Breaking: Trump indicted


Former President Donald Trump has been indicted in New York. The case against him has to do with supposed hush money paid to a porn worker during his 2016 campaign for president.

A Manhattan grand jury issued their recommendation after investigating payments made to porn star Stormy Daniels. Trump will be the first former president to face criminal charges.

CNN and the New York Times were the first out with the news, although the details are scant.

“A Manhattan grand jury voted to indict Donald J. Trump on Thursday for his role in paying hush money to a porn star, according to five people with knowledge of the matter, a historic development that will shake up the 2024 presidential race and forever mark him as the nation’s first former president to face criminal charges,” the Times reported moments ago. The indictment has not yet been announced but prosecutors will ask him to surrender to face arraignment on charges that are unknown, even to the media.

Not long after the leak of the indictment, Trump wrote on Truth Social, his social media company, “They only brought this Fake, Corrupt, and Disgraceful Charge against me because I stand with the American People, and they know that I cannot get a fair trial in New York! These Corrupt Democrat Prosecutors, all from poorly run and very dangerous Democrat run cities, are not going to choose the Republican Nominee, or the next President of the United States!”

Kari Lake, who ran for Arizona governor but lost, wrote, “This is a dark moment in the history of our Nation. The Radical Left and their weaponized criminal justice system have crossed all legal & ethical lines in an attempt to destroy the 45th & 47th President of the United State of America Donald J. Trump. It only makes him stronger.”

Arizona Rep. Paul Goser wrote, “The Regime occupying our country and systematically killing America is most afraid of President Donald J. Trump. Period. He’s our guy. This is third world politics from a Soros DA who needs to be investigated. This is clear and brazen political persecution. I proudly stand with Donald J. Trump.”

This story will be updated.


    • Really? You’re glad to see out political system torn apart over a paperwork crime?

      I guess you’re not nearly as smart as I used to think you were.

      Trump will never see jail, this will very likely get bounced out of court, and will set off a series of impeachments and prosecution of Democrats. Not to mention the hell now coming for anyone named Biden.

      Your side never learns. You open Pandora’s box somehow thinking the effects only go one way.

        • If you are correct, what law was broken? Can’t file charges just because you don’t like someones actions.

        • One of my neighbors blindly told me that none of the coffee baristas get tips like that, to which I said, “Maybe the service should be better!”

          Trump ain’t the genius he claims to be! But look, who doesn’t exaggerate? He’s one is us! And if he’s lied….Look, put it all in context. What are you going to do, blurt out the truth and sleep on the sofa for a night or two? Yeah, sure!

        • The big question for the crimson faced Republicans is this: Will Trump also tip Lindsey Graham for his “service?”

        • How about Bill Clinton’s hush money pay out while in office? When does his grand jury trial begin?

          • That was a “legal settlement” , the difference being it was made in a room in a courthouse somewhere.

          • Hey Jay. Legal settlements are not required to be signed in a courtroom. Most are actually private agreements.

          • Right, it was an out of court settlement of a civil suit. He was also found in civil contempt and his law license suspended for five years. I know of civil cases where non-disclosure settlements were made unbeknownst to even the judge. The plaintiff just didn’t show up.

      • In addition to the paper crime of falsifying business records, I am betting on tax fraud, violation of State of NY campaign finance laws, and threatening Bragg is a violation of NY State law, Obstructing Governmental Administration. Mostly likely there are several more that I am not aware of. Trump is a one man crime wave as state by the esteemed congressman from Maryland!

        • None of that is true. Even if bragg files the charges, multiple other D.A.s and the DOJ itself passed on those charges as there was no evidence a crime had been committed.

          • Not quite, Trump was named as an unindicted co-conspirator with Michael Cohen in 2016. He wasn’t prosecuted due to DOJ policy to not indict a sitting president. After Trump left office Garland declined to pursue prosecution of ALL of Trump’s pre-2020 crimes. Had nothing to do with lack of evidence as there is plenty of that. Mueller alone provided all the evidence related to 10 counts of obstruction of justice.

          • Horse excrement. After the seven year colonoscopy of the Trump family, if there was a shred of evidence, there would have been a charge. The dems even file charges when there is NO evidence, such as both impeachments.

      • One more thing about the paper crime of falsifying business records is that it is NEVER committed in isolation, it is ALWAYS committed to cover up another crime.

    • What crime is Trump being indicted on, exactly Maureen? Please explain it in layman’s terms why this action was illegal in any way.

      • It’s even sicker than that. Trumps lawyer paid SD to be quiet, without asking Trump whether to do it or not. Trump then repaid his lawyer with his personal funds.

        Bragg says that this is a campaign law violation and felony, because Trump did not use campaign funds to pay off SD. But had Trump done that, that’s actually a crime; to use campaign funds for personal business. Bragg is indicting Trump for not breaking the law. It’s insane.

        • Cohen has a RECORDING where he tells Trump that he’s taking out a HELOC to pay Daniels. Like the mob boss wannabe he is, Trump blurts out, “No! Cash!”

          But — you wouldn’t know about that. You cant bother reading the court case that sent Michael Cohen — Donald “Individual Number One” Trump’s co-conspirator — to prison. You only glean your Trump information from sources that reinforce the lies Fox NotTheNews tells you.

          • Hello Sophie, long time no see. Glad you are back.
            How simple your world must be. If someone does not agree 100% with you, it is because they are believing lies from Fox News. Childlike, really.
            Or, perhaps, just maybe… we are correct. Unlike you leftists, rational thinking adults understand that one person committing a crime does not mean every person associated with them is equally guilty. If I were to state that every LGBTQWERTY+ person is a pedophile because one of them is, you would be all up in arms about how wrong that is.
            Here’s a pro tip. Let’s see what the facts are before lodging unfounded accusations.

      • He used campaign funds! Over your head still? It’s like your mommy gave you money for your school lunches and you spent it on a crack ho instead!

          • Payments were from the Trump Organization, not from Trump personal funds. The Trump Organization reimbursed Cohen for the $130k plus an additional $290,000 for a total of $420k. Cohen received 12 installments of $35k, which the Trump Organization recorded as “Legal” expenses. Hence the charges of falsifying business records. Trump personally signed a majority of the checks.

          • Paul I hope your comments here are in effort to bring out clarity of concern when someone is indicted.

          • Hi Maureen. There is no evidence that campaign funds were used, just conjecture. Wishful thinking on the anti’s part.
            I’m a die hard Trump supporter, no question. But most of us on this side of the fence would lead the crowd armed with pitch forks and torches, if we had evidence that Trump committed obvious felonies. So you think Trump makes lefties lose their minds? You aint seen nothin’ like a conservative that has their faith in a representative proven wrong.
            But, in the last seven years or so, no hard evidence has been put forth, of any laws broken, or felonies committed.

          • Paul you’ll see, too. I know you will because you are thinking about this asit goes forward.

            No need for pitchforks. We have the Constitution to lead us.

            You may want to take a look at Seth Abramson’s work.

      • Valid question. What about Benghazi?
        I am going to go out on a limb here and say that a sitting Secretary of State should be held responsible when American Citizens are murdered.
        And, a sitting President should be held responsible for paying a whore.
        Now, compare and contrast… paying a prostitute is what… a misdemeanor with a few dollar fine? Whereas, knowingly ignoring intel that could have prevented a deadly attack, and then withholding aid when needed might have a bit stronger consequences.

          • Valid point there Bill, but I am working on what is known, and it is about hushing up a whore. So, until better info is available, I will stick with what I got.

        • What about when the folks who hold the pursestrings and didn’t fund the other folks you think the Secretary of State has power to send in because, checks notes, Republicans wouldn’t fund those moneies. You know-your same cut the budget folks.

          • Not correct Maureen. I’ve watched the interviews with military personnel, that were actually staged to go to Benghazi on the night in question. They were ordered to stand down from above the Pentagon (i.e., the white house). Help for the four dead guys was a plane ride away and the plane ride was canceled. It was not, nor ever was, a funding issue.

          • First of all, the issue with Benghazi that falls into the lap of the Secretary of State is negligence in doing her duties, and then concocting a bogus excuse. There was plenty of intel indicated US Citizens were in harms way, most of which worked for the Department of State, and the Secretary did nothing.
            The lack of response on the night of the attack falls on the Military.
            So, since you have the notes, please tell me which public law, either the State Department authorization law, or the Appropriation law that included the State Department budget where the Republicans slashed the budget.

        • What about the death of say Ashley Babbitt where a sitting president of the US incited an insurrection over false claims of a stolen election?

          • You mean the woman, stuck in a hole in a door, that was executed at point blank range by a D.C. cop?

          • What insurrection?
            You mean the guided tour the Capital Police gave to the folks attending the Trump rally? Or did you miss the video?

      • But, but what about
        Whitewater tax evasion
        Tyson cattle futures
        Rose law firm billing records
        FBI files in closet
        Private server with top secret emails
        Fusion gps

      • Good Americans died and your female goddess Hillary walked Free thanks to Comey. Come on Bill we know you have her poster hanging above your bunk.

      • Yep, because at best if true, this would be a slap on the wrist misdemeanor for trump, but Hunter biden sleeping and doing drugs with underaged girls is totally fine. Meanwhile 92 bodies later the Clintons are still bouncing around, flapping their jaws, and spreading their evil.

      • Meanwhile……..crime in New York has tripled. Maureen… don’t belong here at MRAK. It’s too far above your intellect. Go opine at the ADN.

    • Maureen
      Yes when the Clinton Biden crime family’s are in jail then we have done something. You leftist DA s let murders out of jail.

    • You know what, Maureen, I am going to retract my previous question.
      I too am glad that we are doing something about crime.
      However, I am outraged. And, I am embarrassed on behalf of the people of Manhattan. Their DA spent time chasing after a John that paid off a whore, while ignoring muggers, rapists, murderers, armed robbers, drug dealers, and a whole lot of other criminals caught, and just released in NYC.
      If pursuing a former President for the crime of banging a pornstar and then paying her to keep quiet about it is so vital that it needs to take precedent over pursing, charging, and convicting violent criminals, well there is no longer any hope for the justice system in NYC.
      And, if people like you celebrate this miscarriage of justice, there is little hope for the justice system across the nation.

      • Your outrage will have no influence on the outcome of any forthcoming trial, should it come to that CB. Leave that to Trump who is likely in the position of not being able to pound the facts or the law so is left with only “pound the table.” Heheh!

        • Look, Bill. We all know you have the reading comprehension skills of a grade schooler, but please stop demonstrating it. I am quite clear above. I am not outraged because Trump is indicted. And, I do expect him to stand trial and pay the price if he did in fact commit a crime.
          I am not outraged about any particular crime, I am outraged that a duly elected official of the City of NY is wasting taxpayer dollars pursuing a, relatively minor white collar crime, while simultaneously ignoring hundreds of violent crimes against the people of NYC.

          • Without knowing the charges CB, it’s impossible to suggest this DA is “wasting taxpayer dollars.”
            Like I said your outrage will have nothing to do with the outcome of the possible upcoming trial. Get a grip here and, whatever you do, don’t suggest that Trump is not guilty. Heheh!

        • Further to my previous post.
          Manhattan DA Bragg has downgraded some 52% of felonies to misdemeanors since he has been in office. But, for some reason, he feels it is necessary to convene a grand jury for this?
          If I lived in Manhattan, I would be outraged, and so should everyone in the USA.

        • Wow, still demonstrating a pre-school level of reading comprehension there Bill.
          Q: Why do I think the people in Manhattan should be outraged?

        • “Nobody cares why CB!”
          In other words, you admit that you did not actually read, or understand what I wrote, and when you were called out on being incorrect, you are throwing a temper tantrum. Got it.

    • I suspect it might. But it’s early to tell.

      The question many are asking is a version of “if they can do this to him, what can they do to me?”

      • Sorry dude, but you are boring. Humpty Dumpty has been cheat sheeting the books for decades. Don’t steal no one likes a thief.

        • Anon:
          No one has had their business and personal dealings investigated longer and more thoroughly than President Trump. No one. It has been eight years of constant “we got him now!” with nothing to show for it.
          So, if Trump is in fact cooking the books illegally, he is doing it like a supergenius. So well that an army of accountants, tax lawyers, etc… have yet to find a decimal out of place.

          • You truly are living in a MAGA bubble. BTW, no way for cooking the books to be anything but illegal! Seems you have not heard that the Trump Organization was recently convicted of multiple criminal counts of tax fraud and falsifying business records, is under civil indictment for fraudulently manipulating property valuations and Trump’s net worth, and his accounting firm resigned due to his lack of integrity and would no longer associate itself with him. Genius or super genius no, criminal most definitely!

          • Hey Trump It
            When you read off this list of Trump’s supposed crimes, you get kinda turned on, don’t you?

          • Trump it:
            What is a civil indictment?
            Oh… that’s right. There is no such thing.
            The case you are referencing is a civil lawsuit, no indictment there. Nor is one possible. And, I am sure you are blinded by your TDS, there is also no plaintiff with standing in that case either. No one is claiming that Trump, or any Trump company caused them any harm. No harm, no standing, no case.

  1. I wondered if they were really that stupid. Looks like they are.

    Only thing I can figure, besides TDS, is the left is trying to get Trump the GOP nomination, thinking Grandpa can beat him again.

    • Avenger: that is exactly what I am thinking. The Dems nigh think that Trump is the only one they could beat and want him to be the nominee. Pretty clever!-

  2. Be funny to see how the left goes apoplectic when anyone named Biden, including the sitting POTUS, faces hell.

    You wanted this, Joey. Hope you like seeing Hunter behind bars.

  3. Let the courts decide if he’s guilty, what a novel concept. Of course Trumplicans are more about Lie and Order than Law and Order.

    • Meanwhile, the Manhattan DA Bragg is ignoring rapists, armed robbers, muggers, murderers, drug dealers and a whole host of violent criminals.
      But, I guess in your world, pursuing a politician that had a roll in the hay with a porn star is more important.
      Seems like misplaced priorities.

        • Never happen. Bragg downgraded so many felonies that rape probably isn’t even a ticketable offense anymore.

          Besides, unless you’re claiming that Trump raped you, where did this charge come from? The Billy Bush tape?

        • “I believe Bragg just indicted an alleged rapist!” What? Bragg indicted Clinton? Hey, Kennedy would have seen more action if not for his bad back.

        • Oh, one.
          Pointing out the exception does not disprove the rule.
          Something like 52% of the felony cases that show up in his office get downgraded to a misdemeanor. But, you found one that did not. I guess all is well then. I will retract my statement.

        • Me thinks Bragg leaked grand jury information, 30-34 fraud charges. You do understand that is a felony in New York? Right?

        • I believe Bragg just charged a garage owner with murder because he defended himself against further attack after being shot twice.
          Big win for justice there.

  4. If we’re gonna parse this at the state and local level, where there more red states and far more red counties than blue, I predict a raft of additional indictments of prominent democrats for sins past and present. You guys really aren’t gonna like playing under your new rules. Cheers –

      • Point blank Maureen. Do you agree that Hunter Biden needs to be charged with multiple felonies? And if so, wouldn’t that investigation also include Joe accepting money from countries like the Ukraine and china?
        Because if you believe in the rule of law, you have to believe in the equal application of that law. If you say Trump needs to be charged then you have to admit that the Biden family needs to be charged.

        • Once again, please explain what laws were violated or what felonies the Biden’s have committed? I am pretty sure an indictment needs to be associated with an actual crime.

        • I don’t know anything specific about the status of Hunter’s case-which I think isn’t a case because it is not in court. There has not been an arrest.

          There has been quite a bit of talk about Hunter’s laptop concerns by right wing media.

          If Hunter, his dad, me or you or ANYONE breaks the law I expect those cases to be tried judiciously as compelled by our Constitution.

          YOU think this a political thing. I don’t.

          • Ignoring evidence will not make it non existent. Setting aside the drug use, hookers, etc. shown on Hunters laptop, look at the recordings where he discusses his business trips to several foreign countries. In his own words he described getting positions on corporate boards due to the fact that he was joe’s son. Then he was paid exorbitant amounts of money, to which he describes as having to divide up within the family. These are his own words. This means that countries like Russia, Ukraine, and China have been paying cash to a sitting vice president who later became president. Think about that. Sworn enemies of the U.S. were putting cash into joe’s pocket. And to make matters worse, even when this evidence was played on media outlets, the doj still refuses to touch it. Example; when the fbi raided Giuliani’s apartment, he pointed out hunter’s laptop and the agents REFUSED TO TAKE IT.
            So please understand why I view Trump’s actions vs hunter’s actions as pure political jackassery on the part of the swamp.

          • Paul- China gave special treatment to Ivanka’s personal businesses while she was working in her father’s Whitehouse.

          • “China gave special treatment to Ivanka’s personal businesses while she was working in her father’s Whitehouse”. You got any wire transfers to go with that weak “whataboutism”? Because the Congress and Hunter’s laptop have plenty. You say you don’t know anything about the laptop “case” yet you want to compare Ivanka to Hunter? That’s like heheh Pedo-Yankee saying he’s not familiar with Trump’s charges yet giving his opinion freely about the situation. Evidently the NY prosecutors are much more quicker and efficient than the DOJ huh? How’s the Ivanka investigation going by the way?

          • “…isn’t a case because it is not in court. There has not been an arrest.”
            That means this Trump thing is not a case either. Not in court, no arrest. I guess he is innocent, and should be allowed to go free.
            At least according to your logic.
            And, before you say it, a Grand Jury is not a court.

      • OK, that works for me.
        So when a politicians husband gets pulled over for drunk driving, they should… oh, have the charges dropped.
        Well, how about the son of a well placed politician knowing lying on Form 4473 in order to purchase a firearm he has been prohibited from purchasing, he should serve time… oh… wait, actually gets ignored by the authorities.
        OK, when a Cabinet member knowingly and willingly ignores the Records act, she should…get ignored, and be allowed to run for President.
        What about if a junior Representative violates campaign finance laws, she should… oh.. get put on higher level committees.
        How about sleeping with a Chinese spy when you are a sitting member of Congress, that should at the minimum get you censured by your peers, not put on the Intelligence committee.
        I am seeing a lot of ignoring people who break the law, at a very high level, but you seem to think no one is above the law. How about you work on cleaning up your side of the political aisle before you start throwing rocks at the other side.

        • I couldn’t believe our state reps in a car with open alcohol had charges dropped.

          Under Dunleavy, to boot.

        • Likely Don Trump can neither pound the facts or the law here CB leaving him with nothing but to “pound the table.” Looks like you are getting the jump here by doing his pounding for him.
          Why next you’ll be suggesting he is not guilty. Heheh!

          • I haven’t seen the charges yet Paul but unnamed sources say they are many business/tax fraud fellonies. We’ll see them Tuesday afternoon and Trump has been a grifter his entire life indicates, to me, that he will have neither the facts or the law on his side.
            He (Trump) has avoided accountability for years, due to delays in getting his tax returns, etc., but his loss to same DA on his business case has started to influence all of his upcoming legal cases IMO. These turkeys coming home to roost are going to be something to see (also IMO).

          • Huh?
            Did happy hour start early over your way Bill?
            Seriously, come back to us. Please try and be coherent.

          • You having trouble reading my opinion about Don’s issues with both the law and the facts CB? You trying to soften us up for your foray into thinking Don is not guilty or that he has been a model citizen his entire life? Heheh!
            We’ve been hoodwinked into thinking he was just a small-time swindler but I suspect we will be ring-side seats to something much larger. And we will be reminded he is innocent till proven guilty so this becomes a charge to a jury unless he cops to a plea (to salvage Usay, Uday and Ivanka).
            You think he gets these charges dismissed?

          • Last time I checked innocent until proven guilty is the standard. But, I am sure you only think that applies to people you like, everyone else is guilty before we even know what the potential charges.
            And, until I know what the charges actually are, and have seen some of the evidence leading up to those charges, I will not make a statement on innocence or guilt. Unlike all the children… errr… I mean leftists on this site. Apparently, deciding guilt without any actual facts is perfectly OK for the tolerant left when it involves a conservative. Yet, you all bristle when someone on the right says a leftist should be investigated in any way.
            Here’s a tip, Bill. Grow up. Act like an adult. It will serve you better than what you are doing now.

      • Hey Maureen, when is Congress going to report which Congressman, Senator or either staff members have been bailed out by their own Hush money slush fund provided by the tax payers? I do think that really needs to be online for review by the tax payers, as well as Epstein’s island list.

    • It’s either that – or they will be broke-ass America!
      Indict them – or hand over that HUGE account that you play dumbass about…

          • Wrong again, Maureen.
            A traitor is somebody who simply, by word or deed, betrays their country. A quisling is a traitor who goes beyond that, by actively collaborates with their country’s enemy.
            Remind me again, on what subjects did you use to counsel others? Because obviously it did not involve politics, history nor morality.

  5. What a joke this is! Experts have already said ahead of time that this will not go anywhere and assures Trump a landslide in next election.
    D’s have just put a target on their backs and will start getting booted at every turn.
    Bidens and company will soon be set up for impeachment and his son in jail.
    The whole system is fixed, and Trump warned us about it. He stood up to it.
    Now we have to stand up and save America. Lock and load!

  6. I am old enough to remember when using the power of your office to target political opponents was something that elected officials go impeached for.

      • Really Greg?
        You do not remember the Trump impeachment over the phone call to the President of the Ukraine? The one where the Democrats claim he was trying to use the power of his office to destroy the Biden’s chances at the Presidency. Which was laughable because Biden was not running for President when the phone call happened, but why let facts get in the way.

    • Technically Nixon wasn’t impeached. He got out of town before he could be.
      If he hadn’t, he probably would have been.

      Ford, in one of the biggest acts of political courage ever, pardoned him to save the country from the upheaval that would have come from an impeachment/trial.

      • Boy have times changed. Now, the dimwits don’t care about the country they’re just after blood. They still haven’t forgotten when we held Clinton responsible for the stained blue dress.

    • Yeah, Jimbo, Trump may have the average IQ of his “devotees.” That ain’t no crime! Most Americans are as dumb as an ox and lazy as hell, but there’s no crime in that either! I’ll give the scoundrel a pass and vote for him in 2024: it’s not as if somebody else will prevent this country from going to hell!

      As for American democracy–chap, that is an empty trope: this country is run by millionaires and billionaires. Your job is simple: sign your name with an “X” where told and leave the thinking to your betters! (Remember, sign with a capital X and show your boss that you know good English.)

  7. I could understand a Billionaire not knowing how the dry cleaning was being paid, but $130,000 is a lot of dry cleaning. Trump had previously testified under oath that he knows campaign finance laws and restrictions.

    • He did know campaign finance laws and restrictions.
      None of that $130K was from his campaign. It was his personal money.

    • Stormy Daniels must be a Russian agent. The dry cleaning was for the golden shower. Plus 10 million for The,,,,Big,,,,,Guy.

    • Not to mention that Trump personally signed several of the $35k checks to Michael Cohen. Now it appears that Trump’s CFO is about to flip on him. If that happens, he is orange toast!

    • So did Hillary, who claimed the $1 million dollar faux Steele dossier was “legal fees”.

      Same jurisdiction, same error, on steroids.

      Will you support Bragg going after her?

    • $$$ was paid by Cohen, not Trump. Cohen used his own $$$. No campaign $$$ were involved.

      In contrast, the Russia Dossier WAS paid for by the Hillary Campaign using campaign $$$. The campaign paid a fine after the FEC found inappropriate use of campaign $$$. Fine was less than $20k.

      Once again, Frank, thanks for playing. Cheers –

    • Why didn’t he just shrug and brag he’s a JFK? No one would have cared. Someone whispered in his ear to pay for the silence. He should have said “your fired” and went on with business. Ignorance is bliss.

  8. Sad day for the Justice System. Deep State is trying to stop their political opponents via law fare. Statutes of limitations has run out. Mockery of our Justice System. Election interference in Action. Vote vote vote!!

  9. I can’t wait to see the Rally’s now, expect them to get even larger, this is a total witch hunt, and the few who can’t see through this BS are mentally I’ll or Brain Dead! Trump2024 baby whoop whoop !

    • DM, Whoa big fella, November 2024 is a long ways off. Lots can and will change in the interim.
      This indictment is Red Meat for the Democrat Base, but it mostly gets the News focused on Trump , ( which Trump greatly welcomes) and away from the Biden Crime families financial dealings with the Chi- Coms.

      Trump is controlled opposition, isn’t he? Look how useful he is to the Democrats!
      Gotta a problem? Indict Trump!

      Don’t fall for this distraction, it’s a big nothing burger, especially if your cool with paying hush money to a skank.

      • You are dreaming here Robert.
        Trump will take a plea deal to keep Usay, Uday and Ivanka from jail sentences. Income tax evasion is a serious felony and often results in jail time. Of course I’m speculating here but we do know this is about money-the only thing that makes Trump tick, other than fondling beautiful women. Heheh!

        • Wow. Comparing the Trump family to Saddam Husein’s kids. That’s a stretch even for you Bill. The Hussein boys were known for abducting women from the street, and killing/torturing pretty much anyone that upset them. Are you saying that the Trump family abducts, tortures, and kills opponents?

          • That was a tongue in cheek on the order of Bill Maher, who referred to them that way. I suspect it had mostly to do with both pairs of sons being involved in the family corruption. Here is a quote you will like: “Trump’s sons ‘are secretly called ‘Uday and Qusay’ after Saddam Hussein’s monstrous offspring by workers inside the family firm’.”

        • Umm, they have already gotten his tax returns, and a swing and a miss. Are you referring to the doctored up returns fresh from the DNC? I think you have been binging on your bilge water.

      • Billy Boi, I did make a point, put down the bilge water.
        T it, no one is falling for a second j6 moment that you mentally challenged mouth frothers hide in a booth waiting for.

  10. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Democrats and others severely afflicted with Trump Derangement Disorder. You just handed Donald John Trump with a 2024 presidential election victory. Overplayed your hands by a significant margin. The NY DA was undoubtedly an affirmative action prosecutor, but Republicans and conservatives will accept this indictment as a testament to complete incompetents and idiots trying to show off their alleged academic bonafides. Trump 2024. Thank you.

    • There is no equal Justice anymore. Look no further than the j6 clown show and the evidence they suppressed. Nobody can trust the law because they can make you disappear without any explanation.

    • Which law are you referring to? The same one which many of the delirious democrats are just as guilty of if not worse? How many Dems have used congresses hush money slush fund? What is that saying about casting stones?

  11. Fun facts:

    The linkage Bragg wants to get (ie Federal Charge) has been examined twice, and declined for prosecution.

    Anyone else, this is a fine. If charged and convicted of anything else it gets tossed out. History is important. Look up John Edwards.

    Finding an impartial jury is impossible.

    Even if convicted, lost on appeal and sentenced to jail, he can still be elected and serve as President. The Constitution (remember that pesky thing) makes no prohibition in that regard.

    DeSantis -not a fan of Trump- has already publicly said he will not assist in any extradition from Florida.

    This is the most stupid of all political stunts possible.

    • It’s not optional for DeSantis to comply with an extradition request from another state. Article IV, Section 2 of the Constitution requires compliance. I thought you MAGA types were all about the constitution? Or is that only when convenient?

    • Federal prosecutors in NY say they don’t. Plus in a community that went 80% for Biden in 2020, finding a sympathetic grand jury isn’t hard.

      This is political.

    • They can’t understand why it’s become more important than ever to bust the criminals. I can.
      It’s called you do your damn job, or be broke-ass
      America. Hard Choices. How’s Hillary? ?

    • What don’t you understand? This case has been rejected by the state of NY, the FEC, Stormy Daniels and Cohen’s lawyers. Do you not understand what a nothing burger is?

  12. According to the Washington Post, Congress has been doing the same thing since 1995.
    “there were 235 complainants received compensation totaling $15.2 million between 1997 and 2014. That’s more than one settlement per month for 17 years and nearly $1 million per year.”
    It is OK for Congress to use taxpayer money to pay hush money, but it is somehow a crime for a former President to use his own money to do the same thing.
    Got it.

  13. Trump is a notable idiot to have let that porn woman approach him closer than one mile, and a fool to have let that attorney pay the woman a single dime for signing a non-discloser agreement. Trump may not be honorable in his private life, but is it now a crime to be a dolt?

    If it remains a crime to be a criminal – illegal drug possession, use, and perjury for a gun buy, false income tax filings, and much, much more – then when will Joe and Hunter Biden be indicted for their own many offenses? From so many sources we are learning that we are national citizens of a corruptocracy – a corrupt democracy – although there may be some debate about the state of our ‘democracy.’ Meanwhile, the agents of the corruptocracy and their useful idiots earnestly and constantly enjoin us to surrender our firearms and the 2nd Amendment for our (or perhaps ‘their’?) own good.

    • Honestly this is a lot of why I’m over Trump. In this regard he’s not that different than Bill Clinton.

      If both/either had any level of impulse control, we’d not be here now.

      I don’t expect our political leaders to be saints. But I expect them to have more self discipline than a six year old.

      All that said, this is a shameful farce that will leave the country worse and more unstable than anytime since the revolution.

  14. Alaska Democratic Party chair Mike Wenstrup saw it as a reminder that laws apply to all Americans.

    In a statement emailed from her office, Sen. Lisa Murkowski shared Wenstrup’s sentiments.
    “I am monitoring Donald Trump’s legal situation as it unfolds. No one is above the law in this country…

    No one but BRANDON and BRANDON’S Family.

    • Fine. Show me where John Edwards went to jail or was effectively charged with a felony.

      The case blew up, badly.

      If you want equal justice (you don’t) lead the call for the same charges to be filed against Hilary. D see he did the same thing in the same district in the same year.

      Go ahead. Lead the fight. Stand on your principles, not your politics.

      • Do not forget that a certain former President from Arkansas paid off a woman, something like $850K if I remember correctly. But… no complaints from…well from anyone really. Including his wife for some reason.

      • Not sure what effectively charged means but he was in fact indicted on six felony charges. Found innocent on one charge and a mistrial on the rest.

    • Dog, what a hell of an idea. Among my friends, that would get you laughed out of the bar! Do you have any other crazy notions like, maybe, a “more perfect” Union?

  15. There are so many things to despise about the totalitarian collectivists. How they do law is near the top.

    It will be enjoyable to watch them engage Hubris into Nemesis. I’d much rather have a functioning republic back, but that is the way this cookie has crumbled.

    A pox on all their houses.

    • In court, he stands accused at last,
      The weight of justice, firm and vast.
      No longer shall he rule with pride,
      His reckoning has now arrived.

      With charges read and verdicts cast,
      The law has caught him, unsurpassed.
      His deeds of greed and lies untold,
      Now to be judged, with justice bold.

          • Bullwinkle, the iamb is evident. What can you do with Po’ Joe? Write limericks if you please! Show us what you have!

            If you can’t scratch out a few good lines, show us what your A.I. system can produce for you!

  16. Okay, According to MSNBC, I see of it through their coverage there not much there to prosecute except sexual mmorality, and uhm this is The Donald Trump its not enough to decline his popularity like it did to that democrat u.s
    senator who hid his affair and baby. Immoral as it is, i wonder how Rahab-Stormy feels. She is already working in what’s to be private, and the nation now knows her be a porn actress/prostitute. Men: if you want to break the sexual addiction there’s. New Life’s Every Man’s Battle and workshop with Townsend-google it.

  17. The Deep state has crossed the Rubicon. There is no going back. Trump might be the first former President making a prep walk, but he won’t be the last. This should scare the heck out of Obama and Biden.

  18. I think that many of us have a tendency to draw the horse blinds over our eyes when it comes to our candidates vs the “other side.” I do find it baffling though that Maureen so conveniently turns a blind eye to the Biden Crime Ring (still active I might add) and The Clinton Foundation (sans the Arkansas State Troopergate and Epstein Island) but is elated that “something is being done about crime.” The double standard and hypocrisy is at nuclear levels with the left. They can’t wait to have a King in office but, a citizen politician just won’t do. We see similarities with our Assembly trying to take down Bronson so they can anoint another professional political gangster.

    • Well said, Brad!
      I have been saying it since I was in high school, MANY moons ago: the radical left has a virtual monopoly on hypocrisy. It literally defines them. (well, that, and their sanctimonious arrogance.)

  19. Sad this quotes Kari Lake, who just like Donald Trump has not yet conceded their own loss. Even sadder, quoting Paul Goser, the guy his own siblings can’t trust. So where else could you put a person on trial for New York tax fraud charges? Enquiring minds want to know!

  20. There’s only one type of rookie prosecutor who is dumber than the one who doesn’t understand the law or the legal system that he purports to represent: an Affirmative Action prosecutor who takes his guidance from a racist, America hater.
    George Soros.
    Soros’ million dollar campaign bone that he threw to the black Manhatten DA, did the trick. This Affirmative Action DA doesn’t understand that a state prosecutor cannot charge anyone for an alleged federal crime. Besides, the SOL ran on these charges about five years ago. What an idiot! Democrats lower all boats when lifting Affirmative Action individuals who aren’t qualified.

    • How is a duly elected prosecutor considered to be an Affirmative Action DA? Your Affirmative Action DA is charging the Cheeto with 34 State of New York felonies, nothing to do with any federal crimes. Those will soon follow. Please stop listening to Fox and Jim Comer.

      • All the crimes are allegedly hinged to business transactions that are related to federal campaign law violations. Affirmative Action DA is elected by Democrats in NY who follow the affirmative action creed. Pay closer attention Trump It. You may learn something here at MRAK.

  21. Nobody is above the law.

    Except for:

    Eric Holder
    James Clapper
    John Brennan
    Alexander Vindman
    James Comey
    Dr. Fauci
    Peter Strzok
    Nancy Pelosi
    Joe Biden
    Hunter Biden
    Ilhan Omar
    Just to name a few.
    It’s a club and El Dondo ain’t in it.

  22. I truly thought that Trump and Biden, by way of his criminal family, were at a standoff. With this salvo, seems the Biden crime gig is fair game now. Shall we start with Hunter or Sniffy’s brother?

    • Hand out sandwiches to his supporters outside. Ham on Rye! The new symbol of resistance to the socialists!

    • Nice one.
      Although, apparently it is tougher to get an indictment against Trump than it is a ham sandwich. It takes the average law graduate student a few weeks to get the ham sandwich indicted, but it takes the entire political machine eight years to indict Trump.

  23. What could the sentence possibly be? Ten days on the streets of NEW YORK without secret service protection? That would be equal to the death penalty by a firing squad with Alvin as the sheriff in town!!!

  24. I can vividly remember as a youngster I was fascinated with traveling and thought New York would be a fabulous place to visit until one day an older sibling spent several days in that city. I was so excited to learn from him what it was like expecting many glamorous stories of “The city that never sleeps”. He didnt take any time at all to sum it all up like this… “New York City appeared to be a place where good ol Mother Nature took a giant dump!” . I was devastated at the time but soon realized that he had summed it up appropriately and I had no further ambitions of visiting “the Dump”. I am sure the probability of anyone getting a fair trial in that cesspool would be more likely Osama Bin Laden would of had an impartial jury 🙂

    • Bin Laden was a sociopath allowed to roam free. Saudi Arabia should have taken him out. Period.
      He tarnished them badly and they aren’t happy.

  25. He should show up wearing a Trump 2024 t shirt, hat, and button.

    Simple broadly at the camera with both thumbs up.

    That picture will be worth gold on the campaign trail for both sides.

  26. The Trump haters here are such a batch of dreamers! Hating one man SO much! They SO want to believe there is an illegal action here. Why? Because he wasn’t ‘their guy’. When we point out actual legal problems with this case, and possible legal fallout in the future after, this case runs it’s course, what do we get in return? ORANGE MAN BAD!!! ORANGE MAN BAD!!! Believe it or not, there is a difference between illegal actions and bad personal actions. No matter how much you want to put Trump on trial for ‘hush money’ and no matter how repugnant you think hush money is, IT IS NOT ILLEGAL TO PAY HUSH MONEY! Three D.A.s and the DOJ have investigated the Trump/Stormy thing and declined to prosecute because there was no evidence of illegal activity. And still, I hear ‘We really got him now!’.

    Look, I love a good, spirited, debate, even up to the point where we start getting angry. But when one side just repeatedly grasps at non existent straws, it just gets sad. I feel that both Bill and Hillary clinton were absolute scum. The lowest of the dregs of humanity. Should they go to jail? You bet, if even a fraction of there ‘business’ misdeeds were true. Hillary for sure should be in Levenworth for letting four of her own people be hunted down and killed by insurgents that she had been warned about for months. But I doubt they ever will do the time they so richly deserve. And I’m not losing my flippin’ mind over them. When a conservative does something against the political good of an election, the rest of us can agree that that person needs to be prosecuted. We mentioned Nixon above. He sent agents to illegally obtain intel on the dems. Notice that the rest of the Republicans helped pressure him to leave office with the threat of impeachment. We don’t gather around and support crooked politicians, even when they are in our own party. By the same token we are not going to roll over and let someone that has not broken a law be run out just because of the screaming of a bunch of no minds.

    Get a grip!

    • You can’t seem to grasp the legal concept that Trump directed Michael Cohen to pay hush money to two individuals for Trump’s benefit. Paying hush money to hide adverse information from American voters that could influence an election outcome is a crime. The payment to McDougal was an illegal campaign contribution. Campaign finance laws were violated, no debate, he committed these crimes. These facts are all included in Cohen’s federal indictment which he pled guilty to and was accepted by the DOJ. Unfortunately Garland chose not to prosecute Trump. Hopefully the State of New York has a similar law and can convict him for these crimes in addition to falsifying business records, violating the Obstructing Government Administration statute, and tax fraud.

      • “Campaign finance laws were violated” um which ones were those? What office was this McDougal running for?

        • Genius, Karen McDougal was a model Trump had an affair with and then paid her $150k in hush money. That payment and the payment to Stormy violated the Federal Election Campaign Act.

          • Trump It:
            You are helping write Joe Biden’s follow-up script. You should help him try to read it off the teleprompter too. And bring paper towels so you can wipe his drool.

          • Neither payment was a violation as the money was not from campaign funds. This is as per earlier D.As and the DOJ.

            Once again, hush money is not illegal.

  27. I wonder why they didn’t go after Clinton for all the Drug Deals and deaths surrounding him; two children on the railroad tracks who witnessed a drug drop and numerous others. “The Clinton Chronicles”

  28. Either this destroys his re-election, or it gets him re-elected. Either way, the GOP better realize the gloves are off.

    Ordered more popcorn.

  29. The overall lesson here is clear. We are not a nation of laws. We are no better than most any other country in South America or Africa.

    Our laws are meaningless. 1/2 of our nation or more is perfectly happy to use force against anyone they don’t agree with. A large percentage of those are happy to burn it all down for giggles.

    It’s almost inevitable this kind of tribalism will lead to far worse kinds of violence than we’ve seen so far. The distance between us and Rwandan style slaughter isn’t as big as most of us want to think.

    I’m pretty much over Trump. If he wins the GOP primary process I’ll vote for him, reluctantly. But he is dead on about one thing. They don’t hate him. They hate us. He’s just in their way.

    Bad things are coming unless the left comes to their senses, quickly.

    • All true. Hatred and mob violence for political power and the chimera of ‘change’ is now a routine function of our nation’s leftist Corruptocracy, now ostensibly led by the decrepit and corrupt vice-president of an erstwhile U.S. president of ‘change.’

      Make no mistake, ‘change’ – meaning one-party power (THAT party – the one not unlike the Chinese Communist Party) – is the goal, and the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights must not get in their way. Propaganda that undermines our respect for fiscal restraint in government, for effective border control, for Judeo-Christian morality, for the nation’s Founders, and for the first principles of human liberty (“…the right of the people…”) are necessary to the completion of the ‘change.’

      Change is coming, and you will like it. Tune in to your local National Public Radio station to learn all about it.

  30. Paul in the Valley/ Masked Avenger and others, the issue here is really about how almost half the people in this Country are seriously mentally ill, this is not a joke, if you look at the people out there who are obsessed with trump and just the mention or sight of him enrages these very sick people, this proves how seriously mentally ill many of these people are, and it seems to be all the same type of personalities who hate and oppose him, they are all very controlling types who have far bigger personal issues in their own lives, they are all drama hounds and most have very low self esteem, and they all want no laws or rules unless their used against the people they dislike! The thing that makes this entire scam so pathetic, is pretty much all of this is totall BS. o h yes trump could of crossed paths with stormy Daniels ( absolutlety) and yes thru his lawyer there could of been a deal made, not as crime…. but the continuous onslaught by these left wing nuts brings out hoards of other lies and false accusations, and then the willingness for them to just openly weaponize the federal Goverment against anyone simply because of their own searing hatred for them and what they believe shows how out of control and dangerous these loons are. This is actually a very scarey time right now for our country because just 1 simple flashpoint could ignite some serious violence ..I personally think we have some serious problems ahead of us, it’s hard to steer a country when pretty much half of its population is mentally ill and morally corrupt, but that’s exactly the situation we are in now, it’s going to get really interesting how this all plays out. How any sane mind doesn’t see through the nonsense and lies here is beyond comprehension! Pretty Sad that we have so many empty heads wandering the streets now days!

    • I’m coming to the conclusion, myself, that Trump Derangement Syndrome has become an actual condition. I obviously love a good spirited debate, but when one side lays out legal facts, observations, and histories of events/people and the other side points a shaking finger in our faces and screams incoherently, the debate pretty much breaks down right there.

      Let me give an example. One side says Trump cannot be charged with a crime because ‘hush money’ is not illegal. The other side counters, repeatedly, with ‘but he paid a porn star!’. The actual legal fact is that paying someone to shut up and go away, the very definition of ‘hush money’, is not an illegal act. Where is the counter point to the fact that no laws were broken when a business man paid a porn star to just go away and leave him alone? The law cannot be ‘kinda broken’, can it. If there is a caveat to these laws or some unknown text of them that is not being addressed, then bring it out for discussion.

      Just wanting to destroy someone is not going to make that happen, no matter how bad you want it to happen. I detest hillary clinton with every fiber of my being. I not only think she was horrible for our country at SO many levels, I personally believe that she should be in prison for allowing four people to be hunted down and killed in Benghazi. But I have not lost my mind over her ability to avoid punishment for her actions. I don’t scream out ‘PANTSUIT BAD! PANTSUIT BAD!’ every time she is mentioned. I can’t even discuss Trump with one of my sisters because she starts yelling at me, apparently over the Billy Bush tape.

      When I devolve to name calling, I admit to losing the debate edge. So, never Trump people, can we just agree to getting to facts? Can both sides actually pick a specific topic and lay actual facts on the table for discussion?

      I’ll try if you do.

      • Paul, the actual legal fact is that a presidential candidate paid two women hush money to hide information from voters that would have adversely affected his presidential campaign. These actions HAVE ALREADY BEEN DETERMINED TO BE ILLEGAL.

        I am not understanding why this is so hard for you, these facts can be found in Cohen’s guilty plea and the related indictment. Trump is listed as a co-conspirator in the indictment since he directed the schemes and they were for his benefit. The details are as follows:

        • During the 2016 election, Cohen paid $130k to adult film actress Stephanie Clifford, known as Stormy Daniels, and arranged for a publishing company to pay $150k to model Karen McDougal for her story in exchange for the women agreeing to not go public with allegations that they had affairs with Trump. (Of course Trump lied and has denied having affairs with either Clifford or McDougal.)
        • Prosecutors said the purpose of the hush payments was to influence the 2016 election, and treated them as campaign contributions, which are subject to restrictions under the Federal Election Campaign Act.
        • Cohen’s payment to Clifford, they said, exceeded the $2,700 limit on personal contributions to a single candidate for an election. The payment he helped arrange for McDougal violated the ban on corporations contributing directly to campaigns.

        • Trump It sounds like a guy who got kicked out of first semester of law school because he cheated on the LSAT Exams. Not a bright student. Not a bright contributer.

    • And they thought it was gonna be a race war. On the bright 🙂 side pink or green hair makes an easy target.

  31. In America, a sucker is born every minute. If I can just get the tr*nnies, lesbians, Q’s, h*mos, Byes and Nons to cooperate and produce more fake birth certificates, we’ll have 2024 in the bag.

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