Former Anchorage Mayor Quinn-Davidson hosts drag queen show for children at her house


Former Anchorage Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson was so proud of the drag queen party she hosted at her house, that her wife Stephanie Quinn-Davidson even posted photos on Facebook, with pictures of their own child and other children handing the drag queen one dollar bills, in the way patrons of strip clubs tip dancers.

Attending the drag queen show in West Anchorage was fellow Democrat Rep. Zack Fields, who was photographed with a child on his lap enjoying the performance.

It’s Pride Month, and that means the extremist members of the LGBTQ community have created many celebrations around the country like this, where children are groomed into alternative lifestyles, such as transvestism, drag queen culture, and transgenderism.

Quinn-Davidson served on the Anchorage Assembly before former Democrat Mayor Ethan Berkowitz resigned in disgrace, having scandalized the city after photos of him surfaced that put him in a compromising light. Quinn-Davidson was quickly installed by the Assembly as mayor, and she served for eight months, until Mayor Dave Bronson was elected in 2021. She then returned to the Assembly, where she rarely showed up in person for meetings, and then chose to not run for reelection in 2023. She has been out of office since April.

Stephanie Quinn-Davidson is a political figure in her own right, having been involved in anti-Pebble mine activism and advocating for environmentalist candidates of the Chugach Electric Association.

Photo: From social media account.


  1. What is the left’s obsession with drag? Some kind of religious ritual?

    I sorta understand why the are into kids, but this drag business is freaking insane.

    • There is an ancient goddess at work in America today who says she has the power to change a man woman and a woman into a man

  2. Where are the parents and cops? Indecent exposure, grooming….
    Its exactly what I would expect from the most corrupt ACTING mayor of my almost 30 years in anchorage. Of course, she is also the same POS that ordered us IT staff to hide her tracks.
    ADqpQ should be in jail.

  3. We don’t get to pick our neighbors. That’s what I told my child as we bicycled past a house with gigantic skeletons avatar size. So creepy! I’d hate seeing those every morning, noon, and night outside but I explain to her we couldn’t do anything about it if we lived on this street. It’s on their property. Just like these guys neighbors having to see their neighbors host a drag show right on their garage driveway. Maybe Quinn son will grow up and become a pastor. Hallelujah to God if it’s his destiny that any Gay parent’s child grows up to become a Truth speaking pastor on fire for God and his commandments.

  4. What she does at her home is her choice.

    My view is the 25,000ft elevation.
    Biological sex is not a choice God has granted us.
    Biological sex means the condition of being male or female, which is determined by a person’s chromosomes, and is identified at birth by a person’s anatomy. Those who reject their biological sex are sometimes referred to as “transgender.”

    • Jim, I agree what she does IN her house is her business. However from the picture it appears that this was a front lawn event and therefore in the neighbors faces. If your neighbor puts on a burlesque show in a publicly viewable space, in full sight of your living room window that’s not okay.
      Since these are men masquerading as women this is somehow to be tolerated, but I bet if she had invited actual women adult dancers to accept dollar bills from her kids, the police would be at her residence forthwith….

  5. NOPE! I’ll never buy things that cause trouble. Why would I want to cause trouble? It’s
    hard enough to love the people you love already.
    PS: Hi Suzanne. I moved to Alaska when I was younger, too…I came here in 1969 as well!
    It’s been a good life. I’m so thankful that we moved here.
    Love and Hugs, Suzanne!

  6. PRIDE……..all based around sexual desires. What more better way to hide your excitement that have a child to use as throw pillow.

    • She would never do that.
      Like all good leftists, she is excellent at spending other people’s time, effort, and especially their money.
      Never her own.

  7. In the old children’s fable, Hansel and Gretel, the witch lured the unsuspecting children into the gingerbread house with promises of candy. The witch intended to eat the kids and drink their blood. An interesting parallel that in 2023 America, lesbian witches and transexuals are luring children into their own evil dens with the intent of transforming them for their own pedophilia pleasures. It’s happening. And President Biden is promoting it.

    • No, Mo, you really don’t get it at all. Sin is sin, no matter who practices it. Why would you assume church members or clergy are free of sin? In your world, there is no healing, only retribution. Have fun with that. I myself will stick with Him who can and will forgive, and move forward to better the world and heal the damage caused by evil.

    • man you’ve really got a hard on for any criticism of the progressive faith. The church has close to zero power or influence, the LGBT+ community and their allies shutdown churches on and off from 2020-2022 along with anything else they felt like. They are the power structure. I get it never question our leaders infinite wisdom, correct?

    • No you don’t get it at all. You’re part of the uneducated who want kids to be exposed to adult ideas. Kids are now part of the political push and pull between the left and right. These kids did not vote for this. They do not know any better. Maureen you need help understanding right from wrong on education.

    • Would it make you feel better to know that Richard Dawkins would be able to take one disgusted look at you and these nasty damaged freaks you identify with and he’d dismiss the lot of you as irreparably infected with dysgenic viruses of the mind, Maureen?

    • Thank you Maureen for admitting that this event at AQD house IS grooming and you make it clear that it is unacceptable. Have you express your outrage to AQD yet???

    • Ok Maureen. What church approves grooming children? An organization as big as the catholic church is bound to have bad people in it’s rosters. And, I agree when you point out that the catholic church has handled the whole pedophilia thing horribly. But the ‘church’ itself has never condoned messing with kids. In fact, I know of no Christian based church that does condone that type of behavior.

      If you had an employee that was caught stealing and instead of firing them, you placed them in a different job, you would be guilty of bad decision making, NOT of supporting theft.

  8. My question is what are the parents of these children thinking by exposing them to this kind of stuff??? When did it become normal to expose young children to drag shows?

    • It became normal to expose young children to drag shows when horny and perverse became an identity.

    • They think they are being “cool” by going along with the latest fad thing, counter culture and all that. Ha, they are the culture.

  9. Very sad and deluded and essentially child abuse and grooming. PRIDE is the opposite of humility and how apropos that the LGBTQ cult has not only ‘stolen’ the rainbow but uses ‘pride’ as their statement. Pride does indeed come before a fall. Proverbs 16:18. They will not escape reality or truth in the end. Heartbreaking.

  10. Could someone explain exactly what there is to be proud of by mocking women and pushing sex on children? So far, I have heard nothing at all to explain any source of pride for these perverts. Shame might be outdated, but it’s return will fix a lot of evil error and human wreckage.

  11. “The crucial disconnect between the two flags is that one represents self-indulgence and the other represents self-governance; the two cannot peacefully coexist.”

    -Elle Purnell

  12. If we want to look for a silver lining, at least the Quinn-Davidsons have a man in their life now?

  13. This makes the parent in me cringe. But, as a free citizen, I have to extend that same freedom to these idiots. They held their drag show on private property. Hopefully the neighbors turned this into a teaching moment for their own kids.

  14. Pride is one of the seven deadly sins, and Some of the other sins fit this situation as well. As for Zack Fields, I have no doubt he did enjoy the performance with a child on his lap…..

  15. They think they are being “cool” by going along with the latest fad thing, counter culture and all that. Ha, they are the culture.

  16. If I were to have scantily clad women, real women with XX chromones and no surgery required to look like a woman, read books and act provocatively in front of children, I am pretty sure I would receive a visit from the police, and potentially get a ride downtown.
    But, for some reason, it is perfectly fine to have men act and dress like women read books and act provocatively in front of children for some reason?

  17. I think a more important take-away from this article is the photograph. If this indeed is at her/him’s function, did anyone else notice that it was done outside in the driveway and in full view of a neighborhood that, I’m assuming, has other children who may be bicycling past? Maybe the backyard was in disrepair? This faction of the LGBTQ…etc doing this stuff inside of their homes, bars, private functions is one thing but, AQD’s actions here are a not-so-subliminal “In Your Face” act with implications of a more nefarious purpose. For the sake of argument, what do you think would happen if a woman in a micro bikini did that very same thing in anyone’s driveway in full view of the neighbors and children? It appears from this that, if they were assembly members or friends thereof, probably nothing.

  18. Yip, there are Some sick puppies around us, you best know your neighbors people , mental Ilness run amuck!

  19. Why dont all we REAL WOMEN start doing our yardwork topless and see how long it takes for our neighbors to call the cops and how long before we are arrested for indecent exposure, at the least.
    We can barbeque in the driveway, play in the sprinklers, garden, and eat our meals on the front lawn, live our lives without regard to whether children are around, time to free the nipple!
    I have a magnificent pair.

      • It doesn’t matter what your twins look like. Those demented men wanting to be female will still be jealous and hate us for being REAL women. No matter how much they mutilate themselves, no matter how much they steal our sports accomplishments, no matter how much they mock us with garish and whorish makeup and clothes, they will never ever be a genuine WOMAN.

    • Yeah!
      Free the nipple! We women are proud! Let’s celebrate that with a parade down the street? Oh and bring a portable grill and we’ll burn them bras!….. hang on, I think I heard that song somewhere before??!! 🙂

  20. The LGBTQ crowd really loves to groom the next generation don’t they ? For years it was “live and let live” and “treat everyone equal / respect us” no one cared what you did in your own home, they even legalized same sex benefits etc and even moderates were like “Ok that makes sense…It’s not my thing but it makes sense to protect your partner”….

    THEN somewhere it turned to bow to the LGBTQ movement and call it human rights. If you don’t bow to them they try to crush you..Then it turned to trying to make gender dysmorphia “normal” now they are pushing the term “MAP” or Minor Attracted Person instead of being a pedophile.

    You can’t have all the attributes of a mental illness according to the DSM 5 (and older DSM’s) and call yourself “normal”. The fact we are changing our lives for 2-3% of the population at most and trying to cancel women completely is no longer shocking to me, this feels like an episode of Idicoracy meets the Twilight Zone and everyone is going along to “be nice” or out of fear.

    This whole LGBTQ thing went off the rails when they started advocating with children as a prop and sexualizing them in general with the drag shows. Open your eyes this isn’t about human rights its about perverts trying to find new sexual partners

  21. So many of these women who bring kids to drag events are very overweight, including our fat (yes I used the word) ex-temporary mayor. Wonder how many of these drag loving, overweight, women were molested by men when they were young? Why are they mostly fat women and why don’t they get therapy, instead of corrupting children?

  22. This disgusting event of course had to be out in full view of the public. How else would these sickos maximize the public outrage which they obviously relish. They of course must involve innocent children which ratchets up the intensity another level. Exposing young children to this type of depravity has no redeeming factor in my opinion, zero, zip nada. Any parent that would condone and enable children to participate in this garbage is leading a child down a very precipitous and evil path. From the perspective of a huge majority of reasonable level headed and moral people it is not entertaining, not funny, potentially damaging to young impressionable minds and absolutely unacceptable. There is a special place in hell for those that prey upon children.

    • I agree, there will be an accountability coming to those that destroy children, not only physical abuse, but sex trafficing,pedofiles and the like. I would NEVER think that ANC would have this and the replacement mayor for Berkowitiz is pushing this evil BS shows what the legislature in ANC is all about. I flew with Mayor Bronson and I hope he will address this filth. Thanks for writing Mike.

  23. What I want to know is when did all these Democrat Progressives move to Alaska and take over the politics? Who was asleep when they did this. I’m telling you the whole country was asleep at the wheel when the socialist ideology funded by Soros invaded our country. I’m agog at the power and influence Soro’s has in the world. WAKE UP SLEEPER.

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