Breaking: Feds indict Trump


The Department of Justice has filed seven counts against former President Donald Trump, a move that will surely divide Americans into factions in advance of the 2024 presidential election, in which Trump is a declared candidate.

The charges include conspiracy to obstruct and willful retention of documents that were found when the FBI raided his home at Mar-a-Lago in Florida, where he had stored documents the Justice Department said were classified.

“I have been summoned to appear at the Federal Courthouse in Miami on Tuesday, at 3 pm. I never thought it possible that such a thing could happen to a former President of the United States, who received far more votes than any sitting President in the History of our Country, and is currently leading, by far, all Candidates, both Democrat and Republican, in Polls of the 2024 Presidential Election,” Trump wrote on social media Thursday evening.


In a video on TruthSocial, he reminded viewers that he not only received more votes than any sitting president in history in 2020, but that he is now leading in the polls for president for 2024, which makes this a case of election interference. He called it “lawfare,” which refers to warfare conducted by legal proceedings.

Watch Trump’s video response here.

The Department of Justice has not issued a news release about the matter as of this writing.

This is the second time Trump has been indicted, but this is his first federal indictment. Although classified documents have been found at President Joe Biden’s offices and in his garage, no such similar indictment has been issued.

In the first indictment, the case against him has to do with supposed hush money paid to a sex worker, Stormy Daniels, during his 2016 campaign for president.

Hillary Clinton was found to be in possession of classified materials, and was using a personal email address to have classified information sent to her, but no such indictment was ever filed against her. Her excuse was that there were no classified markings on the emails sent to her that were on her private server, in the bathroom of her home. But an investigation showed that over 100 documents in her possession contained classified information.


    • He’s not a martyr. He’s guilty. They have him on tape. He’ll never do any time and will likely be pardoned. He knows too much to go to jail. Can you imagine what the boy would tell everybody? They’d kill him but not before he told the goods

  1. Law and order party says it doesn’t matter if it is a previous president doing the law breaking.

    • As established by not indicting Bill and Hillary (Comey said no prosecutor would EVER bring charges on a charge like that…) or VICE president Biden for keeping classified papers in his garage for years and years. Biden had no right to keep them, could as VP not declassify them, so Maureen, who here broke the law? Even you should be outraged at the double standard.

      • I agree Hillary should have been indicted, however, Trump had four years to do it and he failed once again. And don’t tell me he is above it. We have not seen or heard of any evidence that Biden parked his corvette over the documents to conceal them or that Pence stashed them in Mother’s unmentionable drawer. Both immediately returned the documents. Sounds like you are one the many arguing selective prosecution. If valid, he will have a wonder defense and nothing to worry about.

        • Sorry, you see it that way, but I simply advocate equal treatment under the law. As for “returned documents immediately” it is hard to argue after many years of keeping them stored in a un-secured location or in places where others had access. You can’t tell me that the national archives didn’t know about those. If memory serves the national archives have negotiated with several presidents regarding the return of documents, that were removed when they vacated the office. Same with Trump, yet his and his alone rises to a “federal offense” and smacks of “selective prosecution” with a political aim or plain and simple revenge (and sticking it to the people, who voted him in, instead of giving Hillary her “deserved” due).

    • HRC kept an unsecured internet server in her house.
      She discussed official Gov business, along w/ her personal e-mails for 4 years from her house.
      When (or before) the disclosure of this unprotected system was made news, she deleted & destroyed some of the evidence.
      Asked by a reporter if she “wiped” the server, she said “Wiped? Like w/ a cloth?” (such a clueless grandma)
      Theses are facts.
      James Comey (FBI Director) said it was “extremely sloppy” …..”…more then ordinary sloppiness” … ” Gross negligence” ….. “BUT NOT SOMETHING ANYBODY WOULD PROSECUTE”
      Anybody EXCEPT Democratic politicians who want to destroy the chances of the top GOP candidate for President in the 2024 election.
      A person that, like him or not, (& I don’t much) was elected by your fellow Americans Maureen.
      You OK w/this Suttman? ….
      Does ONE party rule mean that much to you?

    • A Beria loving remark if there ever was one. “Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime”.

    • You mean like the papers Obama has? Or the ones Clinton has? Perhaps the ones that Bush has?
      And, there are the classified documents that current pResident Biden took when he was VP and had no legal right to take them.
      But, when someone says this is no big deal, and all Presidents have documents from their term, AND the correct response is to get them back, not indictment, somehow you have to cast aspersions against an entire political party?

    • Maureen – than why isn’t Obama in jail? When he left office he took thousands of classified documents with him, ostensibly to review for possible inclusion in his Presidential Library. Many of those documents haven’t been returned to the National Archives to this day! Biden’s corrupt DOJ is making a mockery of our system of justice.

  2. I actually sorta feel bad for anyone named Biden. If Hunter is smart he’ll leave the country.

    Once the GOP takes the Senate impeachments galore. The Democrats have already opened to door to post service impeachment.

    Assuming they have a spine, which admittedly is debatable. See the debt ceiling capitulation.

    But now, since the left went there, there will be nothing to stop DAs and prosecutors from going after every Biden in the phone book.

    The left wanted to turn us into a Banana Republic. They did it. Now brace for the consequences.

    • You seem to ignoring the more-than-likely possibility that the Dems will retake the House. With the current Republican clown train’s ineffective tenure, I like the odds. We all do love a dreamer!

      • Secure border
        Great economy
        Great employment
        Return of US companies to US
        Red tape removal
        International Relations Wins
        Putin in a Box
        Kim Jung Ill in a Box
        Ping in a Box
        ISIS in coffins
        Mid-East Peace Deals
        …more Mid-East Peace Deals…
        NATO dues collected
        European Defense
        Stable Energy Markets
        Oil Exporter
        Energy Independence
        Rebuilt US Military

        A short list of promises kept. Im sure President Trump could name many many more.
        His biggest failure, in my opinion: not draining the swamp.

      • There are two ways to look at how he approached Cankles.

        1-He didn’t do as promised and it was all political rhetoric.
        2-He (or his people) were savvy enough to understand that action would have the same effect on the left as the Trump indictment has on the right.

        I’d love to know which.

      • That was just to get all you people on board with him. He was never going to lock her up. He couldn’t. If he had he may have turned out like one of those Clinton associates that was found in a parking lot with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the back of his head.

  3. I think fhe DOJ is deliberately looking to ignite a powder keg, wow, what a bunch of totally corrupted bastards. This is going to totally solidify him even more support and make trump more popular!

  4. One thing this witch hurt proves: Garland didn’t have the ethics, temperament, or judgment to sit on SCOTUS.

    Much as I loathe the Turtle, gotta give him this one.

  5. Maureen. 75 million and growing Know exactly what’s going on. Total weaponizing the Federal Government Against the American people, and you are excited about this obviously , Its time Maureen to take a double dose of your meds for your severe case of Trump derangement Syndrome. It really is sad we have so many mentally ill among us .

  6. Welcome to the dictatorship of America. Our constitution is meaningless, our courts are corrupt and the Supreme Court is neutered as is our military. I feel sorry for my children and grandchildren.

  7. Four years of Russian Collusion……sponsored by Hillary Clinton and Hussein Obama. Four more years of federal and state investigations urged by Joe Biden. All brought against Trump as efforts of reprisals, and to keep him from winning the presidency again……..which he is sure to do. Democrats are such pathetic little demons. It will all backfire.

    • Document 1023, the one the FBI said doesn’t exist, until it did…….will be the end of Joe Biden.
      It shows the arrangement between Ukraine officials and Joe Biden who was Vice President at the time. Accepting bribes is illegal. It put Spiro Agnew in jail and it will do the same to Biden. All hell is about to beak loose for Biden.

      • Not sure where to start here. Agnew never went to prison. He cut a deal to plead guilty and resign the vice presidency. He was guilty of accepting kickbacks, was not a political prosecution as many of the MAGA supporters would insist. The Form 1023 you speak of was ordered by Bill Barr to be sent to the Delaware US Attorney in 2018 or so as part his Hunter Biden investigation. No mystery here.

        • Agnew never went to prison because he was pardoned. He was convicted of bribery, and US income tax evasion. The 1023 document did not exist according to the FBI. That document was only revealed when the FBI director was about to be charged with contempt of Congress for not appearing after being subpoenaed by Congress. The 1023 document chronicles Joe Biden’s acceptance of foreign money while he was Vice-President, as well as Hunters appointment to the Burisma Board as part of a bribery scheme by Joe Biden. Congress wants possession of the 1023 form as part of the investigation against the real criminal, Joe Biden. And the US Attorney is trying to divert media attention away from that fact by indicting Trump for the same retention of document issues that Biden should be facing.

          • Miami-based jury will never convict Trump. They love Trump. Also, the legal standard to win a conviction under Espionage Act is that the perp “intended” to use the documents for purposes of passing along info to others. Here, that standard will not be met by ace prosecutor Jack*off b/c he cannot prove that “intent.” Same standard was imposed against Hillary Clinton during Comey’s farcical investigation into her “intentional” deletion of 33,000 emails. Jack*ff Smith does not apply unbiased standards in his investigation. His prosecution is directed by Democrats in Biden Administration who fear Trump, as well as fear the prosecution of criminal Joe Biden. The public sees through this political charade. Even hardened Democrats know, except for a few sh*t for brains here at MRAK.

          • My oh my, Agnew was never pardoned, he pled no contest to tax evasion for not declaring the kickbacks received. Nixon was pardoned. Look it up, its not classified information. Bill Barr, the US Attorney General appointed by Trumpy, sent this Form 1023 to Scott Brady, US Attorney, who was also appointed by Trumpy. He conducted a duly partisan investigation and found nothing. Bill Barr signed off on closing the matter. This is an old issue being recycled to deflect from Trumpy’s recent indictments. Again, look it up, this also is not classified information. Additionally, there is no US Attorney indicting Trump, he was indicted by a grand jury based on an investigation led by a Special Counsel.

          • Hey “Trump It,” who do you think “steers” a grand jury. Did you actually attend law school, or are you just a legend in your own mind?

          • Joe Biden should be charged with election interference law. It’s a federal crime. And this hyper-partisan lawman Jack Smith should be charged as Biden’s co-conspirator.
            Prison time for both.

          • Artie, assuming your legal assessment is correct, it’s then a good thing that the conspiracy to obstruct justice charges are relatively easy to prove. The changes that carry up to 20 years!

          • He’s not even applying the correct law for charges, Trumpie. They should be filed under the Presidential Records Act, not Espionage Act. Smith is overplaying his hand on this phoney indictment. Espionage Act requires the objective intent of retention of classified documents for nefarious purposes, such as spying for profits or treason. LOL. Jack*ff Smith got the wrong guy. His *sshole is currently in the White House counting his bribe money from Ukraine and hiding documents in the storage bins of his several homes. The other *sshole is destroying 33,000 government documents off of her lesbian lover’s former husband’s computer, … a guy named Weiner, who likes hooking up with underaged girls. These are the Democrats. You can’t make this sh*t up. Jack*ff has been called to duty by Biden’s DOJ to take the heat off of Biden and Clinton. Let us know when you finally understand all of this Trumpie Boy.

          • The main point is being missed here. Trump “declassified” all of the documents in his possession. Trump as president, has the ultimate authority to declassify, and he did.
            Bogus charges here. Easily defended. Just more effort to limit Trump to the White House again, and it will not work.

          • ChrissyB
            Credit Agnew with this, he cast the tie breaking vote in the US Senate that gave Alaska the Trans Alaska Pipeline.

            I’ve long thought that the State of Alaska should honor Agnew for his vote. Perhaps a statue of the little Greek next to the Ted Steven’s memorial in the Anchorage Airport?

          • Funny, Robert. Rearrange the statues so that both Stevens and Agnew have one hand behind their backs with wads of Benjamin’s.

  8. He just needs to buy a couple of Hunter’s paintings to have the charges dropped. Or make a donation to the Clinton Foundation. Isn’t that how it works nowdays?

    • Well he can no longer contribute to the Trump Foundation since it was shut down by court order due to illegal use of funds!

    • Agreed. When Trumpy tried to illegally seize power on January 6, 2021 we entered Banana Republic territory.

      • How, exactly did Trump try to seize power?
        Last time I checked, Trump was the President on that date. What more power does he need?

        • Technically he was still in charge, but the chairman of the joint Chiefs said he wouldn’t follow any orders that Trump would give him. I can imagine Trump was pretty butthurt on January 6th. Probably wasn’t feeling too much like a king. Pence Had turned on him or so he thought. About the only friend he had was the pillow guy.

    • Obama promised to fundamentally change America. Most of us thought this was so much BS. Turns out, he actually was a politician who kept his word.

      Through seeding the DOJ and the civil service with rank ideologues he began undermining the basic principles of US government.

      4 years later his senile puppet Biden comes along determined (ordered?) to finish the job.

      We have crossed a line it will be damn near impossible to come back from.

      And the idiots on the left don’t know or care what they’ve done.

      • Trump It, you are either a true idiot, or the product of intense brainwashing. You need to study harder and put some new clarity skills in your reasoning. Not good, what you currently possess.

      • is it possible in your world that Trump may have actually committed crimes? or is your world flat? Don’t gimme the what-a-bout Bidens classified docs.. He turned those in immediately, didn’t whittle down and move around what he was holding and get his lawyers to lie about it… I will always fail to understand why some people hold the former reality show host of celebrity apprentice as their beacon of truth and honesty

        • Is it possible in your world he didn’t?

          It would be easy to pick your statement apart. But why bother?

          • Did you read the indictment? It’s all there. Caught on his on video cameras. Trump is a legend!

  9. This indictment has all the hallmarks of Chinese disinformation in order to influence the election..

  10. Folks!!! This is nothing short of a ‘diversion’ tactic.
    The real perpetrators are: Clinton, Obama, and Biden.
    Keep your eye on the ball and the irrefutable facts / evidence.

    • I’m not so sure. There are still a large amount of voters who won’t vote for him even if God said to do so. I think a lot will depend of how both he and DeSantis handle this.

    • What it may come down to is: can Trump successfully run a campaign and fundraise while fighting multiple indictments?

      Fighting the indictments will take time and money. And a new legal team.

      Related: can DeSantis press a credible case he can do the same job without the drama? A fair question is gonna be IF convicted and jailed (not likely) how effective can he be behind bars?

      I think there is an opening for DeSantis here, but it’s narrow and must be thread carefully.

  11. Ironically, but not surprisingly, timed with the $5MM bribe Biden received from Burisma being officially uncovered. “Look something shiny! Look away from the real issues.” We have a POTUS now caught committing treason and nothing will come of it. And of course, Trump’s first impeachment came due to him calling for Zelensky to investigate that exact issue.

  12. Trump doesn’t stand a chance in h-e-double hockey sticks of beating Biden. Since DeSantis said he would consider a pardon for Trump as well as the J6 defendants, he should just bow out and endorse DeSantis.

  13. I remember when we used to live in s constitutional republic. It’s been a long while, but I remember… Authoritarian oligarchys are such a drag.

  14. Think it’s time for We The People to hold our own indictments of the corrupt all across our nation. Let our court house be in our public places for all to see how justice works

  15. I didn’t vote for Mr. Trump in the first election. The savage witch-hunt against him convinced me to vote for Mr. Trump in the second election out of sympathy and because he was a pretty good president.

    I watched the shenanigans in a few key districts in a few swing states during that election and thought the courts would come down hard on the perps. Every single court stood by and did nothing and I learned that george soros had been putting his operatives into DA positions across the nation. Probably judges, too, but I do not know that for certain.

    Now this. When the feds went after Senator Stevens with obviously fabricated charges, I knew the feds were corrupt but I thought the obviously malicious, botched & bungled case against a sitting Senator in an election year would result in a bunch of feds getting fired.

    Instead, they were promoted. All of them except the one with enough honor remaining to kill himself.

    I had hoped DeSantis would run, maybe with Gabbard or Ramaswamy as his VP. Not now. For what it’s worth, I will continue to support Mr. Trump. I hope he will tap Gabbard or Ramaswamy as his V.P.

    • Obama’s DOJ cut their corrupt teeth on Senator Stevens political persecution, and the perpetrators have been off to the races ever since (including during the Trump Presidency – where they could not be overcome).

  16. Do they even know that by going after Trump, they are opening the door for all prior Presidents and the current President to be charged for crimes too? It should be a real entertaining distraction for everyone to watch on TV.

    • Won’t happen, because all of those past Presidents were card carrying members of the Uniparty. They actively fed and maintained the swamp. There is no way the swamp will go after the hand that feeds it.

  17. Hopefully he will finally be held accountable for his behavior. He’s a disgusting conman. Always has been. I hope he’s denied bail.

  18. I’ve been wondering what message Trump could use to run. He’s just been handed the perfect one: elect me, I’ll clean house in the DOJ.

    Is he disciplined enough to sell it?

  19. I’m interested in the myopic responses of the usual trolls. A flat denial of reality and worse, of the consequences of this action.

    And, of course, pointless snark.

    • The odds are, Avenger, that when all is said and done, life will go on as usual! The American people–conservatives and liberals alike–take what’s doled out to them. To make significant change occur takes much more than being willing to chew the fat.

    • How about you read the 44 page indictment first before dismissing it out of hand. And remember, it was a grand jury of citizens that is the reason he’s being indicted. Are they all complicit as well and part of the “deep state?”

      • Maybe you should read the full document and research standings as well as the broader implications.

        Then look at how other cases of this kind were handled. Then think on it.

        But that’s what responsible adults do, so I suspect it’s out of your wheelhouse.

        Do you know what the difference between you and a 9-11 terrorist is? None. You are so convinced of your righteous cause you reject anything that contradicts it, criticize anyone who sees through you, and are so determined to destroy the object of your obsession you can’t or won’t consider the long term damage you do.

        Or possibly revel in the concept of America literally tearing itself apart.

        I’ve already given you and your snark more than it deserves.

        • I haven’t seen all the evidence yet and presume he is innocent until I see more information. But I’m the same as a terrorist, OK. Good to see such a sober, even-handed analysis.

          • Truth hurts.

            You want to burn Trump so badly you give zero consideration to the consequences of this act.

            You just want Trumps blood to make you happy at any cost. If the country burns, so be it.

            That’s fanaticism at a 9-11 level.

    • Perhaps with all your self-perceived wisdom you could explain it to the non-believers. I see a duly appointed independent special counsel (not Garland or Biden) bringing substantial evidence to a grand jury supporting an indictment of a US citizen who allegedly committed multiple crimes. Please just eat the ham sandwich and don’t spout that BS. I know it’s all rigged, DJT can do no wrong in the eyes of the made members in the MAGA Crime Family. Let the jury decide. As far as your Biden fantasies go, if any actual evidence is found supporting a crime, F Biden and send him to jail too. Being a current or former president does not give them a get out jail free card.

      • Have you ever bothered to read your own posts?

        I occasionally do, and that’s why I know you’re not worth taking seriously.

        Hell, your username alone says volumes about what you think.

        • Have you read your own posts you hypocrite. It’s better to you it seems that if trump is in fact guilty, that he should just go free because the “country might burn”. Have you ever thought it might burn if he’s allowed to break the law and not answer for it? Who’s really the fanatic here? Why don’t you smell some of what you’re shoveling?

  20. How much $$$ Did Murkowski get in kick backs from Zelenskyy on her trip to the Ukraine? She had Her huge paws out to receive her cut.

  21. Special thanks for her assistance on the road to the American Banana Republic goes to Senator Lisa Murkowski for her vote to impeach Citizen (and former President) Donald J Trump in Feb 2021 a month after he left office. Lisa, you got even with a man you have despised for half a decade. But in doing so, you helped make the Do(In)J indictment possible. You and your supporters must be very proud. Cheers –

  22. Using this standard, when when the DOJ charge Biden?

    He’s openly admitted to bribery and intimidation in his dealings with Ukraine.

    He has far more documents in far more places far less secure than Trump could ever have done.

  23. 2016: We got Trump!
    2017: We got Trump this time!
    2018: Trump is definitely going to jail now.
    2019: No way he is going to slip out of this one!
    2020: We got him this time!
    2021: Trump is getting what he deserves now!
    2022: We got Trump!
    2023: OK, this time, no way Trump gets away with it. He is going DOWN!
    2024: We will get him soon…
    2025: Any day now…
    According to the left, Trump is both an idiot, and a master criminal. I do not know how he can be both. If he was anywhere near as stupid as they say he is, there is no way anyone could spend eight years investigating him and not find evidence of crimes. On the other hand, if he is a master criminal, literally unable to do anything legally, he could not possibly be stupid.
    Oh… I know. He is being protected, right? Yeah.. I see that. The media does everything they can to help disguise all of his wrongdoings, and there is no one in the DOJ willing to investigate allegations of wrongdoing.
    Whoops… Wrong president.

  24. Strange coincidences, elevating the ire of credible suspicion, as pointed out by Tom Lifson …

    1. The timing of the announcement – controlled by the Justice Department’s decision to inform President Trump – coincides with evidence of serious allegations of a $5 million bribe of then-Vice President Biden by a foreign national reaching Congress. A perfect way to crowd out news coverage.

    2. In marked contrast to the special counsel investigation of President Biden, there have been multiple leaks to, among others, ABC News and the UK Independent, and many others.

    3. The indictment represents the first time in U.S. history a former president will face criminal charges.

    4. The indictments are the product of an unprecedented raid on the residence of a president, at Mar-a-Lago.

    5. The seizure that resulted from the raid was overly broad, otherwise known as a fishing expedition: … “Prosecutors admitted in court filings that agents absconded with roughly 13,000 items including apparel, books, and the president’s passports—but only found “one hundred unique documents with classification markings.”

    6. The media circus was immediate and intense, part of the joint effort of the deep state. The legacy media, and the Democrats, want to weaken President Trump’s candidacy in the general election, while solidifying his support among Republicans, so as to nominate a weaker (in the eyes of his opponents) candidate.

    7. The indictment, as leaked, appears to be deliberately drawn up to excuse the violations of confidential document riles by Joe Biden. As Andrew McCarthy of National Review wrote, the use of the term “willful violations” is key: … “prosecutors are relying on a provision that criminalizes willful violations of the rules that government officials are required to follow in handling national-defense intelligence. This seems like an obvious effort to distinguish Trump’s alleged crime from President Biden’s mishandling of classified documents, which the White House and the media-Democratic complex have described as inadvertent The strategy of the Biden administration and its special counsel, then, seems to be (A) to allege that Trump committed a willful offense that puts him in a different, more egregious category from Biden’s conduct; and (B) to pretend in connection with Biden — as the Obama-Biden Justice Department pretended in connection with Hillary Clinton’s email scandal — that it is not a felony for government officials to be grossly negligent in mishandling classified information (i.e., to pretend that willfulness, or some intent to harm the United States, is an essential element of the offense).”

  25. Hey Trump It! Is THIS the one? You know ‘The One’ that’s going to put Trump ‘away’? Are you sure about that? You’ve been telling us for the last six years ‘we’ve got him now!’ So, do you? Do you ‘Have him now!’?

    • Well Paul, its not up to you or me. The matter will soon be in the hands of several civic minded individuals and I will support what ever they decide. Have another drink!

      • Sounds like you realize this is so-called indictment is just smoke and mirrors. Good way to hedge your response so that you can retain plausible deniability.

  26. Trump forgot to stow his memorabilia in boxes, on the floor, next to his Corvette.

    Thank God Garland never made it to the Supreme Court!

    • Agreed. The Turtle is mostly useless, but he saved us on this one.

      Don’t be surprised if there is a move to impeach Garland. It’ll fail, but it will effectively tie him in knots until the next election.

  27. Rush Limbaugh was oh so right years ago. Trump is not a member of the political elite and swamp. Trump was attacked and harassed from day one. It has never let up and will continue as it’s a show of force to anyone who tries to duplicate what Trump has done. Be part of the club or get ready for the relentless attacks.

  28. The DOJ is operating as it would if it was in a banana republic and completely ignores the US Constitution.It also addresses none of the criminal violations of the cartel that is running our country. The Clintons, Obamas, and Bidens have actually done treasonous things to our country. This is all about the current dementia patient in the White House eliminating a political opponent.

  29. From what I’ve been reading:

    -the major issue is the alleged audiotape of him admitting he had classified documents he shouldn’t.

    -he may or may not have pulled out classified documents to prove points. Especially when it came to Gen Milley.

    -the trial will be in Miami because this is where the bulk of the allegations stem. This is the stated reason for the resignation of his legal team.

    -Miami is notorious for not convicting corrupt government officials.

    -At least one more, potentially 2-4, more indictments are coming.

    -one of the big issues is Trumps either not understanding or ignoring how things work procedurally. He had the right to do things, but had a path he didn’t follow to do them correctly.

    -at the end of the day, this is basically a procedural crime not worthy of this level of effort. Zero evidence of malicious intent.

  30. Let’s say Trump is guilty of the documents charge. So what next?

    -He’s not gonna go to jail.
    -He may or may not be politically weakened.
    -The right will seek retribution for this unprecedented step.
    -The country will fray to potentially a breaking point. While unlikely, a Civil War is possible.

    Is taking down Orange Man worth destroying the fabric of the nation? And if it is, are you ready for the aftermath of a collapsed America?

    • If America does collapse, then hopefully Canada collapses shortly thereafter and Alaska can annex the Yukon, NWT, Alberta, and Northern BC.

      We can start our own country.

  31. He had the highest clearance there is. He kept the nation out of wars and filled the fuel storages. The news agencies are speculating about any charges aren’t they.

    • Highest clearance or not, even POTUS is supposed to follow procedure. SCOTUS slapped his hand at least three times for that.

      • Slap along Hillary’s extensive parking lot political favors for sale paws as well, for once, as reported at twilight on CNN.

  32. This just shows you why it is so important to invest in precious metals, such as lead, brass, and copper.

  33. And what will happen to Biden and all his SHtuff!?!?
    We the people want REAL justice..

    • That’s it, don’t address the actual topic at hand of this article. Deflect. That’s what all the Maga crowd on here seems to be doing.

  34. This current Shakespearen offering seems to possess all the markings of the seasonal true-crime summer fare: fall of Vietnam and the little naked girl clutching her pink babydoll fleeing war scenes and Pan Am flights of returning soldiers, death of Begich and Boggs, Richard Speck and the eight murdered student nurses, North Slope blackgold rush get-rich schemes, Billy Clinton and Congressional impeachment hearings, cleanup of Exxon-Valdez– thank heaven my biologist sister with Fish & Game who’d studied puffins wasn’t here to witness the environmental hit job, missing Chandra Levy, a modern-day plague and so on and so forth. The country will be all the worse for wear with opening the trumpian pandorean box of troubles but we’ll weather it, and carry on. Never fear. We’ve got a far greater looming existential crisis to come to grips with.

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