Republican Lucy Bauer enters race for South Anchorage’s House District 9

Lucy Bauer

Replacing Rep. Laddie Shaw of South Anchorage may be impossible, but Republican Lucy Bauer intends to do her best. She filed with the Division of Elections as a candidate for House District 9, where Shaw has served since first winning in 2018. Shaw is not running again this year.

Already in the race is Lee Ellis of Girdwood, who changed his voter registration to Republican not long before filing for office. He is the owner of a brewery in the ski town that is in the most southern part of the Anchorage municipality.

Bauer has served on the Anchorage Municipality’s Board of Ethics and is the operator of assisted living homes in Anchorage. She has been a major financial contributor to numerous Republican candidates in recent years.


  1. Can’t blame Shaw for calling it quits. He has been treated horribly by his “peers” in the legislature. He’s also watched the state he served go hard left.

    Time to call it a day and enjoy life while the sun sets on Alaska.


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