Biden doubles down: ‘They’re all our kids’


In remarks for the now infamous “Pride Day” raunch romp at the White House, President Joe Biden repeated a message that could have come straight out of the mouth of Karl Marx, who worked to weaken the bonds between parents and children and replace them with fidelity to the state:

“These are our kids. These are our neighbors. Not somebody else’s kids; they’re all our kids,” Biden said in remarks on June 8, compiled into a video posted on Twitter this past weekend.

It’s the second time in recent weeks that Biden has made such a statement.

In April, at the event honoring the national Teacher of the Year, he said, “There is no such thing as someone else’s child. No such thing as someone else’s child. Our nation’s children are all our children,” drawing rebuke from family-centered conservatives.

Among those who criticized Biden for taking possession of the children of America was Elon Musk, who quickly wrote on Twitter, “You are the government. They are NOT your kids.”

The Gov. Ron DeSantis rapid-response team also responded: “They are not your kids,” said the DeSantis Warroom on Twitter. DeSantis is a Republican candidate for president.

The Biden video was posted on Twitter just after the president held a party for LGBTQ+ persons on the South Lawn of the White House, complete with a transgender or two who partially disrobed and jiggled fake boobs and a surgically boob-removed chest at the camera for an Instagram moment, beneath the rainbow flag that had been draped between two US flags on the White House itself.

On Tuesday, the White House said it disapproved of the nudity and said the individuals would not be invited back to the White House.

After all, “they are all our kids,” but not on his lawn.


    • ? No kidding. Perhaps his idea of caring for OUR kids is a little window into why his are as they are…….

  1. Hey dirtbag Joe Biden:
    How about Hunter’s daughter with a stripper? Is she your kid too? Maybe your grandkid? Why wasn’t she invited to the White House for a visit with dirtbag grandpa?

    • She wasn’t invited. Joe and Hunter are fighting the mother with a lawsuit, trying to prevent the little granddaughter from using the name Biden.
      The mom should petition the court to change her name to Trump.

  2. Since girls are leading the resistance, what should we do girls? Famous last words: “I’m not letting this show become Alex Jones”!!!!!
    He makes you girls look like sell out communist, pervert pacifist, Democrats…

    • “Joe Biden” is a near-mindless husk and a meat puppet who decides nothing.

      It is his deep state handlers and globalist puppeteers who are the really sick and corrupt men behind the Oval Office curtain.

      • Jefferson, there is nothing in this country to work with but debris! Get out and vote–make difference, eh?

        • Edit (post header): “Political Dumpster Hopping with the Chumps”

  3. Any chance Garth Brook’s new bar catered the event? Since he’s down with the cause now?

  4. They won’t be invited back? What bigotry!

    “The crucial disconnect between the two flags is that one represents self-indulgence and the other represents self-governance; the two cannot peacefully coexist.”

    -Elle Purnell

  5. Big talk from a man who doesn’t even acknowledge the existence of his grand daughter (Hunter and his girlfriend). But Biden has always been an blowhard. Cheers –

  6. Almost every branch and agency of the US federal government essentially lacks ANY legitimacy any longer, with the reign of usurper pretendent Biden being the most illegitimate of all.

  7. It’s impossible to un-hear or un-see this filth!!
    All the while, the White House elites stood idly by while these creeps disrespected our nation!

  8. Oh sure they are all our kids….until they have a poopy diaper, are sick at 3 AM, ran over the neighbor’s mailbox or need money for this or that. Then somehow all those types are not interested.
    To quote Elon Musk:” You ARE the government! They are NOT your kids”
    My kids are not YOUR pawns to toy with as you please!

  9. Nothing reflects the dignity of the White House and the office of the President like trans flashing people and behaving like high school teenagers at a keg party.

  10. So… some man, who claims to be a woman, goes topless at a White House event displaying their fake breasts.
    And, we should celebrate this?
    Seriously? What is there to be proud of?
    Let’s pretend an actual woman were to do the same thing? Drop her top and show off her boobs. What would the public say? Would they be all congratulatory? Talk about how proud they are of their courage? Somehow, I doubt it.
    In fact, I am going to say that is a woman, born and bred were to do the same thing on the White House lawn, they would be carted off and arrested for indecent exposure.
    But… oh… no, because reasons, this is something to celebrate. Proud of this display.
    Tell me this Administration is not full of degenerates and perverts hell bent on destroying this nation. Please convince me this is behavior that supports traditional American values?

    • I’ve never met a breast that I didn’t like. That being said, the ones on this clown aren’t real. They’re just like the ones on your sister’s barbie doll. And it’s the WHITE HOUSE YOU IDIOT! Where is the sense of decorum or just a bit of respect for the setting?

  11. The scum in the white house is drawing more scum to line the grounds of the white house like a magnet. Where is the decency he preached at his phony inaugural address? Where is Moses Biden as the phony Catholic priest called him at the make believe mass he attended the day of his inauguration? Where are his supporters? Where are the lefties standing up to support his ignorant rants claiming everyones children? Just look at his disgusting children He raised and now He wants everyone else’s children to follow his lead into the backroom of Hotel California?

    Yeah I get it. When the crazy old man goes out on a limb and starts talking really stupid all his supporters just turn head and pretend nothing is being said. Lets just put our heads where the sun dont shine and inhale some more methane gas and hope he hangs on till the next selection is over. Someone needs to inform the crazy old man HIS WORDS will be recorded and printed in big bold letters in history books for generations to marvel over his choice of speech He used as POTUS.

    However at the rate we are going the nation will implode and there will be no future generations to write history. The CCP doesnt give a damn about the our history once the old fool hands over the keys to the wheelhouse.

  12. What happened to your kids Brandon? Lying stealing hookers theft blackmail you should be so proud. I will see you never touch my kids.

  13. If they are ‘all our kids’ then we should ALL be allowed to spank any/all of them when they misbehave.

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