Senate effort grows to declassify agency info on alien life forms


A group of bipartisan senators introduced an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act last week, aiming to force government disclosure of unidentified anomalous phenomena records, which includes alien life forms and unidentified flying objects.

The proposed legislation, titled the “Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena Disclosure Act of 2023,” seeks to preserve and centralize all federal government records related to unidentified anomalous phenomena, ultimately enabling public access to comprehensive information on the subject.

Led by Sen. Chuck Schumer, the amendment has support from Sen. Mike Rounds (R-S.D.), Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, (D-N.Y.), Sen. Todd Young (R-Ind.), and Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.).

The amendment is a step toward increasing transparency and accountability surrounding unidentified anomalous phenomena, also commonly referred to as unidentified flying objects (UFOs) or unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs).

Sen. Rubio has made this a priority for years. In 2021, when he was vice chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, he spearheaded a similar measure with Sen. Gillibrand and Rep. Ruben Gallego, (D-Ariz.)

“UAPs pose a significant challenge to our national security, appearing in sensitive U.S. airspace and around military personnel. The amendment would establish an office that would replace the current Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force and would have access to Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community data related to UAPs,” Rubio’s office said in 2021. “By doing so, the office will have the authority to establish a coordinated effort to report and respond to UAPs, significantly improve data-sharing between agencies on UAP sightings, address national security concerns, and report health effects people may experience in relation to UAP events.

The revived proposed amendment now has Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer as the key sponsor, as Rubio is in the Republican minority. Having the leader in the Senate as the key sponsor bodes well for the amendment.

It begins by emphasizing the importance of preserving and centralizing all federal government records related to unidentified anomalous phenomena. These records should carry a presumption of immediate disclosure and eventually be made available to the public to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the government’s knowledge and involvement in such phenomena.

The amendment highlights the necessity for legislation to create an enforceable, independent, and accountable process for the public disclosure of UAP records.Existing provisions, such as the Freedom of Information Act, have proven inadequate in achieving timely disclosure of records.

The legislation acknowledges the existence of unidentified anomalous phenomena records that have not been declassified or subjected to mandatory declassification review due to exemptions under existing provisions of law. It emphasizes the need to restore proper oversight over these records by elected officials in both the executive and legislative branches of the federal government.

Among the key provisions of the proposed legislation is the establishment of the Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena Records Collection at the National Archives and Records Administration. This collection would serve as a centralized repository for all records related to unidentified anomalous phenomena.

The amendment also calls for creation of an Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena Records Review Board. This board would be responsible for overseeing the collection, review, and release of the records, working in collaboration with relevant government offices and agencies.

Proponents like Rubio argue that increased transparency surrounding unidentified anomalous phenomena is essential for scientific research, national security, and public interest. Critics may express concerns about potential national security implications and the credibility of unidentified phenomena reports.

The introduction of the “Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena Disclosure Act of 2023” underscores the growing interest and recognition of unidentified aerial phenomena and the need for a comprehensive approach to studying and disclosing these phenomena, especially after the U.S. military shot down an unidentified flying object over the Arctic Ocean, and has yet to describe what it was or provide the public with any photographic evidence of the object.

The 64-page amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act is at this link.


  1. Is it just Me or are the governments lies becoming increasingly outrageous and unbelievable. I recommend watching the videos by Hugh Ross. He is a Canadian astrophysicist. The government lies where the truth would serve Us better, but they serve satan, not GOD, not Us. They lie, remember Covid and the vaccine? Transsexualism, systemic racism, etc. They lie. Hugh Ross makes much more sense. The government LIES.

    • Citizen, there is no reason to blame Satan: he’s just the recipient of all the fallen fruits. Everybody is always looking to blame somebody. Sure, Satan advocates for his own interests, but look around yourself, who doesn’t? If anybody ends up in hell, that’s his doing: it’s by personal choice. What are you doing about it, old man Kane–writing a sentence or two every now and then to complain? If you are a man of substance, hit the trail like St. Paul did; otherwise just watch the events unfold!

        • Gregory the Glib, now that you’ve firmly established that neither Satan nor hell exist, answer this: Is the translation of the King James Bible divinely inspired?

        • Your belief Greg – a religion, or system of beliefs about God – is not capable of determining the veracity of Satan’s or Hell’s existence. I support your freedom to believe that and to even speak it with conviction – but you and I will find out when we pass from this life.

          • Who was around to answer the question about when Cain slew Abel, Cain and his wife went to live in another society. Who exactly where those people when Adam and Eve and apparently Lilith was probably still around in that time and a few kids? Were they the Giants that were on the earth in those days, you know, The offspring from the fallen Angels who impregnated human women? Who exactly were those people pray tell?

          • Greg, I do support your freedom to be ignorant. “Lilith” is not in the Bible. Cain married one of his sisters. Angels are not capable of breeding with humans. BTW, the book I mentioned was “Chariots of the Gods”, not “Fire” – my bad – I read that one 50 years ago… Your ignorant complaints and so-called “mistakes” and/or “contradictions” in the Bible come from people like you who never read or only read part of it once the Bible. Get an education man!
            I suggest if you want to complain about Christians and the Bible that you first read it and ask for help with understanding it.

  2. Telling the public there are Aliens is like talking about millions of Christians Raptured. Hahaha. Which one is more believable? I take the latter cause four historic recorded known people were already raptured. Enoch, Elijah, Jesus, Phillip, God can do anything even raise the dead even raising Himself! I’ll stick to the Bible, the world can have its aliens and chase ufos.

        • Fool. She talked about folks going up aka rapture. Enoch described what the planet looked like, but you know this. Ezekiel saw a chariot of fire, a wheel within a wheel in a vision. Sounds like a machine to me.

    • And you know they were raptured, how is exactly? Because the Bible tells you so? Talk about circular logic.

    • You can stick to the Bible if you want, but the Bible did not explain what my brothers and I experienced while living in Great Falls, MT 1974-1978. The Bible was the 1st place I looked. I wish Continental Airlines hadn’t lost my original Bible, as it had a lot of notes I’d written.

      It’s not like I had to choose between God and aliens. In fact, aliens was definitely not my 1st thought, but as events occurred, I did research, time went on and other research was opened up because others did FOIA requests, and I simply followed the dots. They exist, they’re here, and the gov’t has been covering it up for decades.

    • There’s no historical record of any of those individuals outside the surviving fiction of the time. It is a disservice to others to site as fact information you’ve gleaned from a novel with objectively proven fatal flaws.

        • The Bible is a history book there’s no doubting that. Lots of names and places are historical fact. When they wrote the New testament three to 400 years after Jesus died, they got that much of it right. Where they lose me is when they left books out of the Bible as a way of controlling the masses. Why keep out that Jesus was married and probably had kids? Why keep out the book of Enoch, was it because aliens took him into space and he’s described what it looked like to see Earth in orbit or what the inside of the spaceship look like? The writers of the Bible needed a tight hand on everyone including their purse strings. This agenda contributes to the question that I have. A lot of it is based on myth and faith. Do I believe Moses was kept out of the land of milk and honey because he disobeyed God and made water come out of a rock for the masses? Do I believe they made manna for 40 years to feed the people in The Exodus and during that time they produced it for six days and on the seventh day they didn’t make any probably because they had to take the machine apart and clean it. When miracles turn into fact and are backed up by mechanisms, that leads someone to ask why? God the Creator doesn’t need a machine to do miracles that much is for sure and for certain. Men creating a story trying to manipulate the people do however.

          • Your knowledge of the Bible and the false writings is flawed Greg. We have manuscripts of the Bible that date back to the time of the eyewitnesses, who had no incentive to fabricate falsehood – they jeopardized their lives to write it. The false writings date back to about 300 A.D., and were obviously written by those who refused to believe the eyewitnesses. Tell us Greg, how much do you know about Julius Caesar? Where did your information come from? Shakespeare? There are only a handful of manuscripts relating his history, and they disagree with each other… Yet we accept them as truth. Why are you so skeptical of the Bible when thousands of ancient manuscripts that remarkably agree with each other exist?

          • I wonder if people’s personal bias and focus allow or disallow spiritual advancement. When I was a child I thought as a child. But now I am a man and have put away childish things. We live in a currupt, corrupting society and lust sells. When you become a much older man lusts and kisses on lips become less compelling and are not such an imperative. Females are different. God made us different for different roles. The kiss on lips to some is meaningless. Big deal. To Jen it’s a huge deal. When you have bonded in error) with a (wrong, someone else’s man) you become like a small tantruming child (even though you are a gigantic fraulein) and can’t believe someone else’s teddy bear has been taken from you! Damn them and you’ll show them (tear) . And the secular drama’s in the Bible are especially evocative in an exciting Zane Gray moment. A nice romantic guy thinks it is anti-human to leave out “the marriage” so no Bible interest for you. There are bunches of sects of Christianity. The Biible does say as your faith is so be it to you. My and Jen’s Lutheran Grandfather disliked chatechisms and attendant capture by liturgists.

        • The Jewish authorities at the time, who were not only the experts on the law and Jewish scripture, but were also alive at the same time as the alleged Jesus of Nazareth was (and therefore much more reliable witnesses than the authors of the Gospels were), thought he was a fraud and convicted him of blasphemy. When they asked Jesus if he was the messiah, he gave a rather vague answer, but it was enough to make the Sanhedrin rend its garments.

          • Jesus declared to the Jewish leadership when they asked him to tell them plainly if he was the Messiah: “I and the Father One we Are”. I don’t call that a “vague answer”, and neither did the Jews – that is why they picked up stones. I suggest you do a detailed study of the 118th Psalm and how Jesus used it in the Gospel of John. The authors of the Gospels were the eyewitnesses. I ask the same question of you that Jesus asked the Sanhedrin: “Have you never read, ‘The Stone the Builders rejected has become the Chief Cornerstone, the Lord has done this and it is marvelous in our eyes.'” Tell us cman, what does this mean?

          • Do you ever contract with anyone? When you do do you like contract with people you hate? No? God had a contract with his friend. It could have been anyone. But was God’s actual friend Abraham They actually knew and liked each other. Abraham in his day always prayed and God was aware of him and liked his qualities. Scriptures said Abraham was God’s friend. God was looking for a family to bring a son into to the world to bless, redeem, heal, enrich restore all humanity after the garden debacle. It could have been anyone. The ethnic type was midveastern but could have been anyone. So the covenant for a Messiah was made. There were rules and stipulation for this family of mid easterns. It took some time and geneology shows Jesus showed up and is documented by geneology for God’s son. All the way back to the garden.

    • I find it fascinating how you can manage to push your version of the Bible into any conversation.

      I’m beginning to think you actually aren’t Christian at all. More and more you come off as a buffoon. No truly devoted Christian would go to the efforts you do to make us look silly.

    • The Bible has aliens in it. Who do you think was flying those chariots of fire? What about Ezekiel’s wheel within a wheel? It was a machine. What about the hybrid giants on the earth from offspring of fallen angels…aka aliens? You’re so blind.

      • You’ve been reading fiction – perhaps a book from the early 70s called “Chariots of Fire” by Erik von Daniken? Point 1: Ezekiel saw a vision, that included angels, NOT a machine. Point 2: The Nephilim were large, strong, men. They were the progeny of men who were noted for the length of their lives. They were also known for their wickedness – the chiastic structure of the Hebrew in Genesis 6:1-6 and the surrounding context of Genesis point to this as the correct interpretation. “Sons of God” is merely a reference to human males. Rendering the name Nephilim as “Giants” is suspect, but that the human gene pool is capable of producing a man 9 feet tall with 6 fingers on each hand is not unheard of. The Nephilim also appear in Numbers 13:33 post-flood – big scary guys the spies were afraid of, but still descended from Noah. My suggestion Greg is that you read the Bible, not someone else’s lame prevaricating excuse for not believing it.

        • This proves nothing, as usual. The giants were exactly that. Noah himself was a hybrid. White haired and glowing from birth. His father doubted that he was the sire. Tell me how folks lived for over 900 years pre flood? Beware of false prophets would be my warning to you.

          • 900 years: because 1, the human genome was stronger; and 2, less radiation hitting the earth because of the pre-flood vapor canopy – a lot of the flood water came from the sky. “Lilith” is fiction. Where do you get the idea that Noah was white haired and glowed? Or that Noah’s father doubted his parentage? Get a life man! You don’t lie well.

        • Answer my questions masabi. What does the bible say about dinosaurs. Was Adams first wife Lilith a mistake? What village did Cain go to after he rocked Able? Why were the deciples jealous because Jesus kissed Mary on the lips,? Why did Noah glow like a firefly since birth? Didn’t look human. Buler???

          • Dinosaurs were created on day 6 with all the land animals – the Bible mentions them in the Book of Job – I recommend you research materials from the Institute for Creation Research for excellent details. “Lilith” is fiction. Cain moved to a land called “Nod” where he founded a city called Enoch – it was not pre-existent. There is no record of Jesus kissing any Mary on the lips or of the disciples being jealous. There is no record of Noah “glowing”. Your ignorance is astounding and your prejudicial animus reprehensible.

        • You are really reaching. Somebody had a dream and it gets written as fact. You can’t have it both ways. The bottom line is it was a dream of a machine. Did Enoch dream he was taken up into orbit? Did Noahs son know him, aka see him naked and rape him when he was drunk? These are our descendants?

          • I tried replying to this one earlier, but apparently Suzanne hasn’t reviewed it yet or disapproved it – whatever, it’s not here. I don’t “reach” – I speak truth from my many years of studying the Bible, and occasionally I spout off about politics when I get angry enough… You demanded I answer you, but you’re not liking what you hear. So be it. No amount of truth will educate one who is convinced differently.

          • Seriously Greg, we should get together for an afternoon of Bible study so I can give a thorough answer for your mocking and unbelief. I believe the topic here is UFOs, not answering your every possible attack on the substance and integrity of the Bible and its adherents. I have answered your every complaint, but not even an acknowledgement in respect do I get in return, just more of the same…

        • So on the 6th day God created the land mammals and man. Dinosaurs have been around for 250 million years so you’re saying that’s when man was also created? There’s no way man would have survived with T-Rex running around or velociraptors. Plus if you go through the family tree, there aren’t that many descendants between Adam and Noah to make up 250 million years or I guess I should say 249.99 million years. Your math is flawed has are some areas of the Bible. Lilith was the first woman. She was made equal to Adam and that didn’t go so well. Adam didn’t treat her fairly. Not even in bed. So she was either destroyed or given over to a fallen angel and Eve was created for Adam. Kane went to the Land of nod but it was already created by the time he got there by another group of people.

  3. If the liars in the government ever produce photo and video “evidence” You can bet your ass it’s fake. Hollywood is very good at computer generated image’s, don’t be fooled. They lie.

    • My experiences weren’t fake. We didn’t generate a huge saucer hovering over the city and flying like a hummingbird. Why would Hollywood have red lights hovering over our home in 1974 in Montana?

      How did Hollywood shut down ICBM missile silos at Malmstrom AFB?

        • People find it easier to condemn those who have had experiences and/or bothered to look at the available evidence because it’s easier than doing the work themselves.

          As I’ve said, I invite anyone to look at the skies just west of Hatcher’s Pass when it’s dark in the fall. I haven’t seen them the last couple of years, but that’s because it was cloudy. Hoping our weather will clear up more by then this year.

    • Don’t take our word for it. Don’t you believe Buzz Aldrin the second man to walk on the moon? Look up his interview about how he describes a UFO following them all the way to the Moon.

  4. We need to get fishsticks out of congress and get someone in there who can figure out what the hell is going on.

  5. I laugh at those in power who feel the need to constantly redefine common words and phrases, most likely in order to make themselves appear trendy or more knowledgeable about a subject than they are.

    They are “UFOs”, “unidentified flying objects”. Stop with this idiotic “UAP” crap already.

  6. Curious…
    When the Briben administration just ignored the SCOTUS and forgave billions of student loan debt.
    When we are sending troops to Europe to fight for other countries.
    When the southern border is letting tons of deadly drugs, foreign espionage/soldiers, human traffickers, etc… through.
    When a CCP hack captures millions of individual’s personal information, plus god knows what State secrets.
    When cocaine is discovered in the White House.
    The thing the Senate wants to focus on is UFOs?
    The reason there is a big story is because they do not want you to see the bigger story. Look past this.

    • Oh my. This has got to be good. Did they perform the alien love dance and leave you with a spawn in your heinder to improve future Forks?

      No doubt Congress needs to hear the details of your little tryst.

      • As far as I know I wasn’t a victim. All I can tell you was I was driving along the highway and off to my left was a wide gully, which down there it was more than a ditch but less than a valley. About 25 yards wide and 10 feet deep. I sa a metallic cylindrical craft coming up the wash. It was it kicking up any dust or anything like that and it was moving fairly quickly but nothing really out of the ordinary. I’m guessing maybe 75 to 100 miles an hour. There was a outcropping that split the valley into two pieces that kind of look like the flat iron building in New York. It flew up one side and basically I was coming down the other side as soon as it went past the point of the flat iron type Rock, I looked up that arm of the valley and it was gone. Completely vanished. I saw it for a total of about 20 to 25 seconds. You can believe this or not I don’t really give a damn but it happened exactly the way that I say it did.

        • My family spent years dealing w/them in Great Falls when my dad was in charge of missile silos from 1974-1978. It was 1967 when the Great Falls police were called to help w/craft flying over their sites under the Captain Salas and the missiles were shut down. (There are rumors this happened another time as well.) Bigelow has been provided contracts by the gov’t to research UFOs (which cannot be confirmed). I contacted one of Bigelow’s projects. Ironically, the PhD I was conversing with was studying UFO sightings around Great Falls from 1974-1978. He provided me with a spreadsheet of what he has so far. I have to wonder why Bigelow is interested in the exact same area and timeframe in which my family’s experiences occurred. Some people know things, and I’d like to know what they know.

          • Surely you’ve done your research on Bigelow and his former ranch. He received government contracts and grants to research skinwalker ranch from his buddy Harry Reid. Now he’s busy making top secret items for space.

      • These kinds of comments are exactly why people don’t report their sightings and experiences. Were you in Alaska in 1986 when a Japanese cargo flight was followed by a UFO larger than a 747 as it travelled from interior Alaska to Anchorage? Very experienced pilot, but he lost his job because of his report. And I suppose we shouldn’t be worried about our commercial or military pilots having close calls w/these objects. A dozen close calls in the last several years doesn’t matter; we can just depend on luck or the capabilities of these unidentified craft to make sure no one dies. OR we could be like scientists and actually investigate. I choose the latter.

        • Men in Black came and investigated the 747 coming into Anchorage and confiscated all the material and upon leaving said this never happened and we were never here. What they didn’t understand was a copy had been made of the radar track and it has shown that a giant UFO was harassing the 747. Elmendorf backed this up.

  7. The first word is critical, “unidentified”. Why some jump to the conclusion that this must mean alien life is ridiculous. We share 98% of our DNA with chimpanzees and look how vastly different we are to them. Why would a species capable of intergalactic travel be interested in visiting us? That would be like us traveling a billion miles to look at ants.

  8. I could not take it oh so seriously really
    When you called and said you’d seen a UFO
    But then it dawned on me the message in writing
    Spelt out a meeting never dreamed of before

    I looked out, in the night
    Strange and startling
    Was this voice of time just saying
    There’s got to be a linking of everyone
    Got to be a center
    It all comes flooding back

    Arriving through eons of times immortal power of the future to behold
    Vessels of a different impression, none that we could ever hope to have known

    So look out, in the night
    Once they arrive
    On that perennial light
    Impress a bolder empire of energy
    In the ships we see
    The coming of outer space

    You say there’s no reason to conjure
    With the force as it has been known to be see
    You say I’m a fool, a believer
    Put your feet on the earth it is green

    But look out, in the night
    Wait for they arrive
    To start such sciences anew
    Here it is the coming of outer space
    Such a pure delight
    The coming of outer space

  9. We can hardly shoot down Chinese balloons crossing our airspace. This is just another diversion to Trump’s re-election next year.

  10. Why bring this legislation forward now? I think the answer is probably very simple, as there are a number of other issues currently in Congress concerning the United States government and the lies, the tyranny and freedom stealing actions of departments like the DOJ and the FBI to name two. Also to concider is the serious overreach of the ATF, BLM, EPA, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

    I am skeptical because this is so typical of the higher elite elected officials to develop some kind of a smokescreen to take our attention off of the current issues and to make sure that those issues are never resolved.

  11. They just created The Space Force. They need a scary story to help fund their new “defense” branch. It takes money to build their new Space Force with all their new Spacemen.

  12. The Deep State is resisting this effort in every way possible. DJT was going to expose the Deep State, but they were able to defeat him (for now). UFOs are part of the Deep State coverup. Not saying that there are Lizard People who are part of the Deep State, but the Deep State is, for whatever reason, protecting the knowledge of extraterrestrial contact and is undoubtedly in cahoots with these aliens.
    We’ll never know the truth until DJT is reinstalled in his rightful place so he can continue the fight he started. We’re being manipulated by forces beyond our world.

  13. I’ve been waiting 49 years for gov’t to take this seriously. People experiencing this have been ridiculed, laughed and mocked at, and the actual events have been ignored or covered up.

    Alaska is one of the top 5 states for seeing UFOs. I’ve seen them east of the end of Eagle River Road (I think that’s the correct name for that road) where the road ends at Chugach State Park. Early 2000s, a red and a white one. Have seen them just west of Hatcher’s Pass for a couple of years in a row, small white lights, usually starting as just one and you’re thinking “It looks like a satellite,” except satellites don’t hover over Hatcher’s Pass. Then it’ll start moving oddly instead of in a straight line, then another will show up, and another. I could only see them when the skies would get darker in the fall, around 11PM or so. Naturally, people didn’t believe me, so naturally, I’d laugh about it and invite them to my viewing spot. Then, just as naturally, you’d see their jaws drop when they saw them for themselves.

    This phenomena has been going on for a very long time. If they wanted to invade, they already would have.

      • I have, but I’m skeptical. They say it’s underground. Unfortunately, this topic tends to bring out a lot of opportunities for charlatans. I’d have to literally go there and investigate. 😉 It’s what I did when HAARP was built back in 1996, which is why I know HAARP isn’t capable of changing the weather or mind control. However, I also read the environmental impact studies for HAARP, and the gov’t admitted there that it was interested in such things. Ironically, HAARP’s technology isn’t that different from the tech we use for telecom.

        • I saw an interview with some guys that were flown out there in a black helicopter and it experienced unforeseen turbulences and mechanical issues with the flight controls but was able to land and were met there by a couple of guys that offloaded their cargo and put some stuff on the chopper that was outgoing. Apparently there’s an elevator that takes them down about 150 ft. No one knows for sure what’s there other than they suspect it’s some sort of a energy transfer system.

  14. Time to open our eyes. If you think Trump created Space Force for fun you haven’t been paying attention. We need serious people in government right now. Ready or not, everything is about to change.

  15. Aliens, lol!They’re probably the trans folks who’ve mutated too much, kinda explains the abductions and probing.

    • Did you ever see close encounters of the third kind? That was based on a true story. Nixon had approved its release when a UFO landed in Ohio. After it was produced and ready for release, it was decided it wouldn’t be politically had vantageous for Nixon so it was covered up. A few years later, the guy that made the movie handed it over to a well-known filmmaker so that he could make its version. We know that now as close encounters of the third kind and it was handed directly to Spielberg from our government.

  16. Don’t they have bigger issues at present?

    Hard enough to take them seriously as it is.

  17. Assume this bill passes and becomes law….

    Scenario #1 – Aliens exist and the US government has undeniable proof. The undeniable proof will disappear and nothing will be disclosed unless those that hold the secrets want it to be.

    Scenario #2 – UAPs are not alien at all but top secret aircraft being developed/used by those in power to carry out unknown surveillance/warfare. Those in power will bury the evidence and nothing will be disclosed unless those that hold the secrets want it to be.

    Scenario #3 – Those in power are aware of weird circumstances but do not know what is going on. Those in power cannot afford to look like they are not in control and any evidence to the contrary will be hidden away.

    What is the point of this law again?

    • Johnson the founder of skunkworks, on his deathbed he said Star wars Star Trek things like that, we have things out in the desert that are 50 years beyond what you can even comprehend. Not what you think we’ll have in 50 years but 50 years beyond what you can think about. Even though we landed on the Moon 60 years after we first flew, that’s kind of a giant leap wouldn’t you say? We got help from someone or reverse engineered the technology from something that crashed. Next you’re going to say they flew all this way here just to crash. Apparently flying between dimensions and through wormholes isn’t as safe as you might gather.

    • Scenario #1 – I don’t think they can make all the proof disappear, especially if you include witness testimony, videos, radar, etc. And this law is set up so proof can be brought forward.

      Scenario #2 – If these were being developed by those in power, then those people would already rule the world. The tech is too highly advanced. How does one break the sound barrier w/out a sonic boom? How does one go from hovering to thousands of miles per hour w/out being crushed by natural forces? How does one hover and accelerate w/no means of known propulsion?

      Scenario #3 – This is what they’ve being doing for decades.

      The point of this law is to get past Scenario #3 and find the truth.

  18. Jay, credit Yes for those lyrics. The existence of UFO’s whatever they might be, does not disprove the existence of God, nor does it indicate that mankind is a hybrid of aliens. It only leads to the next logical question; If aliens exist, who created them? Ours is a very orderly universe from the largest galaxies filled with stars and planets moving in predictable orbits, to the the atoms with electrons moving in predictable orbits around the proton and neutron center. Not the random chaos one would expect from a “Big Bang”. It is more evident of intelligent design. As our technology has advanced as a species we have moved closer and closer to our own destruction. It is probably no coincidence that there was a huge uptick in UFO sitings after we began splitting atoms. Through particle accelerators we now have the ability to cause nuclear explosions in other dimensions. Something that an interdimensional traveler might surely be concerned about. As we humans clumsily lumber forward into the unknown consequences of artificial intelligence we may see another uptick in interactions with UFO’s. It is possible that we have reverse engineered some of the technology that they have allowed us to find, but to what end? We barely know what goes on at the bottom of our own oceans, yet we think we can unravel all the secrets of the universe. Having some degree of transparency from the government on the subject of UFO’s is a good start, but it is only a start. I look forward to getting the answers to many of these questions when I meet the Creator face to face.

  19. What does it say about the state of the nation far more people are engaged in this than the upcoming elections?

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