California’s lawmakers just banned plastic bags again


The California Legislature has passed two bills banning plastic bags for shoppers — again. The last time the California Legislature passed a bag ban, it was for single-use bags, and the result was an overall increase in plastic bags in landfills, due to stores switching over to providing the “reusable” bags that are thicker.

The California single-use bag ban went into effect in 2016, after which plastic bag waste increased by 47%.

SB 1053 closes the loophole to the original ban on film plastic bags enacted 10 years ago that has allowed stores to sell customers thicker plastic bags that meet certain recyclability standards. However, the truth is almost none of those bags are recycled and they end up in landfills, polluting the environment,” Sen. Catherine Blakespear, D-Encinitas, the sponsor of the Senate bill, said.

 “California’s original ban on plastic bags hasn’t worked out as planned, and sadly, the state’s plastic bag waste has increased dramatically since it went into effect,” Blakespear said.

In Anchorage, the Municipal Assembly passed a bag ban in 2018, and it went into effect in September of 2019 after being signed into law by former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz. The law makes it illegal for a retailer to provide any plastic shopping bags for a purchaser to carry away goods. Retailers are forced to charge for paper bags they provide to customers.

There has been no study released in Anchorage that shows whether the 2019 bag ban has led to the increase or decrease in waste at landfills. The Anchorage ordinance is different from California’s, which had allowed for the “multiple use” plastic bags to be sold. But beginning in January of 2026, only bags made with at least 50% recycled paper may be provided in California.


  1. California doesn’t need bags. They let “shoppers” fill their carts, backpacks and pockets with up to $950 in goods and walk right out. Nasty plastic bag issue solved.

  2. The left forced those nasty worthless plastic bags on us to save trees. Like no one could foresee the blight on the landscape those little white bags were sure to become. The left, in their pot induced delusion must always have their way. Just like in the early 80s when they forced the closing of the State mental hospitals nation wide. The “homeless crisis” was born. The left will “solve” this problem as well, I’m sure. The same as the growing pot psychosis epidemic. And ADHD. Their answers always seem to rely on drugs, sex, perverse sex, lie’s, murder, theft, mob violence, total control and denial of THE LORD CREATOR OF THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH. The left may have their way for a time if we allow it. But THE LORD will have HIS WAY in the end. And these demons in human for are will burn for ETERNITY.

    • Nope. You get a second chance after 1000 years. JC said so when he went to hell and had conversations with the residents during the time after he was crucified and when he had risen. Come on man!

  3. They should declare plastic bags a form of state currency and teach the homeless how to weave them into something useful.

  4. So, let me see if I have this right…
    Of the plastics floating in the ocean, something like 97% of it is not from the US in any way. Of the remaining 3%, only a small fraction of it is post consumer. (plastic bags for example.) But, banning them will… well… make absolutely no difference whatsoever.
    But, there is more.
    As I walk through my supermarket:
    I place my produce in a single use plastic bag (multiple single use plastic bags in fact, depending on what is on the list.),
    I get some sliced meat and cheese from the deli counter, handed to me in a single use plastic bag,
    At the meat department, I pick up some steaks, chicken, or seafood, all wrapped in single use plastic, and on a plastic or styrofoam tray.
    I grab some bacon, sealed in single use plastic from the fridge, pick up a gallon of milk as well, again, in a single use plastic container.
    Then on to the dry goods. Rice, packaged in single use plastic, some taco shells. Oh… those are in a cardboard box… but the shells themselves are in single use plastic, a loaf of bread (conveniently wrapped in single use plastic bag), a bag of flour… well… will you look at that, the first thing I have encountered in the supermarket that is not in single use plastic.
    Finally, the frozen foods. Some oven fries (single use plastic packaging), a pizza (cardboard over single use plastic), that stir fry veggie mix I use because I am too lazy to chop (in plastic), ice cream (plastic container with a disposable plastic seal), and finally I grab a bag of ice on the way to the register (again, single use plastic bag.)
    But, somehow…. I am saving the environment by NOT using a single use plastic bag to bring all of this home?
    Is there a word in the dictionary for something that is so futile and meaningless, or does stupid suffice?
    (For brevity, I did not bother talking about the energy and plastic materials required to create a re-usable plastic bag.)

  5. Greg Forkner, I hope you are merely mistaken in you statement about Jesus going to hell and having “conversations with the residents”. It is a sin to add to or remove from GOD’S WORD. Clearly, you are extremely unfamiliar with the Bible. That as in all things is your choice. It is GOD’S WILL. I do however agree with you about those nasty plastic bags.


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