Department of Interior Sec. Haaland raises ‘pride flag’ over federal property in advance of Pride Month

Deb Haaland raises the LGBTQIA+ flag over federal property on May 31, 2024.

A few weeks after the National Park Service had told workers in Denali National Park not to drive through the park with American flags on their trucks, because it offended someone, Secretary of Interior Deb Haaland on Friday raised the “pride flag” over a federal memorial site in Washington, D.C. She used government employees to assist her.

“This Pride Month and every month, the @Interior team works to build a country that represents and welcomes each of us. I’m honored to celebrate our vibrant LGBTQI+ community worldwide and their countless contributions to our shared, equitable future. Happy Pride Month, everyone!” Haaland wrote on X.


  1. I hope that there is continued growing resistance and scorn for state and corporate interests pushing niche and deviant sexual groups. All who knowingly participate in spreading this poison are reprobate.

    We can take heart that this ugly phase in our society is much closer to burning itself out. Soon these groups will limit their “celebrations” to within their own communities and will leave the rest of us alone (and more importantly our children).

    Let’s make June about brides and weddings again.

  2. Who you are attracted to is nothing to be proud of. Be proud of what you strive to achieve in life and the standards you actually live.

  3. I don’t think this is legal. I am emailing Senator Sullivan and encourage others to do so as well. Good grief.


  4. The Pride flag is an important symbol representing your right to have sex any way you want. It celebrates our vibrator,,,, err vibrant LGBTQI+ community.

  5. Just think folks our own Princess Lisa and Dan both endorsed this sick resemblance of a human to rule against our great state.

  6. No doubt Blinken has ordered all the US embassies and consulates to remind the rest of the world how woke we are.

  7. This woman is a clueless commie, and a puppet of the Left.
    Her own tribe, the Navajo, do not support gay marriage (you can look it up)
    Why doesn’t she push this c rap on her reservation I leave us alone.


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