Peltola votes against parents in ‘Parents Bill of Rights’


House Republicans on Friday passed House Resolution 5, the “Parents Bill of Rights,” on a vote of 213-208.

Alaska Rep. Mary Peltola voted against the measure at every opportunity, along with the rest of House Democrats. She stated on the record that children need privacy from their parents and that schools should keep information from parents so that children are “safe at school.”

The bill was written “to ensure the rights of parents are honored and protected in the Nation’s public schools,” according to House Resolution 5. It arose after numerous reports from every state of the union about gender ideology being taught and soft porn being made available to young children in school.

The bill requires schools to publish what the curriculum is, so that parents can see if topics such as critical race theory (racial bias is inherent in western society because the society was primarily designed for and implemented by white people), critical gender theory (people are not born with gender but learn it and transsexuals should undergo hormonal treatment and sex reassignment surgery in order to make his/her body conform with his/her perceived gender identity), or other controversial topics are being taught.

The bill also requires schools to get permission from parents before referring to their children by an alternative, secret gender pronoun, such as he/him, ze/zir, xe/xer, she/her, they/them, sie/hir, or any of the other pronouns that that gender ideologues are promoting to younger and younger children. Schools would not be allowed to re-gender a child or refer to a child by a different name than the one given to the child by the parent.

The bill also says that children must use the locker room or bathroom of the gender with which they were conceived and born. In other words, schools that receive federal funding would not be able to allow boys who are identifying as girls to use these facilities.

Schools would also be required to give parents the reading lists that are being given to the students and be transparent about what books are being offered in classrooms and school libraries. The legislation, which now goes to the Senate, would boost parents’ right to speak out at school board meetings.

In recent months, the Anchorage School Board has prevented a parent from reading material into the record that is from books that are available to elementary school through high school students. When parent Jay MacDonald tried to read from the children’s training-porn book “Let’s Talk About It,” he was shut down by the school board, even though it is a title that was, at one point, available to children.

According to the bill, “Parents have a First Amendment right to express their opinions on decisions made by State and local education leaders.” This is already inherent in the U.S. Constitution, but the bill sponsors felt it was important to specify, since so many parents re being prevented from protesting actions of their school leaders.

In Anchorage and other communities, some students are re-identifying as an alternative gender at school and are being referred to by secret names that parents are not told. This practice would be illegal under the bill.

Democrats have raged over the bill, which will need to pass the Senate and be signed into law by the president, an unlikely occurrence.

“Our children need urgent and aggressive educational solutions,” said U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in a floor speech. “When we talk about progressive values, I can say what my progressive value is, and that is freedom over fascism.”


  1. I dont have much doubt New York Sarah would have voted the same as Peltosi if she were wearing her boots. “Those boots were made for walking” on voters heads!

  2. Peltola is NOT for our state, our people, our children or our morals. She will be replaced next election cycle. The people if Alaska aren’t stupid!

  3. Of course she did.

    Ah, RVC. The afternoon drive host pimped it for Scott Kendall swearing it would increase the odds of conservatives being elected. And did he ever get salty when people pushed back on it.

    Yet we got Princess and Peltola. Funny how things work out. Exactly like the unwashed predicted.

    But the host got paid and Kendall got the people he wanted in office.

    • mp needs to retire already and leave us to clean up the disaster he helped make with rcv
      horrible radio show all around with his idiot sidekick, this is the best Anvhoage can come up with ?

  4. Where is the Queen these days? Wasn’t she going to lead the charge to get rid of RVC?

    Guess she can’t see Alaska from her backyard anymore. Thankfully.

  5. Palin = broken family values.
    Peltola = no family values.
    Palin = show boat.
    Peltola = sunk boat.
    Peltola = bad for Alaska.
    Palin = no longer in Alaska.
    Begich was our best fit for Alaskans, a lost opportunity because of a megalomaniac named Sarah Palin. Mary Peltola is only a maniac.

  6. I would hope all her negative accomplishments are well documented, and explained to the Bush people who were her main voters.

  7. When the grandparents of Sarah Palin’s children started throwing fundraisers for Nick Begich, at their own home, that did it for me. I knew then that Palin was a POS. The other woman is pure garbage for Alaska.

  8. In Palin’s shallow mind, she is so much better looking than Peltola, a photo op is another way to show off to her sycophant supporters and tell them, “wouldn’t you rather have me?”

  9. Are we surprised Peltola votes the way she does on this parents’ bill of rights (or is directed by the Democratic Party)? Children need privacy from their parents and that schools should keep information from parents so that children are “safe at school.” Oh, REALLY?

    Reset button is coming next election for a new U.S. Representative for Alaska. Let’s not blow it, again.

  10. Take your kids out of school.No matter what school they are in the indoctrination is lurking around the corner.Next election Vote this sellout,out!

  11. How droll. Parents have rights? Democrats will not secure and defend any rights except pronouns. Etc.

  12. Got nauseous seeing Congressman Young’s classic bolo tie next to Palin’s nazi Iron Cross, hanging from a dog chain.

  13. It’s to the point that this type of story isn’t really news anymore. To rise to the level of ‘news’, mary would have to vote to do something beneficial for Alaska.

    • Exactly. Mary and Sarah are now East Coast Elites. My guess is that AL Gross and Nick Begich are having San Fransico backyard Barbeques, as Proud Mary Grifts away in dc

  14. Typical freshman democrat rep. Vote with the party almost 100% of the time. Not seeing any improvement for the future. I have to wonder what happened to her tribal values. Sad. Alaskans deserve better.

  15. Thank God she has some common sense. This woke culture war from the fascist on the Trump right has to be stopped before personal freedom is completely destroyed.

  16. And we have Nick Begich to thank. Begich was the one that came in third place every time, ensuring a fragmented conservative vote.

    It was Don Young that said this about Begich: ““I hired that young man to show him the ropes, run for the job, don’t run against me…it’s not loyalty, nor is it honest…That’s a person I don’t want to serve me in Congress.”

    Peltola is a disaster. In the next election voters will be well informed about her voting record.

    • If you continue to til this windmill, Mary will walk into re-election.

      Get over it and look forward.

    • Don Young encouraged Nick Begich to run. I asked Don Young point blank at a fundraiser in 2020 in front of every person there who he was going to be supporting for his seat and he pointed right at Nick Begich and said “this young man right here”. Don Young changed his tune after things became real and he was faced with life after congress. In the end Don Young died trying to hold on to power. Mary Peltola is the result.

      Alaska had a chance to keep the seat Republican until Peltola’s self-described friend girl power Arizona Page 6 memaw Palin stepped in. Palin brought the circus to town. She regained some of the fame she so desperately craves but Alaskans lost.

      • Begich supported uber liberal Ethan Berkowitz. Begich is not a conservative, and Don Young made it clear he did not support Begich.

        • It doesn’t matter anymore, if it ever did. Build a bridge and get over it, or seek help for your obsession.

    • M, sadly we have but one person to thank for the Welfare Plantation Representative, named Mary Peltola, and it sure as hell isn’t Begich. It’s Sarah and the mind numbed Palin- Bots bleating MAGA, MAGA. Thanks for supporting that crazy screecher who gave us Bill Walker. GREAT job! You’re on a roll! Looking forward to another Petola – Biden win in ’24.

  17. The Photo heading the article means exactly one thing to Miss Palin, The old saying of keep your friends close , and your enemy’s closer! And for all of you fools out there who believe Palin and this Newest Democrat socialist are even remotely the same politically , that analogy would make you among the dumbest people on the planet. This Hatred some people have for Palin is laughable really, many of the comments by people trashing her are all personal, nothing solid against her real stance on the real issues, it’s all personal attacks on her or her family. This is what proves beyond All doubt, most these people trashing her couldn’t tell you any real facts about what she believes policy wise such and such? , so they just use the liberal tactics of throwing truth bombs at her! . So. Just a little advice for these Palin Bashers, I’d suggest Maybe do some real research on people before you start spouting Total BS about them! And to All these women consistently Hating on Palin lol, this is just more clear evidence of your own personal insecurity problems!

    • DM,
      So Sarah’s supporting Walker was a stroke of genius, right?
      Her being terribly misinformed on just about every issue regarding Alaska is also a plus for us too, right?
      Look, 60% negative polling will never win Sara anything, despite the ” gift” of RCV to Sarah, wherein I and many others begrudgingly voted your crazy screecher as our second.
      Give it up please, and tell S.P. to keep out of Alaska Politics. Between Mary and Bill she has already done enough damage!

      Thanks for listening!

    • Palin raised taxes on the oil companies, the industry that give us money & jobs, that’s Democrat DM
      Taking $ from the private sector (to slow it down) & giving it to government (to waste)? Democrat.
      While governor, she signed a bill to give benefits to the “partners” of State workers, before gay marriage was legal …..very liberal DM & an attack on traditional family …. it put every person, straight or gay, that was shacked up w/ a State employee on our State paid health care.
      She could have vetoed that, but didn’t.
      She endorsed, liberal leaning, Bill Walker over conservative Sean Parnell.
      Just what Alice Rogoff & the ADN wanted her to do, to start taking the PF for government.
      Except for her position on abortion, she is just like Peltola.
      They both do what the ADN, anti GOP, AK liberals like.
      AND the nazi Iron Cross, hanging on a swag lamp chain around her neck is juvenile ….imo.
      Also keeping the ‘Palin’ name (a family that despises her) for her own wealth & fame, while shacking up w/ men she is not married to is not a good christian look, is it DM?
      But it’s OK, she’s was ‘prayed over’ at a church in Wasilla 20 years ago, so she’s your gal.

    • Why did she resign? Why did Russia exhume graves in Russia and Jerusalem (where she visited). Why did countries seize assets? Why did ICC put a warrant out? Guilty much Sarah Palin?
      Who is that Birthright owner that you crucified?
      And where’s the HUGE trust fund account now?
      Money laundering much?

  18. Suzanne, great picture!
    How many call Mary P’s office in D.C.? Each vote that I have heard of, thanks to Suzanne, I have called and pushed back on. That was even when my wife was dying!
    Dose she listen? HELL NO! But her staff hears from me anyway! I know I am getting under their skin!
    Thanks to Sarah, we now have a Socialist that is voting in lock step with the Socialist Party! Yes, RCVing had a hand in that but that was more the “math” as to the results!
    How Sarah would have voted for the Speaker of the House, I can pretty much figure out. Would she have voted with the majority, only because she would have to to get re-elected. Mary doesn’t care about re-election in my opinion. She knows if we have a strong, ONE PERSON CONSERVATIVE she is done. She is betting on a repeat and thus since RCVing rewards incumbents, she is assured re-election.
    Keep up the great reporting Suzanne! I rely on you since KTUU and others have zero reporting!
    If you can, knowing upcoming votes that Mary will vote against, would be of great help so we don’t call after the fact.

  19. Typical leftist.
    Destroy all relationships so the only meaningful one left is the relationship between a subject and the all powerful state. Of course she voted against parents right to know what their children are being taught in school. If parents knew what was being taught, they would not allow it, and it would take longer to destroy the bonds between parent and child.
    Well, that’s two down. When is she going to screw over the fish?

  20. Once again, one and all; if you are still arguing about sarah vs nick, YOU are falling victim to the RCV strategy, which makes YOU part of the problem right now. The 2022 race is over! Who you voted for is irrelevant now! So get past it however you need to, and get ready for the next election. It is imperative that we get rid of RCV. If we have any hope of an honest election in the future, that abomination has to go. There is no one way to get rid of it. Write your letters and make your calls and pressure your representatives to get them moving to overturn RCV. At the same time, sign the petition books that are going around to use the ballot initiative to overturn RCV. If I could figure out a way to make it happen, I think a legal challenge to the original vote to accept RCV would be in order.
    For the next election cycle, we, as a party, need to have a strategy to bypass the RCV intentions. We need to gather around a single candidate and ignore all others. But, if you are still blaming sarah and nick, can YOU be counted on in the future? Are you going to keep fracturing the republican vote during the general election, just as RCV trying to get you to do?
    So figure out if you want to win or just play the blame game afterwards. And if you think you can work within RCV for a conservative victory, you probably have a strategy for winning in Vegas.

  21. Good for her! Parents already have the aability to do most of these things. No need for any laws.

  22. Rob S, It’s people
    Like you who gave Alaska what they got. You just admitted to voting for the guy that was least likely to get enough votes to defeat a liberal lunatic, so you can sleep
    In the Bed you made for yourself my freind , Palin may not be your perfect choice, but at least she isn’t supporting RINO Republicans and poisoning Alaskan politics in the process! It’s always easy to respond to people like you ROB who haven’t followed politics for years, your the typical uneducated voter who votes for the newest carpet begged who hits the press, Maybe next time Do some real research before you vote, or maybe you are progressive who’s actually happy with what the results are now. Palin is far more Conservative then all of the other choices that were in that Field!

    • Most conservative………and dumbest. Sarah Palin is a loser. We would be far better off with NB3.

    • Delta Mike, or DM, I can assure you Sir that my political observance and Education in Alaska supersedes yours, by decades…
      That said I voted and supported Nick because he reminded me of his Gramps, an intelligent and well informed and likable conservative, one who could actually accomplish things for Alaska.

      But if self aggrandizement and cheap celebrity promotion of her brand along with being dumber than a mollusk at low tide is your idea of a candidate for the US House, then I think you should continue supporting the screecher snow bird named Sarah. Good luck, and remember that you own this!

  23. Lol OH Thomas. For a dumb person she sure has far exceeded anything NB3 or any of his supporters have accomplished, so that must make them really really Dumb!

    • Keep Posting DM. Your comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks for articulating, a majority point of view.

      • A majority of what Sarge?
        Keep thinking that 1/6 on Alaska’s population is a majority and get ready for more losing!

        Hint, Alaska is bigger than the Mat- Su.

  24. Never, ever believe a Democrat when they run as a “moderate”. Every Democrat is either a Bernie Sanders clone or a liar.

  25. A couple’a good lookin’ chicks. The puddle isn’t much deeper than that.

    Both have proven horrible for our state, as rep and exec.

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