Vandals burn chemical swastika into lawn of Mountain City Church


A chemical of some sort was used to burn a swastika into the lawn at Mountain City Church, formerly known as Anchorage Baptist Temple.

It is one of a series of acts of vandalism against churches in Anchorage in recent months, but in some ways it is the most serious, because of the symbol used, associated with Nazism.

Several days ago, the church was vandalized with spray paint on one of its signs.

Around Thanksgiving in November, the Anchorage Police Department received a report of vandalism at St. Andrew Catholic Church in Eagle River. The church was desecrated with graffiti depicting a penis and associated genitalia. That followed a prior incident of vandalism of the same sort two days after the Supreme Court leaked a draft opinion of its upcoming overturning of the national abortion law known as Roe v. Wade. Vandalism against churches spiked after the decision was leaked.

Must Read Alaska has reached out to Pastor Ron Hoffman at Mountain City Church for comment and will update this story.

This is the same crime, only worse in terms of damage and scope than what happened at Mad Myrna’s, a gay hangout downtown in Anchorage, and at the Jewish Museum in 2021. Anchorage police, partnering with the FBI, mounted a very public request for information about the perpetrator, who ended up being one of the regulars at Mad Myrna’s. The case quietly went away after Luke Edward Foster, age 27, was busted for using an Instagram account to sell hallucinogenic mushrooms, and was found in possession of the same swastika stickers as had been used on the Jewish Museum and Mad Myrna’s.


  1. This would seem to be what the Left and anarchists are good at. They cannot debate policy or issues so they resort to mischief and criminal acts. Very unfortunate and just downright ugly. Anchorage citizens need to act and report any information to the authorities. It’s our city, not Antifa’s.

    • So you are making a statement of fact or just your opinion? I’m sure that these churches would file a police report. Lets wait for an investigation before you stir up the bucket, okay.

  2. As I told my relative who attends MCCvknow where its exits are and what you would do if something broke out, and pray. Don’t be sleepy eye at church. Since Roe was turned over to the states, crime and violence has increased at crisis pregnancy centers and churches that are prolife and pro God’s way.

  3. I guess this is a part of God’s plan for Mountain City Church. Seems a bit cruel on His part, though.

    • God gave man free will and defines Good and Evil. It is man that commits the evil. God gave you free will and put you with other men of free will and you cry out against God? Are you not grateful for your existence?

      • Why did god create bone cancer in children. One of the most painful cancers that exist.

        Why did god create the Loa loa worm in west and central Africa, which burrows in to the eyes of children and causes blindness and pain.

        Why did god, when 42 children mocked Elisha by calling him: “baldhead, send bears after the children and maul them all to death? (2 Kings 2:24)

        If you were imprisoned against your will, and I set you free, then began torturing your child, would you praise me if I demanded your gratitude while doing so?

        • All fair questions. Let’s ask a few more.

          Why would a loving God ask Abraham to kill his own son?
          Why would a loving God allow pedophilia to exist in His/Her creation?
          Why would a loving God allow war, starvation, disease, hatred, and crime to pervade His society?
          Why would a loving God the Father decide to kill his own son, and in such a cruel and excruciating manner?
          Why would a loving God allow religions to exist which purportedly condemn their adherents to eternal damnation?
          Why would a loving God allow nuclear weapons to be created, thereby providing His creation with the means to self destruct?
          And why would a loving God allow sin to exist in the world to begin with?
          Indeed, the Lord works in mysterious ways. Yeah, that platitude should satisfy everyone. If we say it loud and often enough, maybe they’ll stop asking such questions.
          There’s a lot of good to say about religion, but the theologies that they expect people to believe are pure rubbish. And the pious wonder why religion is on decline in the country.

        • You bring up suffering, to paraphrase “if God is good then why suffering?” This topic has many answers. There are books and books here are a few simple answers.

          1. Our ancestors screwed up and lost our inheritance of living in paradise.

          2. Our free will is only possible in state of separation from God where God allows suffering at random.

          3. God joins in our suffering giving his only begotten Son to be tortured and killed.

          And God will correct the suffering.

          “He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

          • So to clarify, the justifications that lead god to be worth of praise are:

            1. Our ancestors screwed up, and so god gives bone cancer, or otherwise now allows bone cancer to afflict and torture children because we screwed up thousands of years ago.

            2. Our free will is only possible in a world where god designs a creature whose specific and only purpose is to spend its lifecycle burrowing into the eyes of our children and cause them pain and blindness.

            3. It’s ok because god created his own son, which is also himself, and had that son also tortured and killed which makes things better.

            4. He will make it better eventually in the future so it’s ok to do these things to us now.
            -he wishes us to suffer
            -he cannot do anything to stop our suffering
            -he knows nothing of our suffering and cannot hear our plea for mercy
            -our suffering is the result of nature, and nature is indifferent to our suffering as it is to all other things in nature. And we should help one another because we are all we have.

    • He flattened Sodom, obliterated Gomorrah, and drowned our planet saving but eight. God is not all sunshine and lollipops as so many hope. Tremble at His name.

      • As long as we’re talking about God the Creator of all, and not the aliens that interbreed with humans creating the Giants on the Earth in that time or Noah and his descendants who were also hybrids. If you read The book of Enoch you will learn that Noah glowed like a star from the day he was born and had white hair and his father didn’t believe he was his son. And then there’s Enoch and Methuselah and all the rest of Noah’s Ken that lived over 900 years. Possibly the aliens needed to flood the planet to cleanse it because afterwards everybody only lived about a hundred years or so. Had to fix what was broken. But aliens did this, not the Creator. Remember Enoch went up and just orbit with aliens and look down upon the Earth. If you believe Noah, then surely you believe his grandpa or his great grandpa. But if your mind is so close that you can’t accept this, which was the main reason why the book of Enoch was omitted from the Bible, then go ahead and continue believing fables. My God doesn’t need a rocket ship to move around, and angels, true angels don’t need wings to fly.

        • Since we’re on the subject, I guess, here’s a little puzzler:

          Would the triune Christian God also be the God of these aliens? Let’s let the theologians cogitate on that one for a while. I’m sure they can think up something.

        • Book of Enoch? Where did that book come from? It’s not in ANY of the normal regular Bibles we read or have?? And Aliens? very weird. No such thing in a regular Bible everyone normally has.

    • God will correct Satan’s devil worshipping kids perfectly soon at Armageddon. Every knee shall bow. The battle is the Lord’s. They will not do anything bad in God’s holy mountain. Hope the perps darkened minds can learn a new thing like the truth before their complete enslavement you are working diligently towards.

    • Yeah, suffering at the hands of evil is cruel. But it’s the way of The Cross. Folks like you and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence may never catch the clue, but that’s between you and the Final Judgement. Good luck with that.

      • These “Sisters” were created to provide aid to the early HIV patients who were being ignored, scorned and forsaken.

        No worries there on that Final Judgement of YOUR faith.

        “Judge not lest ye be judged…” Matt. 7:1

    • This is way worse. Someone slaping a hateful sticker on a door was stupid. Someone burning a hateful symbol into grass took preparation, destroyed property, and wreaks of abomination.

    • Because the victims of this particular property vandalism don’t have overwhelming representation on the Anchorage assembly.

    • In the attacks you mention the perpetrator was creating a fake hate crime when they actually liked the bar and museum they defaced.

      In this crime the attack is probably a real hate crime since many people actually hate churches and attack them. But even though Biden claims white supremacists and neo Nazis are the greatest threat to America the FBI will not investigate this since it is probably a woke leftist. The real Nazis are way more meticulous about their swastikas.

    • “ only worse in terms of damage and scope”

      Selective reading/comprehension will give you an incomplete picture, Maureen.

      How gross that the perpetrator of the gay bar and Jewish Museum crimes was quietly corrected -no media firestorm after learning he was a patron of Mad Myrna’s.

      The Rainbow Mafia is truly a protected class in our decaying constitutional republic. Unless we cauterize our self-inflicted wounds (abortion, sexual promiscuity, contraception, abandonment of marriage and the family), we will not return to health, my fellow Americans!

    • Maureen, if you cannot ever addresss the topic at hand without automatically diverting into your now-trademark ‘whataboutism’, then you have no moral right to be posting your irrelevancies here, and you should just shut up already, and go stew in your radical leftist extremist hatred and intolerance somewhere else.

      • I asked for clarification of a statement written with no evidence. Wanting to understand how it was that this crime was deemed worse than 2 other instances involving others.

        YOU need to check your own feelings.

    • C’mon, Maureen. The odds of the perpetrator being one of your unhinged drugged-up buddies trying to lash out at the church members and stoke fear and outrage in the larger community must be infinitely higher than the probability that actual neo-nazi boogymen did it.

      Hey, has anyone seen “Lucinda” lately?

      • Aunt Sally-Are you refering to the very sons and daughters of that same church who put their kids on the street because god made their kids different from the rules of their man-made religion?

        • Are you saying you know who did it, Maureen, or are you just terribly confused again and trying to change to subject in order to take an unfair shot at good parents who’ve had to practice tough love with their messed up offspring who’d sadly taken rotten advise and terrible behavioral cues from you and the degenerates you identify with?

          • No I am saying that that particular church causes homelessness in their children by parents kicking them out of family homes because their children identify as queer.

            Good parents don’t kick their kids out of the family home. And onto the streets.

            And by the way how come MRA is still the only one reporting this? Maybe it wasn’t ever reported to police-because it was someone from the church.

            PS YOU were the one to bring up horrible confusement Aunt Sally.

          • Y’know, Maureen, sometimes good parents fail at trying to raise good kids who’d ideally go on to become good adults and sometimes the best efforts result in kids going on to become thieves, queers, and junkies.

            Sometimes the offending youths have been led astray by their peers, sometimes they’ve absorbed too much subversive media aimed at undermining healthy society, and sometimes they’re just mentally weak and defective.

            Your parents really should have had you institutionalized for your own good back in the day before Charles Silverstein came along with his toxic ideas and his monstrous efforts to normalize you unfortunate blights but tossing you out of the house could probably have been easily justified as well.

      • ‘Lucinda’, aka Christopher Constant, you mean?

        Was never that hard to figure out, using his verbiage and vernacular within comparison.

        Would love to hear him deny it.

  4. Wow, this is awful. That church does a lot of good in the community, especially with Recovery Alaska. Whoever did this has too much hate in their heart.

    • Hitler was ambivalent toward queers that weren’t ostentatious and was clearly not a fan of jews however, he was most definitely christian and met w/ the Pope on multiple occasions. This joining of facility and symbolism isn’t the hateful pairing it might be were the same adornment applied to a huddle of queers or a squabble of jews.

      • I’m Jewish and I now attend a Christian church, choosing to follow Jesus the messiah. Hitler might have said he was Christian, but he was not a Christian. He was a follower of Darwinism. No follower of Jesus could commit those acts.

        • Hitler identified as christian in the same manner you claim to. It’s also true that christian history is littered w/ heinous examples of horrific behavior in the name of god.

          1 Samuel 15: 1-3 indicates that biblical wrongs could be righted w/ a generous portion of genocidal retribution. If that seems a little too pedestrian you could always focus on the christian history of burning heretics at the stake, forced conversions, religious terrorism, holy wars and the like. If you’d prefer to focus more tightly on your own blended background there are instances of christians having burned jews alive for desecrating christian relics or similar theological artifacts. 1337 was a pivotal year wherein christians burned a ton of jews so when you say “No follower of Jesus could commit those acts” you should also keep in mind Bill Clinton’s remark about “whatever you believe, you could be wrong”.

          • Hitler was conflicted in his Catholic faith of which he was baptized as a child.

            Ceak said she/he was Jewish TB. He didn’t say she/he was or identified Christian. Only following Christ.

          • Every human is sinful and many are led to all kinds of evil. If you live your life for Jesus, you repent and turn away from sin. Nobody is perfect, but those who continue to live in their sin are not following Jesus. “Thou shall not kill” is pretty clear.

      • Hitler was also a drug addict taking many various forms of drugs. READ HISTORY. Also AHC channel 104 often has repeated History of WWII and covers the drug addiction of Hitler. It often has the series of History leading up to WWII and how Hitler came into power and how he became a drug addict. He had a personal doctor that gave him all these poisonous drugs several times a day.. I am not sure just what the history channel 58 (regular channel in the “More” section in the Yukon listing) teaches anymore… AHC is also listed in “total” listing in the Yukon listing, but also in a smaller “FAMILY” selection of channels. AHC has a good historical channel that teaches history for parents who would like their children to LEARN true History..

    • Evil people do not want any libertine freed from the spell of drugs otherwise known as being recovered. They want the mass of mankind delivered from their God-given freedom of choice to be free from enslavement to those puny Satan professors. They are weak. There’s about three hundred prominent ones in the world who have thought these addictions up and have implemented them especially in the US. They want Americans: drugged out, obedient to television traing in morals, unplugged from God, ignorant, poor, homeless, without clarity of thought and dispossessed. They don’t like Americans.

  5. The attacks on people of faith, especially Christians, continues.

    And the so called “compassionate” left cheers it on.

    Disgusting, but not unexpected.

    • I guess you can call that a swastika from the Left. Or perhaps the classic attempt by a Leftist to portray itself as a right wing fascist; it just naturally comes out backwards, and they’re the last to figure it out.

    • So up above a bit you can read a comment I made and J’s response to it which he concluded by adding “shut up already, and go stew in your radical leftist extremist hatred and intolerance somewhere else.”

      Hypocracy, it actually appears, thy name is Jefferson

      • No hypocrisy there at all, Maureen.
        I am simply intolerant of intolerance, such as is invariably displayed by radical leftist extremists and freaks such as yourself.

        Your disingenuous projection here is representative of YOUR own hypocrisy, as well as effectively being victim-blaming.

  6. The swastika is an ancient symbol, that was used by the Nazis. It makes one wonder what they saw in it and what it really meant. These days, for some reason, it is ONLY associated with Nazism. I highly doubt if any of us understand what it really represented (then or originally), but since we all have received the same information spoonfed to us, we think we know what it means. Based upon that, it is probably a safe bet to assume that what it meant it to whomever etched it into the grass is something along those lines.

    It is difficult to imagine them not getting caught. It will be interesting to see who did it and why if that can be discerned. It was destructive to a well manicured lawn, and it seems obvious that there were ill intentions.

    • The church sign is not backwards in the photo, so the perps must have the symbol backwards if it is meant to be the version associated with the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (National Socialist German Worker’s Party), more commonly known as the Nazis.

    • That’s what I’ve been saying. It’s backwards which means a good thing but people who automatically associate the swastika in any form as being bad don’t recognize which way it needs to face in order to be a German swastika.

    • Since the radical leftist extremists who certainly conducted this vandalism live in the backword Bizarro Universe, where good is bad and right is wrong, it probably looked perfectly correct to them.

      • Thank you for the answers guys.
        So, everyone should be on the lookout for a gang of dyslexic vandals. They shouldn’t be too hard to spot since they probably wear their shirts inside out and backwards.

    • ADN is the spiritual home of vandals, EBT card recipients, Obama phone users, sexual deviants, cutters, self pleasures, and those w/ low self expectations. A preemptive strike on what is likely one of their own would be uncalled for and abusive.

      • When the pride flag hanging in front of Myrnas was burnt about 8 years ago, the Daily News, ANC Press & the TV news covered it Maureen. Was that a bad idea? Why do you think this hate crime shouldn’t be covered by our free press? Would the press cover it was a synagogue or The Alaska Center? Democracy dies in darkness …. isn’t that the lib mantra?

        • I AM wondering why the local press hasn’t picked-up such a concerning community event. THAT concerns me as anything affecting my community does. How you got I don’t want hate crimes reported I have no idea.

          The democracy dies in darkness was coined by the Washington Post.

  7. Obviously a “false flag” operation, as they are SO popular these days! Whoever perpetrated the act, well, you’d better hope that your fellow MCC congregants don’t find out! It’s not a good look.

    • False flag attacks are, by definition, conducted and perpetrated by those in power, or by those in league with the ruling class and the power establishment, not by those opposed to the power establishment and ruling class.
      Very lame attempt at deflection, Cur, even for you.

      • Straight from the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

        “False flag: A hostile or harmful action (such as an attack) that is designed to look like it was perpetrated by someone other than the person or group responsible for it.”

        Very lame attempt at deception, Jeffy, even for you. Please up your game.

  8. This is a hate crime & our “journalists” don’t even cover it. (except SD of course)
    If it was against a gay group or a minority group, they would be all over it & the police would having a press release, but since it is against Christians, no big deal. A few yrs ago, when someone took a Bic lighter to the rainbow flag on the front of Myrnas ….. that was page one news in the ADN Metro section & covered by KTUU.

  9. Wow Suzanne! After reading this thread, I think you’ve earned extra time off or some kind of treat for yourself! -Hitler was a Christian
    -we all come from aliens
    -the aliens came out of a nova. Sorry, supernova
    -if an idiot vandalizes a place with a swastika painted the wrong way, it’s a ‘good’ symbol
    -a couple of people claiming that they know more than God

    I love a good argument, just ask Maureen, but there has to be some brain power evident in the argument for it to be considered good. This thread has really gone to the lower end of that Bell curve.

  10. So.

    What I see here is a counterclockwise ‘swastika ‘symbol versus a clockwise ‘swastika symbol’.

    The former most associated within Buddhist symbology, whereas the latter is most associated within Nazi symbology.

    Which is it, one may ask? A dyslexic symbol of hate, or a Buddhist symbol of peace?

    One may extrapolate that due unto the intention, it is the work of a truly ignorant and moronic party or parties that do not even understand the ‘direction’ of their hateful act within the vein of the ‘direction’ of the symbol itself.

    This is not the action of an organization of hate, but of stupidity, and not the stupidity of adolescents, but of full-grown adults, that have had years of ignorance bred into them and their own families.

    That, or their families have disowned them outright, and this is the best that they can do, within their own existence, which is a very sad state of affairs unto them indeed.

    And unto the rest of you, claiming the will of a God, or the lack of a God, or the retribution of a God, or the forgiveness of a God or lack thereof, or the allowance of a God to have bad things happen to us, especially children, perhaps there is something else within the grand scheme of existence for all of us, that exists whether we believe or not, but just is, and individually is left up to us, within our existence as we perceive it.

    Perhaps, just perhaps, there is something far beyond us, that observes us, but does not interfere within our actions, and allows us the freedom to act, and interact with each other as we wish and choose to do so, and through said choice, we determine unto ourselves whether we are good or bad, not judged by others, but judged by, and into ourselves.

    The mirror of one’s soul cannot fool itself, no matter how much it may try.

  11. Many Churches these days are sliding hard to the left. Renaming a Bastogne of Christ centered teaching and attempting to distance yourself from the former Pastor, getting rid of programs and traditions that have worked for generations tells us something more sinister is at hand. The world is full of skinny jean wearing fakes, seeing them stand on the podium and lecture others on not following the world is very disturbing. To hear another “Pastor” say the word temple is cult like when the bible teaches that our bodies are temples to the Holy Spirt causes one to wonder if these “Pastors“ have ever read the bible? 1 Corinthians 3:16. Then the disrespect of our veterans and saying it is Creepy to honor their sacrifice speaks to the wokeism filtering into our churches. To destroy years of worship music because of its age after the church spent offerings to buy the rights demonstrates that they do not value the ways of the past dishonoring their parents. I am a sinner, I have done horrible things in my life. I know that and repent. God hates some things he tells us we are to hate the things he hates. Getting woke and pretending that since God loves us he will ignore what he hates is false teaching. Hiring your entire family and giving them large salaries and Titles that the church can not afford will not go unnoticed or unanswered for long. God will not be mocked the scriptures say. I fear that some of these churches are headed for a very hard fall. Better to fear God than those in the world.

  12. 2 Items:
    A. What does this have to do with the Jewish Museum or a Gay Bar? Irrelevant to the article.
    B. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A HATE CRIME. It’s just a crime. You can hate your neighbor and he maybe just as white as you. If you harm them it’s a crime. If you only vandalize Toyota products is it a hate crime because it’s a Japanese company? Or a hate crime because you’re a Chevy person? No, it’s just a crime.

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