Peltola votes against censure of Schiff


Alaska Rep. Mary Peltola joined all other Democrats and 20 Republicans to table a resolution aimed at censuring and imposing a fine on Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff.

Schiff abused his authority when the Democrats were in control of the House, making claims about evidence that he falsely said would prove collusion between the campaign of former President Donald Trump and the Russian government. He was the House’s lead prosecutor in Trump’s first impeachment trial, having been appointed to that role by then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The resolution that was introduced by Republican Florida Rep. Anna Paulina Luna accused Schiff of intentionally deceiving his committee, Congress, and the American people during the special counsel investigation into Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

During the impeachment process, Schiff said that Trump could face jail time. As chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, he launched multiple investigations into the former president.

Schiff was removed from the committee altogether by Speaker Kevin McCarthy in January, along with the removal of California Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell.

The resolution, had it passed, would have fined Schiff $16 million, which represents about half of what Democrats charged the American taxpayer for the phony investigation into Trump, which turned the House Intelligence Committee into a sort of super PAC to attack Trump in advance of the 2020 presidential election.

The resolution said Schiff had exploited his position to gain access to sensitive information that would help him launch a fraudulent investigation, which he then used for personal political gain and fundraising for his own reelection.

Schiff, who is currently running for Senate, capitalized on the censure prospect to raise funds. In an email sent to his supporters, he portrayed it as an attack on constitutional oversight and accountability, claiming that “MAGA Republicans are out for revenge.”

After the resolution was tabled, Luna expressed her intention to bring it up for another vote, and she will take away the $16 million fine. She took to Twitter, criticizing the 20 Republicans who voted against the recommended penalty, censure, and investigation of Schiff.


  1. Nice to see that she broke with Dems to block energy and gun related regulation. Pistol brace and gas stove proposed regulations are important to the folks of Alaska, and it’s a breath of fresh air to see that she backs us here at home.

    • Her vote against the pistol brace ban means nothing, as Congress and Biden will make sure the ban stays in place. Her vote was simply for her reelection resume so she can claim to be a 2A advocate.

  2. Yes, she did vote against censure….Along with twenty Republicans. In a fine example of slanted reporting, this article makes no mention of who those twenty were or why they might have voted against censure.

    • I saw this list on Truth Social posted by Wall Street Apes yesterday:
      Updates list of the 20 RINO pieces of GARBAGE who voted to save the TRAITOR Adam Schiff with each state:

      Armstrong (ND)
      Chavez-DeRemer (OR)
      Ciscomani (AZ)
      Cole (OK)
      Davidson (OH)
      Fitzpatrick (PA)
      Granger (TX)
      Graves (LA)
      Kean (NJ)
      Kiley (CA)
      Kim (CA)
      Lawler (NY)
      Massie (KY)
      McClintock (CA)
      Molinaro (NY)
      Obernolte (CA)
      Simpson (ID)
      Turner (OH)
      Valadao (CA)
      Womack (AR)

    • this is an alaska local site so what does it matter to alaskans what some corrupt politicos did half a world away when we can do nothing about it?

  3. Suzanne, you can save yourself the effort of these individual reports on Granny Fishcake’s voting actions in Congress, and just keep repeating this statement each time: “Mary Peltola again votes the Democratic/radical leftist party line.” That one line would suffice for each and every one of these reports, because she NEVER deviates from the radical leftist extremist party line and dogmatic orthodoxy. She is as much a puppet of deep state and Sorosian forces as are brain-dead Fetterman and brain-dead Biden.

      • I tend to agree. Although I rarely agree with Jefferson, that’s a good one. Perhaps if she becomes an author she can use that as her nom de plume?

  4. Swamp Creatures … Voting to save their own w/ strings – promises attached.
    It’s a fact of ‘political life’ nowadays and it’s likely not going to stop.
    One certainly has got to ask … “What specifically did MP get for her vote?”

    • As pointed out in previous article , 78% of funding for liberals running for office in Ak comes from outside sources ! We are just being used as puppets for radical agenda ! Villagers will be cooking with twigs and whale oil before too long . Lefties don’t understand the challenges of living in Ak . Most days it just survival . And now it’s survival from radical government !

  5. You want this type of people in your house vote them in! Hello California! Alaska? I’m just shaking my head!

  6. Did she disclose her finances yet? She probably voted this way to cover her family’s situation as well. If the prior article is true for carbon credits that was reported by MRA with the Gov and her husband.

  7. The shifty one was caught lying during the impeachment and even before then when supposedly he had the evidence in his hands of Russian conclusion. He’s lost all credibility mind you but the real question is why does he still have a job?

  8. The fact that George Santos voted yes in order to, as he put it, “restore integrity to the House” tells you everything you need to know about this vote. Pot meet Kettle.

  9. That sums up everything tells us a lot about who she is! I did not vote for her, and never will.

  10. For the millions on dollars in fraud he has to be accountable, Shame on Mary for being the yes man for Nancy.

  11. And suddenly, Sarah Palin turns out to be the best choice Alaska could have made (and maybe did?) for Alaska Congresswoman, given the field of candidates? Surely the Fritz Cove Maniacs and back loop Yankers in Juneau will disagree?

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