Trump document trial set for day before Georgia GOP primary


U.S. District Judge Aileen M. Cannon officially scheduled the federal trial for former President Donald Trump’s classified documents case for May 20, 2024, right in the heart of the election season.

The trial will start on the day before the Georgia Republican primary, which is likely to provide a big distraction for a key GOP state.

The case involves about 40 federal counts related to how Trump stores scores of classified documents following his departure from the White House. Allegations include his refusal to return the documents to federal officials upon their request, which led to a federal raid by 40 armed agents bearing military-grade weapons on his home at Mar-a-Lago in Florida.

Trump’s legal team has asked for a delay of the trial until after the November 2024 election. The Department of Justice prosecutors asked that it start as early as this coming December.


  1. A Trump appointed judge but I’m sure there will be much rending of garments on here about judicial bias.

  2. I would think that this would give the former President much of the attention he craves. Do folks actually believe that he is the ONLY person who can provide principled, conservative leadership for America? Seriously?

    • Only a small be very vocal few think Trump, and Trump alone can lead from the right.

      Most of America really wants to move on, but events and democratic strategies keep forcing him back into contention.

      I’m like most of us on the right. If the smoke clears and it’s him v Biden, I’ll hold my nose and vote him. But I’m desperately hoping DeSantis or Scott can find legs and mount a viable challenge.

  3. Since people remain ignorant of civics…

    The senators of each state make these picks. POTUS signs off.

    • maybe you should give a civics lesson to Donald Trump and Joe Biden. How did Daniel Brees get on the ninth circuit when both Harris and Feinstein opposed. How about Andre Mathis to the 6th circuit court of appeals. Marsha Blackburn was opposed to him. The president can nominate who ever they want. Blue Slips and senatorial courtesy are just that courtesies.

      • Seems you need civics more than anyone.

        But you’re a progressive, so it would be pointless.

      • This is correct. Second civics test failed by MA this week. Lots of opinions, just short of facts.


        • Your wishful thinking does not override reality.

          But it is to know I’ve set up shop in your dreams.

  4. I could be wrong, but I seriously doubt this date is coincidental.

    Trump lost Ga last time and is not as popular there as media and he want to believe. Ga is also critical to any hope of regaining the White House.

    Coincidence? Possible, but damned unlikely likely.

  5. “40 armed agents bearing military-grade weapons…” Aren’t these the same “assault weapons” I can go buy at the local gun shop or from my neighbor? If it’s a school shooting and the media says “assault weapon” or “military-grade weapon” then 2A supporters flip out–why is this language used here? Shouldn’t the secret service and FBI have “military-grade weapons”? Couldn’t the article just stick with “40 armed agents” and not play into the left’s abuse of language?

    • They get the REALones with functional giggle switches full auto to keep the peasants in line, of course

    • They are NOT the commercially available versions of these models. They are, in fact the military versions complete with full automatic selector switches. That means they are real machine guns, for you anti second amendment types. I personally feel that the secret service and the FBI should have these weapons, but, then again, I feel that you and I should also have access to these.

      As to language chosen, I’m more annoyed when I hear ‘handguns’ and ‘assault weapons’ than I am of the term ‘military grade’. It seems that those terms are almost always used to make a perfectly legal firearm sound evil by it’s very existence. But the person wielding these terms never has an idea what, exactly makes them especially evil.

    • I know. It’s getting to the point where a guy can’t keep highly classified documents and then refuse to give them up when told to do so by the FBI without being raided.

        • No, I’m talking about the documents that weren’t declassified, and it appears there are many, based on the indictment document.

          • Cman, please explain how it is that classified docs were discovered at the Penn Biden / Chi- Com funded Think Tank? 🤔

            Nothing spurious going on there I’m certain…

            Trump is the left’s favorite whipping boy, Donald the wounded bear Trump takes the heat for what the left apparently does repeatedly and unabashedly, and yet you leftist are ok with that? I mean it’s not always about whether you hate Trump or not, sometimes it’s about the security of the Nation. And if that is true, then hang the lot of the corrupt bastards.

  6. Guns are not morally culpable of themselves. People doing bad things or even stupid things with guns are morally responsible.

  7. Should Trump drop out. I think he should, so Republicans and other voters not caring for the democrat direction can concentrate on one candidate as Desantis. Just like during the Alaska congressional race either Palin or Begich should had dropped out for the good of the state republicans and other voter types, which Palin may been easier to beat for Begich if he chose to contend against her two years later unless the peoples emotions changed. Trump has too much baggage and his public personality is too divisive and he is not the current president and how many presidents came back to win another term after taking a break- Zero. From a woman and mother’s point of view I don’t want to see the nation losing a race to four more years under another Democrat only continuing their plan because Republicans, the mags crowd, and other voters couldn’t be united under one candidate.

  8. TellTedrose what’s name:.. We know. We know you know we know. Also, Armageddon is coming and it’s right around the connor.

  9. The meek shall inherit the earth and they will indeed find their exquisite delight in the abundance of peace.

  10. Shenker: how is it that you can support defendant Trump and care about national security at the same time?

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