Oops, she did it again: Peltola scrambles to take credit for a bill that passed without her support


Rep. Mary Peltola attempted to walk back statements she made this week when she said the reason why she voted against an energy appropriation important to Alaska is that it didn’t have enough funding for the Denali Commission, a federal agency important to rural Alaska.

That reason turned out to be false, as the amendments that contained that Denali Commission provision failed by a wide margin, due to the votes of Republicans.

Peltola voted against the amendments, but apparently she didn’t know they failed, or perhaps she forgot when on Friday, she typed, “Thanks to hard work from the Alaska delegation, the amendment to defund the Denali Commission was voted down! I’ll continue to work with our Senators to protect Don and Ted’s legacy and make sure that this year’s budget bills work for Alaska instead of taking us backwards.”

Peltola on Friday was crediting herself for the hard work that she did, although she apparently didn’t know that the amendments failed when she had earlier told Alaskans that she voted against the bill because of the amendments because it “targets rural Alaska by eliminating the Denali Commission.”

There were numerous projects for Alaska ports that Peltola voted against, when she followed Democrat marching orders to vote against the appropriations bill:

The final version of the bill did not eliminate or reduce funding to the commission, as she claimed was her reason for opposing it.

Peltola has the worst voting record in Congress, due to the number of times she has been a no-show this year. She may still be learning the ropes, since she’s missed over one-third of all votes.

“Rep. Peltola has missed 33.6% of votes in the 118th Congress (2023-24). This makes her the 1st most absent member of the House,” according to ProPublica.


  1. She has no shame, because someone told her that she was “special” and every girl out there dreams of being just like her😂😂😂😳🙄

  2. This is starting to be really embarrassing. Thank God the liberal MSM will not put this in the news cycle. Ol’ Mary’s safe for another term or six.

  3. Not sure if it’s dementia. I think this is the behavior of a life long grifter. Say whatever sounds good at the moment of self preservation.
    Oh and how about that name drop?!?? Inserts herself right in there with “Don and Ted”! Priceless

  4. She’s a proven liar politician. alaskans must be proud of the fine representation they are getting. The demos won’t be laughing forever the day of reckoning is coming and they will have to answer for their treasonous ways.

  5. Mostly projects to improve the fishing and marine infrastructure in Alaska. Industries that put food on your table and employ as many Alaskans as want to work!!

  6. She’s only there for herself, not for us. She should be docked her pay for the number of votes she’s missed. And then there’s the stupidity…. Probably not curable.

  7. We need to stop 🛑 making stupid people famous! She gets off on the attention and is too ignorant to know this is negative attention! To her any attention excites her!!! Go home Mary and let the adults do their job!

  8. Hahaha… following Repub Don Young’s footsteps as a no show for votes. If only humility had been a trait for your Repub candidates last election, then they too could follow Don’s footsteps.

  9. I’m waiting for a list of staff members who have resigned because they have figured out that she is not carrying out Don Young’s legacy.

  10. LOL, The Red commie MAGA maggots do this very same thing every day….they vote no and then tell their constituents how they benefit on every appropriations bill.

  11. What a shrill of a publication. Does the funding for this come directly from the right wing of the GOP? 🤡

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