Mayor Bronson survey: Is Anchorage on right track, wrong track?


Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson is broadcasting out a survey to gauge the concerns of Anchorage residents.

With just seven questions on it, it asks people to rank the biggest challenges facing Alaska’s biggest city and to say whether they think Anchorage is on the right or the wrong track. People are asked their views on how to address homeless issues.

Also, residents are asked a question sure to draw some interesting answers: “Have you ever attended or participated in an assembly meeting? If so, what was your experience?”

The survey, which is built by SurveyMonkey, can be found at this link.


  1. Is this a trick question? I’ve been in and out of Anchorage since the 60s and it’s never looked this bad.

    I suppose if you’re sane (why are you still there?) if so it’s so badly off track the train derailed.

    If your a progressive, the socialist utopia is coming along nicely.

  2. We still have family in Anchorage but have lived in the valley over 30 years. During our years living in Anchorage I used to run all the trails between the university and Kincaid park. Rarely did I ever feel threatened. I always had protection but never had to use it and never had any issues. You could not pay me to run by myself along those routes now. And the trash and garbage everywhere is getting bad. That is what happens when you just cover up the problems with entitlement bandaids. The assembly seem to be more about supporting the dependent and keeping them there.

    • Three quarters of people in Anchorage I would not consider Alaskan’s. Many are foreigners, some are here looking for a new start because they’ve been in trouble in the lower 48, some are here because of dividend checks. few are here to experience living life in a hard cold land seeking adventure and avoiding crowded cities. With the ones aforementioned comes crime, welfare,, no respect for our state.
      I bring bear spray on the Anchorage trails 😉

  3. Yep. I moved up here 20 years ago and loved Anchorage. Yesterday, I brought my kids to two parks downtown and left both for safety concerns. I also felt unsafe heading to Fred Meyer due to person hanging out and passed out outside the building.

    I’ve been here long enough to know these issues began to crop up when Berkowitz invited the homeless to camp on the park strip. He welcomed vagrants and called them into the city. They now feel comfortable urinating on public sidewalks in the daylight, engaging in sexual promiscuity on city sidewalks in broad daylight, and demanding that they be allowed to trespass anywhere and everywhere, littering the streets and parks with trash and abandoned pieces of clothing.

    The City needs to challenge the 9th circuit ruling that has everyone scared to enforce vagrancy laws. Otherwise, we fold and become a ghost town. Thank you, Berkowitz, Quinn-Davidson, Constant, Zalatel, Dunbar, Rivera, and your Leftist, Communist cohorts.

    I’ll be happy to answer the mayor’s survey.

    • It’s challenging to donate clothing items and blankets like gospel mission and hope center requests, when I know it’ll more likely end up littering the streets, parks and trails, and wooded areas. In the meantime Anchorage churches leadership teams and the KATB 89.3 fm radio must think up other ways how to donate more practical to our faith based charities, alaska prisons, and needy people other than material goods. I have some ideas because of what projects I am currently working on but I want to keep this short else I’ll get long winded. In a nut shell- what good is earthly goods to a homeless person or ex con if they don’t understand the real gospel. They’ll never learn appreciation and take all blessings like that pair of gently used shoes that fit for granted and lose them running around with socks days later.

  4. The grass has not been cut on 36 and Arctic this year. Overgrown and shows lack of pride of ownership.
    The assembly has no pride of ownership. It’s Meg and her merry band of he’s and hers, it’s and twit’s.

    • How is it the Assembly’s fault that Parks and Rec or Municipal Operations has not mown the grass in any of the medians or many of the parks?

      The assembly only controls the purse strings and sets policy for the city. The mayor and his administration are supposed to maintain the city’s public spaces.

      The assembly can investigate why maintenance isn’t being performed, and approve funds to bolster those departments, but it is not their job to go out and make parks and rec or operations do their jobs. That is the Mayor’s job of someone he appointed to run that department.

      Lay blame where blame is due. Lack of maintenance of our city is not the assembly’s fault, that is the mayor’s fault or someone in the administration. Now the homeless problem, that is the assembly’s fault.

      • Gee, I wonder how many acres of grass can be cut for the $13M (or more) the Assembly is spending on the Golden Lion, or whatever other hotel they have a fancy for today.

  5. The homeless population explosion is mostly caused by their increased ability to support themselves through various government programs.
    I believe we need to go all in on a massive legal encampment area. I see the beginning of such a site on the “Archives” site the City owns behind Lowes.

    • The State Legislature and Governor whoever they will be in the next few seasons must decrease who is eligible for public assistance like when single adults without child which also includes enrolled post education students used to be made to work before this group qualified for Snap or the list. Majority of people have a lazy attitude and are perfectly satisfied with the puny little government assistance they receive (snap for food, Medicaid for medical care, free bus passes, free phone, free clothes, taxi vouchers, food vouchers, hair cut vouchers, cash assistance, housing vouchers, and if the homeless person is Native likely they receive not only a pfd but also they wait for a Native corporation from both regional and village corporation to disperse its dividend which come twice or three times a year, as well as some of the Native homeless are adult children of Corporate and Tribal government enabling parents whom I met some adult children whose parents are Native leaders of our small community whom give money to their child still suffering under addiction, and there is a lot of adult children whom should be living a better life than one addicted to drugs, then we got do-gooders acting under no faith based group donating money and materials (the tangibles), while the churches are providing the same. So this crowd really are living the good life under the little they receive and its enough and appreciated for the short-term but quickly forgotten. That kind of life never will satisfy people like the working people since they like choices not hand me downs nor waiting on others for how they get money. Starting with the churches leadership and members and the KATB radio, it needs find another way how it will serve the homeless beside donation collection drives. We can still give and serve physical needs, but something else needs to be served more. somethings that are intangibles.

  6. I took the survey, but unaware it was coming from Mayor Bronson, it was from a Community council Center. thinking it was basical from the Assembly.. I wished I could retake the survey, but when trying, it says I’ve already took it. My comments after my survey answers were kinda spicy.. yet I did offer my comments on the survey questions.

    • Survey left cookies that disallow the retake; open a different browser than the one first used and take another shot at it, if you like.

  7. My favorite event happened in front of a bus full of elementary school students that were unloading to go into the PAC!!! A homeless guy approached the bus unzipped his pants and as the famous quote from Elaine on Seinfeld went…”HE PULLED IT OUT!”and urinated on the side of the bus, in front of the kids!!!

    • Oh gosh! See that’s why adults in this community ought to had read Too Much to their kids when they were babes to kindergarten, so they will want to and can keep their nose in a book while riding a school bus. Read to your kids. Same thing happened to my child, only the homeless man was urinating at the corner of Tudor and C street, however because of I am a smart parent, smarter than people give me credit, I read to her too much and she loves books and had her nose in a book while I kept my mouth shut for a change so she doesn’t look up, and told her after we passed how pleased I read too much to her that she has the interest and discipline to read on the road unlike me when I was her age cause her grandma didn’t know she should read to me.

  8. “I feel so unsafe. I need my mommy. The world freaks me out.” That’s what these commenters sound like. Bwahahaha! Hilariousness!

    • It’s obvious you don’t live in Anchorage. Do you even live in Alaska or just a troll with nothing better to do?

      • I do feel unsafe when our laws allow dangerous criminals to roam the streets because they’re “not competent to stand trial.”

        Honestly, if I need to pack a .38 to enjoy an hour at a park with my kids, I don’t want to live here anymore!

    • Honey, I didn’t need my mommy when I lived in Anchorage. I needed cops. Couldn’t get them to respond, so then i needed my gun. When a large man w/a large knife who is ‘camping’ between ACE Hardware and homes where children play decides to chase those who live in those homes w/people to stab them, I don’t think ‘mommy’ is going to do much good without a gun.

      Lived in Anchorage from 1978 to 2017. If you want to deal w/criminals all the time, high property taxes, and an assembly that doesn’t care go ahead and live there.

      • You were here for 39 years and that’s is the worst example you have? I’m underwhelmed. Sounds pretty trite. Scary guy “allegedly” chasing children with knife, so you heard at least, but nothing bad happens, cops never come. Okay lady. Whatever.

    • Ah, yes… Rule #5 in play.
      Like any other child…errr… I mean leftist, the first urge is to resort to ridicule.
      Thanks for demonstrating that your future comments can be ignored without risk.

  9. NotAnymore I agree. I moved here over 48 years ago. My kid grew up in a great school system . Which now is crap for my grand kids. Business owners take note: I have not spent more the $100 a year in Anchorage since Berkowitz got in office. He changed grand theft auto to joy riding, I won’t park my car/truck in Anchorage. Rape to assault with a friendly weapon and pedophiles ( our Anchorage Assembly) to minor attracted persons. I buy my food and gas in Eagle River. If I can buy it on Amazon it’s done… you want my business … EARN IT

  10. I agree with some of the other commenters that Anchorage has never looked this bad. I have asked the Anchorage Assembly, for years, to beef up Zoning and Land Use enforcement. Unfortunately the people we have in these departments are not very good at their jobs.
    As fas as the grass not being mowed, I also have State and Municipal land next to and across the street from my home. I mow it. More people should help out.
    In Phoenix they have a bulk trash program. Four times a year you can put bulk trash, yes, lots of it, on the curb and a small front end loader and a rear loading garbage truck come by and pick it up. It is park of your garbage service. Phoenix is very, very clean compared to Anchorage because those piles of trash that everyone seems to have in Anchorage don’t exist there. I have suggested this to the Anchorage Assembly but they would rather have a grocery bag ordinance. Which would you rather see, a garbage bag flying through the air during a breezy day or a two ton pile of trash ina yard because the people don’t have a pickup truck to take it to the landfill.

  11. I just took the survey this morning.

    When asked to rank the problems facing Anchorage, I did so as follows:

    1) the radical leftist political agenda of the assembly’s Marxist majority

    2) All other problems pale in comparison to #1.

  12. Everyone seems to think that we need more rules. When the rules we have only make life hard on the working class. And are not enforced on the perpetrators. It could be a better city if the laws were enforced equally. And also keep in mind that keeping up the mowing and trash and litter is not being done because the union paid city workers are too good to do it themselves. They normally hire underpaid temporary workers to do the manual labor in the summer and they just can’t find them anymore since the discovery of free government handouts. So now they just don’t bother. But if you think the solution is for the public to do it while the people who get paid for it sit on their butts at taxpayer expense, then you are the problem. And when you give cash to a panhandler, you are the problem as well. If you want a better city, stop paying people to make a mess of it.

    • I think Americans are trying to use what they use to help third world nation peoples homeless and poor using the same Good Samaritan tactics on First World Homeless where they don’t face the same hurdles at a homeless and poverty stricken Third world resident faces. Where they are have lesser opportunities to get a job, to get food and clothes, to get clean drinking water, or get job training and education. My great grandparents were adults in the 1930s during the Great Depression, they would be scratching their heads why all this poverty when there ARE Jobs nearly in every town and city plus there are training education opportunities like Sealaska corp is offering a 5 month paid education online training for 18-29 years to get a job as a Coder. My gosh! that would be good money and career advancement for any 18 -29 year old’s future if only they commit 25-35 years employed as a coder. My great grandparents lived when they couldn’t get jobs and all they could do was commercial/subsistence fish and work in the fish and shrimp cannery. How we help American homeless need to change cause providing for their physical needs hasn’t been working as the handout tactics used has helped give hope and strengthened the faith and love in a poor Cambodian resident. For the first world American homeless person they just take advantage and for granted peoples generosity.

  13. I’m a Muldooner at heart, but will not move back to Anchorage anytime soon.
    Conservative minded people are here, in the Valley and I’ve lived here for 8 years. The Left can stay in Skankorage!

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