanctions for China. In May, she voted against securing the southern border.

In the “Defining Moments” file, there’s her endorsement of Joe Biden for president, pushing puberty blocker chemicals for kids, and her missing votes for the Strategic Production Act.

Peltola, who was endorsed by Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, has voted consistently with the members of the radical leftist Squad in the House. So far, the only Republican to challenge her is Nick Begich, who was also the first non-incumbent to file for the seat in 2022.

The Peltola Files are a start, but there are some holes, such as the fact that Peltola has missed 53 votes, making her the 12th biggest no-show among her House colleagues from either side of the aisle.

Check out all the Alaska Republican Party’s Peltola Files, which will be updated, at this link.


    • Of course not! Nor was she legitimately elected to that position. Rigged choice cheating got here there. It isn’t voting. To get rid of her we need to get rid of RCV. Make sure you sign the petition for the ballot initiative if you haven’t already!

      • She was legitimately elected. The majority of Alaskans who bothered voting approved it.

        It’s stupid, ineffective, and has a massive potential for misuse, but legal.

        Facing up to reality is the first step towards dealing with it.

          • The approval of RCV was rigged for confusion of voters to believe it would prevent dark money in elections, just the opposite has occurred. Will the Alaska GOP start tracking “LISA THE BABY KILLER’s” betrayals of Alaskan’s and America? She’s been lying about securing our Borders since 2006, Deb Halland is a direct result of LISA putting it to Alaskan’s, just to start such a list…it’s very long!

  1. Too bad she has unwavering support from all rural villages in Alaska as well as all the liberal university indoctrinated cities as well which equates to a majority.
    Smells like a lifetime political career for her.
    She could outlast Don Young.
    How does the song go?
    “The bluest skies you ever seen are in Alaska”
    Her supporters are persistent…they left her signs up in Turnagain out of undying support or they havent returned from sun country to Alaska yet because of all the rain. Too gloomy for them.

    • Howdy Andy. You forgot to mention all the Federal, State, and Local UNION $$$$$, and People support. All the Major television media and worst of all RINO SUPPORT. IT will be an uphill battle. Kelly is the only one who can take on such a Monsterous Machine.. We need to vote for the top conservative in the Jungle Primary whoever that may be 2nd 3rd and 4th place conservative finishers need to step aside like Gross did. We need a David vs Goliath Primary election.

  2. The files are fine but perhaps the Republican Party should spend more effort educating people on how to work RCV. Let’s start by not splitting the conservative voter block like last time with Nick and Sara. I could see the outcome before the election

  3. Peltola knows that she will never win re-election. She and her husband are committed to gaining as many deals for themselves as possible, while she is the congressperson doing the bidding for the Interior Department, BIA, and the Biden machine.

  4. Shoot, Suzanne, you have done the work already. I have printed out every article on Peltola and her votes. Been passing out that information at every meeting and event I go to. Thank you.

  5. I am surprised with the amount of missed votes. Wonder what the actual reason for this is?

  6. She was welcomed with open arms by a very excited Nancy who could hardly contain her joy. She was so elated when Don passed as he was a pesty thorn in her side.
    The Pelosi’s have been the experts on insider trading with Nancy at the helm for so many years especially as speaker.
    While she has the ability to influence legislation such as vaccine mandates if anyone bothers to check Pauls investments into the pharmaceutical industry that sold their mandated vaccines at a HUGE profit to the feds with our money it is there but DOJ needs glasses. Garlands are blindmans sunglasses.

    I would have loved to have heard the conversations between the two as Auntie Nancy was grooming the kitten for the big amusement ride we bought and paid for her tickets to attend.

  7. For all the young investors out there Paul has shifted funds from big pharma since the vaccine frenzy has petered out to the war machine. If you really want to make some serious cash invest in Raytheon. The democrats AND Lisa and Dan will make sure you get a healthy return on your bet with that horse.

    There is huge money to be made on War. Not peace. Viet Nam was huge for Bell, Honeywell, Hughes etc.

  8. Politicizing Peltola’s tract record is it supposed to sway away support for her? Do we think demonizing or politicizing a person or issue (such as we seen about the Sound of Freedom film and its Left reaction) going to unify the public better behind correcting the offense with a solution the majority can all agree upon.

  9. And when will the Alaska Republican Party set up a similar web page to keep Alaska voters apprised of the leftist nature of Senator Lisa Murkowski’s votes in Congress? Sure wouldn’t hurt to have a page keeping track of Dan, too.

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