Second quarter: GOP candidates collectively out-raise Biden, and DeSantis crushes it


The Republican candidates for president, when combined, raised more than the campaign of President Joe Biden in the second quarter of 2023.

Leading the fundraising pack for Republicans is former President Donald Trump.

Although Trump shows $17.7 million raised in the second quarter, he also has about that much still sitting in his joint fundraising committees that has not been transferred to his campaign, but could be transferred if needed, and so it’s not accounted for. He is believed to have raised about $35 million in the second quarter, much from small donors, who are key for any campaign because they represent actual votes. Since Trump announced his run for president in November, this amount represents the full second quarter of April through June.

That is less than half of the $72 million that Biden raised in his campaign, and the Democratic National Committee and the joint fundraising committees associated with Biden.

The Biden camp announced the money for his campaign came from 394,000 donors and that 97% of all the donations were under $200.

The period covered for Biden’s fundraising total is about nine weeks, since he announced his bid to run for reelection on April 25.

Biden has been conserving cash and campaigning mainly from the White House, rather than setting up separate campaign headquarters. He’s also been lean on staff, instead using government officials to do his campaigning for him, such as Interior Secretary Deb Haaland and Vice President Kamala Harris. He is campaigning on taxpayer dollars.

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis raised $20 million during the second quarter, but he had not launched his campaign until May 24, and so that total only covers five weeks. He raised the most of any Republican during that period, it appears.

DeSantis also has a Never Back Down political action committee that is working parallel to him to get his message out. It had raised $130 million since launching in March.

The DeSantis campaign, realizing it was burning through cash, has laid off about 10% of its large staff, which was 92 before a few of the event planning staff were laid off last week.

DeSantis’s total for the first five weeks is more than what Trump raised during that timeframe in 2022, when he first launched. And it was more than Trump raised in his first few weeks of his campaign plus his first quarter of 2023.

Republican presidential candidate and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy donated $5 million to his own campaign, and had a total of $7.7 million to report for the second quarter. He announced in February, and so he’s only raised $2.7 million from others during the full quarter of April through June.

After those three, the numbers drop off, but still add to the Republican field having raised more money than Biden.

Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina, brought in $5.8 million since launching his campaign in late May. But he has significant cash on hand of $21 million, more than DeSantis or Ramaswamy. Polling has Scott in fifth place at 1%, according to Morning Consult.

Former Ambassador Nikki Haley had announced a week ago that she would be reporting $7.3 million raised in the second quarter. That puts her with $15.6 million since launching her campaign. Her campaign said she had 160,000 donations from all 50 states.

She also has a super PAC working parallel to her campaign, and it has raised $18.7 million, for a total of $34.3 million. Her campaign has campaign has $9.3 million cash on hand and the super PAC has $17 million.

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s campaign raised $1.65 million in the second quarter, and for him that represents just 25 days of fundraising.

Former Vice President Mike Pence and his super PAC raised $3.85 million. That represents just four weeks of fundraising.

Scrappy Democrat Robert F. Kennedy Jr. reported bringing in more than $6 million since launching his campaign on April 19. He is challenging President Joe Biden for the Democratic Party nomination.

Democrat self-help guru Marianne Williamson raised $920,000, but she has $270,000 in unpaid bills, and only $105,000 cash on hand with which to pay them.

In a Morning Consult poll published last month, Trump had edged ahead of Biden. When voters were asked who they would vote for between the two men, 44 percent said they would cast their support for Trump, while 41 percent of those said they would choose Biden.

Morning Consult puts Trump in first at 57%, with DeSantis polling 17% among Republican-leaning voters.


  1. It still surprises me that Trump polls as strongly as he does among Republican voters, given his adamant and unrepentant advocacy of the clot shots and the entire Covidian authoritarian program, which the majority of GOP voters rejected, and reject even more strongly today.

    • Jeff,

      I don’t think the word majority means what you think it does.

      The majority, which means a number or percentage equaling more than half of a total, of Republicans got vaccinated for Covid. Sadly more Republicans died during the pandemic than members of other political parties in large part because vaccine uptake was lower among Republicans…that might help explain some of the recent election results.

      • That could very well be true. Dead Democrats appear to vote more often than dead Republicans!

      • Steve,

        It is well-recognized by independent journalists and other sources that the officially stated rate of (so-called) ‘vaccination’ (sic) among the US population at large was and continues to be significantly inflated, in order to produce a false impression of consensus on the subject, in the attempt to coerce more of the those who were hesitant or who outright refused to take the clot shots to receive them. Probably not more than 60% of the US population did take those experimental and unsafe shots, and among those of a more conservative or libertarian bent, the percentage was certainly significantly lower than that.

        For the umpteenth time here, I have no idea how you can speak so intelligently on many other topics, but yet blindly follow the party line on everything Covidian. I am guessing that you are a part of the medical industry, and succumbed to the official propaganda hook, line and sinker, as your job and career probably hinged on you doing so.

    • During Covid’s worst phases, the total number of Americans dying each day was more than 30 percent higher than normal. For long stretches of the past three years, the excess was above 10 percent. But during the past few months, excess deaths have fallen almost to zero, according to three different measures. Covid deaths are almost at zero, and those that are still happening are mainly amongst the unvaccinated, older cohort. So what took us from such a high fatality rate to almost zero?

      Covid vaccinations, that’s what, whether you want to believe it or not.

      And how many people do you know that have died from blood clots related to the shots? Yeah, zero. That’s what I thought.

      So, Jefferson, to you and all of the other anti-vaxxers out there, deny their efficacy if you wish (and at your peril), denigrate and cast doubt upon the miracles of modern medical technology if you must, but don’t go begging to the same technology when you fall ill with a fatal disease, or when the next even more virulent virus strikes.

      For someone who seems to be so intelligent, you sure have taken a foolish position on this issue. But you just can’t let it go, for to do so would force you to admit your delusion to both yourself and to those to whom you’ve been lecturing all these years. Pitiful, really.

        • He’s right but Doug seems to be you guys is whipping boy so, so be it. One of the difference between Trump and George Washington is Trump is trying to increase Presidential power and George Washington was taking it away. They wanted to make him a king but he wouldn’t have it. That should tell you something about the minion Trump.

      • Whidbey, once again, you have nothing in your repertoire here but the mindless parroting of establishment propaganda and kneejerk obedience to corrupt and self-serving authority. The untruthful ‘facts’ that you spew here are simply lies endlessly repeated by the ruling class who attempted to use the so-called ‘pandemic’ as a means to radically further their control and expand their power, which people like you were more than willing to blindly allow them to do. Fortunately, there were just enough of us free thinkers, and those with critical thinking abilities, to significantly (but not nearly completely) foil their plans.

        I continually vacillate between feeling pity for people like you, lemmings who have no moral nor intellectual courage, and feeling utter revulsion and contempt. In your kneejerk obedience and willingness to automatically be a “good German” who blindly follows orders, you prove yourself completely incomprehensible and alien to me.

    • I sorta get the polling. Considering the alternatives, it’s an escalating bad choice of candidates.

      Probably how Biden was chosen.

      The lesson of Trump remains he became a thing because nobody else seemed to be listening. The GOP is too stupid to learn that lesson.

  2. ‘Collectively’.. LOL… Man, this is journalism? A more honest headline would be Biden collects as much as almost all GOP candidates combined..

      • Where’s the proof that your Kid Toucher in Chief has more money than GOP combined? Interesting your word ‘collects’. So you’re admitting your Pedo Pres is selling his influence. There doesn’t seem to be a full brain between the two of you dumdums.

        • I think that is EXACTLY what Chas meant. Not campaign contributions, contributions directly to the Biden family business.

  3. Why would anyone run for President against President Donald J. Trump who has said he is returning the republic back to the people?

    • Yep! They are already revving up their UFOs. Anything to make Biden and Democrats appear more normal. After 2020, nothing surprises me anymore about a Presidential election year. Anything is possible even a UFO landing on the White House lawn.

  4. Weird, other reports state that 45 has raised 35 million since his indictment. DeSantis is wasting a lot of people’s time and money. Nice how DeSantis tried to pull a Trump and visited an Iowa Dairy Queen and had zero crowd.

    • The $35 million is not all in his campaign treasury but it could be transferred there. It can be confusing due to FEC rules, but the $35 million appears to be accurate, but not technically “in account” yet. – sd

  5. 97% of Bidens donations were less than $200? Reading most comments on this site you would have thought 97% came in from Soros. Seriously, I would guess a large number of college graduate women have had enough of the idea of a good old white boy autocracy!

    • The best way to donate is a mass of small donations, not a huge one. Of that 97% under $200, how many were from internet donations initiated by bots? (Hint: most of them) Who paid for those bots? (likely some outside influence.)

  6. DeSantis was always going to be the Scott Walker of this campaign season. He has the personality of a tax accountant and his wife wears the pants in the family. He will be outpaced by Vivek and maybe even Tim Scott. Very likely he will drop out early, maybe before the first primary.

  7. The republican party has endoresed transgender surgery and complicity allows 15,000 illegal aliens to enter the country every day. If you support a party that let’s this happen, you’re a 2011 Democrat.
    At least no one will call you a racis… oh wait…

  8. Trump is the only one that will close the border and deport millions of illegal aliens. That alone is reason enough to vote for him.

      • You write pretty well for someone who was obviously born in 2020. Because anyone alive during the Trump Presidency knows the border was infinitely more secure than it is today, and Mexico was provide a LOT of resources to keep it that way.

        • Although he sure talked a lot about it, Trump did next to nothing when it came to actually building the border wall – 62 miles of additional wall in four years is nothing to brag about.

  9. The only path DeSantis has is if Trump passes away, and given he looks more vivacious than he did on the 20 trail I don’t see it.

  10. If Sam Fried’s house of cards and farting frat orgy buddies hadnt bailed on him Bidens donations would be nearly double considering Fried was the second biggest donor behind Soros in 2020

    But I am confident there are many more big players in the FBI and DOJ that will step up to the plate and throw some paychecks in his hat knowing Joe can use taxpayer dollars to repay them through perks.

    He has the entire office of the presidency at his disposal to secure reselection so dont get your hopes up.
    He pulled it off once without getting caught I am sure the Democrats will finegal a way to do it again.

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