Former Rep. Bill Thomas files for House for North Juneau-Haines-Skagway House

Bill Thomas

Former Rep. Bill Thomas, who served in the Alaska House from 2005-2013 for northern Southeast Alaska, has filed for House. The current incumbent for the district, now known as District 3, is Rep. Andi Story, a Democrat.

Thomas is a lifelong resident of Haines and easily held the seat until redistricting created an opening for Sitka Democrat Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins, who beat him by 32 votes in 2012.

The shape of the district changed dramatically and is now north Juneau, including the Mendenhall Valley, Auke Bay, Tee Harbor, and up to Haines and Skagway.

Thomas is war veteran and a Tlingit who was born in Haines, graduated from Haines High School, and joined the U.S. Army. He served six months in Vietnam in 1968. He has been a commercial fisherman and served as chairman and CEO of his village’s Native corporate, Klukwan, Inc.

While in office, Thomas served on the Finance Committee, and co-chaired the committee. After leaving office, he worked to get recognition for the Tlingit code talkers from World War II.

Rep. Story was on the Juneau school board for 15 years. She advocates for more funding and no accountability for schools and for things like transgender athletes competing against girls in sports. She was a founder of Great Alaska Schools, and was president of the Alaska Association of School Boards. Her masters degree is in social work.

Story went unchallenged in 2022 and is serving her second term in the House.


  1. I’ve known Bill Thomas for over 50 years, played B-Ball with him back in the ’70s. if i lived in the district he would certainly get my vote!

  2. I’ve known Bill and his family more than 60 Years and voted for him in every election he has run in. For someone who calls himself a Republican he is very left leaning on lots of issues but, given the choice between Thomas and Story, I’d vote for him again without hesitation.

  3. I was SO excited when I read this, and called Bill, thanked him, and vowed to work on his campaign. I don’t always agree with him, but he looks at all sides of an issue before making a decision. He is good about explaining his reasons when questioned (unlike the current holder of this seat who didn’t respond to some of my emails). He is a true Alaskan, and looks at issues from what is right for the state as a whole. He is a statesman, a commercial fisherman, and was well respected by those on both sides of the aisle.


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