More filings: Savannah Fletcher, unaffiliated, files for Senate Seat R, to contest Rep. Mike Cronk

Savannah Fletcher

Rep. Mike Cronk has company in the Senate Seat R race. Democrat Savannah Fletcher, a member of the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly and already a candidate for Fairbanks borough mayor, has filed for the seat being vacated by Sen. Click Bishop, who appears to be preparing for a run for governor in the next cycle. She is dropping out of the mayor’s race.

Fletcher is on the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly and is a civil rights attorney. She is a hard-left politician but is officially unaffiliated with any party.

Currently, there are more Republicans than Democrats in the Alaska Senate, but Bishop and other soft Republican senators have put the Democrats in the majority; Fletcher would continue to award power to the minority party.

Fletcher says that as an attorney she has represented all of the tribes in the Senate district.

“I will no longer be running to serve as Mayor of the Fairbanks North Star Borough. I am proud of my work for the Borough and will bring my knowledge of local government and municipal issues into my work at the State level. I will serve in the Senate with the same passion and hard work that I have brought to my Borough service,” she said.

Making it official on Thursday was Rep. Mike Cronk, who was first to announce he would run for Senate Seat R, when Bishop announced his retirement. Cronk is from the Tok-Northway portion of the district, which is the largest Senate district geographically in the state, covering much of the Interior of Alaska.


  1. The unions got Fletcher out of the Borough mayor race by paying her off so that their boy, Luke Hopkins the 2nd, could run unopposed without another Left-wing wacko in the mayor’s race. And the unions will fund Fletcher’s campaign with union member’s money just like they are doing now for Luke Hopkins Jr. Both Fletcher and Hopkins are radical extreme liberal Democrats. Joe Biden Democrats.
    Big donation coming your way, Mike Cronk. Get into Fairbanks for a large part of the summer so we can really get to know you.
    The civil war is coming to the Interior.

    • Fletcher is an ignorant, arrogant, late arrival to Fairbanks. Did you ever meet this woman or listen to her at Assembly meetings? POS.
      Strongly oppose her. And oppose Luke Hopkin’s kid too….another fantasty climate wacko who’s brother in law is Scott Kendall …..a political terrorist who brought rank choice voting to Alaska and failed on his many attempts to recall Governor Dunleavy. Kendall, however, was fairly successful in covering up Lt. Governor Byron Mallott’s pedophile journey with a 16-year old Native girl. Even though Kendall’s boss, the disgraced Bill Walker, lost the governor’s race because of it.

      • Yeah, I heard about Luke Hopkin’s son in law being this Scott Kendall fellow. Political animals all. Is Luke Hopkins Jr. any smarter than his old man? Even if he is it wouldn’t be saying much.

        • The DNA is low quality. If you are 40-years old and have been a climate fraud your entire life, the indoctrination is complete. Even his bro-in-law Scott Kendall couldn’t save his *SS in his last House race.
          Running for mayor is sort of his last ditch effort to show mommy and daddy that he is viable.

  2. Cronk has turned out as liberal as Bishop. The Senate won’t be any better with him either. Hope we end up with a better choice.

    • No. Let THEM move. We’re taking our country back. They can go join Robert DeNiro and Susan Sarandon in Cuba.

  3. A liberal lawyer who wants to be a career politician. Who would have thought?

    Guess she isn’t capable of being successful in the private sector.

  4. Let no man or woman forget-Luke Hopkins refused to leave during that fire-and put first responders at risk. Further-it was during that timeframe that the “underground bunker” at Hopkins facility was not on the tax records -how many years of being paid mayors
    Wages did he not pay his full share of taxes due -by hiding the increased square footage.

    • Kam, are you sure Luke Hopkins has the intelligence to try and pull off a scam like that against the taxpayers of Fairbanks?

    • Many people of all political stripes didn’t leave during the fire.

      Glad to know that every time you make a home improvement and/or addition you promptly notify the borough. Good on, ya!

      • Yeah, I’d hate to have to tell Luke’s son that I built a new outhouse in the backyard and my property taxes will go up accordingly. I guess it’s called an improvement. But it does beat squatting at the neighbor’s.

  5. I’ve only visited MRA once before. Judging by ad hominem comments I don’t I’ll be back.

    Last time my comment didn’t get passed “moderation”. I suspect that will be the same this time. LOL


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